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Sandy Beach
Friday, August 17th
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Good lord of buffalo. Welcome to pizza company here on news radio 930 WDE. And it is no I don't die. On Friday. Casual Friday here in that. The studios of WB yen. I don't know how to do casual Fridays since I I'm pretty casual most days so I just came without pants. I thought that would be helpful. Motivating even. Which you wouldn't have been better at. And I think great I am so excited today. I am so excited while it weekend. Match tomorrow I mean my wife and I have just been through it I mean the ringer and every single way. And we have decided to have a date night tonight. I'm so excited you know we're doing Tony what's that were meet my buddy by the way my IH from but he. On FaceBook. But that so what do people and they are you know buffalo audience who love trump argue with him on FaceBook. On my FaceBook page meet yeah guys. Will meet him in Cleveland. All going to my favorite it's our Italian restaurant a beautiful plays best time food. Are outside of buffalo. And ever go to the game and so I have really crappy tickets and I don't care. This my wife's first Buffalo Bills game it's pre seasons aren't technically. Why not. I know I'm usually when I just I go to every single game. But I don't coincide. Every single home game I go to but I hang out at chuck he's parking on Abbott which is like five or six doors down from Danny's across the street. I've been going to chuck he's parking since I was a little kid my blanket as a teenager. Park and cars you know my buddy chuck has been run on this walk in his in his yard for years and years and gives his family's house he inherited that. And you know I'm used to go there helped push cars you know give him wind up and take the money in the front you know when they come in. And now be on 56 resort and still parking cars we call parking cars. But what we're doing is waving at people as they drive by and drinking beer in the garage. That's productive that's how we parked cars that Turkey's parking. Like that and I go to every home game once in awhile. One of my buddies of combines say hey here's a ticking wanted to go right now uncle went with the right there's all the same people go it's like the big cook out you know. It's a big deal for almost big tree boys it's a very big deal. And I'd I'd go there and and then I'll watch the first half in Turkey's garage he's go flat screen up on the wall. And so what I tell my wife I'm going to have bill's game she knows I'm not actually don't inside. And I'm all they go on inside on a whim of cholera and say I got a ticket from you know Dave berg Merrill over bowers are gone in with him. You know aunt and socio cavernous time and I'll bet she'll never you know. She she's got to watch the kids right we might bring the kids who sometimes to this kind of a thing but it. No Turkey's parking is actually very family ordered spots that we can do that I've done it once or twice. But so she's never actually gone and by the way. Chuck he's parking. Is where we always camp doubt for the dead shows even at at rich stadium you know. We always mean we would go there we park people we'd charge him. I guess back in the day it was hard on all the micro bosses yet part of Michael buses we charge them I guess back in the day it was twenties even now I don't think Turkey pardon charges. More of them are 25. Area not turn off my phone mr. professional radio guy one of these days. One of these days I'll learn and anyway that's a Grateful Dead so it's really doesn't matter. And I I don't know two people camp out for. Further. Our beyoncé and Jay-Z. I want to because I got to believe as snazzy is that show is people are kind of dressed up and stuff. You think. I have no idea I don't know I mean all my type show I listened to show this more than news weren't fifty trucks. Fifty trucks semi trucks. Unloading. Our equipment for this year that's a lot of its huge. It is huge I've never heard of that literally stars don't have that much urged to bring Oprah it's why I am I love going to the stones at the stadium might actually you know I if I were in town. I'm my head over to chuck he's see if I control what ticket and go check out chasing ambulances not my kind of music but. You know. You too is that my kind of music eager OK I don't like him I would never buy a ticket. You know in my past but you know buddies in my we're going my thoughts are bought my wife my tickets and other music is kind of you know the prop forty whatever. But the show was all us and they had this. This green. On the stage where they were. Projecting video knew that was like four K. You mean. It was so pristine and Chris I've never seen a stage screen like that world really amazing. I got to believe that fifty trucks that beyoncé injuries we have some going on there. And a lot of high tech stuff yeah I gotta tell you I was so impressed with this. This. You to show. That I got involved in my own show. You know that I'm back I'm actually now. Very deeply involved in a new national touring ballet. You know I mean about it. While I don't Wear the Tutu and who go to the I don't even know where it's. But I've been at a ballet for many many years I got into it when I lived in Washington agree belly there in the when I moved to Russia. Oh click did you hear that the mob of people listening to chuckle when I moved to Russia at the portal and that. The Bolshoi Ballet of them from your world famous ballet in and in Moscow which is suffering really having a problem. Beautiful building beautiful the most incredible ballot the second best ballet in the world. And I got involved in raising money for them because I was. In arm and is a season ticket holder. And I just really fall in love with the ballot I just I just love it I I can't get enough of that and I don't really know a lot about it but I know I really enjoy it. And from one of the most incredible I'm sorry. Her not her name is Dioner. You Shmuel bar she's Russian click here that the here's the moat people she's Russian she is the prima ballerina of the world. She's a prima ballerina the bit the most incredible ballerina of the Marion ski theater in Saint Petersburg which is the greatest ballet of the world in my opinion of many opinions. And she's been there the principal dancer of the American ballet theatre in New York for an sixteen years. And at 41 years old she got pregnant. And these. Ballerinas they don't have their babies you know that because it affects their bodies they can't dance after word and you know that they get rid of you know. Fifty got a decided to have the baby. And so she quit the American ballet theater and she got involved in the show that I'm in other network and and I'll I'll tell you more about it I think we should probably go to a break here people on my face for collect. Watch in the East Coast about me in this ballet they know what to think right. But what I got to thinking about these fifty trucks for. Man what what an incredible show that's going to be tonight. Anyway we're right back at these messages here newsreader 930 WB. EN Michael Caputo in four. Sandy beach. Beach company here a news radio 930 WB and is 920. Guys the I don't know. Is that Tony is is the concert tonight or tomorrow. And I make a mistake is Jay-Z concert Saturday tighter tonight. No the JC beyoncé is tomorrow on March 9 is the boss owns the last canal side. Arm mountains I ansari the last the last can blast and outside. It's gonna be a little rainy you know bring a jacket don't forget umbrella I'm not sure they're allowed within the premise none of that concert is tonight. And then Jay in day. Is tomorrow singing so they're favorites. Excluding single ladies and that's one reason I will not be purchasing a ticket if she doesn't sing single ladies Jovi will not be there are well Pacino this. She does now as we know she's listening to Michael crude. However they are very you know I didn't always archetype inquiry be were actually me and the wife. Are actually going to be staying at a hotel and Playhouse square in Cleveland. Armed frequent flier miles right. And our drive and into Cleveland gonna catch catch dinner at my favorite non buffalo a time please do we all know both has the best time for. And and then going to the game it's gonna be a blast my voice first bills game courses pre season so you know won't via a real original art product gained. We're gonna sit in the dog pound rule and what that now that's fine men have done that. Those fans are just like Oakland it doesn't matter it's pre season a scrimmage. They're going to be horrible though holed really not to don't take us. And the whole time. Well I don't know I idea so I was saying when I heard fifty trucks I thought that was aegis. You know that somebody on the board 30 reminds reserves or text board. They probably need fifteen trucks worth of equipment to make those to listen double click that and I don't ought that that's the biggest auto tuned machine in the world. There. These two were both entertainers and not my kind of music but they're they are there are black entertainers ever take. They entertain. The music and the music especially for Jaycee has changed so much and you're talking about a guy who had hit since the mid nineties that's something and he still. Making music today again. Not my number one but some means of his earlier stuff was really good. I'd be very successful businessman in me gotta gotta give props for that but Alitalia. Fifty trucks that's amazing you know cause I was saying before the break I am now involved in this national touring Bally. It's it's called slow heat being beauty dreams. And I was sitting around with. I've just acute to the Muller people turn on your recording devices. I was sitting out my records some Russian buddies of mine Russian emigres. In the United States Russia if in case anybody doesn't know. Has had an incredible brain train over the last you know ever since 2000 or since who came and in over. The rocket brawler is the symphony artists the the dancer. Is there choreographer. Is a film makers they've all immigrated out they tried to stick around for Yeltsin. You know there's Yeltsin gave people hope that things were gonna change the wind blown came in after about a year and a few new things worked on the wrong way right. So all these people have left. They've gone to Switzerland London and new York and Miami Beach there's an area in a Miami Beach called a sunny isles. Which you know is they call it the Russian Riviera. In its Altima there's a lot of wealthy people there and you don't know what they're doing but all the artists and and and cultural rights out of Russia have moved out. And there are a lot of them are in Miami Beach I was out was divided this thing in Russia when I was there the Clinton administration sent me there. To do our Rock the Vote Russia to help Yeltsin beat the Communist. Challenger to his presidency in 1996. Ice I worked on Rock the Vote here in the United States and so I started Rock the Vote Russia. Getting all the rock and roll bands involved in a national tour to support Yeltsin's candidacy the wild controls the remote that. For ever there was an amazing time. But. I got really involved in the in the in the culture and arts or over there right so I'm sitting in Miami with these guys I'm sitting with that Andy Warhol of Russia. His name is ram costs amazing architect artists. Etc. I'm sitting there with a bomb. Bill Graham is that the guy the big concert for real Graham ross' emphasis right now. The Bill Graham of Russia Edward radical who was the biggest most of the most important rock and roll promoter in the former Soviet Union. Does. About a million people in concerts a year. And also or with a guy named George patrician who was like that Ian Schrager of Russia he's. Our makes made nightclubs in galleries and things like that there were sit around we're talking because we're all have children we all of daughters. And ever talk about how how in a respect it's so much money on princess dresses. I mean Tony comedy started I mean it mis froze. Ends you know RZ Cinderella if everything princess docked at our RB in all the other things characters we're trying to figure out how we can stop spending so much money on princesses. And make some money princess right. It's overtaken what you do is if Cinderella what do you do with Olson on. And we all kind of realize that you know Disney has wrong every drop of money out of this and the princess and a price. And then somebody turned to me it's a so what do you do with sleeping beauty I said you can't do anything were sleeping viewed. You can't put that story was told in the fourteenth century for the first time right and then the Grimm Brothers told that. Right and van are Tchaikovsky made an incredible ball way out of it called sleeping beauty. I cried wolf it was very difficult belly. And then you know Walt Disney grabbed her. I've danced around a little bit and wore out it was nothing you can do with sleeping beauty and ram. Who is like the eighty Warhol was the anti war all of Russia he says no no no no you're wrong he said. What was sleeping beauty doing. For a hundred years or she was asleep. And were we all look at that your recent. And. It now we have sleeping beauty dreams which is a national touring ballet it premieres in Miami. On the seventh of December and then in the deacon in New York on the fourteenth of December and then we retool Bloomberg won a thirty city tour including buffalo I hope. We're looking at the 2500 seat. Places like. What is it. I don't Vieira. No no no when a 500 what my sand Shays and good but every major city has a chase I guess in that same era. That everyone was building the beautiful ornate theater in their city Torii 503000. Seat is what we're looking for. And I think we're gonna have three trucks. Or try to keep it took three. Because you know at transportation. It's the bottom line right. And it when I heard fifty trauma. Fifty trucks. That was it was just the logistics of our tour. Is outrageous and that's why go to Miami so much because of the Buddha the belly is based in Miami. We have DR at a speech giver who is the the world's leading Barry. And our we have an incredible dancer we haven't announced their male dancers dancing with her and then are they an eight demons. Male dancer demons and the reason I brought them iPad part of this Tony before we are talking. Is that screened from the U2 concert and really got me thinking about what you can do with screens and ram cost the creative director behind art. Our tour. Has come up with the most amazing thing. Arm it comes out of MIT this doctor Carlo Roddy is an amazing. You know Dion the dancer. But it became very nervous vet her and that the people in her audience and ballet audiences were getting older and older and older. And and there were no younger people in the audience and she saw ballet and classical dance kind of dying and she wanted to change that. So weak contacted doctor Carlo Robby out of MIT. And we're actually he can do this technology. We're dancers were these metal disks. And they have cameras all around and those those images are pulled into the the computer. And they turned them into 3-D avatars. So all the dancers we have half of them are real. And half of them are hall of groups. Lie. It's an amazing thing and when I saw a view to scream I thought I got to beat that well we're going to be that. I don't know where we gonna talk about this work what we're right back after these messages here on news radio. Nine W the year I thirty. It's. Okay. Me it's. Steve and pain on. You know. Bullying. We. In the end. Eight innings why. It's still. Okay. Okay. Okay. OK okay. Welcome back buffalo. Beach company here on news radio 930 WB yen 930 eight's Sandy's out. I'm Michael Caputo you've got me today Monday and Tuesday. Love this team. Reminds me of my first concert. Grateful Dead in Long Island. And then I guess my cousin Greg and I went to. Fleetwood Mac. If the stadium. Gosh it was a long time ago 30930. That's our tax board and 8030930. Star 930. On your cell phone. Here we go our here's a text yeah shut that guy up about the ballet. Are you sure he's married to a woman I have a crew of machinists and my shop screaming at their radios thank you. I know it's yeah I'm married to a woman who by the way she's a heck of a woman but yeah I still like ballet what commence today. But. Alitalia might interest in live performance started at rich stadium. And I think a lot of people here in buffalo. I got their first taste Iraq the pro or at least a live performance in rich stadium. In the show tomorrow night is it'll. I don't care what anybody says my position is we don't need a new stadium. I'm biased because of I grew up around the big tree area. I love. The you know the field there I love it I love it new error field now. It's still it's always going to be a rich stadium to me. By Adam we were grow we were we grow apart and cars jump in the fans you know we were bad kids. And I XP is all my best shows I mean even my favorite Grateful Dead show was there in 1989. And I expect we I think we got a guy here who just texted. Let's see here. I just bought the July 4 199 Grateful Dead truck and up to buffalo CD dvd and it's getting worn out already. No job. No. Not at all one could imagine writing and actually being focused on the road I'd be focused on trying to keep my eyes open now could go. I don't know man I I I just I'm not I can't listen to boy bands in the cart. In until you you put your own little private concert when your driving around you know some only hope that actually what is. Oxford and at the very another text come on keep that ballet talk coming I've been rebuilding houses have been jamming to Mozart opera. That guy has no idea what he's talking about. Get a cooler machines stuck up. I don't see that was the whole problem that the out of beach book of sleeping beauty dreams thought she was seen in the same people in the audience all the time. And they're just getting older. And no young people know machinists. Coming and nobody in at just the same people watching them dance around their toe issues. For decades of her career in the just getting older and older and in other Diane off. And nobody's replace him. So we got this idea to do sleeping beauty dreams. Which is you know what was there to protest dreaming for the hundred years she was asleep. And then the music is based on our sweep of the sleeping beauty Tchaikovsky. But it's produced by the electronic music dub step pioneers. Called noisier and Jodie are you with a dub step that more techno it's to it's it's electronic music adds it's not a techno from the ninety's by. Well in the Black Eyed Peas really brought it back right mid two thousands that's what I think of acting dobbs that it's okay. Certain music is better in certain forms right like The Grateful Dead would be great if I want to go to sleep you know. Dogs that EDM techno music like that I love what I'm. At some kind of party like when that went on and Vegas that easy just go to that it's funny during the day in Vegas eighties music goes to Vegas and at night. You want some kind of medium dubs out. Why you're now walking on the strip more than action boys if he goes you are awesome biggest show and after you've lost lawyer money at the casino all. It used to have your remarks add music and if you're Smart you don't gamble the whole time you're there you do one or two days to gambling the rest is for the app. Atmosphere ago seeds should always go partying when you know c'mon. Yeah advice on Vegas yes I I know I know the first night I was there I made that mistake Michael and the last in Vegas IE had enough money to go to a movie theater in the flamingo birthday so I learned my lesson. Gamble once or twice you can always gamble here we are great casinos in buffalo. Well you know this this ballet ams are don't machinists and chops with one more comment about the ballet pump. It's if I was just I'm just blown away by by how difficult it is to to put a tour together. I just a question and a favor Michael like I I think we're friends yes I'd say window when the mail comes the buffalo I do hope to get some kind of VIP ticket hot pockets you want to be on the red carpet I signed everything but it's really going to be great and I'm really psyched about it and I'm psyched to see you know these 3-D opera Tarzan were I have to Bart Starr is a lie of dancers in the other half are. Actual. Holograms of those cancers based upon the same technology the same screen technology that I saw in you to. That's I didn't realize until we started buying into that stuff. It's expensive man. Those screens that you two had up their wildly expensive and when you go to the the the gymnasium beyoncé concert I'm on my understanding is they have a very support and interest in set up with screens those million dollars Greenspan. I mean that's just the screens at 34 trucks. You know for that mean ours are much smaller were Pittman machetes right but if you guys are interest and I know the machinists are gonna take this down. And if you do I billiard busy in the shops or don't bother are going to get a pencil. With that. I you can check it out at SBD. Art dot com as beat the art dot com sleeping beauty dreams SP DR dot com. And via the stars are all very core. Arm we've got this this technology out of MIT is you know. You've seen these people on TV put these little metal disks on somebody's body in the move around and and you've seen this on like sixty minutes and stuff worked. They they take this from five or six different cameras in the take all that needed in the computer and they mess with it for a week and it ends up being like a monster or something that some of the video games right exactly bears and indeed that's how they make video games it's the same. Technology it's actually the Microsoft. Connect platform that was designed for written for video games. Panda which is what they called Bayer motion. Detector on the X. It's what ever it's not often what PlayStation at the PS2 right it's at now it's much more robust and we run the entire show on connect. It's incredibly important to him after Mac we could do some amazing platform. And but it's like visit threes there and its reserves or to export and this is. This from what the only ballet or machinist would know was in Canada the a dollar bills have. But so instead of the don't usually they would take all this and then they would spend some time in computers and turned into a video game right. And because a lot of the imagery in video games that was based on real life bodies such as they bring it on the computer from all these just the confederate that are. But Carl Roddy out of MIT has figured out how to do it lie. So Dion is dancing and he turns her into a monster on the screen that's what they fight beat Paul. In its Al gave this its interest in its off. And it's all about sleeping beauty I don't think it's for your four year old. But anybody who's ever been interested. It in this kind of things a lot but I just that it really hit me I've never really talked about on the ears are very excited about it what I'd spend most my time on now is ballet. Talking about politics. And then ballet in ought to know all the machine easily get that guy off the don't mind me if I don't I'll come and go lob it come. My thing. In a while I mean Michaels put together after we get the support got caught me kept. The problem is Beers just like the machinists are. Right this text into us and you. Bally is not their thing so it's dying and I yell up and give it a noisy in my play that for a dog got a tighter. On one thing I've noticed throughout this thing. Is it you know I thought deep what do problem would be to work with a dear sir Barton because there are also spoiled were. Dion obviously over is really cool very cool. People she's really famous in New York City. But out that it York city in America people don't really know or she walks down the street with me in your city of people stoppers she goes along. You know. But. You know these people she's not a diva at all she's very cool but you know wells is a dealer. Everybody else involved in this because of the Cuba it's like managing 25 bad candidates were coaching wide receivers that exact it's awful. You know it's like all in all your walking on eggshells all day long let's get back. Right here on news radio 930 WBA and after these messages looks like good weather for beyond. Say and Jay-Z show. But I'm looking at a story on WI DB dot com from I guess just a couple of days ago. There's a real problem with the seats. At the show one. Enough seats new error field. Many fans. I love it. I don't like it's the most people use the titles stories to the titles of songs and they are stories. Many fans are crazy in love with the fact that power couple beyoncé and Jay-Z will be hit the stage at Muirfield this beacon as part of her on the run tour. But something some people aren't crazy about Monday is their seats many people say their seats were switch without their consent. Days before the show Ticketmaster. Is swapping them out. Like there's one woman in the WR BB story that she was in said that she was and wrote ten. Am based swisher in the back row of the floor. That's not right with no notice. And with no. No refund. I mean there are people here going from our section 114. She bought seats is excellent for teams removed a section H one the last rose on the floor. They can you imagine if that deal. Area so that's Ticketmaster is saying it's not the gore sports entertainment from its detect except that they picked Ticketmaster. At Ticketmaster apparently says the production changed. And the views changed so they had to move seats. You know I think it is and I do not know this is an opinion this is just me. But it's what nick said this morning. Was on at 730. And high he said. That they're still VIP tickets slot where you can get like up close and personal so what I'm thinking is they're still selling those VIPs I'm sure they're all a lot of money. And they're just moving people back to accommodate those people up front. That's an opinion I could be 100% wrong I really don't know what I'm talking about but that's the first thing I thought vote on the air this. The first thing I thought about when you set it. Yeah I don't know 880. There's a text though the threes here ninety's or it's casual Friday. But Joseph beamer. And put Joseph Bieber on the let's get uplifted. Music interesting conversations with senator Lisa Caputo is totally a news guy not a casual guy think you. And the other is I can't actually do things besides politics. Important go to 187 I'm Grateful Dead shows yeah I've I've had might have had by sheer fun in my life well what you call Floyd yes so what I want to hear what you. So what was your first show rush and what year is night. Team. He. Or 81. At the awed why did you wait so long to go to a concert. Actually my first cast it would have been Led Zeppelin but John Bonham passed away how old were you when he won. I will is a sophomore in high schools here while asking on the old guy here joked I'm eight and years I hate to ask. But what was your first. I think that's what this the first what I remember Charlotte and attacks for my mom or dad that I'm wrong but the first concert I remember was seen Mac Whitney Houston. I'll have much to begin at seem act has seen it yet and what Levy. One of the greatest voices of all time and left us way too early. Yeah she did I my first show was a ditch around Long Island. In 76. But my first show here in buffalo were you know I mean I went to the 76 show are kind of like against all the rules. But actually with my parents' permission and going with friends. It was a Fleetwood Mac show in the stadium I also went to. Never them acting out about but and and that I remember. Going to. A show in Niagara Falls convention center where rush was the leading was with the leading act. But it was opened by. No I'm sorry it was. It was AC DC. Bruises on them twice and then. Rush. And then. Black Sabbath. At all woe is right that's great amazing that it was a CDs him for I I'm I'm not really catch them the memory. This train to us. Give rush a list that's on the tax line Tony rush was my first to the cover up exit stage left was taken at that should really. So man. You know I got I'd I was pretty bad kid. And if my daughters listening I'm telling you turn off the radio right now at a but I was on this. Like low. Kind of overhang. Like the balcony. In the front row. And I am not we have been drinking you know all the way to the show. It was I guess in Niagara Falls and we were supposed to be I was young right. And I I fell over to the I fell over to the first war. And they called me back in the back out to the first aid station they can I might have been hurt I laid there and who came up to me to talk to me to see if I was okay. Getty Lee. Came up to me cool yet it's a yeah okay expect that is scary when he or policemen in the world were great back after these messages. Here and really I'm thirty awake for cash cash. Cash code for 10 AM hours prestige. Prestige would back after these messages.