Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach 8-17 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Friday, August 17th
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Welcome back buffalo. The beach company here newsreel I'm thirty WV and Michael to put it in for sandy beach it is 1008. On a rainy Friday morning. We're talking about concerts here. Which seems to irritate a few people on the of the the attacks ports of the it's 3093. Easier and I have this guy Tony. Who keeps texting him and insulting me over and over again. And and if he doesn't know that we can actually see is number he doesn't know that I actually know who leases. He doesn't know. That he's the only one doing this he doesn't know well how silly he looks. And it is really an edit funny to watch somebody who doesn't understand technology. And how everything they do is track able. Sitting here and I think he would stop. Gap power via I've got chick called body. A I. It's you know. It's like it's like a food though you really suck on the air do us all a favor and get off the air but he listening with that he's is less than. I've been listening I'm livid red freeing your head kid. And I'm not getting off the air and the funny thing is you're never gonna get on the air. And that's the fun part. Had I Ike it's so. Insulted all the time I'm I people it's on the all time on Twitter and you know because I've I'm gonna close with the president and they just hate me etc. And people who were massive failures in life release spend their time in oh yeah hacked it out of people. Anonymously it's keyboard warriors and out there whether it's pitiful. Really because this character can't help but listen to me. Can't help himself. And he hates me so much and I just wanna say. Man and then in the end. What another top pocket and I'm sure our kids that it. Really. Our tea fifty trucks that's amazing you're first concert what is it 8030930. Start ninth putting yourself on. Are you going into the beyoncé. And Jay-Z show Tony not and a bat not a bad now. You'd have to pay me a lot of money. I don't fight and if price could if I can camp out like the old days. It chuck he's part keying and go on over there but I just don't think I've driven music that much of this is going to be an amazing show that I was so I don't like YouTube and real love there show. They did a great concert. I don't know but I get the same vibe different Tavis is. When you do go to would show it and you know. Where you like you really don't care about the artist are you don't know much about and then you sit there that isn't too bad. And I can't believe I'm going to admit this spot. You know file that category for me Michael via Belinda Carlisle really yes. Buddy of mine. And it is our corporate that time. Drag me to bury latency. Belinda Carlisle Carroll free tickets or something and it wasn't too. Yeah I was like OK you know our member of the global you know listen I just love our news show. I just what we got a lot of people there on the tote board. I agree with few Tony rush was my first two. You see love my stones but see in the dead was amazing. One VCU there was one. Exe my first concert Michael was Grateful Dead at age sixteen rich stadium don't remember much of it though hole. Might have had some mind controlling substance that this shot I'm shocked I don't I must tell you I'm totally shocked of this is not we went. We have prayer circles and immigrant who responded chose. Com you know we were allegedly hacked he says we think Pakistan disputed have to do. Received its taupe or 30930. For attacks line. 8030930. Starting duties or follow what was your first shall 1973. The odd. Jay Guy roles James gang and blacks have been amazing wouldn't that be something at the odds. But yes we're cab many shinji piles of blacks and I wonder Black Sabbath with the opener. There must have been there and do that they but it that must have been also big in the seventies the most in the headlines SEA in my opinion that's the origin of heavy metal rate there is blacks now. You see here iron butterfly in 1969. Melodies fair. Outstanding. You believe that I'm jealous that must have been crazy. Com gosh VC EP OO last night in Detroit. Why did you see down low in the seventies this guy saw PLO last night in Detroit. Like it's the end and it's it's globe county telephone number. So whoever from the globe carries decide to go CEO of attic Vick in a private drive drove north of the lake Hitler. Probably that's a good show he knows absolutely amazing journey. I saw yesterday that there is gonna. He has come out with a new CD or or music by wild water show only put on and I think that was 82 yeah. He just released a new song on YouTube but yeah I think that's the first of an entire album they'll be coming out with. I've been to a lot of concerts mostly arena shows Garry lake shows I've only been my entire life one concert at the stadium real and that was. The it'll sink pop Odyssey tour. In opening up BB neck injury. You know I would really just taken huge crap all over that I know there people listening who actually like that kind of music yeah we're we're trying to relate to everybody here. Who is back to void its famous now. That eighth in Justin Timberlake Jenkins is like I saw him on late show that their offense he's unfailing shall all the time he's really a talented person. He incredibly talent you'll be your get ready for this weekend the we can leading up to Monday Night Football. Justin Timberlake is there the Sunday before you know who's here the day before Justin Timberlake Metallica. Where's this at the arena. At the arena at Syria last week ended October you have Metallica on Saturday Justin Timberlake on Sunday the bills patriots. At new era on Monday. Here's a text viewed two would have been a great concert. But bonanno had bottle kept his mouth shut about politics and just saying ironic how we always talks about women's rights but basically has a woman. Dressing and acting like a stripper onstage during one of his songs he's a hypocrite. You know I when he started going off I was at the show we started going off on politics I noticed that he was avoiding talking saying the T word trump. Studiously probably understood his audience right. But at the toward the end of the show he went on this tirade about beat about how he loves this country. And about how he's a he's an American patriot I mean this guy. Loves America and so when he went on this thing about him over the politics of division it was very clear he's talking about trump without talking about him. I got a little bit I knew I should McCown this thing right could that they were so political when they were young YouTube and so foolish. With that with there you know they do nothing about politics they always talked about it. But anyone off on this that this this I love American thing is a guy who's from Ireland. I was really press I thought he made up for. Our body made up for it politics will show us. Call Australian Floyd. And you know nobody knows I love Pink Floyd music when they started yet and the bashing trump I wanted to hear you know. Did the guy from Pink Floyd who tour is now didn't do like a whole set of his concert about how trump socks and it was literally. With graphics and everything. One of my friends who was a very top level executive at the Republican National Convention. Took his son to Roger Waters show. And the he actually has the old Pink Floyd pig kind of concept floating around and do it when I saw him and trumps faces on the pit. And like all these they have the screens are their two when there's all these anti trounced Obama you know my friend who was but basically the head of the Republican Convention. Was it a big fan of tropea so he was like I well OK he's just enjoy the music. The Obama. I hypocrite. That's Roger Waters off until the eighties and hypocrite because he only favor socialism buddy Eddie loves all the things the is raked in over the years with the money he's made. Are out also he's anti Semitic and that's disgusting to me I think that I would never seemed just for that reason Phish bash trop when I saw them though when he did the Walt war. What was it fourteen and fourteen. Is more anti war music okay fine you wanna be anti war I can live. Yeah. If you guys and this cut and use that we're talking concerts put music as well Leonard Skinner the littered skidded two hours now do you consider that Leonard Skinner. I wouldn't get out of my ER Barca lounges for about them that that's that's what I love listening music and I like debate but is that more a tribute to Leonard Skinner now into another gear on my amber and still whip them held. Durham who who is Gary rising to ensure you know a week as littered scattered fans we all became familiar with a different lenders scattered when. They had that terrible plane crash right we're gonna. And I saw her last shows at rich stadium. Before that crash and so if you love Leonard Skinner they were ripped away from you. Early on and they went back on tour again it was already most the members were gone. So. We can't use it and it's an Koppel's all of them are pretty much all that's on five times. OK it'll trio went thirty start attorney's report we should go to were quick messes are gonna start taking your calls what she or first concert watch your favorite concert and by the way. Do you like a little politics. Mixed up with your wife show 8030930. Right here on the board Frank Zappa at the audience at the ought in 1978 my first show that was awesome. Be right back I guess it was back after this on these radium at the new WB deal out of date. Have a prime dinner with this prime deal from MTK. Prime. Get 50% off by 75 dollar gift certificate at him TK prime just 37. Fifty. 475. Dollars. That's not bad it's a deal that day from my buffalo perks details that might buffalo works dot com. And I can say as someone who's gone in TK a few times definitely worth take the deal go to my buffalo perks take it. Use this weekend it is really good. Worth the money the difference to me you know sometimes get took place and have a good deal on stakes and the not all that he noticed this is one heck of a deal I'd go. Online and not just saying that I go online and I would. Take your significant other. Or maybe a group antique and enjoy some delicious. Buffalo cuisine. This sort of its export basket for the cash code is prestige for this hour right prestige. So I wanna go right to or 8030930. What was your first concert what concert do you wish you could see. And deal like a little politics mixed in with your light music right away on the board here is deal in forest bill I do in the you know. I. That's a concert. I mean the music that amazing words you see it I got a heater and awesome Arsenault who do you who do you wish you had seen or could see. Or alive you want to see. Yeah it. I never saw her life but I love The Blues Brothers. Yeah you know I love and I seen somebody great shows are on nine YouTube with her and I had a little run in with her myself. I was at parties in New York City I was looking for a gift from us like twenty years ago for moral man. Prefer girl I was dating has been overlooked and into the jewelry case it parties. And I backed up just did you know before I stood up I backed up a step. And ram my backside right into woman behind me I stood up and look around it's that I was sorry it was a reach the Franklin. The chief. What's okay and it am I found out later that I didn't say I sorry I said it kicks like I let it immediately it's a read that. That was in the days who's totally recognize what is its front and center and in the and I'll pop culture of you know I don't get choked up talking to politicians. I don't at all I was in Donald Trump's office talking to him are running for governor against when he fourteen. I'm sitting there talking to sit it's all spread out in his chair just relax strict in my coffee in Georgia's beaten this like he was somebody I hung out with every day. And sit there and also him from behind me I hear hey Don how you doing. Hay Donald I do I turn around and it's Neil Young. It's the young guys stand up straight ahead all everything in my on my lap fell on the floor and I'm like. Yeah they say yes I am and I bought their of the tub and a hum and hum and hum and how many did you tell the southern man don't need him around I. Well I shook his hand and and truck comes ovaries to drop took their took my phone from me. To take a picture of me meal together and and and trump says president trump says. I can't believe this guy doesn't get choked up around anyone but he can't even speak to you neo. It's like you don't really dug in and crop art art gets friends that shocks me now well I mean Neil Young was raised in my it would be liberal. He is I think when trump he's one of his songs at an early rally he got upset about it or is manager did. I don't think Neil was comfortable really taken a big crap on the on the candidate but yet they were bare. Talking about some project and you wonder what was raising money for nervous rock celebrities for so. I do around musicians when I met Jerry Garcia I couldn't even speak. You know that's up to do with what I was drinking if you know I act Steve body and calm and the rest of whites they David Covert now. And it was just like talking of friends parties it was cool. Borger Mike for dough India are you doing Mike. And good morning good morning what empire inside information about you two and how what what you hypocrites there. Or friend that flies. A large. Aircraft that's suitable for. Charter from the band and they interviewed the man both of the year lining questions in next populated. Put it and it had to be blonde. They could be no. Male attendants all flight attendants or were like double real flight attendants. And being stipulated. Under concerts. They had to be out of the US airspace spiked well. Midnight to avoid. Taxes. That particular cancers. Among United States so there's that biggest hypocrites. Now. Pretty true of all these musicians mostly you know so let me ask you what's your favorite counts here too. I want rush back and needs somebody rush fans in Western New York. Yeah I want this was what I scored a school Pittsburgh and that was on the people. You're caught down there and whispered it was great answer you know music is hard to believe that much. Sound comes three people out there and what's what she'll would you want us Ezequiel or you didn't you want to. Well. You know what I'd like to see Merle Haggard but he. There's not an early nowadays. Music's and yesterday. You know Hillary Franklin the queen than McCain you know. I'm in oh great now my wife might talk about there's not when they're coming out right now that will listen to thirty years now. And what it would loosen things that were made deck in the sixties they enemies. But that's true that look like to Europe for don't you where do you white negotiation that's kind of hike to go into. You know the arena. There's not around I'm in yeah I mean most days are over yeah. Darian lake was really a last resort that there was fear in lake when I want to take it might be some in Iraq to see. Queen. But that's great on TV go see that new movie about Freddie Mercury McQueen that Oxford coal. Work hard thanks Mikey have a great weekend Russia Russia Russia. And spicy. Let me go right here actually we only got a minute left I'm not to have let me see here and not let me just take one more. And then we'll go to a couple of to a commercial break and Hamburg what was your first concert. Nineteen. Awesome here how old were in. Well. Did you do with your parents. Now it. Isn't that cool. Twelve years old watching kiss that's amazing. I bitchy girl up. You bring you grow pretty good didn't agree to take it if that's the awesome hey that's a good school twelve resolve that kiss a firfer show. It's amazing this is amazing. Even now even now there's a guy on the board here he says he's thirty years old and the first show we ever saw was kids. There's still crank it about their Michael Capuano went for sandy beach here under his radio by pretty WBM will be right back. Brandon. Welcome back buffalo. News radio 930 W and the yen. Beach company behind it is 10:38. In the morning almost at nine for. Michael who in force and he's out today you'll hear from him next week but I mean today Monday. And Tuesday. Lots attacks coming into the boards 30930. About what concert you went to what concert you'd like to go to. If you like little politics mixed up with your live performances. Our one texture August 1976. Elton John Rich stadium is fourteen what with my girlfriend that are over older brother. My first concert another texture says with 1969. At the war memorial in Rochester. And I saw Simon and Garfunkel. Wow. Chemist and Austin Nicole a two highlights of that concert for me. There with my first love and when Paul Simon asked that all the flash cameras must stop. He offered the following. Everybody could take as many pictures for the next four minutes as they wanted. The entire auditorium was lit up like it was outdoors and it was pretty cool. That's actually equals 38030930. Give us a call tell us what your first concert was what concert you wish you could see. If you like little politics mixed up with your music I'm gonna go to the phones now. That BC here is CJ and Cheektowaga I don't see. I'm grade are you do I bought them you very much thank you. A lot of fun. Incidents that great traffic. I would concede any thinking Iraq Iran I couldn't have been more than thirteen Elvis Presley. Memorial stadium downtown buffalo. My uncle came back from the navy article bit favorite uncle surprised as sister and I with tickets. We got this thing Karine yet never mind but places great. This me and wracked at world that I like I had never seen sick and I got a lot of cancer. So that was really for cancer Elvis Presley. Is not right when he I mean who is in a fit neatly fit. Loud that was and what an incredible show. With sense acts or. The women screening so. And we agreed. They were screening so that music but you're hardly hear it. But you're meaning practice just doing extremely well what about easy to use screaming. I would now I was trying to music I was inauguration you'd young girl. Are to believe now. Is it hard to believe now you sell your loss it's I have a lot of the concert which go to right now if you could. It by I'd go back to see. The Rolling Stones. And like cancer certain interest and they were absolutely. They distract the Easter. I never miss them and if there in the town where I am on the government's. Too expensive now you kitten. There truly truly out there and I'm looking at some of these ticket prices for. For a beyoncé. 430 dollars for tickets back in March. I must give you four dollars. Oh my goodness I'm a lot here at all thank you. I needed a break CJ. You know oh I was on my way and they are ready to talk politics I heard this story about the beyoncé. Show and and cheesy show and I just thought you know what I'm not gonna talk politics that I could so tired of you know. Well I can manage in years on pocket at that you're actually at talking about it at eighteen Shenzhen that. It really coding and adapt to other people really appreciate that show. I mean all of the play it crushed and long because well at the end and apparently undergo extreme alma is on holiday in my house. Well TJ thanks Erica I'm so honored to be on the voice of buffalo here. You know I grew up you know might I think I've told people a hundred times on the show the first time I was ever in the media. First time I was interviewed by Tom buy hourly on WK BW. Yes and I I thought and who's this gore who's this guy he looked in he must be some X he's younger than me. And I was ecology just did it Sean you know college politics or whatever and arrow is the first guy ever interviewed me in my life. Is that's amazing I did not know that yet I hear your actual unit and some career and you did it turns to me I hope you're right Eric quite amazing march started maybe. Thanks CJ I'll go to a concert with you any day. No I we have a blast that. I'm out especially the result respects last CJ thank you very much and I think he's teaching job in Cheektowaga. John are you there I am here I hate. So what was your first showed John. It's you know I gotta say this is one of these things where are my first show that I remember. Our. Was she Genesis. Due to there 1980. I don't know what I saw a show. You know art. Or. What I want and now. Now you know I I when the army in 1980. In my roommate was a Genesis not not we'd be in formation say in the songs as you march he'd be in their sing in a Genesis two. Have seen Genesis twice yet doing outstanding. I think he spoiled it for. Them. All hole. Too bad. I wish I remembered that guy's name I'd like to look him up. So now now the guy you love so colony be guy that's about it so. The John what would be the show you'd like to see if you could. Well you know I also missed out on Led Zeppelin and John Bonham died yeah that was the show. I'm always about a month before they were swayed to come here. We could have yeah oaks in the world we're in court. While. That's amazing you know I I love Led Zeppelin I'm a big day ahead. But I actually made my company as zeppelin communications. Aria that's naymick company I love them all so yeah man yeah. Hey John you have a great day we're gonna be right back after these messages lots of calls your first concert what was it. What concert would you love to see big concert at the stadium this weekend beyoncé and Jay-Z Michael Caputo and for sandy beach. Here on news radio. 930. WB. Today's deal that they have a private dinner with this prime deal from him TK prop him. Get 50% office every five dollar gift a gift certificate. At and TQ prime just 375475. Dollar gift of secure. It's a deal that day from my buffalo perks deet tails at my buffalo per dot com. Michael Caputo and for sandy beach you beach company news radio 930 WB and it's 1051. We're talking about concerts because of this big deal concert on Saturday beyoncé and Jay-Z. And new error field. I I checked with us got silica over at the sheriff's office he tells me traffic. You know they're they're looking at bureau there getting out ahead of it I think there's going to be you know some challenges. Are part of Abbott road at 3 PM the part of ever wrote in front of the stadium is going to be closed. Took three traffic you know that road that's when they close. Just before bills games. At 4 PM the stadium lofts are gonna be open. At approximately 11 PM. One EA is going to be closed. Westbound all traffic from Abbott two to nineteen has got to travel east. Bats interest and stuff you know Alitalia this is gonna need. I don't know is that traffic can be worse. Then on the bills' game again. 3 PM part of ever wrote in front of the stadium closed. Two through traffic 4 PM that we by the way that means the lots on ever road you can get to them you can't go through. 4 PM stadium lots open approximately 1 PM on route 28 is gonna be close. Westbound all traffic from Avant two to nineteen must travel. East the irony and I am going to be home on the missile all that traffic you're gonna miss that aren't you but I'll tell you what a big back from the from the the girls' game from Cleveland and so what's your first concert what concert. Do you really wanna see one that you might have missed the cutesy anymore 8030930. Start 930. On your cellphone. Policy. Bob Seger was my first show. He played it saint Joe's high school I heard about ABBA on ten more avenue 1968. Or about that whole week wrapped. Mid seventies great show guys in the mid seventies all the about the century theater in laws are remember that. Genesis Cheap Trick rush Jeff back back when those guys didn't need a wheelchair. After effects still doesn't he still amazed he is still amazing you know like Ashley would love to see. Porn. Well really yeah I love their energy alone does sound. They're phenomenal man I love deceived them by threes early threes here is a text or nineties every five Peter Frampton. Soldier Field Chicago my first concerts soon perhaps July have Frampton comes alive at the debts must. Album for and if you don't own it the year your dog like they were nobody. Super hot July day everybody can't Dunham blankets on the field so hot they were spraying the crowd with fire hoses. Just remember a lot of pot smoke in the air. I'm not carry the name this guy because you know. It in my in my fourth and take a drug does that like he's 35 it might still be in a former had a severe the fire hoses. Monsters of rock. Concert 1987. At the stadiums who watch a Metallica as rockets great it was great. Market talk Wanda. What's going on mark. I'm mark. Bird and bird in 1980 Q. And we're open. Willis that. As a beyond. PD two I guess I was in the service time. I you know I might not have gone to that showed that market GC. Nancy from heart I guess her and her sister Hart did. As. Stairway to heaven at the at the at tribute show for zeppelin did you see that are on YouTube. You have to see that. Have to see that. Amid the members of Led Zeppelin or in the balcony. This is at the Kennedy Center and they're crying while Nancy's thing. Crying I think that's how they really before they made it big they are doing was apple cobbers. Yeah that's right they were. The politics and music you know. And every. Yeah I hear you mark. I get sick of it you know I go to these Grateful Dead shows and I'd just I'd just forget about politics and nobody bothers me and I go with my buddies who were left right center they don't care about politics. You know when the celebrities on the stage start talking about it like I said you two I didn't like it when Obama was talking but he made up for it by talked him. By speaking very highly of this country I don't really care what people think the politics as long as they love America. You know. Well I'm gone into the music meant to the politics but I got a cult because I have this. It's not gotten 1979. And a little kid whose solo acoustic. And I agitator college it's morality. Need Jesus or whatever and I've met Rick de Novo and we've run column else assignment if got Jenny Nguyen there and Dave Davies and Merle Haggard lounge and his sisters stoppers and rattle and not a Molly got the Providence four and as some really great stories every time these people would that make it's are the ones special one was. The drummer from letters your assignments are. And then when it finally did get here we understand my guitar he signed right under the word when it Gaynor and I don't know. Isn't that how cool. You have this. You have this. Guitars yeah I've read where there piece of Americana because. Obviously there's nothing like them in the world you know. That I met bill lash bill question. George Jones playing corner all. As a Holiday Inn parking lot of these IMAP I've met Johnny Cash. He's done. I'm Johnny Cash plus. Smoked a doobie was literally. Oh. Mark and you text the picture guitar to us. Are certainly. Picked the text or will rock out if Joseph if you. I can I can bring it thanks for life following a pitcher yet he if he Tex Tex had a 39 Perry then I will let fortitude Michael will share with him. We'll share with the audience that sounds awesome way cool. And I like to go into the antique road show buffalo it was like. Not the real wrote Joba buffalo and I had a little thing. And they took pictures and gave appraisals and they said that they're gonna hang pictures in the WNEC studios that I and I never went back and look. Well that's often they tell you how much it was worth. They're giving me an estimate to fifteen vote. Probably tired of each person has to say more you know. OK it don't ever soma thing. No it was a great ride but I. I don't know I don't know much value large blunt there that you like UT's he would bring in the Stanley heirloom and just so you know yeah. Should be a museum. Yeah if you're thought taken that hard rock her to though the rock and roll museum in chief and in Cleveland. Well oil would do alone somewhat remote in post certified somewhere near cities on them that members did but. Pages of them. Leo Leo and edging you on and there Arlo not the. Aren't you should call vote. I mean effective yet Neil Young sign your rate under Leonard Skinner at some and we know the history between those two that's that's just incredible. And his. That was present there is totally money that he did that in really cool. Hey mark you should take that to the rock and roll hall of fame. It it and a the museum and in Cleveland I am almost certain hall of fame or tap or the buffalo music hall of fame right. I mean if you're not messiah I I got a target money's money that's worth a lot of money. But that is amazing market is a cool story thanks so much for Carl in. Average rate Davidson's. Here's the catch code for the 11 o'clock hour it is sand at this age and the sand. This is likely to put in for Citi B twelve wreck back after these messages here on news radio 930 WB. And.