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Monday, July 17th

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Welcome back to beach company here on news Israel 930 WB and Michael proof and for sandy beach. Got a couple lines open at 8030930. Starter entering your cellphone people been hanging on a little bit and get right to you in order your rival. First in first out. We're talking about the Russian investigation when I went through on Friday when ice or an idea. Was. Called before the house permanent select committee on intelligence. To to testify regarding what I do or do not know about the Russian collusion. And diesel engines. Some by Texas 30930. I Greece the it's Robert from the south if the Democrats could have their movement for never trump all of us Republicans conservatives. Should have a movement against our representatives in Washington telling them if you get on board and move is president's agenda forward. Or we will vote you vote. And it. OK well that's interesting. We see another interest in Tweety to alerts and text. I'm not lost Michael president trump brought out the unit party I've never felt so patriotic the poll numbers are feet. Michael we just love everything you stand for I'm up in the Adirondacks turned off The Grateful Dead to listen to you I don't tweet could you. Please repeat the Yankees telephone number Jackie Jackie Jackie. And well now Jacqui spears telephone number in our office is 2022253531. Jackie speer is that congresswoman and use that term loosely. Who decided to bring my wife and to dismiss. First of all its pay they don't it is as a peep person who's in politics. I have to endure the tricks of the Democratic Party because they endure the tricks of the Republican Party. So wanna call me whatever you're right I get called a traitor by the hour on Twitter. Where I'm at Michael archipelago. All I used to use them stinging me a little bit unknown to a summary who fought for my country no it's not true and I'll tell you one. Called Jackie speer. To 022253531. And to the gentleman who turned off The Grateful Dead to listen to me let me tell you something your priorities my friend are messed messed up. Right to the phones here Barbara in saint Catherine's face waffled on how you doing. I'm me. I did the two shared something with you this is harder to harder. In. As I can and I can relate in some way to what is going on with you won't share what happened with me about a month ago. I went over to visit my daughter in my 82 year old grants and child. And I was waiting for my daughter to a rise after she brought to her husband to work. Anyways I was in the backyard. And then man my guy who can vote and we kind of had our ups and downs and her relationship but anyway. She came. The driveway and she excuse me of going into Dierker. And I did you know like you know when it sure. And then she accused me again that it now has the that I left whatever then later on. She. Said to me. That I had stolen. My grand. Soccer ball. I was it was only a third. That is it just was almost comical initially. Well first of all. Europe your distances to soccer means to be treated pin. At that. Let Bert it was at ferry because it was just and could just crazy. Well that. But she's and get pulled me that her partner's. Marijuana within the current time. So I guess it was she was trying to do it lacked a I don't know but anyways it has been driving me. Crazy. The whole thing and the end result if I did not seem like darling. Grandchild. So I call to prayer flying all over the weekend because I was just in much turmoil. And the person I spoke with. You know it's huge there. Is actually the gavel out where I'm not that religious she says it's huge there is the depth on network. Working through your daughter. To try to. Separate her. From her family. And I know my young daughter pardon he he's very. Clear I'm mighty. My feelings of both marijuana and is there one that you surround my grandchild of this is that it. Anyway I just I. One it could relate to viewers to share with you heart effort. How hurtful. You know being cool you know be and how just a surge and how things can get ill. Snowball. End and I feel very very. Sword and you. And your family. And I'll say my prayers. For you and hopefully. See you know this will be cleared up Torre. I appreciate that I'm I'm not sure it will be cleared up that. You know it's really interesting because you Wear your saying is true and and I I mean I that you what you're saying about what you went through with you or your daughter your daughter in law. It is it is almost precisely what I'm going through I mean anybody who's out there listening it's is don't know who is going before congress and this is something happened your rocks it's the same garage. It really is. Absurd. Accusations come at you for a reason it's not always because you drove them. You know Barbara let's. It is. In you know he wish you love about didn't. IE that this city I mean I hope that. People who prayed for is CPU in there a prayer in. You know all the best to you and your family. Thank you Barbara really appreciate it thanks alone where to take a break here but but we keep getting requests to repeat the number of women continue to repeat the number. Four represented Jackie's beer who. Brought my wife and this I'm demanding an apology you wanna support me in that cholera and told apologize to easier 2225. 3531. That's 202. 2253531. The proper pronunciation. Of Armenians. Jackie. OK. I'm the Jackie spear. At the Tony was at his finger over the don't button. Goodness gracious we'll be right back after these matches if your own news radio and and thirty WB. Michael Caputo in four sandy beach your news radio 930 WB and we have one line of Veoh of not where. Announcer when it's available in some interest manga. Going right to the phones here at 1120 here in our studios WB yen. We see your go to the first Wendy's and hang in on the longest salmon Rochester thank you for calling and hanging in so long. Yeah I'm Michael. We have been with seen. That ticket application. Of the Republican Party. And they hand engaged and me doing. The same thing Democrat due to the A Paula witness. Asking questions. And then. Next. Senator at this same question same witness they don't even know what they're. Previous editor at because they're raping detention. Until I saw then the other day and a Lebanese. In a myriad of panels and answering questions. Up. I don't want it erupted with G I'm sorry horror of seeing number 12. Dennis boggle my attorney and keep them Ceres hell for this. It's like you've already asked this question you've already talked about this person and then the Republicans came minutes had stopped doing this you're taking too much time. It was. It's it's it's an indication to me that their fishing since. It is now only efficient but. There were regurgitate that same old same old. And up. But it's not about getting to the bottom of things and not about game in the bottom of anything. It's about the ranking this hour as long as the camp there's right now they are successfully. Stopping the president's agenda that's what this is all about Vick in their life in our they would even ask questions slow her to make it lasts longer. Republicans varying. Are playing the same tune then the Democrats did do. And their bowl that's thrown by the way. I have received. A purifier policy how we can and does this thing now. The medial bitch and moan because. The Republicans. Will get. The latter. Flak from the media and whoever but what can be done. It was a Trump's gonna take the bull by the horns. And either fire Molly. Ball or whatever that I was named as. Our and the attorney general fire on the and then I would. And got Mario Lawler. To testify under oath. And there is some of his own. You know facilitators or medicine. And I wouldn't sit right next to call me and I would. Grow some balls and see if they contradict each other. This has got to be done this should have been done along time ago. There's nothing to say that so let. Molly is god and you can't testify he must testify under oath. And to the chips fall I guarantee you. This couple that the fan. And trumpet her Republican don't come out smelling like a couple of roses. You Mikey right. It and I think there's a lot of concern for what kind of. What kind of people that Mueller is hiring to their all Democrats Ross paper aggressive their all of donors to Hillary Clinton it's. There's a lot of concern for that I don't know what to think I always thought mall was honorable all wait until he proves me otherwise wouldn't. Well. Everybody's dead but every said the same thing about global arena yeah. I know I in fact there was a huge call me for him. I was a huge ground. Before. Which actually get. You know killed by the same boat I tell you have. I I never any doubt about Molly I thought it was owed a deceitful two bit punk. And I still do because of the I mean if you didn't approve we'll look at pay. Fourteen. Attorney he hired. One of them only one of them there's a middle of the wrong order or. More. Conservative. He would make it look good so we chosen ones that are. So let me. He'll be in the coffee. Yeah as Ali. He held. He can go after. Anybody you wind. But that's gonna at this stat once he gets. Fired. And everybody knows that. Multi can be fired. Nobody died and made them god. So that's good and willow. And let the chips fall where they may. Right hey listen up Sam thanks gentlemen I appreciate the call have agreed to raise him thank you very much. Tim got a lot of good points ladies and gentlemen this investigation on the DOJ is it smells a little bit and I still have confidence from the FBI. Don't know for a conference in the special prosecutor or special counsel yet but arm will and a keep my mind open and the real believer in the rule of law and I think everyone should be listened. Four pack of tickets to a who we on the river Saturday. July 22 river works or value or forty dollars and our general contest rules and why. Call 6449875. That's 6449. A certifiable pick a random. Caller for for a four pack of tickets to whom on the river. Oh my goodness this is historic and for him interpretations of re enactments to stages of music and performances. Fire boat Carter writes capturing the real Irish immigrant experience Julio on the river. Tickets and info at who only on the river dot com. Well I'm gonna go one more call before we hit the bottom of the hour here on when I go to frank in Niagara Falls Frank Carroll human different. Michael what was right here and things are the battle lady. Just blame marijuana for her family strife. There. I don't know but I'll tell you this arm as someone who's been through a couple hundred dead shows. Arm I've seen marijuana than who. Some weaker things that make him somebody. Accuse their mother of going into their garage I don't know that's a little weird even for me no. Yeah there's deeper issues there are. She was she made that point I think. You know I think they're that her reference to marijuana frank was a little bit isn't as a as a sign of Japan. Just slight concern for those that you know you'd you'd talk like our policy export toxic or drop an Apollo. You know I sympathize with your predicament. If you look at the reality conservative brought the sign them so well. Wait wait wait we've missed. When elementary lesson maybe your listeners who missed it but progressives are urged to destroy the establishment Democrat. But conserve those. You awarded a Republican congress that would polling that roaches. I mean what did you think establishment Republicans are gonna do it to us against outsider like trop. Well I weep I think it's been predicted fine. And where they're prediction is turned out to be true. But I don't think conservatives. Have. Brought upon herself the kind of violence was brought down on them by Democrats. Well it you know and and I do agree with you this question story is mostly political. Then you know that the that there being questions Steagall strictly there as much is that trader Chris cope bark in his. Republican voter suppression planet villain is cross check. You thought it investigative reporter great collapsed at all. You know mark and legitimate actually evidence that. You look past checked through millions of voters about the roles in the last the last. I'm not too bad investigator reportedly mentioned is if he's the guy I'm thinking of these pretty partisan. All right and he's not invited every mainstream investigative reporter. When you have it don't matter what side do what you wish sir I wish messenger right. No matter frankly I don't think that's true I think chair what are. Attend the actual. You talked about people are threatening New York Paramount or not not on that broke out you know Colin Michelle Obama right yeah. Michael I heard Malia while watching chick is what. There a I don't know I don't group I don't remember him saying she was a prime meat I do remember him suggesting Soto threw leaves his comments. She I think something about popular leading the primaries or whatever was. Part guard Carl apologize for Franken. But disturb a lot of people but thank you for the you is that. WBA and never is an effect at times. Well frank come on ground here for me any time Matt I'm not going to hear from anybody frank thanks for Conan and appreciated. Ladies and gentlemen we're going to be right back where it. Listen anybody can call I've got some friends of mine that I hear from on the on the board right now 8030930. Not. Start entered yourself on 3-D 0930. On the text board. I'll one text I just called the congressman's office at 2022253531. Yes right zip code instead they pass on messages along and asked a woman. The congressman to publicly apologize to Michael and be right back after these messages. He. And. Then. We'll read to me is this. Me and okay. It's. It's. Okay. And that's it maybe steal your face right off your head and I'll tell you something. Ladies and gentlemen Michael Goodwin for city beach here on news radio 930 WBE and eleven. 37 in the morning we are coming close to the close of my day today I'm having a blast thank you very much yet people on the phone home for me I'm going right to yet. But I wanna tell you this and Tony I don't know if you noticed this it was in the Buffalo News story. His Tim Graham card that. I'm the first person. In the history of the United States. All the way back to the founding pop ups. Who has taken the opportunity. To testify before the house permanent select committee on intelligence. And quoted Grateful Dead. I courted the grateful that in my closing statement you can see it at. Politics and why done that my closing statement it was. The laureates that laid down. A little bit of grateful deadlier exit as fun and nobody noticed that just went right by even even my attorneys didn't notice him and afterward rim. They realize they quote the grateful that I think there were roll their eyes pretty good with that. Gonna go right to Christine in town on a thanks for hanging on. Well versed like I want to thank you up or being brave and courageous enough to stand up finally. Against the committee I'm an older person I remember as a McCarthy hearings. And friendly there was a senator. Who tells the parity have you no decency. Defense and and I'm paraphrasing. All I think you're right on have you no decency and leave them some of these union leaders some of these press people they have no decency. That's right. And I that your name is Michael I that's going to saint Michael the archangel to protect you when your family and her country. Age and years inspired you. Apparently say. You know any any any put an end to these hearings there's just persecution has got to stop because it's it's gonna continue. You know our brave enough and courageous enough like saint Michael the archangel does stand up to these people and I admire you are at any and we pray that you keep that up. This has got to stop. I'm quite cash. Christine you're so nice thank you so much. I will thank you so much early appreciate it Christine I gotta go to another caller my gosh the the people of buffalo so. To some great. I've got five minutes here before the break before before via commercial break and I've been want to hear from Andy for awhile Annie are you do win it. I'm barely aren't you. Going to be O. I'm sorry. Right my kids are all right money my wife is all right okay. I don't want you that it. Ended this is a little. And up and say you know what good old bulky and it fits that may. And I hope you don't know maybe you lagged it it was we have. Now. And I. Run you. People I'd. You. Know. I don't get that. There. Is in the end it and it and that did not. Being hit it. Yeah I. And how he built the kelp bed that he. Think you did or did it. Did the war at our apartment. Eaton. I would vote. But the public is always know. We got an old. It was gonna give it up Obama. And now and they went out it may be. I want go but they they put their loan note is. Quipped you're old or I. They didn't allow and we go to you. Only get a lot. Exude a you know and it stopped and let it I'd Aaron. We can't. Get weight he'd always come I don't know that it didn't. I won't comment. Comment can't hit the lead so we don't. Act also got your neck and neck. Are mad at. L. Two I won't. I helped me get. He had eaten. Note this lack. Yeah it got light out the Bible. Over at me and I. I've ever got to legally bet in all the inside track a bit while I didn't now what happened. On what. All of that say it. Out. That get. It I packed and out we leap out. There and a day. Oh thank debate about it that you Ed don't they. Thank you and I I'm your words charged me locked me in and I was thinking about you when they're in particular but all over call us. In Washington thank you for your kind words. You have a great day. Ladies and gentlemen. I want to read something from of the before the board. From the board from the text more threes here nine threes you willful ago. To a commercial break. Let me see here threes early entries here if you want to text message appears the biggest life for the front of me here one texture. From here in buffalo uses I just called spear and your phone was going to the machine. After she said their offices there's been acutely here there's no one there to take their calls so I read the riot act. It can't we say. This is difficult to read story. Overload can we say more I read the riot act in no uncertain terms to bring someone's wife and to a political national investigation she's from Ukraine get your facts trader told her. That it's unacceptable and will not be followed and she she obviously didn't have a father I had. Well. Opened her mouth and get the facts this car a little while it's great if you wanna leave a nice message. For a representative Jackie speer her telephone numbers 222253514. Interest in times for an interest problems. It's 8030930. Star enters or phone to take a quick break so we can get through the rest the calls. In my last fifteen minutes here. Be right back at these messages it's 1144. And he's radio 930. WB. Aaron Michael Goodwin for sandy beach. Just about nine minutes left it's and it is 1151. Here on news radio 930 WP union. Wanna go right to the phones here thanks for hanging on west how you deal. Forget Michael calling. Thanks and it. You know spoke karma and I definitely understand about family. Even the mafia at least and we got a bit. If you if you looked at sopranos Tony's reaction to one monster pick him and his daughter dinner. He's got the guy I don't think anyone begrudge him his revenge. Certainly but I remember a win Donald Trump went after Cruz's father and said get something to do adjudicated till you didn't really have too much sympathy recruit them. And I mean we're talking about one of the most look presence in the history of America. You can bet. That crews got death threats from the hill from there. And also remember since dealt with collectors and we didn't really endorse some of the convention these symbolic actions. You can bet. You get that threat to that he didn't tell you about the meat eating get them. Upper extremely valuable more sympathy for crude and see if I was accused of helping the ethnic president. Of course that's not what happened us. But that's not what happened. No he did not he did not. Accuse Cruz's father of participating in the in heat and in the assassination of John F. Kennedy that's not what happened that's with the Democrats. Of course of I understand that I understand a bit. No there's let me tell us there are a lot of things the president has not one not too many things he said. The word of that word you know not up to my standards. Are brought to you know I'm I'm and I about the JFK thing I've I didn't pay a lot of attention to it at the time by Alitalia. I don't run for office for a reason yes. I will never run for office because I will not stoop that. I will not put my family in that jackpot. But Donald Trump. And Ted Cruz do want a regular basis. All right so what happens between two politicians is very different between Apollo and where politicians says about a civilians wife. Very very different comparing the two ways to do with us. All of our dubious because no matter what position you're in what your candidate your dad. In general and should be left out of the display of obsolete and in in Athens bill I will say. One guy brought up religion and it was sent him but I think. Mr. masters his. Attitude of forgiveness is probably the way to go you don't have to believe in Christ or god but. Sinatra forgiveness will stand and I think don't even know project uses as a ticket order Dixie to a better than giving her any press whatsoever. You saw where wife when us. It hit the. Think your wife as rated attitude and rival I think so I think she's much less bothered by this you're. Op Ed not that I don't understand obviously. But there are some benefits. To what happened to you obviously the president tweeting thank you it's worth its weight in gold. Given that but west. That in three dollars and seventy cents will give me a cardinal Carlo marquee Iago. I disagree I think it's gonna get if you allow more than three dollars and seventy and. I just don't see Wes because here Ariel Myron I'm I'm write the check today to my attorneys. Nobody is helping. Nobody is hope and I appreciate the tweet it was nice I I'm glad the bracket the president recognized and I'm throwing punches on behalf of the president's. But I I'm on my own way us. I mean I think it feels that we view but I think an epic and it received. And so I think you really do they don't. I'm I'm probably a little more cynical and. Well right now only to victory is feeling but. I think what Christ said is apt you know forgive your brother seven if you forgive seventy times seven. And I think it. You'll be doing yourself a favor you give it its yours. Well I will tell you this Wes I got to go to the caller I will tell you this I do plan on spending some time with my priest over at immaculate conception. You know as soon as this whirlwind called down right now it's only temporary call it becomes habit. In a Wes I realize that the council's move over and over of those. Who who I respect in the religious aspect is really important. Let's get the care they get here because I think you're you're gonna drag great benefit from it. Love your Shakespeare quote by the way. They think they'll protest too much they say. I even saw out of there after reading your article yesterday but I believe your sympathies I I'd definitely is that what you're. Wesley you're always welcome to call thank you. Know you're never I never get mad at people who disagree with me like the gentlemen Emily B a don't. And and you always makes sense so. Call me anytime. I think he's. One last call before we go bill and Hamburg bill thanks for calling. And I adore them Michael thank you all the problems were tour money older people on our side and leadership. In the same situation. Thanks to the rule of direct Democrats that don't have a damn thing on trump. I go to target one thing drop as America very very hard decision probably the most difficult and his career. And Mayo and suddenly you're little about. Who was going to be the biggest foreign government. Of course they are he has to do report mixes sisters decisions decision. As circle in the swamp Obama the Obama holds almost every damn one problem. This guy that was about to be a couple days ago to assault. Director or director of pretty up there I would recall as well. Nominations and so it. This man does not for the United States or form he's got he's a Democrat. Is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This program out there over 93 million people according to what I understand world. I'm sure a proposal that could come up work on yourself. You were slow processor and all the is all over gorilla ball because. Have this thing continues it's about ending story. And a never ending story is gonna destroy them what he gestured duel as siesta colonial bank so he's got to get the AG involved. He's got to go after Hillary for history I am material and no actual things that she's on the pay us he's got a web calling. They already have governors that it has been that he could be invited. And it looked at the just thing. What could program that's good for us we're not applicable. My friend had a report. Or other personal awareness Autry. The president the president has to do once they got to drain the swamp like people almost. And people have to stand behind them and above all pray for him. Absolutely we got a Nobel we're gonna run out of time here thank you very much for calling. Ladies and gentlemen I have to tell you that. This is a bit of enjoyable day. For me after a couple of very difficult ones lock arms and are booked it to clock on MSNBC. Can death after bat I guess so let me see the tonight. On Martha MacCallum at 7 PM. So I'm out there going into the belly of the beast I don't care if it's MSNBC I'm going in to take some swings please gentlemen because I am not afraid you should not be afraid either. This is really trying for me and my family but I wanna tell you will something happen before. I was up all night. On Wednesday night because I had to leave on Thursday I could not sleep you know a lot of things on the mind everything swirling around. I just couldn't I knew it was because I had to work here on Thursday morning and knew I was tired. And it was yeah it really put me in a tired blew through the whole rest of the whole process. And then somebody who has my text number. Sit me attacks are very very nice one from the buffalo Meehan who I don't even know who's a listener here. 3 o'clock in the morning I got that text than my phone vibrate and I picked it up and was in the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me and I went right to sleep. Thank you buffalo for being behind me let's talk begin tomorrow here on news radio 930. WBE NN.