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Sandy Beach
Wednesday, July 19th

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Welcome welcome welcome to the beach company show. It is 90 night. On the lovely Wednesday morning here and beautiful downtown. Amherst. The studios of news radio 930 WB yen. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach today Sandy's back tomorrow you'll all be happy to hear. I however am not going to be even anywhere near the studios as. My wife and me and my idea little ones my three year old my four year old girl's. Are going to be headed to the grassroots festival. Thank goodness. We've booked this last year and in a while I'd probably need that money to spend that somewhere else nowadays are not always a way that's where you book your vacations a year in advance there's all kinds of priorities rule the nuclear. Party invested in your tickets you don't want to back out. And get that in 10% of it back. Consolation prize we're really looking forward to I've never been a grassroots vessels and really cool headliners from there. But. It also drag along. Another friend of ours. Tracy's coming from north in California up in the mountains there she's going with us it's going to be a lot of fun. I expect there will be thousands of people out there and Truman's burg New York. Some really agree acts on this is not your typical dead and show I don't even think yours. Jerry Garcia of local like within ten miles of the place it's gonna be fun a lot of interest in music headliners on the buffalo and others really good stuff. I just start you know when you open up your FaceBook. And I was gonna part of the announcement on the year blah blah. And get them out there so people social media eakins can tune in. But up popped a picture from a year ago today as they always do on FaceBook. And a year ago today the iron and I posted the picture on my FaceBook my cork Prudhoe. I was sitting. In. But a bar. Outside of the hotel where the trump headquarters woes at the Cleveland convention this was the week of the Cleveland convention. I think. I'm sitting there. At a at this bar and you know outside I just so we had had launch and we were just have a coffee with with John Ratzenberger. Rebecca. Cliff claim him. He's a really great guy I I've met him several times he. He I've I've worked in workforce development nonprofits and things like that represented the public relations. And job creation and things like that he's very big begin to you know the trades. Each. It's sort something he can't stop talking and he's you know like. Forget the welder. And 90000 outlets here deal well. We're at a web. We don't know I don't know L. He's the about it and the complete opposite Greek and you know a painting. A plumber. How much money plumbers make my former landlord. Just. He was a plumber video like you know house is all over east roar and you know the guy was seemed to be really well off these guys make good money in it's it's hard work and that's why they get paid. You know. And Ratzenberger was going on in a 'cause I've been and he's been to forums where he spoke as though is key speaker talking about. You know you know trying to instead of encouraging everyone to go to college. But some people in it we need people to do these hard but very very well paying jobs and there are people who really good you know and we just steer our youth. Toward the traits you know. Trade and technical schools in particular and so he he beats after we troubles all over the country we were going over in nine. Because of the project really think working on two yeah. And and here kind of ran out okay well that might talk about that we neither is one of the Levy of cigars you know. And so we hung out and on this balcony of his bar. You know street side bar in downtown Cleveland and and and I said I gotta tell you I mean you know. The favor when my most favorite characters and we somehow we felt London you know. If it's too much of a fan of the stations like I couldn't resist he's really great and and he said I hate her back rhesus. Where. Should we started talking a mile cliff claims. Actually might. You know blew it back and forth and I don't know what it was maybe it was because it was too early in the data have cocktail rate. But we are having our first ones with cigars I went back and and I did cliff Cleveland right back. And we sat there. Have a conversation cliff played on the cliff claim on the outset it was the most surreal thing I ever been through but it and people walking by on the sidewalk in the air. Here and it in the lake that's kind of funny they're actively cliff claimant initiates the play when they take a double digit OK there is right out of you know. Street side did is funny is Erica I couldn't believe it and he's great I knew we should come on when I'm on Wednesday have quickly and I could be great in the John Ratzenberger is really great work you gotta check them out Duma because you know he's still in our active in the acting trades. Everybody kind of interest in politics to the politics of workforce development and job creation he's brilliant job creation. And he's we were talking that you have actually no time there's pockets and he said I said why get into politics Hollywood you know you can do a lot of work there. Why get into politics and he says she sent. He's in might there. He said he said. Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. Washington is Hollywood for ugly people sort of talk about ugly people after these commercial messages here on news radio 930. WB ENN I got Antalya that brings something in mind here I think a minute after Paris. And umbrellas. In the studio by the lovely and talented mrs. Bhutto who happened to drop me off to. And she's. I'm Carl Lewis today so she's kept car. Around. I'm and then we'll pack in and out they've had risen walls on her way data Truman burger. I told you yesterday during this is not really it's it's about music there was music music pretzels and I always feel so much better going to receive music when I was. Before this whole thing started and with via when I performed before I went to. The hearing. Tipper you know. Two to testify. I was pre stressed out about two weeks before but I'm about a week before really gotten. I start to think you know. Oh over think things you know and you know I got my I you put your your your pure fate in the hands or your attorney if you do you pick the right attorney. You know you you shouldn't have that kind of stress and I didn't I didn't need to be through sweat mint has had him Dennis Marco and lupus on this didn't need to sway in them. But I was him or rafter homeland axle and and and then I went through Cleveland goes he's dead and company. And I just did that show like I did shows in the seventies you know I just. Just went in there and jets surrendered myself to two the parking lot in nova. With a cart shakedown street wrote the vendors are. So when veggie burgers and all kinds of masters statement. Went on and with my old high school friends by the way. All the way into the show just spend it like we're in high school. You know I came out of Cleve it was a record place to blossom. Festivals or whatever it's really cool spot. Kind of like Darian but even cooler much bigger it's even I think federal Parkland on the really big place. It was great you know I'm always with my best friends but Chucky and sontag who. Has a handicap sticker so we got we got there early and had a handicap sticker so we had. The number one parking spot in all of blossoms. And so everybody's going by its invariably do you know what we have thousands of people go virus that major economic little bruise you know it was the greatest thing. You know. And and I came back from that and I was quite literally. Just fine. Absolutely fine. You know Ike I couldn't care less my wife that he would would would confirm this. And I you know I was you know organizing get my stuff together thinking through my testimony which I think. Came together well you know but I took to the perspective of the old Michael prude or not that new stressed out what is why is this happening Michael food story. And then the rest or get wound up a little began you know and we had a long planned a year ago vacations that we had planned. My father's turning eighty this year and all of us from all over the country came we have X seventeen. Kids grandkids and and great grand kids. In this beautiful house on. On. On the in the you know Rhonda excellent or Sarah correctly and again I got a chance to unwind during suburban and and do some fishing and do no catching. And a toll on wound existing came back are supposed to finish my idea. My testimony while I was there and my attorneys were anxious to get it from me and I can't you know I just I I sat in my wrote a little bit poked around rental lot. Got a chance to wrap my head around the idea right missed testimony. And and I fully relax came back. And had a few days four days to prepare for the two that for the for. Appearance before and foreign affairs or perform via the intelligence committee. And I did my work together go to guy attitude Venice over his firm we came we and we flew in everything went off. I'm convinced that part of preparing for something very very stressful. He is is also. Just just relax. You know. I've been on I've never been called before a congressional committee forces are ready for her for something you know even though I'd seen over 100. Committee hearings in my position at the house representatives and they in 8990 time for him I never Sar closed classified hearings so. I was. In all right Heidi prepare for in home. That's it's a strange kind of feeling but anyway. So where were at a media picked up some umbrellas that looks like I'm some big ones. But the whole thing came about because. My daughter honor I've decided she wanted to go to hula hoop school. Which is held every year and it at via. The grassroots festival to divert New York. Eight of these kinds of things there. Not totally expense of their room cheap but can also go all the way up there appeared in whatever we rented. RVs so that's going to be hilarious I should live stream this whole thing could scan it's going to be Griswold yes there's no question about it. Marty told Marino on the way to the studio that priority no with the conclusions can be at the end his forty. You know trip out. The festival I know the conclusion going to be. We really had a lot of fun but let's never went to the ever. I'm pretty sure it's going to be I have no clue. But listen that I'm I'm kind of shocked totally. I'm seeing and all this all the sudden oh geez everywhere. Just absolutely everywhere. And he's all over the station on the canal all station here look at that and I guess everybody's taken his. Parole hearing lie which is. That's so desperate I never IQ I can't understand you know I. But you know that Newton we were talking earlier Tim said in a stand there and I said I was kind of talked about my memories of when a win. When this happened you know we all know where we were rate. This chase scene and everything in the white bronco and all that and it's right everybody's talking about it so what's on the news I mean do you remember where you were during that chasing. Yeah I was and I WV control room you work yeah I Stockton after our softball game. And she was score when I start wars on like I can't believe this is happening you know Oscars and I don't forget when I was a kid I walked that are. I walked next OJ. In our parade on hurdle avenue you are like this is one of my heroes and and and I'm witnessing this this is crazy. Yeah I was. I during that timeframe. I was there we figured this. And man's Rouse who was three when. That's as he was three I don't wanna hear how Monica June 17 1994. Was the broke with the bronco chase. What's that a month. I was gonna say housing kindergarten. When L Athens. Campbell mark I know they're right up. Right after the June 12 where is in June 12 1994 when you were murders. June 17 five days later and OJ's on the run with his body. Well what Al Al Cowlings Al Cowlings. And they're in the white bronco going down the witnesses. I remember I was in Washington at the time I was preparing to move to when I was deciding whether or not it was going to moved Russia which I. I moved to Russia. Are shortly thereafter. Our but I was working for Jack Kemp are remember that. And I wasn't with Jack during the chase but I got to see him the day after Tony and I said what do you think about this whole thing with the OJ. And and he was shaking his head vehemently they were good friends you know but I think Jack you know. Had a look on his face like. In oh my gosh notices he was kind of hot hand in things like that you know. Wasn't really clear all the evidence when I spoke to Jack it was very clear that his focus. And I would like that ice on my hours the day after him by his pac. Member now know that was when he was tied. Right right so I was probably present by hood or something. Anyways so are in the trial begins on January 24 1995. And the verdict. Is given on October 3 1994. So. Com where you during the trial. Right on the controls here and there again and went on on items like oh yeah we did a lot of car. Original events are you know obviously the updates and take the life and instead of two. I don't know if we at one point in any point we went wall to wall but I know it was heavily featured in our news joked. And you moved on to cheese sandwiches by the time. I. I spoke taking naps on a rugged yeah yeah I was I was doing center is. I was doing centers and elementary school play in the Oregon trail mix and on the DUI and sent. It. I was. I was actually in Russia at the time. And watch in their trial on television and my Russian friends. Would come over to my house on mile I've blown my and watched the trial with me. And boy did they have some interesting things to say. Let's talk about bats and see if the house permanent select committee on intelligence person who is monitoring my radio show. We'll jot those things down and deliver them and have a hot little hands it to represented speedier. It's. Welcome back buffalo so. These review 930 WBE. 938 here in beautiful downtown hammers Michael Goodwin for sandy beach shoes back tomorrow we all be happy to hear. And we're all jealous. The photos he's been put on FaceBook or some. Thanks to and you grade. I'm looking forward to this weekend. And just got an email from the grass roots festival okay upper tier of what you need to know and I found out things and Marty cause my life to turn upside down. Go to the store in this the report get there because it thought they would. You know you never know what's on the web site in these places and you go out to. Of these festival locations. And things on you're never going to be against the groceries that little groceries or something cool. Anyway. Natalia. And we've all been talked about OJ from the hole we know from past several isn't. And I just can't believe came up again and it makes me remember. That time and highways and yes although orgies and bronco chase. Which was in June 17 1994. And watch that actually in Washington. And then I moved to Russia. In November. And we bears were November right after the elections because I remember. That everybody is putting the Reza me he's in we have just one house or present as the Republicans have just one in the house representatives. I was not working on an election cycle Newt Gingrich was date. And that whole victory and a everybody recite his all the Republicans are going on just. Going to pick up all the majority staff. Positions and there were great positions there boy I didn't even as I was if I'm disappointed I'm going to Russia could have been working in the house and the leadership is now. Or what stupid timing of this. Boy in my life would turn that a little different this summer. If I decided to stay and work for Newt Gingrich's new majority in the house reviews news. Anyways so I moved to Russia and this whole thing unfolded you know the trial began orgies term begin on January 24 1995 and are gonna paints a little picture and then and you can kind of understandable and I moved into an apartment on the street column all liberal. It's. In the old Soviet Union they used to have all there. And housing is all apartments there's no house's in the Soviet Union except I mean in Russia except outside town. Where Marie has of the color Abacha which usually. A small little small little. I cabin. A lot of times are beautiful big multimillion dollar adoptions for billionaires. But are there out there are no houses in the city it's all in highrise apartment night. Rent an apartment more liberal mind need the Soviets used to group people neighborhoods by our QPH and all the steel workers would live in this area. All the people who worked in the the ministry of foreign affairs would live in this area that way they can all keep an eye on each other. And I lived in the area where the composer's. Composers actors and honest you know singers and you know and you know people and walks to his in this little neighborhood mullah Romans is right in the middle briefings street. Are rid of this spot. And I came in a firm ever to qualify I would I brought him. A big huge boom box is that in that Kabila has experience of finding steer Clinton is fresh out of the wall falling fresh out of before you know being Soviet things were just learned from him. And I brought all my CD's without any cases and couldn't bring wanna start or put him into books. And I had a pretty nice TV. But it wasn't huge just a little woman and I used to watch this. The news on CNN international which we got via satellite on top of my building. And does so CNN international. Was covering this trial very closely that OJ trial. And even though they would break him once in awhile and how for long stretches of discussion you know coming from the courtroom. But really the news was what we're watching. More often and and every about what once or twice a week out have a dinner party at my house was oracle Ellison was. I have actually restored it to look like the aero during when the when the building was put up Boyd scrape down to a the walls down deep in to see what color was and in nineteen you know whatever or one when it was built. And we cult in pain that those cars really nice partner waste our people or we're corkum prost. My my my grandmother gave me great recipe for. Pasta sauce in a Sunday gravy I'd make things like Coca. At two Fey and make coffins of American dishes. And I I shipped and offer issue number hammering our our crab boil for them and they couldn't understand it puts Austin and and and shellfish in the C additional groups that if I think and so I got this kind of like little. Carol cafe culture going on in my in my house with me a lot of different Russians wall across the different creative. Like rock and roll stars because I was doing this rock the Russia things are in an April. And they would come in and watch these different instances that would pop up on CNN international. About OJ and they were cross side couldn't even understand the couldn't understand. How. And you know of the American people we're. How this was happening to OJ you know they they were transfixed like we were about Howell. You know that the evidence was coming our out in the antics of the warriors and and it was completely foreign to folks should they they they were. And these are people like I wrote good friend of mine Sergey reform off who is that the number one blues guitarist of but Villa are rush I'd say he's the Keith Richards of Russia in fact he is friends with key employees with key from the stones when you camp. Really cool and he would come in we'd sit and drink vodka and watch OJ. And he would just sit there and laugh. And how it looks like it and nobody was laughing at how terribly terrible crime that was committed. But the theater of at all and how would this would never happen. In Russia never. Never. I couldn't understand why meet with the wind might never. His book of course I was up to date on with the Russians the Soviets have what it was like to be there in the Soviet times it was still a little bit similar to those days people were tentatively trying to figure out the boundaries of their freedom freedoms. But they could not understand how something could be result in such a public fashion. And that idea of the you know the First Amendment and and the total and complete accountability in absolute transparency. Would bring up actual trial footage but trial of the century. That everybody in from America was riveted to. And by the end of that trial. I would have ten and fifteen Russian friends of mine. Call me up and say so what time of the going live did okay and when to bring beer and they would come over and so every O Jed. Live shot. And every they would come in with the beginning of the evening news on on CNN. A return moreover after work I was the most popular guy in my circle ever wanted to come to my house. Because. We would sit there and eat. I like cajun food that I had me in on my stove with a pitiful amount pitiful available river over the ingredients. And drink vodka and beer and watch OJ. Ladies and gentlemen. That was one of the most the treatment and that picture I just pain if you it's a real. And I look back I don't on that today and remember the conversations of people that would bear. And the and the idea that I was watching on the little TV in the middle of Moscow. If to me it was an amazing experience the one thing the Russians now have the didn't have now. Is a better look at the kinds of transparency we amnesty because they come here all talk. And they go back to Russia and they just they still after all these years. Don't stand a chance to have something like this unfold before their eyes. On on the TV stations across the country and there's no freedom of the press really. Of the way that we know. And still so many years later. This could never happen in Russia I think that says something it was a it was kind of good. There's kind of circus for us over here but the people overseas who were just watching the wall fall and their freedoms expand. Looked at what what we saw this kind of circus and some of a Saudi silly. As as something that they aspired to. And they never got there. Maybe they will. We're right back after these messages here on news radio 930. WBE AM Michael brutal here on news radio 930 WB ENN. In four sandy beach he is off until tomorrow he's a nice long vacation and of those cruises they've put up here on. WB and you when you get to be released senior in buffalo rebuked. You get to go on vacation with all of your listeners. This is something I aspire to. It is at some point in time. They're gonna pick of the keel if I stick around you know and that I'm just gonna insist upon them picking a vacation for me and I just. Trying to put that together in my head I don't know what it is a Grateful Dead tour of debt and company hey great but hey how about a tour Volvo. The Kremlin. Offices. Take your body inside the Kremlin. Bryant and benefit to it at all. You can go and if the sailed on the Moscow river with Michael good knew the rule vote. Which represented Jackie spear throwing tomatoes from from from that side of our mind our pockets get away from if you're gonna talk OJ. You have to talk Dave Chappelle I know that's a difficult connection to make for a moment if you don't have Netflix. But I gotta tell yeah. This in a I mean I'd apparently eight GGS like it it's Chappelle he disappear a logical end. And get chose over the what's important he's with them. You know I allegations allies. I'll with the hole. Now I've could otherwise W central presents itself part came out so well you got have you got it dear members that you gotta check this out. I mean my wife and I rely wife reminded me of it as she walked out the door. Arm because you're talking about a orgy in the reason why my wife knows about OJ I mean she was. I think should and should not younger than you but she was really young when this orgy thing happened she has no idea who uses it. And so what are several weeks ago we found this age of spin to age Dave Chappelle video. On that brand new thing they put our Netflix and Netflix. Production even. He put together I think three different performances. For netbooks I think. Paid sixty million dollars to do this right yeah you tell me. It was part of an flakes stand up thing they got a bunch of stand up comedians the Chappelle isn't really there are this age of spin. It's filmed at the Hollywood palladium much put an interesting article up about it. Are from national review. It was that Hollywood palladium it's really funny really funny. And he goes through a range of topics from OJ Simpson to all those experiences and Hollywood right. And he talks about really taboo topics the you know he used to be able to talk about you know. As a comedian you know you can remember how dirty and terrible Richard Pryor you could talk about anything right now. You chased out of him out of town on Rio we eat. But Chappelle who's been out of line might now for nine on ten years right the guy disappeared after he just had a meltdown ever. And decide to get our Harwood Smart rate. He talks about reap chains gender ism and homosexuality in this presentation at age span it. But he does this thing during the whole thing. First brought the left went nuts they criticize pick and that's what put this article from national review. But during the show he talks about his first meeting with OJ Simpson right. In the armory in the little from the article Chappelle notes that Simpson's soon to be slain wife was with them and everybody in the audience what news. You know it was. And and they reacted negatively for me Chappelle remark he says. Ladies and gentlemen man up you're not gonna make it through the end of the show. And it just goes downhill from there eighty besides that he's going to talk about. The first the four times she's met OJ Simpson and he makes that a theme in the entire show. And it is he ran and OJ clearly wants to like OJ I think we all here in buffalo want to like right. But then of course this this legend of the murder duties. I would say even that we've acquitted. A lot of us believe he's told that it. This really kind of soured our memories of him there were great memories in our department Jack Kemp about about what they said earlier in the show. He had you know it really hard time dealing with this. And but his memories Chappelle you know because you know he would intersect with the guys a celebrity in some of the time after. She was found not guilty you know and he talks about these four I don't wanna ruin it for economic and efforts and check this out but it's is absolutely relevant. At today's it as it possibly could not only is he telling these jokes and they are. Way out there wait wait there you know but. To the liberals got a counter pain he's in a bunch and it of this article national review which are posted on my FaceBook and my court approves something. Huge checked really subtly they were referring to Chappelle's comedy is homophobic trans phobic massage and a stick rants it's like. Kenya go dig deep try and find your sense of humor dig deep well. The social justice warriors they don't find any of those funny because nothing's funny. At some of the things that we've seen the last several months shows that they have absolutely lacking a sense of humor. And and they can't makes them from themselves let alone anybody else and if you can't be funny yourself if you really take yourself so seriously. Wait too seriously you're eventually gonna lose your ability. To laugh at anything. If we can't actors. I mean I I can't believe some of the world. Books of these people have to walk in a march here in buffalo on the east the it's kind of just add water instant protest group. What they way they look the way they act of the protests in fact we had a problem six of them arrested. A federal fund raisers for the reelection of sheriff sheriff Tim hours the other day. That's how both ladies and gentlemen that's the world we live in he can't laugh and apparently they can't shave their legs either. We'll be right back after these messages here and he's ready at 930 WB EN.