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Sandy Beach
Thursday, August 16th
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Good lord in buffalo. And surrounding areas. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here on news radio 930 WB and it is 90 wait. If you're just arriving at the county building. You're late. We know how that goes right. No big deal no big deal but costs a lot given the building folks. People are watching. This is interesting time here in America a very interesting time. I am. Who. I am absolutely. Jazzed. About the twenty team. Mid term cycle mid term congressional election I'm absolutely razor focused blazer racer to laser focused. On the 48 team at mid terms. And I guess a back and that was one of the who's. You know accidental truthful statements I am laser focused indeed but I am also razor focused. I am going out and fighting. Right alongside my friends. Who were really worried about the 2018 elections I'm I'm playing in every single congressional district with targeted. By the democratic national committee to trying flip that red seat to blue. And it was announced today on the in the New York Times and in Politico. But I've joined our team has been formed by Steve Bing Hammond. To go out there and talk as our about the successes. Of this presidency because I believe one thing ladies and gentlemen I believe it and you better believe it too. The 2018. Mid term election. It's about impeachment. I don't care if the White House doesn't wanna talk about that I don't care the RNC doesn't wanna talk about that. I don't care this is what it's about ladies and gentlemen if you don't get out and vote and 28 team. In the congressional election in the house elections in these red districts that blue was targeting. There's going to be an impeachment. The president will never be run out of office all the sick fantasies of the left. Aren't gonna come true it's just going to be. An attack on the presidency. Just like the attack on Bill Clinton when we tried to improve we impeached him successfully. For his personal life I always thought it was stupid. I always thought it was in a it was wicca but not an abuse of the process but certainly a perversion of the impeachment process. I do not care who the president on a state finish the open I have never cared I don't care now I didn't care when Clinton was in there. But it's all about impeachment for the president and I states to ladies and gentlemen part of that is who he's having personal. Spending his personal life with. You know all this crap about the porn star stormy Daniels. You know it's just a high wall it's one issue after another day trying to drop on top but what impeachment would be about. Not quite sure I know that people who say the president should be impeached. Do it when they talk about the color in his orange jail nor his small ends. I'm not quite sure how they're gonna impeach him but they will. They absolutely well ladies and gentlemen if if the Republicans lose the house. This presidency is stalled it's not over its doll. They thought they could stall Donald Trump by simply accusing him. Of being you know. What bridge buddies with with Vladimir Putin that whole thing is losing steam. There is still to this day no proof of collusion between the campaign of Donald Trump. And and the Russian government zero zip nada neat chief ball as they say in Russian. Nothing. But they're gonna impeach him anyway. That's why I think it's incredibly important for all of us to vote in the 2018 house elections. If you're frustrated by the gubernatorial ticket. Your frustrated by your lack of choices and another race. Just can't I don't wanna hear it vote. Or just sit back and watch the president be impeached that's what this is about that's why I signed on with Steve Bannon so full disclosure. All you're gonna hear out of me. From here forward pass. Is just support for the president remarkable change or is the I'm just saying what I say. In an organized fashion now I'm working all across the country. I am fighting for of this presidency. I'm fighting for this present like I always have but I'm very lucky to be able to spread. Out a lot further than I have been I've about a bit you know I've been on in the TV networks here and there. Arm I enjoy that kind of work it's you know I love beer and CNN actually like being on CNN and and MSNBC more than fox fox. It's like hanging out with your buddies you know hey Carol they're all in a most of people like it on. In oh Shepard Smith is a much better it's a little difficult he does challenged president but the Fox News our shows the talk shows not the news shows. Arm in our inferred guy like me it's it's a little bit easier because they're not sort of religious week pathetically. Opposed to the president beginning on CNN that's a lot of fun for me I love going on with Chris Cuomo. I love it absolutely love it I'd like the guy. I don't are you saying you know even though he's dumb as dirt he's not dumb at all he seems dumb he. I know that that's TV it dumps everybody down I looked pretty stupid on TV too especially when I'm common hominem and I'm not really get my words. Cuomo is an attorney and when you saw him interview the constitutional lawyer who is challenging the Moeller appointment. Something I'm also involved and when you saw me interviewing that alert that attorney Paul camera are you saw Chris Cuomo and his best yet erupts you know things like that. But he's a hell of a guy I've likeable lot Gil can meet them Matt sometimes once in a rocket him down right. I'd like possibly paying you do the math I'll c'mon are you know when I get on talking about something I'm not. Completely well versed and you know when you sit met share wait for the interview sometimes that top will change while your in the chair. Honestly and you know win it changes an end and on the fly like that. Guys like won't horrible easy to run because they know they didn't give you fair warning because when I go win. They'll talk to what the topic is likened bone up on that they do that for everybody all the cable stations. In order to convinced you that they're not gonna. You know ambush you they did that aka topic a couple of hours before luckily for me I can talk about just about any thing. I love flap my gums you know not that when I'm not completely out top with Cuomo will pin me bam bam pay him. It's like watching one of those old your qui chiefs wrestling matches were in the when the record wrestling team was always pinning their opponents it was like bamboo. And led by John Mary Iraq yeah no kidding. Mary soccer fan was huge in the wrestling program and your radar I believed it is that they be wary wrestling program is still big but anyway. I love this stuff Ike Ike I get a real charge out of our debating. My opponents on television on radio. And I'm really psyched about going into it again I deeply into the congressional districts where we really aren't you know. In trouble you know right now if you ask me the Republicans lose the house. Right now. Today I don't see it yet we lose the house today. If the election is held today we lose the house I'd seen the poll in the reliable polling on reliable poll. We lose the house to me most poems on reliable. You saw that poll that they were tellem are around town about New York 27 by this group called clout he surged the most on reliable poll I've seen in quite some time. A terrible poll with numbers were absolutely clearly feet. It was you know. It showed that basically anybody could win New York Tony seven any Republican could beat me I don't think Chris Collins could be done. I I think there's others that might be challenged me McMurray is a pretty solid campaign I don't agree with them at all. But he's out there in the hustings and hustling. You know but I think if you read duke. You know Carl's dog that pit bull that Karl Hess if you Randy duke with a red Kerr chief around his neck he would beat me and I I. Well here's the thing though I mean you're you in the polls and said this before conservatives don't take part in polls I don't see how they can be accurate yeah. That's true I don't fill it when I I came out wrong time for that I'll tell you are I've been seen this since the clock poll came out. Our own their people who just flat don't believe them. Vote pollsters are. They've got a terrible reputation they're very few that got the presidential election right in twenty sixteenths some did some guy wild act they did and I think. Arm even though this clout poll shows. That. I think it's totally flawed it's ridiculous and none of the chairs there will be people in this nobody in this process should look at that with anything but a big grin on their face. It's absolutely crap information. I think that shares eight county chairs and the National Republican Congressional Committee are gonna do really solid polling on this to trying to find out who was really. Up or or down and and among Republican ranks. On but let's talk about New York 27 let's talk about the mid terms and let's talk about. Andrew ansari and through our ancillary. Andrew Cuomo well can you believe this child what to write back if these vets here on newsreader at 930 WB if you listen to him for sandy beach. I am sorry to disappoint with Michael Cooper do instead of sandy here on news review at 930 WB and 923. On a beautiful. Beautiful Thursday morning in his toe rings and a program. But you don't write out my practice tonight you know I spent half my time to Miami and when the rain comes it cuts. Via the humidity dramatically. And then it's back in twenty minutes rate of about forty minutes people were outside it's like manna from heaven here Western New York when it rains we eight cuts are humidity. Four why you know you cannot be able to do your lawn cut and things like that you can read. Committed these backs we have and actually had a car along that march this year I notice I've only done it five times and doing the same thing we were gone to Miami for a month. Because of work Meehan I took the wife and kids with me. Griswold and all the way down there in the Ford Flex ability. But. Had a blast that I was worried because I hadn't secured some reserve to cut the lawn in my absence and and people kept tell me it's not grown not growing now in oh. It's it's our and we got some rains along the it weeds are grown that's about it right I'm you know and in our backyard you know we've got hedge hogs like me can make consist. The permanent residences in there they are building Condo that's. But it's village village got its name that is the jungle grass around us and they like that. Rob my goodness we'll tell you want to so much going on I want to talk about New York when he seven today. I wanna talk about on the mid term elections. And I wanna talk about this crazy comment from. Andrew Cuomo. Which I thought was known as true colors yeah now we are. But we are of five minutes and ten seconds away from a break here. So I'm gonna spend what will end up being five minutes and nine seconds more than I need to. On over Rosa. That's all gonna talk about I know we've talked about her bid in talk radio. In the United States for the past couple days and on CNN and on fox and others I've been forced to talk about former Rosa it is the biggest waste of breath. I have ever spent ever. Ever. It's she isn't she's despicable person now I spent time whether she won't remember. But I do. I really tried to stay away from her in trump tower when I was working for the for a candidate Donald to. And the way to stay away from her was to stick around where the work was going on. She was never what she actually do nobody could figured out. What she did during the campaign was start a rumor that there were tapes from and NBC's apprentice. Archives word Donald Trump used the N word she created that out of Paul caught just absolutely made that up hearsay you know she made it up completely herself. I'm hearing this I'm hearing that and then spread it all around the media and then spread at all around trump tower so that she had a full time job doing nothing. She's like people would say well overall it's we wanna have an African American event to talk about this during the campaign I'm so busy track him down this NBC eight. I really can't do you know I mean sheet. That she's a despicable human being this pickle ball. I there's nothing good about this person. And and you know the times when I remember standing in the front row group that was the night of the New York State primary. Overall say had not been an in New York campaigning doing anything for this primary at all. And the fourth row of the press in trump tower they had after every primary they had a press cup simply. With the candidate in the lobby. Of trump tower was pretty unique situation in and I've never worked for a candidate whose press conference world were held in a gold gilded. A place like that surrounded and gold marbles enemies in place very unique but you commit and the press should be set up like a huge game. In chairs facing with a podium where the candidate would be. And before the candidate came out the campaign sent out people to spin the media like this is what we're gonna say this is. And they were right preliminary stories and send them out tweets things like that and so I was sent out by palm in a four others. Among others to go out and work with the media to get ready for whatever the president was gonna say of course whenever nobody can say right. I walked out there are after Newton the New York victory. We didn't know we won yet but we knew we won big are we did I'm sorry we knew we won which it did know how big we want right. I walked down there is or morose or in the front row talking to the it will journalist about how important you know blah blah blah and I and I just couldn't understand what she's doing she knows nothing. She is empty upstairs who a lot vertical there speak that would moralists who did what she wanted and when somebody complained she would go cry to the can't. Donald both thought she was different. And Donald Trump people talk about his loyalty and being lacking and stuff like that but his real friends he's very loyal to his family. He's very loyal to and over rose so I spent that loyalty downed lines and and the White House. And then when she finally people just discovered that the upper hand no clothes. And they tossed her out they literally dragged her out of there she was holding on to the door Chia and you know what they've told her she's fired she went to the president's residence. You know this is in a door that nobody goes past to go to the presidential residence it's like an apartment so. And I've been in their and but it's it's of it's a sanctum where nobody goats. Because the president is you know needs a place to be in. Differ personal space. In which she got fired she went over to the one thing that wing of the of the building in the White House and banged on the door. Banged on the door. Try to get the president has come down at stopper from being fired and when the Secret Service found her there I mean they were there and they watched sort of stopped her. They dragged that she was holding the door Jeanne there she is a bat crap crazy person. Bat crap crazy. And people say. Well that reflects on the president's ability to hire I don't believe that I believe we arming mistakes. When we hire people but here is something that was written in stone. By Mary Shelley. The author of Frankenstein if you remember. In that book we learned. But if you create a monster. It'll come back and consume you. We'll be right back at these messages here on news radio 930. WE end. When. Things more. Her. As well. I'm. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the coupon good dance party. A I. News radio 930 WB and beach company shows sandy is out who that was then Michael Caputo here to take your calls 938. Here in a beautiful. At least temporarily beautiful day in Western New York. Thanks Tony I love it a level when your spin and the split in the platters over there love shakedown street that's a great team. I've heard that so many times in their shows in Western New York they of these I don't know what it is they tend played here wants want. On the board 30930. Text line and if you taxed I'll read your tax as long as there's no profanity. And you make no comments about my wife and children. Which tends to happen here. On the board. Great I get my whole family and lots of friends in multiple states pumped up to vote Republican in November and here is the Prudhoe terrain on that little glimmer of optimism. I've managed to Britons still despite the mainstream news screw it. Shouldn't even bother to vote no chance according to U. You are not listening. You're not listening. If you think I'm telling you we have no chance. Then you're not listening. But we have a chance but only if your family and friends go vote so keep it up text her. Call more people text her. Don't think that I'm telling you we have no chance. We got a shot we've got to turn our vote out if we don't turn our vote out. We've got no shot execute every election it is but let's say for example in New York twenty summit in on a normal election not this one. 127. Is got in tent a upwards of a 100000 more Republicans and Democrats as our plus eleven. And cook political report parlance it's the most Republican district. In the northeast I think but certainly. In New York State and it's the most pro trump district in the country. So people say wow you know Obama Democrat I don't feel like voting has rocked him a beat anybody who's on the Republican. I understand that kind of thinking there's just like Hussein you know its theme to see the ball well. Bible for a Republican candidate for me here right understood but you know there's always the quixotic hope that the numbers why. But right now I'm Tanya Vermont the numbers. Our line we are very close we're gonna win of the house or representatives in my. In my thought. By two maybe three seats. And even then that margin of of control it's hard to manage the B a lot of successful the democratic initiatives in India. In the house representatives but if we lose it than the press the United States will be impeached. Guaranteed. Absolutely. See that Republicans have to go out and vote and conversely if you're a Democrat who want to see the problem and a the president impeached guess what you gotta do you gotta go vote. That's it. Arms so I wanna do it if that texture really believed that I was saying forget about it stay home eat more chicken wings that's not what I'm saying. I'm Sam put down the chicken wings. Push yourself away from the buffet. Are you factor in and out of the amount to Democrats. That is sad enough is enough. Do it all that they are the Democratic Party is obstructionist. Anti trump I'm switch and I'm voting fraud are important republic. I think that's a real a real thing though the walk away and I think it's a real thing they're trying to blame it on Russian ball outs on Twitter which has a little areas. Especially when you see videos of African American. A Democrat wins every hearing this morning that our support for trump is up to 39% thirty. 6% up from 19%. I mean among African America it's actually 29% but it's a double. It's adopt some holes later this morning was in the thirties if that's true I would love to see that because I love that to be true because in fact we know. Depending upon your aggregate of the polls. The Donald Trump has doubled his support among African Americans why because there are a lot of open minded intelligent people. In every demographic and you urge no doubt. No doubt. Pass up unemployment among African Americans is at historical lows idol mean. It's it's it it you know it's it's been pretty good it's the best it's ever been but faced the Mets suspended as saying that that's that they its faults that it. If the jobs are Sanders the ads and it's not true but jobs are they're not good job let me tell you something. I grew up in different circumstances from on some of these elite. The odd job offers good. To paycheck that's right our job is good you don't have a job. It's a fat dog gone to peers in my life I was unemployed I went and did whatever I could to make sure that I could surprise. You know it's this. It's true I think the walk away move is important I don't think it's going to point to change things in the mid terms that'll change things in two years from now. In the report and the Republican and in the Donald Trump's attempt to get reelected if he does want to run again looks like he does. I think right now the midterm elections the Republicans success depends entirely upon everyone. The stunning to me right now who supports the President's Day it's our understand this if you think I have any tiny little Broadcom. Of intelligence. I am telling you. We are going to lose this if you don't vote. If you're on a business trip that week for you travel often for business and you might be on a business trip that week. We need your vote. It doesn't matter where you are we need your vote so get an absentee back out right now. I mean is there are 10% chance he'll be traveling the are of the week of November 6 get an absentee ballot now. Get ahead of time. Don't don't oh well maybe I won't be it's not good enough. If it's your is your mother are shut in your father unable to travel around on his own. It and you know give an absentee ballot or forgot stakes go pick them up. Have a look to them and take them to vote we can't lose one vote. And that's why I signed up with this BM team. And and that's why I'm out there and all the congress I'm gonna go on and it looks like I'm. Trying to right now to organize it to work where I'm actually gonna speak in most of those congressional districts. Because that's this impeachment that's that's what this is about and I know the White House doesn't wanna talk about that I don't blame them I don't blame them. Because you don't wanna say we don't wanna start out from an negative point that saying that we have you know that this is all about the president that sounds too much. Like what vehicle with the media expects to hear from the White House they're trying to play it Smart bright. I'm out here I'm I'm sounding the alarm people and that's what I'm doing every single day of my life until November 6 and a 21 at all over the country. So truth if we do not a builder of the Republicans do not maintain control of the house representatives we are going to see the president impeached. That's a fact and I'll debate anybody on that. But let's do this. After these messages. Here on news radio 930 WBE. And Michael brutal in for sandy beach here on beach and company 952 here at news radio 930 WB and I want for a moment to play you something. From our esteemed governor. Andrew Cuomo though the speech that he gave or yesterday. Where he said following. It's the simple point is all of this comes down fitness. We're not gonna make America great again. It was never that great. We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness. When every America. Is fully engaged. We will reach greatness. When discrimination. And stereotyping. Against women 51%. Of our population. Is. Gone. And every woman's full potential. Is realized. And on. Unleashed. And every woman is making her fall contribution. When that. Is this nation is going to be taken even high. Because we have not yet fully liberated. No women in this country and we well and New York will lead the way. That is Andrew Cuomo at a spot at a summit discussion or vote equality. Arm before we start beaten up on Cuomo believe me we'll get there. I wanna I wanna play you something from July 26 team. And explain to you what happened yesterday a lot of people will tell you don't wall moral hates America etc. will get there. But I put a show you the beginning of the seed. Of this speech. Go ahead. Marathon and never will week. Republicans. Republicans say they want to make America great again. Basically wanted to take us back to the old days the good old days. I wanna know what good. They wanna take us back still. They want to go back but the hornets Civil Rights Act. Back up for a minimum wage and worker Brad Faxon. Part of I wanna take his backup form rove be way. Well we have a different to. Begin when I'm going back. Wind blowing hard. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen what what Andrew Cuomo did yesterday. Is speak his mind. What you heard from the 26 teams speech which was well received are highly lauded by the MSNBC talking and it's. Was that was the construct he was trying to rebuild yesterday. America was never really that great. Arm let's make it great with Hillary Clinton's policies. But he didn't say at the time America was never really that great you know why. Because no speechwriter in their right minds would write that into his speech given in. In America by an American why because it's open it. Now if you look at the video. Of of Andrew Cuomo. Yesterday at the podium you see. That he was ripping he was it would we were never really that great bright he was ripping you see him go back and forth. This is hubris ladies and gentlemen this is an era can't. On a man who thinks he's unassailable. Finally telling us what he thinks. What he said so successfully to such high praise from the MSNBC types in 2016. Is what he was trying to say. At this women's equality event yesterday. Any blew it by doing what. By telling us what he really thinks ladies and gentlemen that's what happens to politicians. Who. I think you know what so called a speechwriter you know what bio that passage from the when he sixteenth speech let's do that again it got a lot of applause he do it again. He put his own little twist on it in here we are today. Job in Cheektowaga. What you think of governor Cuomo's speech. Well I didn't I didn't. Pay too much attention the reason I called. I think his problem as you probably knows this this term he didn't. He doesn't do a lot of you probably because it eminently of this staff knows. He doesn't come off as good as it as a warm hearted person and we all know how important it is in the presidential people like. Panel company didn't speak in a moment in the immediate area. And they elect Obama the Democrat. Because he could be he could appear to be one article. Here in the year and we all know Obama's record finish but it. When he got in front of the podium to apple like approach until he was a cold fish with good speech yeah and he can come a crisis of. Heard it warm hearted person but he whether same thing with Bill Clinton get the folksy thing that I feel your pain. And Cuomo that they have any of it finishing probably noticed you don't beat him on television. Doing one on one interviews could be on. You know the period children. But either he knows or his staff to host and tell them. You can't do those kind of things you don't come off while he's in that cold hearted person who's not able to act it is not a good actor. And we can't give a speech like that when yesterday in the past. He yelled that the audience he's almost like you know we have around us. Talk radio. But siege on you dude did it what you comets are there are precisely. The bullseye of this wind. Win Andrew Cuomo just rips takes his eyes off the teleprompter who just speaks his mind this is what he thinks. And the reason why people try to keep them on a script and away from the media is because they know this is what he thinks. Yeah you know it's probably idiot because I haven't sent it certainly trumped trump certain things that are malaria. And people. Because we've ever seen those speeches in the background collection on YouTube people are laughing their heads off. Because they know he is great isn't he has a better sense of humor about it right. Video appointment of a precedent that oh look I of people you know. Which drives the Democrats crazy could you not to post I. You are right you're right you know John it's your take is completely. Correct I believe because a successful candidate has a handle. On on their their true feelings and can and is not afraid to state them. Mean we got a lot of us I at times that the president real be rankles me when he says that publicly. But it's him he's authentic he's telling you what's in his heart the problem with candor Cuomo is that he doesn't tell you what's in his heart he avoids being candid he is absolutely in authentic. And in the moments when he's authentic this is what he does. Yeah but you also notice the contrast between trump and Romney and McCain were both afraid of offending the democratic. Establishment and the left wing pressure and that's what cost from the election votes. No doubt no doubt I got to go to catch code here for 10 o'clock we're about to go to commercial the catch code is walked her water you know how to spell it. The united drink get water is your catch code.