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Sandy Beach
Thursday, August 16th
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Welcome back to beach and company. News radio 930 WB and it is 100 wait. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach. A very very busy day in politics. 3093 easier with our tax board 8030930. That's how you call Lynn two. To give us a ring and get on the air star 930 on your cellphone. On our tax board 309. Threes here are some interesting comments I think mr. trump is the man for the task at hand I just don't like is. Religious council they don't know the world too well anyway. It'll be all right if we all get out vote and what about the FBI. Our hat declaring Collins guilty before his trial maybe that phone call was just a coincidence. There's still a lot of doubt there about the Collins indictment there's an incredible I'm sorry a credible. A wall street journal editorial by the important tire editorial board. Are on Tuesday. Which said that the timing of this is questionable I question it too. Arm I've I've been pretty upset about the mess. That Chris Collins left us but I you know at the same time. The timing of this is messy I believe the Wall Street Journal's premise that it's questionable should be looked into. But. That nevertheless we have a process that must go forward. Com another another text her cuff Udoh. Stay away from the New York 27 race you are a low energy good whose political poison. I love people like this I get off on this kind of stuff in no other people are Betsy I beat when these text command. It's usually somebody who has some interaction with me like a leftist who white schooled on Twitter. Or or or even Republican chairman who now doesn't want my input in this race I have no input in this race I am not getting involved. Mike are my best friends are in this race right you have. Carl Paladino on I consider very very. On March one of my very dearest friends for a lot of reasons. Arm David Bell via who is my best friend and has been for awhile. And who first introduced me to WB yen. Our David I believe should be considered I also am very close with them and probably right up there were Bolivia and probably much more interaction. Because David DiPietro is my neighbor and by assemblyman. And makes that cuts costs and makes a great hotspots but David DiPietro. That's for a couple of minutes here remember our calling as they go 30930. Watched Carlin gonna do every call I can during the show. I'll start directly after a break here and a few minutes. Here's my problem with how David DiPietro has been treated here and I don't know why it's been this way. But David DiPietro represents a significant part of the near 27 district. A significant part. You know. G in my I mean he he serves our assembly district well. I he's the number one advocate. For the repeal of the. Of the same effect. In the entire state. He speaks his mind on traditional repel conservative issues like abortion he stands up. And says what's on his mind in the new York state assembly. On late term abortions. And what and how terrible that whole idea is. To go toe to great risk even though he has a very Republican district in the assembly. Speaking out against abortion can give you targeted by the lights of the pro abortion forces under are under Andrew Cuomo. By taking on the governor on a regular basis and never stopping on the safe back. He he risks being targeted by Andrew Cuomo and David Bauer David DiPietro has. A pair stones to do that. And we need somebody in congress who was known for speaking up now for some reason they're not including him as an interview. Now he would he has said that he just trust the chairs and do what they wanna do are that the process is important but he's campaigning for his office in fact. You know. I know he was flattered. That others put his name into the mix I'm very you know. Please with his act in the way he's campaigning now it's very clear he's dedicated to his assembly job. I know he doesn't want people think that he'd abandoned his constituents to get involved in this and he has swayed back and said ought to trust the chairs to do their job. Because all the chairs were telling him what just sit back. But that we had candidates. Or potential candidates going out there and swinging for the fences within hours. Of before Collins was even cold. Web sites media interviews. Didn't matter who you know listen some people say the most important thing is to get out there aggressive and fast. So that you can almost nominate yourself I get that right. David DiPietro did exactly. As the cheers wanted to to do he said. Are busy campaigning for my seat of your happy with where young. And I trust the process he didn't say are not interested it is set I trust the process of trust the chairs. And he's out. They don't even wanna test this they they don't even want to invite him to. Interview. And yet there inviting people whose name ID realistically. Is incredibly well in New York when he said. I I'm I'm pretty sure that Dave is pretty happy where he has his statements speak and we try something. I know Dave he's by assemblyman he's my very dear friend he got 1111. Invitations to talk to the national media eleven. And he didn't do it. Because he's it was a message that was given to him. Is let's just let that chairman do their thing you know you're known in this district. You'll be given a fair shake he didn't do eleven invitations. To national elaborate well Sutton most of them were national some local. Eleven that's a lot of media without even trying and we other candidates out their seminar press releases begged him for interviews. In the face of what the chairs wanted and that is a cool laid back process work everybody just waits to see what goes down. Dave DiPietro. Played by the rules. And then didn't even get a law. Now. Right and you and all of us who believe that the program that Republican candidates should be selected by the people have to know one thing very important to know. There's no way we have input on this. This is why we have parties that's why we have county chairman this is their job if there's a crisis they picked the candidate trust the process. I trust the process some of these chairs I don't like very much seven to me here. Our our our aren't worth a look themselves but they're making these decisions they're chosen by the Republican committees and they have a right and a duty to do so. But when a candidate a potential candidate. A solid Republican who fights for Republican and conservative ideals who was the first KR a sitting elected official. In the United States of America to endorse Donald Trump who personally knows Donald Trump. He's not even given a look. He says it's okay number I'm I love my assembly gave him a K he's out of that quite county fair every day this week. He's a Libyan received well. Are by by the voters. Just like he always is but he doesn't even get a look and that's a bomber of I trust the process. But they also wonder. Why they just walked past one of the most popular conservatives in the district. I don't get it. But anyway trust process will be right back after this underscored it by thirty WB and Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here and news radio 930 WB and it is 1020. Here and a beautiful day so far. And I'm gonna go straight the port 8030930. Start right through you cell phone appeared to be shy you have girly voice. 30930. Is our tax board. And we'll we'll read your comments while there as long as no profanity you'll talk about my mother. Let's go directly to Peter enough. Saint Catherine's IP. And Michael good morning thank the lord my quote. There. Group. Appoint community it is a vote getting out of these. And all of the supporters support. And I think mr. trump has suspended next two months and who he's pretty good that it. Get so did. He get some zombies and get people fired up and that's the key. In November. I think I wanna comment and to core war. Before I disassembled almost. What mr. Cuomo does not understand is he seemed yesterday. And to be before when he was talking a boat is exuberance and support of woman. That he did not mentioned Keith Ellison. Quote Chia. Of Democratic Party until mr. Cuomo. Sheets back issue and talks to vote his views on what mr. Paterson has been accused of doing then he could take mr. Kuo was seriously. But what he does not understand really is mr. trump mixed people can see. When white men I speak a different woman to get a handle on mr. trump present crop and the experience to me simply. Many of them didn't like. His crowd and kind of boorish attitude but as I explained to him he didn't support him because of back. What did get ten years this is sort of trend because at the end of the deal. Where did it down at night and it bit. And people on cockpit door to secede. You see that its people mr. trump. I he has moved to Nissan. When you listen to most of whom you can get that and that's an important thing. I just want to end by seeing this. I think that almost saw. There's a complete disaster. I mean I can get more and more in Portland my opinions but. The issue here is that I think what. Your mom supporters schedule and he mentioned the board took you 9%. Support among them back. African American population. That's what some news pieces were seeing this morning under those numbers are true. I didn't catch that I got to see them. I I read it on decree under seeing. If those numbers are through a true. I think that is. These stories and almost Philip sent out to blunt the edge on key test and abuse story but really. It's got pivot of the black. Community all of the democratic plantation. That is the problem with Democrats and that's why it sent total most of that might. But I I want I'm Bob listen to your analysis Peter thinker you're spot on a lot of our most the time. I I I ask you though this is off topic. But I was really curious actually thought about you when I heard this about. John Brennan's a former CIA director losing his. A trump removing his his security clearance what do you think of that. Well I think I think it is we all would you. I and I just it never understood let me and most of the people of this is. How come you could leave government. Have access to us cry those an amusement. I do. Then have access to that where you are not important DD DDC and I think it's a dangerous situation. Mall. This guy. Repeatedly he cannot get I think they'll stop podium or media shall. And and mixed slanderous and dangerous attacks and the president so why would he have. Access not what people talk what this is what trump it was Turkey. I don't think what he did disparity IP what he needs to follow up with is not district and Brad and he needs to strip. The other people including republic on Rangel. Who have. Brought off to him and I think the issue that I'm I'm not Indian rule in this sense of what exactly is cut to five or not. But. Who knows what these guys are talking a boat it is disk looking. Information that it should not be scrutiny I think it was right. I always buy your opinion I think it's funny PR I thought about what you pump both when the news came out. And before we take missed call which only get to right where I want to tell you what I believe on the Brendan for OK first of all. People at that level of the of the national security apparatus. Oftentimes maintain there there are security clearance. Until they die in perpetuity some of them actually surrendered at some point because they feel like they don't. Use it and I'm in 85 and it's an honor for them to have to give it back. But here's the issue member of the trump White House hold his. His. Security clearance and said it was because of his erratic behavior that's a difficult sell for trump White House for reasons I don't wanna give in the right. That's a difficult sell but here's the thing. Watcher in the CIA you're always in the CIA. Just like watcher in the KGB you're always in the KGB former CIA officers especially senior ones. Often times are involved in CIA operations later their paid its consultants or they're not paid at all but there is a coat. And I believe. It is in writing. I got to find it. But among CIA officers. They are instructed. To behave. As a CIA. Officer for their entire life. When you're retired you act like you were still in. And what's amazing to me is this is not just our John brand over although he's the most unhinged. Former member. Of an actual security apparatus under Obama out there on television we know he lied to congress we know he'd leaked to the media that's been proven. So there's a reason enough to consider pulling his his his. Security clearance but these people who retire from the CIA many of them belong to a society called sigma. Secret society. Are retired CIA agents in a war it's some people say it's more about picnics and policy. I don't know about that though I don't know too many former CIA of the officers are in sigma because they like the potato salad. Right my point is this. Brennan is not acting at it not comport yourself in a way that most CIA officers mosques. Former CR that it must. Must not should. Must. Okay and number two in this the most concerning. Can you think Peter of any member any leadership member. Of the cabinet of national security advisors to President Obama who was not out right now swing and Donald well. We're not vote yes. Always the question there aren't known that. There are none. They're all attacking him. There's a reason. I'm telling you there is a reason. Why every single member of Obama's national security operation. Of the leadership is out swing and Donald Trump and say an up or when equipment comes to Brennan the most outrageous things. Nor were and it's an. There is something afoot here Brennan is a central called in that we get in that machine. Are right and he has not comported himself adds a CIA officer not true it must. And what the bush what the White House needs to do is go find that a regulation or the internal. A guy dances to the retired members of the CIA that says they must comport themselves as if they're still on active duty. Find that put it out there Brennan and his reputation and the reasoning behind removing his national security status. It's toast. That's all I gotta do find the right thing to talk about in the White House and you'll be able explain this away not just that he's erratic. We know that there's a lot of right people on television nowadays what else is wrong here I think people take six months. Well Greg back after these messages here on news radio 930 WB ES. And. Okay. And Andrew and good. Signing on time. Me. Think people all. All right Pete read Franklin. And politically great song. How do you sing like that she's she's just amazing. God bless her Mike brittle in four sandy beach here on news radio 930 WB yen beach and company. 1038. I wanna go to the phones either 30930. Star ninth there in yourself on 3093. That is our tax board. You can send this idea and text and will redevelop the air that's relevant. Armor to go directly to the phones here to frank and Todd Juan and I don't frank. Well good morning Martin and I'm. Happy to be in Q my pleasure. Well I am getting cute as a world she. Talked about a person who. Shown no loyalty to the person decade for a position I can stare. And then for her to turn around there on the that there. Is it accurate shall be they eat. How will that person would go. To discredit the president when he gave her a chance satellites. Two to you know. As a person who he thought was loyal to him. Eddie gave caper position as there at our dirty on out there she was a very erratic person. And activities and with directory group and he hit it there's an accurate accurate or ultimately it's about that other garbage. And just short. A part of that like loyalty to a person okay are we can't satellites. Into. I just don't understand these people. Speculative and ridiculed. When something's been handed to them artists over platter. Yeah you know. I think anybody who sorrow and on on reality TV knew that she was erratic so the erratic part didn't just qualifier or must not. Right. Com are on the campaign she was an absolute. It shouldn't do anything. And sincere or anything. And whatever wish that things that she did to do or were really quite down to Reynolds starting the rumor about the the good apprentice tape with where the president was using and worked so that she had some kind of thing to do. And I think frank I said it before and I'll say it again Mary Shelley the author of Frankenstein. Taught us all that if you create a monster there is some likelihood that it will come back in attack. Poor and ignorant and I tapped it it she tape recorder. That conversation in the private meetings which it. In a situation room where from my understanding. You're supposed to voluntarily give up your phones and electronic devices. Right that's why they had her in the in the room in that room instead of just the office. And so she was nutty enough to. Break I mean I don't think it's a law. That the Europe this situation room is a device free but it certainly is a medal of honor. She has no honor frank thanks a lot for calling him. Thank you very much all right take care and the so I'm gonna go to Pete in on terror 8030930. Star and I threw yourself on 309. 30. Which is our text or Tex came and she makes over also makes women look bad especially women of color I'm sorry to say that I don't think you should apologize I think there are women of color out there. April Ryan I believe but. The radio reporter on who were so critical critical of president African American. Was talked on her impact after the book keeper of the book announcement came out to. It's bipartisan. It's there's no gender attached to it she's just bad people so hey Pete what's up. A lipid good. Record contract and they're quite quiet why why it. There's a picture card call and getting indicted would. Volcanic and we know attorney. We look and a liar brought. We got an attorney general United States of America that it among the worst ever in history it's probably been brought comparable. That I believe is not. At all OK and and on opposite now we're seeing these Gregg Jarrett is. Committee brought out. Completely. Agree and that he's basically. On quick stock and board. It's CIA. It is at all right Peter struck at all. Right let me go through it. Law and order president it. It bought off the ground and eat and get on the American people would do it. Org and other. You don't. Is going to happen. You're. You're. Clear. Market wire struck our apartment in the legal fees. I called autograph you got all the guys all caught a uniter on. Bitten. Out a nature. A complete. Responsibility. Are so many people around agree resident and you know it. Worked. It is. They are upbeat and all our bread to eat at the bottom bloodied you can call the works well. So why did he get these people headed right now. And what it beauty and Arctic ever go out. How do you protect it might Brett. Well Pete I'll tell you one. Arm I agree with much of what you're saying arm I'm very frustrated by the attorney general. But if the president did anything. Before the mid term elections we'd lose it a cedar two or three. Oh I don't say so I have absolutely committed to winning two of maintaining. House control has nothing to do with my love for my house Republicans they've been feckless. Arm in the fact that we can't we can't address obamacare which is hurting my family hurting my left knee terribly. Really bothers me. You know I think a lot of things at the house's failed on but if we'd lose control the house the president will be impeached for no reason. That is the most important thing in Republican politics today and my feeling it's the most important thing in American politics today. So review fire sessions now you lose the house. Good wrote. And you open it up where you. Knock it good in all it I don't think our audit. Whatever. And and we know what it is. You're on the road but we. Carter. All of it. Back. You hear you know. All. You know group. Or block or somewhat likely it is god. Yet Robin all that. Crap these the American people. Good eat out for. I got but it. American people. Or war or PowerPoint. You don't. And well. Whatever. He's doing. About it all over there are now. It. Locked it would it be quick you. I. I wrote the wrote an idea that. Is that what you want here. Back. OK Pete I I've unfortunately got to go to break I appreciate your thoughts. And I think it make it a good point but I'll tell you something man if we impeach Jeff Sessions or get rid of fired Jeff Sessions right now. The president United States will be impeached it is. And metaphysical. Certitude. A metaphysical certitude and if so in a repeat preserve the problem I have with the White House right now is that there are some people White House right now we're saying. If we lose the house so what yeah so what sorry not buying it will bring back after these messages. Newsreel I'm thirty WB Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here and he's reunited thirty WB and his 1054. 8030930. Starr ninth are your cellphone. Our what do you think are of Governor Cuomo is what our comment. About. America never being all that great. I think I mentioned you. Earlier. That this was the eye can see how he made this statement. Is not a hair it's his true feelings. Our but I think in the next hour will play back both its comment. And the comment that his comments in Torre sixteen that he was trying to repeat and failed. I will do that next hour. Are but first I wanna go to the phones. And talk to its senior cabinet Pendleton you've been hanging on a bit thanks a lot. Thank you. Kevin you're breaking up a little bit. You there tried again. It's not good to be gives call back or take you first OK right now I'm gonna go to pet. What's going. Michael Green that if they are moral embarrassment that the knicks on. I'll take wage. About the present the united. A minute. Talk about all they quality on the roster that never amounted to anything much. Contributor. I. Federal law. One. Person who worked and went out and as oil. From Mike or. I'm sure. I. I am I think Sean Spicer was one of the most tap is one of the most talented spokesman Republican Party. You may not of liked what he did but in addition to his regular job of being the spokesman went house to have the president that he had made it very difficult. So so clapper and you've clipper players that they brought alters. Security where are. I don't think clapper. Cares because he hasn't had his security clearance revoked its Brandon. John Brennan you're talking about right yes I do think he's he cares. Michael and people that set records at the very out of those Coke or. I know there are thousands. Of them or not that's not true. All what you're getting brick and Mike. I don't know but I can tell you this he can't now. And also do you know how many blue ribbon panels than the federal government and state governments have. Of former intelligence and national security officials who advise them on things like you know 9/11 there was a blue blue ribbon panel put together. A bit advised different states every state had one. That's why these people maintain their security courses are so that they can be involved in important activity. Bit that they rely upon retirees for and they get daily briefings weekly briefings. Or that work. That's why president hole like. That are currently. You. I think for a variety of reasons that neither you nor I know. Well. I'd shoot Tommy that you know though. No I. I don't know but it unit is. Here that this that there ought. All true. It. I've heard you say I'd say that the president. Or these simple. Approach mark. What role archer we were both surprised and. First thought never said the present Redick that is erratic I have said it regretted some things he says but. I'll give you one reason pat why we should not revoke the president's security courts. Yes. Lubbock that there were dropped but you have to understand your Smart card but it does just. Politic there in the bowl record four no evidence of change and game. Cheering. Welcome to politics pat try the deal. Let's go to another caller let me see Darcy in Youngstown power. I am good I went so excited to hear that you are hosting today thank you your organs to. Inspire a love it love the colors here that. I don't listen when pat and people like that call and I think it makes cartel are. Our show better by the way I had to move on from pacs running out of time but I love the spirit nature of that kind of conversation. What. A couple of things. Brandon King Philip and a little more started kind of on a roll about you know speaker club and things and I. I've read before it is very sympathetic. To the Muslims. And in and that way. And that seems like why how it's crazy. But. If you could speak to. RC you know I've got a 32 seconds to tell you that it's gonna take more than that can you stick around. And hold on after our commercial. I'll give in to a bit let me try it just from the top line. John Brennan. Is working for somebody right now. He's not working for himself. I don't know what he's up to but I don't like it knew that the president and this is the result. So Darcy hang on our all bring back repeat your question we'll talk about it after these messes your news regularly thirty WBM. Well where world 12 big catch code for 11 o'clock crate. Craig CR eighteen. Thank you very much we're right back after this.