Michael Caputo - Washington Testimony Coming

Sunday, July 9th
Before the regular WBEN contributor heads off to the House Intel. Commitee on Friday, he talked with WBEN's Dave Debo this week

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This is Dave Bebo we are talking a little bit about some of the things going on in Washington this hour specifically with the Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. And investigation into possible ties between the two of them. Halo 3 0930 is number let's bring in Michael food or right at the top. Michael of course is a former trump campaign staffer who also has quite a bit of experience and job work basically in and around Russia. In fact that was brought up. During hearings back on March 21 at the House Intelligence Committee. Congresswoman Jackie Speier California talking about all the things that put who has done in Russia. Someone else's that web his name is Michael cook who ago. He's that PR professionals. Conservative radio talk show hosts in 1994. He moved to Russia. And bears the I was working for the Agency for International Development. He was fired from that job because he refused to follow a State Department position. He then opened a PR firm in Moscow. And married a Russian woman he subsequently. Divorced her in 1999 his business fails. Roger Stone and a mentor to him urged him to move. Moved to Florida and opened his PR firm in Miami which is exactly what mr. to put out yet. And then it 2000 he worked where. Asked from a media. To improve. Putin's image in the United States. Now do we know who gas from media is. You know that anything about gas from director. Don't. Rep it's AM. An oil company. In 2007. He began consulting. The Ukrainian parliamentary campaign. There he met his second wife. So I guess my question has. What possible reason is there for the trump campaign to higher food is image consultant. Any thoughts on that director Tommy knows office. Federal Rogers. Likely some of our rights aren't you either you know what Michael computer is doing before the trump. Effort today I've no idea and interact and talk about US persons. Are let's not move. As Jackie Speier back on March 21 Michael Capuano with us now. As a result of what she said then the year off to Washington on help me out here Michael Friday to testify before the committee. Yeah I got a project in appointments. I would bet that the House Intelligence Committee. It's probably the a couple of hours would do an interview went quite sure you are represented here is the reason don't go. If Obama practiced since it is your career. And in our view of it under her reputation. We got our pay about forty to 50% of what you're talking about he got wrong. There's security sure you're bit. And you really can't count on an electoral earlier than anything are correct out of a you know it your average car was. You know I app then after he beard. In front of a million viewers. We're watching here in life. Millions probably. But I wanna do don't from the committee an open record in the order they're clear my name. In Obama when Wendy Beckett spirited that my wife had been as citizens of the United States early fifteen day. I was right we probably one of federal building or are watched her. Razor and it's wearing an American citizen thirteen days later got some good property congresswoman out of California. Basically using her trees and along with myself. To me that deserves a response I'm not gonna get an open hearing that I want but they'll all be testifying in a closed hearing. Well to try to set the registry. And you get the chance to talk about it here not only today but obviously. Later this week I understand you're in for sandy beach all week from. Nine to noon here on WB yeah. I gotta be out on Friday by her beauty here or I'm in both the week prior I've been a Monday Tuesday and Thursday. And I in our window open up but this show would open up. The microphone you know default lives in Sevastopol what they think Paris say the you know. I'm not only the right get paid you know I don't let it -- get them I don't get to just sit and answer questions get respect by now. And I I hope to provide some productive and was. For the committee to be able to shut down kind of bogus. Russian collusion delusion. Now you said earlier that she got about 40% of it right. Did you work for gas prom is gas from state owned and therefore a connection that she's valid to make. Our board of workforce Garrett from media the 45 days. Where the Kremlin took over. What are all backed up and down from media. Took over control his state. The a Dutch TV network there and that the Kremlin at the time at a very close connections to well. Aren't the purse and artwork for the chairman of debt via Al Coke. Is now actually in exile in Europe and exit go back to Russia. A broad understated yet from media for a reason was let Edgar who. David. In Tokyo and who worked in marketing campaign. It's certain basic. Understanding of anything about Russia Russian policy chief daisy dead wrong on the but you know I understand when. All you're doing is we're relying on the work. Three collared in turn to do or readers former engine doesn't check back and a properly. All right. Now that the argument that she's trying to put out there is well gee he worked in Russia and he worked for trump. Therefore it's part of this big. Great wing conspiracy. This big Jack connection between all of from people palm and a Ford of course also worked in Russia item she's laying the ground work at least to suggest that. If trumps associates were involved in Russia they're forced logical to assume that he has connection which could be the collusion they're looking for. Are we are I get there were prepared to come from really mean that with the bases were from the from the very beginning we've known there's been no evidence of collusion. Bit you know baby in the trying to group now over a year I've got up. They certainly have nothing on me and I don't know they have anything on anyone else. I don't believe whatever happens the fact of the matter is this was not a an investigation to discover. Act of treason or collusion with Russia that went all in Europe to slow down Donald. In order to basically stopped implement. From are achieving success with his agenda in Washington. You know and and I got a Korea as a political operative is cynical like to see. No the Democrats have argued aren't really good strategy and executed well. That's kind of be a bogus Russian collusion. It's coming apart now we're understanding now. Bear it's not there there isn't it. There's just no evidence of it any critical looting. But they've answered part of president opera now seven months probably the most important seven month the president. Because typically a new president all of our at our honeymoon sort of propaganda. I know that today was in part of a letter that you sent off to the committee and I wanna talk a little bit about it here I'm guessing it's what's your part of what's going to tell him on Friday. Give me the timeline for your work in Russia. And your work for the trump campaign and how you've set in this letter that chief they're just they're not the same hello. Your your arm I wouldn't stand in 1994 by the Clinton administration over the Russia. So to get involved in Beryl. Which is ironic that yes they. But the Clinton administration with that thing up you weren't they are in the United States. In the professional development project sponsored by different. You know government agencies. Two get involved with civil society and the election and campaign workers crop from. We are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in international. And and so are I would over their 1994 or repeal would whip Buick eighty per year. Jack beer is is wrong about me being fired. I had a one year contract when the contract expired. With Hewitt the idea I stayed in Russia and continue working the American election. But as a as a direct consultant for the Russian candidates for for Borough office. I worked on Russian elections for the consult. In addition I ever Alberto my own PR firm after leaving government server. I would lobbying the Kremlin and the the legislature of of the parliament. On behalf of US companies are reviewing our election work for Russian you know you know that. And and and consulting premier properties are well under way of the Byzantine nature you know it. The Russian. Business world which opened up after the Communists well. Over there I have my hands full orbit wherever I went over per year worked US government. But he started the day after my contract was up to do my own thing I've went to win this year. But in 1998. The congressman. Didn't note that the entire work you are. Collapsed in 1998. When they devalued the Ruble. On every every company shut their doors including Mario. And for some reason that he says that might instead it was only my business failed Russia and meanwhile. I left Russia and moved to order. Sort of to work Roger Stone she's somehow or another losing almost ten years of my life. Keep your bills do have to acknowledge that you know. This several years it would return the United States out of and I and others resettled in South Florida. See you know I think what you're trying to do on March 20. I gave if you are trying for headlines and who's trying to just basically drag another crop associate of the mud. Very simple minded dollars kind of banking. You don't expect much more of a congress person. It to be gambler she's really the bottom of the barrel. All right now tell me whether it was the cure on the trump campaign. As a communications advisor. Yeah I mean I would. I'm you know I worked for Donald Trump. In several different capacities for block several suitors for the fact he's or. He ran for president after he got in the presidential race and 4015. I would that the coordinate. As a volunteer activities in the near and in New York City for the primary. In March. Well 45 days out. Of them air about your state primary. I became your state director of our bounce from campaign for the partner for those people might see part. So when we want April 19 really big proper. We you know I I grew even one delegate orders for its but it straight in this. And and Donald Trump very soon after accords the nomination. After we won in New York I went there at trump tower at the at the presidential west's. So to work situations advisor. I eventually. Boom there I would eventually signed in leave their communications director of the president operations at the convention. And are resigned. That there's an on June 20. It's your call the convention was of was mid July. All right. And basically we are almost out of time here Michael that is the timeline that you going to outline for the committee and say. Say what. Well I think there at the bottom line is that collect in general are real what are my even doing here. In wired or are we any of us talking about this to me the Russian collusion delusion is is over. I'm gonna outlined some. There is there any sure there aren't completely clear ready if and the allegations. But I'm also gonna I gonna ask them picked up in court are all about walking a wider debate even Britain drag Mike Meehan my family in. All right Michael and I'm sure we'll leave it give us a chance to talk more about it throughout this whole week. When you're in for sandy beach often and tell that testimony Friday thanks so much for joining us we got a move I'm glad you were able to a spare a couple of minutes force here. That's Michael Capuano formerly with the trump campaign. And as you heard him explain before that someone who was involved in Russia to the degree that they say now that they want to look at this at the house intelligence committee on Friday.