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Sandy Beach
Friday, August 17th
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Welcome back plays and their ladies and gentlemen I can even talk today. Welcome back to news radio and I am thirty WP and Michael good brutal in for a sandy beach here on beach company 110 wait we've got 52 minutes left the show today we're talking about your first top search. What got what was that when was that where was that and what console would you really like to see that you happen where you can't because they passed. 309 threes here is our tax board YouTube texting in the first show. You saw. Comment or two I'll read it on the air also 8030930. Were taken calls from people. Who wanna tell us a story about their first show or someone they missed and didn't get to see. On our board here. From a text or Led Zeppelin eyes off fall of 1969. Colliding hands music called eyewear that I remember them coming out on stage. And doing communication. Breakdown quite the experience. And. Do you emergency. In 1969. Can you imagine man. Still to me and I know. Great I dispute that I'd get chills. When I withdrew through that. I get you. Because I have all the season. Good god what's your first concert. What concert do you wish she would scene or can't see could see but haven't Daniel west Seneca what your first concert. Your rental app but I am oh yes that would that would Andy Williams that he was wonderful. You are one night I'd be honest really and just. I and I believe that the right hand music hall and I believe it was 1960 something in 1970. Williams was. Radio please use top forty. And he had a number one television show wind variety show really encompassed. Evening television Ed Sullivan was stolen. On TV but being from buffalo I bet all you guys they would agree some of the greatest entertainers of our time. I have come to Bible I see Elvis Presley and memorial auditorium. And you don't like my anticipation. By all the personal buildup to him. I'm and then the concert itself I would support and I'm going to be somebody get shot somebody yeah. Great show I think that I had the privilege to see there'd be two and one was Simon and Garfunkel. Where wedge it would hear a just be an area where is the all French tour. It would Everly Brothers are well they open source Simon and Garfunkel. And they try to compete with each other a little bit Simon and Garfunkel actually gave them a compliment you said. That when they were Tom and Jerry. They were mimic. The early broader that you could tell they got a real affection for one another that was a wonderful show all. Oh my god we had Jon Fogarty from credence Clearwater. Gary in light. And he would electrify. I would that at heart sponsor John Cougar opened. For now and that gentleman was absolutely. Correct. I didn't know what to expect I think the dog and border YL on the really big at the time. And and I don't know right arm. You Democrat yeah who who outperformed gold IE you know what I see Johnny Cash. And tell me he was more entertaining melody heard about Pressly was memorial auditorium. I am you know it's really hard and music I never talked and that sandy beach. Back when I wish you on you could Alicia. Johnny Cash. And credence Clearwater revival on the same radio station because they both had top forty hits. I don't think they do that anymore and and bought old. Just in craggy. Beyond a new Chia melody where. The pork chops at the deeper. We have so many entertainers I saw Frank Sinatra. How it's been the ball casino there but I think you'd still be open all conventions at. And Sinatra he had to be seven Nissan. Help us also played dad Niagara Falls convention center. They used to attract a lot of entertain their. It was a wonderful manual. What I saw Frank Sinatra in at seventy I think I think it was born in 1915 and I think that would have been. Sure. In 1982 or 3 am not sure. Frank Sinatra command the body you're Jewish you you'll. I never felt like deputy white belt like I received from a couple. Yeah and if I'm not mistaken Sinatra owned a house in the post and at one time. I he had heard that Joseph I know you're from that area Joseph actually I know what place that you frequent a lot Jim Solomon. And the ball he speaks highly of Il. Yes Los solomons RO and the best place on the planet right now. Tony your your you're also fond of their other place. As busy visit I ever tried these yet have always wanted to but I. Heard so many good things about them don't these summertime hot dog shops etc. their fond of their I think Sullivan's. They they they break the norm they really do love that this week ago before its closest pass. Bring your kids again I was so far we went there let me know when your arm and lemonade Dan thanks for column in men really appreciated. We got a lot of callers mean this is I'll tell you what. As far it is I love this I'm so glad I got out of the politics rut today gosh thank you everybody. For help and digit over that don't give you disappoint concerts that's who. Yeah went. One of the affair while two wars and any. At at the stadium. Is late eighty's and I just. In all not a QB huge who fanned. But they just into march remember when they have that stampede in Cincinnati in a budget who fans were hurt and killed our number that. I saw the next show which was in Toronto or one of the lecture us. And it was tremendous rally it was Roger Dalton was really shaken up by what happened to the fans. And he just like it was cared everybody. There was amazing show I remember that. I remember qui drive. And in and David Randy with a screw with a cast on my old buddies. You know Paul Kennedy embarked shall cut Chet although mild gain Angola to see that who manned The Who was us man. Part of Kenya that album that that was enough. In it was a great time. Listen we got people have to get to every single one of these calls 30 point 30 courses are to export and they're just blowing in flow and a this is rich if it's something else first concert on Texas says Paul Revere & the Raiders. I'm so all the best I don't know maybe it's tied Garth Brooks three years ago and Paul McCartney last summer in Syracuse. Incredible ships. Will be right back after these messages here and he's reunited thirty WBE. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach Vero Beach company you know and I'm in the studio. Because I forget to hit my button at the at the deal debated have a private dinner with his prime deal from Ben Tate. And teach hate crime. Tippett to present office 75 dollar gift certificate at and T came prime just 3750. For 75 dollar gift certificate act of a deal. From my buffalo clerks details at my buffalo perks dot com and some people are wondering what the casket is for eleven it's sand. That's right sand. The talk about your favorite concert your favorite concert. 309 threes there's a text or Reeves got 8030930 our our callers can call and talk to us what your first. Show was and watched what currency really. Wish you had seen her still want to see. On our board our tax for 30930. Text us August 25 this person knows that day. August 25 1974. Summer fast. Rich stadium. Ace Chicago Doobie Brothers and ozark mountain dared doubles member of the album head. He this picture was thirteen years old wow. I wouldn't let my daughter near that concert at eight up. Mike gosh all that's front of anybody out there that is seen Jimmy saw Jimi Hendrix and I can't imagine what that would have meant no Kidman as this one here's easy talks all of again that's my first show solvent again last Friday at the Erie county fair. And they can still rock the house John from Cuba these new York and I saw them several times I solve them sometimes the best show I ever saw from ZZ top. Gorky park in Moscow. Yes he's a top came over in 1990. Let's say six right. And it was this it was an outdoor show in this outdoor kind of I guess the Communist east of rallies they are back in the days of communism. And I I because there was involved I'd start at rock Devoe Russia I had really good access I'd tanks to go all over the place and walk around with my buddy. Arm Mike and forty who if you listen and you know be you know talking about. Mike and I were hanging around in the show back in Reno it is always a sweet spot for the sound system it's somewhere in the middle maybe the right a little bit worse hanging in the sweet spot for the sound system. And we see members of this biker game. Very violent. Night walls they were called. Coveted mirror hanging around and they were wrong period six packs just wasted. And they've paid him bad and bald and tattooed. And not good tattoos like the kind you get in the big house these guys came in and write and they were playing. What's that have emergency. Permits on odd weight on the bus all day right there play and that's a heck of a song right. And these guys go nuts these bikers as there's just one it was about 350 pounds shaved head with tattoos all over his scalp right. And they were taken him and running with the program with guys in each arm running with him and that he was diving into the ground. And he was he was hurt people. Hurting people have to see and that I am all this is going on right and we turnaround and we see the militia command. With their sticks right there they're there they're bigger clubs. And they come in. They give that there are eight guys eight militiamen on this guy and they can't stop him he's laughing and rolled around laughing. Until they beat him. Unconscious with a stick. And then. The song it. Other forget that the rest Michael with the every place up and Russia. It's a rough trade there for sure we go to the phones forms received pass in buffalo what was your first show fans. Pay it sorry bots can no that's okay August 9 1988. Scorpions. So amusement where are coming out of the monsters of rock too erratic first toward Russia and out of shows in Leningrad. I saw them in this scorpions of the monster rock to what we're resist. Wary. Of us. The interesting part is I would actually there with a fractured it I got hit by a truck QE before. How was it about mr. chip. Well I'll flaws which billiard and you're in wheelchairs crutches in the back home loans. But that Michael I wanna congratulate you on your legal defense on all things and getting pretty important I. I was able to contribute I was at about Hillary's book but it's in pre let of our armed and. Five I'll tell you what man. My wife and I were shocked at the response that we got because. We're in a we were at a pretty bad situation in my mind legal fees were mounting I have an incredible attorney. And Dennis bako I ate our family owes Dennis bako in his law firm. Everything he's an incredible person. And we've we started our legal fund far as you remember here in buffalo we didn't really talk about it much outside of buffalo and and the people of buffalo really. Really kicked in people westerners to root of thank you frost so much for your donation and. Eddie L yeah yeah but great and won the election now. Some of the action though that was written on the air like. I did he court quite. But. Too cool to do it now. What Everett could see Gilbert. Or aren't buying or we got into outrage. You have zero. But I'll talk about my ballet again are agent for our ballet after it and you have to. In the agent for our ballet is the agent for wrongs done. Believer not like I get to hang out around in the New York. The nickel wow and you. Had these guys but. These have holy crap I can't I can't paint. I can it's like OK got to go hotels call the fox thank you very much best wishes to you thanks again. And it's and is there now but a great break congratulations and I'd say it like that thank you ma'am thank you so much I want to go to bill in Orchard Park bill. What's your first show. You their bill. Out what was your first show. No way I how to might just pick you up after Tony just asked that question what was that. Well let me quote my first. Big time concert. And you remember that data are saying it was. Over the place. Are what city. Buffalo yeah. I'm sorry say that again what what venue. Hello art oratorio. It's amazing tell us about that show Mike got so well I wish I could have been there. Phillips so why why detonated Melanie pot there. Well. That it looked I've heard a little better guitar players that what I heard error. But it just the whole deal here Hendrix. One. That's the art of Cody wish you could see they haven't. I like it's very grateful that again I've never seen the stones I like to see them. Bob Seger again made the a lot of the new music doesn't do much. Yes up somebody mentioned I think immediately you Tony. That you know we're going to see bands that have been around for thirty and forty years. And I just don't know of people like Joseph and others are in thirty years going to be go under concerts for people that came out now. Fresh new acts. I mean can you imagine Joseph and thirty years like well I mean he went to go if it's an old he can see seeger I saw seeger in the seventies. Well I like to see music from thirty years ago before I was around let my my favorite. Aero music is eighty's these music like next week get a late next week Sina culture club that are part. With the B fifty twos and got into very cool that's up I think you're right though I think. If I ever have children machine or primary a must be woman involved are so right yeah is if that ever happened I don't think they'd be listening to the music of my time I think is what. Mid 2000 let you know what would be a band that in thirty years I just get like a your left me that the that you voiced with civility to a thirty years but I think some of like. We're time of the media right now I think that's up from when I was in college mid two thousands I don't think that will in thirty years these. Be listened to by people who were around when it was popular run. I think eighties music and thirty years will still be very popular rock that you guys are talking about will still be Gary populate the people won't be around. Most of them won't be around I think we'll be very popular is that I don't think most music today at that sustainability. Not terrible. Let's here's one thing though is I've discovered how many young people. Are getting into the music that we listened to our kids and of course it's meaningless in the letters Skinner they listen to Pink Floyd. That's amazing that you noticed that there okay this today's music we know is not has raised what we Leslie's in our opinion. But their pick it up on our stuff that's amazes its interest in because. I go to Grateful Dead show and not that it's all filled with young people. And and their all and they are all into you know today asking trucks you know fish in everything is well. And now. Is Roth at the all right let's have what was your favorite concert what was a sorry what was your first concert what content do you wish you could see and you didn't you can't you won't. Gives radio 309330. Factories there are text board Michael Woodward for sandy beach here on news radio 930. WB EN. Oh really. He did the right. Areas hello everybody I'm. Iran. Go green. Welcome back buffalo. Tony always you always do your clear that Michael complete with this and be here these two companies. 1138 here on news radio 930. WBE and great. Thank what was your favorite concert what was your first one. Gerald. Well I personally as we mentioned Whitney Houston and I know listeners the impetus but. I have to fit our concerts one already mentioned Garth Brooks for years ago of course a great show incredible to have him come back hearing to see one of the first of the weekend of shows. It was really got my set I. I had in this is tied for first the black and blue tour Backstreet Boys not to bash boys at a time concerts that was. The best one just that the circumstances. It was seven days after nine elevenths. And I was in the tenth row you know it was just it was just a different. Tell him that concert it's what I will always remember not their greatest album. But definitely the greatest concert. Also I got attacks can I just give a quick update. Had a date last night went very well I would like the beat in audience to know I had what I would call a successful day at last night. There should be a third but I'll keep. Yeah I don't know we can put wagers on this. Well you know we'll see we'll see that he showed her the photo viewing your major American flag Speedo. You know Michael that is probably a third or fourth date back. Not a bush is front of the on social media so if she's gone through my answer ram or FaceBook. She had seen the pitcher in just not let me know we have the scare her off its second date with that. This was second problem is she's been through social media OK let me all the way back years so you know TO what I would call successful day it's. You know it's always nice to have someone that you can actually talked to him. And after two days of conversation is not scared off but I'll sleep we'll sleep that is how I took it will it. It's not a third date unless you're on the third days are here. That and a talented Joseph I'm just glad to hear the as a woman involved I think that's great I think it's wonderful it's a step in the right direction like to. If so what. 30 my trees there's a text were it'd blow one up you check this out it is fly him vis these texts this one's awesome. Not your what was your first concert. More concert would you like to see. 803 are meant to be get one line open if you wanna use call. This textures that first show 1975. Boulevard mall parking lot. Orleans. Doctor hook and the medicine show. And the runaways. Well after that this text here. Took off after the show went to see what the waves of bill North High School gymnasium and sought Alice. That is like that is a better than day of music and your first today. That's Alice hurdle avenue was called her aunt and mean and and the range hole opened. And just to me they were huge in the center. Huge article to approach it with reverend thirty watch your first counts what was your first concert more concert would you love to seat. How interest and I'm I'm having a blast here at low of this Jerry and gets Thorpe thanks for hanging on me. In part thanks. I guess the first concert to partner. I remember any import was. But he it was given a job which earned at the Brooklyn Park was a bartender in Russia got this. CNN you're guys. Return. Is striking role in Jimmy here at all. Like the other caller ID. Not my favorite of all on on searched. And those true Michael arms. Would be easier. You want to eager to Gary Carter in the summer lunch shirt that would jeers. Rick broker the in an. Amateur short cheer hell's angels funeral. Oh yeah at that point five cents. You know Ayers you're on record and donation in my pocket and they actually and well and yet we urged a group or the other one. That more. Or reached. All kittens. This group and likely Kroger electorate like of course are still more holy gosh. Yeah out there and the most memorable moment. And denials. She. Corporate lynch short while you sleep denials. Yes sure it's yet to grow and so just. From rock to play on. He certainly has two problems he. Oh lose. We just you know. Charts and the only what. Eagles. And you know. Sure probably. There are answered that that I wanna you know. You know Portland should launch an alleged art. Our one hour hour with and my air archer. There we go Jerry I wanna hang out with view. You see the show is my friend asks buffalo is a great town for music man and we have a lot of music fans here I love buffalo. I really you know. You know I would probably did it work on her so war somewhere down the line and yet you and I hung out. I'm sure yep it and elect a return. Same restaurant and schools somewhere right you know. Brother from another mother. This year this should do Gerri have a great day we got to go on a break here to take that to. Get Barbara. Once I can jump. Yeah just quick issue on the two and ninety. Between the bowl turned east ansari between the boulevard. In past cold and I'm looking at the cameras right now all three lanes jammed up avoid it you Campbell try to get more info for. Our will be right back after these messages here on news radio 930 WB EN first concert. And we got a full board called we're gonna go flip flip flip break to have the I'm gonna ask you guys toaster first concert. And a chat a little bit we're trying to get everybody in the great text here. First super pest at the stadium. Part twelve. This is my first concert 1977. That's that was a McGraw I saw it I mean yes long distance and I saw that show. I remember his stand in like ten feet from the stage and credible show. I was pregnant privately next defector. I says he wish our this person says they wish it could've been at The Beatles show in Hamburg Germany incredible record breaking show. I'll be your rate to the board here are stand stand on yourself on their web what was your first show. Mean I'm gonna blow you away with it on the way we drive and John Bobby and Steppenwolf. Go away ya been like that exports 75 an outbreak are sophomore junior and arts stuck. Yeah a ball he was open and a lot for this kind of shows in the seventies. All I remember with a heavy smoke pot and a lot of bikers are the talk and you're barely. If you look at somebody wrongly so like you're gonna get attacked for. Well I Steppenwolf has always kind of a breaker and yeah and it would have been it would have been stoned at Oakmont beat I'll write a rail and I would wanna be news stage. Act. And I Roby for all we one time you did to pick Kerry is piano while the couple flights of stairs. And he was tremendous that he still playing out has faced a piece okay but it's rare. It all right thanks a lot stamina go right to Brian and on Terry or Brian. What's your first show. Couple things before but it sort of say where your program directorate. That hired you and Tom and David is a genius he need to know war. You need the million dollars for you guys. Are they trying to read. Of intelligent Smart articulate. Amazing radio it's and I'd blog blown away and I'm from Canada. And we have some copies and radio by. I love listen you guys and that that that knowledge bank that U three guys have your your history and geography science and the fact be you know we're all the skeletons are buried. I love listening Q so pat. Thanks a lot now where I'm sure I'd Tim winner's check is in the mail. The pit equipment being. It's I don't know what happens some out there any like first and second part of it is joke yet today. But now he admitted he went to Whitney Houston concert and a Backstreet Boys he's not getting a third. I think that's a candidate actually she knew I was seeing the bash boys in Vegas before our first date so. As a scare her off but I will I might wanna keep down on the DL TP advised that the whole women who from. What. Angered. You know I've seen in Metallica in October maybe that'll make up for now you know I think we'll get mad at the scene towards the they bribe what was your first show. First Joseph woods in at this Denny's they'd. You guys might remember where we're we're really an hour away from you guys it was the eagle hell freezes over. To work in 930. Don Henley had said you know Eagles are getting back together until hell freezes over well they got back together rideau lineup. And they played I'd I'd doubting concert might white had a connection with Labatt beer. Salesman in in and try and all merlot five rows from that of pride. And it Sheryl Crowe opened port. And she was just coming up she'd been Don Henley's background singer. She blew it away and an eagle can vote and I've written my wife and I will be married a couple of years. And I guess from our mayor and we're so close and I'm listening to stop. And I used to play with the windows down you know in the seventies and the weight work. And it was like god I'm looking at Don Henley and Glenn fry. And it blew my head off and I'll always remember that the the other concert and you know bloody guys listeners. You know you EU muddle Canadian because you're so close. Tragically at the year before gore daddy died I got to go to London Ontario and and two and founding concert just before he got sick. And the tragically it played everything and you know between eagle and and the Tragically Hip I know tragically it never never invaded you know so the Mason Dixon. But all the states that. Border Canada. Everyone listening notes buffalo you know Detroit. All of all the way across the tragic would it you know malevolent mind and it was great music and it that you soundtrack of our lives. Yeah you know I missed that whole part of it can I was in Washington in overseas. I came back there is talk about Tragically Hip I just had even heard of you know they they were amazed this guy gourd he would he be turned a lot of people's hearts around. You know. Give yourself a favor one when Friday night just what what some of the stuff on. Not only what he writes about like. It's an intellectual person like yourself he wrote what needy history and and and world history and then pulled it and at least songs that work we're. What do your work yeah that this stuff was not we I learned to play guitar because of Tragically Hip I would sit there eagle stretch Leah. You know you can keep quite or song or court you couldn't he couldn't play most Tragically Hip and most eagle. And every night we go away on holidays sit around a fire those of the songs that come out. And it it yes there's something about it that just moves your soul and he lifts and it any easier in the audience like give it a listen. You gotta run I'll do that picture Palmeiro appreciated you know we text here the road. My first show Milli Vanilli in the front row my aunt turned to me and said you know they're they're lip syncing right. I sit of course they're not putt as I was jumping up and downs that. That's great concern here. Joey and Billy Billy blame on the range. And girl you know it's true. Great songs per idol or whoever released saying yeah I don't care that they sing yet they were great songs awesome music videos. I don't. Hey I gotta go to Tom hamburger it might bats right graduated Tom real quick. What was your first. Concert. Okay. As said he didn't have any idea but it might wonder what their debt doubled after two hours late. Fourteen yeah they leave it right there and it was chosen few bloggers everywhere but I want to see. Back to counter what I was able typically district speedway. There's ebony force Lebanese side to January opened up more on your bowel are. Yet and that night I saw. Johnny when it later on an 8788. And crystal ball room. And my wife was pregnant at the time it was a standing on the crowd judging work mate whenever he's called it should my wife. I didn't act cool he's a decent gentlemen paid top expert called it love Hamburg. Listen. I gotta tell you the pass code. For the 12 o'clock hour is record or record record. Michael Caputo in for sandy beach thank you so much you'll hear me again on Monday here on news radio 930. WB and.