Michael Cohen Update - Brad Garrett


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Next to Washington and let's talk about the Michael Cohen case to bring in crime and terrorism analyst Brad Garrett this morning. Of the president's former attorney Michael Cohen. And that word is that he's one of cooperate with prosecutors what does that mean Brad. Well let's go back for 12 think about that for the FBI to go into his law office back in April. They would have had to have a lot of evidence of alleged criminal activity on mr. codes are not just that they believe. There's evidence should know they already have evidence. Start with that guesses they have found more in this search. In civil logical. Sort of direction in this case who would be. This step to him and offer him some sort of plea to lesser charges. In less foreign Celeste seizures eccentric to cooperate on will do whatever they want to get from them. Nick seems like a no brainer that anybody would take care should this be as big a deal as it's being made out to be because. When your talking about cooperating. With investigators. And that could almost mean anything he gets saved whatever he wants canny. Yeah. When you make it clear plea agreement with the government. They want specific things with revenues that they now. And you're gonna be willing to help them to testify for them this is very specific this isn't like. Yeah I'll I'll help you maybe it there's no may be Davis because what's gonna happen. Is it they offer him acts and he doesn't. Follow through the night elect a prosecutor is it that old Nolan Boyd plea agreement. So. If if he steps up to the plate on this my guess is he'll follow through knowing what the repercussions will be if he doesn't. What does this mean now for president track. Hard to say because. In my sense without knowing is that a big chunk of what the prosecutors in New York. Are are doing is. You know alleged criminal activity by Colin himself. Through business deals there whatever out some of those to attack the president my guess is they do. But do did they affect them in such a way. As to what we. Primarily talk about which is on some sort of rushing in action with the prosecutors have found that they will then pass that back. A special counsel to Muller's prosecutors to further look at the Russian. Coal pollution. Trump card over if in fact it's there if not they'll continue on with their case and in new York and you were kept us. Our brand we appreciate the insight this crime and terrorism analyst branding Geary with what we know the latest. I'm the I'm Michael Cohen. Possibly working with the government.