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Friday, July 20th
Caputo on attacks on his family on Twitter.

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Arm while Jerry had a vision. Attacking my wife and children. On Twitter. For about a year ago it's been going on ever since. I think or she did she attract new ones over. Mahler investigation beet fields. At first I tried to ignore her. I tried to engage her but neither of them worked. About a year ago it started but you know tweeting a reply. I'm very simple act. And recently. Sherri decided it was important to talk about her. My children are should be ready. Aren't aren't these kinds of comments so unacceptable. USA today Amber Hill newspaper have both Uygur coral. And I think it. That are just the beginning. OK the deal was just fired her as well. Yeah aka. Are. There any reason why she started attacking your wife to your children. We're over the investigation Russian. Well I think she's attacking my wife and children just for the same region cheap tanks the white from children of any body which it would foul trouble she's mentally. Arrange arms. Barrett an emotional problem one that can only be. Really addressed by medical personnel. On the problem news. It even mentally ill people have access to quarter and cheaper the program. Editors into that she'd been empowered. And her disgusting behavior by Democrat. Who are promptly caught scenes are United States. And including by the way the Democrats your western you'll work. Mark Poland cars and Jeremy donor who were funding the web sites. In Western New York. Amplify these attacks on my family there are web site. Promoted tweets from our anonymous. Are social media or character. Are there words are specializing in a kayak on my own white. So airport not just that national from the market which surgical problem. It's where you work Democrat problem it's a problem with mark own cars it's a problem with Jeremy don't matter what because they don't see anything wrong. With sexual wide attacks on women and children. Even though they walk around talking about meet in the new generation. And women should be treated. According to mark one cars. And here means downer if you support Donald Trump you are white and children can be at. And anyway. Now I I have a question you've seen it double the media is funded by the Democrats are carried democratic. Mine are Arab. Mark audience. Web site and media production group in the principled digital contractor for the theory county. Democratic committee. Mark old Ian. Art uses its cameras and its web site to promote democratic candidates and to promote mark on power. And he has been pretty in the past during campaign Michael's body Erie county Democratic Party. And our candidates. So intact. You know what more or mark podium. So to promote actual heart attacks on my family in the responsibility you mark all one color. Jeremy don't matter and the Erie county Democrat. And what is your message to. Not only sport cars consumer but to double to right media. Arm. My message to mark Poland carts. Jeremy donor pandered digital company. Western Europe meteor is stop it stop it now. Not promoting sexual allied attacks on Mike I am not promoting sexual like attacks on the world in my family. Because in the end of my wife and children. Our beer game prepared acts they're not gonna like what follows. When they get. What karma and the. How to opposite to shield your wife and children from all these attacks. Are in the past or at and politics even in Western New York. Your family was always off laments we've all week. When they Obama's foreign office that his children and and the First Lady were off the Arab we've always said that about reduced pro and impact of Western New York. Families of all we've been kind of a bridge too far cross. The problem is it in the air patrol and try to arrangements are younger. Barrett mark Poland cars injuries don't matter in the Western New York media people suffer from. Are those rules have now changed. The while armed you know. Kind of resisting. Attacking their families because I'm a better earth and they are a Maher or mark call the damage its rocket. Stop promoting sexual wipe attacks on my family mark one cart. Stop promoting tweets. Bit accuse my wife of sexual crimes. Jeremy don't matter a bit and disgusting to be on the pillar and have to stop or. Perhaps that should happen to them.