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Sandy Beach
Monday, July 17th

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the beach company show here on news radio nine the pretty WB ENN. Michael Bradley for sandy. The sick thing you can be there too if you bought into one of these WB Ian cruise vacations. And sandy apparently held a host I'm getting I'm seeing these photos come back with a lot of fun. It is 1007 here in beautiful downtown Amherst the studios of WB and the wanna go to the phones here are three I'm sorry. 8030930. Start interview cell phone also 30930. You text me there or read out as long as my profane. Let me see Michael what that it cost to a legal fees so foreign does that come out of your pocket. I really don't wanna share what number it is yet because it's inaccurate. Each one of these hearings will likely cost five figures from me. Nobody pays for Matt and I don't have that money. And it's not all legal fees there's a lot more involved in the had to hire a public relations person. I can't represent myself in PR and you know if you're an attorney in European yourself from the court immutable fools a client. And that's true in public relations as well and I have the very best attorney. I can get and I hired. Dennis Varco not because he was the best I can get in buffalo. That's Fokker was the best I can get in the country. On not only is this from lupus are filled with talented people. Dennis understands this stuff. Completely thirty years. In prosecuting people just like me. Understands white collar crime I watched him. In. In the case the couple years ago was really impressed with them that I saw him after selecting Islam curious sort him. Helping Carl in that hearing him in Albany. You can't do better than them Spock and it's not like I need a criminal attorney to protect me from. Being prosecuted for crimes because I've done nothing I have no legal exposure but don't forget. Marco Stewart did not go to jail for what she was acute ago. Scooter Libby I'm George W Bush's aid actually vice president aide briefed vice president Cheney's. Did not go to. Two GO for lawyers initially investigated if they went to jail for our sick you know. Basically making false statements to federal agents. And you know I thought if I go to one hearing all of that let's just say this first hearings of political not to prosecute me. Very have to refer. Its original recommendation the prosecution. To the Department of Justice that they could do that are used in DOJ could fall along. That's if you see a federal with the. If you sick pay the price if they asked me the FBI asks me what cop who's gone on Tuesday and icy blue. And then on Thursday they asked what color is the sky and I say green. By accident. I've made a false statement to the FB and that may be an oversimplification. But and and let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen I know that the FBI is getting a lot of everything. And those are a gift that I understand that and a lot of people in the FBI and because of you know how many years spent in the group and isn't. These are good people it's unfortunate that caught in the gears of this thing they were bit bare their future was sealed. Win. When Hillary when Bill Clinton just snuck off the staters of attorney general Loretta lynch is an airplane in Phoenix. And got busted doing their fate was sealed. The FBR is going to be brought in told me was always going to be fired no matter what he did. After that stupid meeting the president of meeting by the way which we will never. Never investigate why I don't. But. You know I mean an attorney not just to keep me out of Darche unified give him the jackpot this thing under control and I could I could be prosecuted. I've done nothing wrong but mistakes are also people in this kind of situation. But I need a navigator to someone who understands the politics of this thing. It Nolan Dennis bako has been has been very stern with me through this process because. As a PR guy I wanna talk hick I'm on the radio for 34 hour I gotta talk for a long time when they asked me questions. And I am in a hearing on my past suburban let's check in though that is not. What an attorney wants they don't want you to over volunteer information it's the question yes no yes no don't call. That's sort of turning once you have to protect you from yourself. As someone who is so chatty and I you know I get you know. A motor mile off. I need somebody in there to do to keep me. Focused and keep meet the reef and and and keep me responsive. In a precise way. Are aimed. I'm so glad I hired them Spock I don't wanna talk about when legal fees on when this is all over all talk about. But I can't tell you our of our Vera I'm liquidated my children's college fund. Alone my girls are three and four and fifteen and they're gonna go to community college. In. But the wrong with that I was hoping that I be able to support them in and go higher educational endeavors. At 55 the chances of me being it would replace that money your excellent non. Nexus my retirement afterwards because the children's college fund will never come. Paul metaphor has already spent over a million dollars in legal fees now he's in a different kind of situation in me. That's not wide range. But goodness gracious. 110 of that it was too much. Can you imagine that these general I moved to buffalo to walk the earth like Cain and come full. In I've been through all I'm tired of politics. Worked in lived all over the world. I've been shot at stabbed him co. Beaten to a poll in these situations that I put myself in particular looking for an exciting life. I wanted to just come home. Just be a part of the community that raced me. And a I don't mind in making the modest living my neighbors do I enjoy being. My neighbors to the left there Bernie supporters means for the right I think you political work all the same people in this community. I just wanted to be a part of it now. People on the toe or on the tech sport and and you know people were calling them. So it was no he looks like he's enjoying this you know getting all this publicity you know he and me thinks he'd doth protest too much but I'll tell you. You're sitting there you got the radio on in New Orleans and they are sharper in New York. Accounting firm you have the radio on. I'll tell you one. Poultry idea let me beat you this I just want to be. If you think it's interesting beam me here of the stakes of the game here's the price of admission you have to. Empty your bank account yet to empty your children's. A cultural and you have to empty your retirement here to catch it all out get it in dollars. And put it in the street in front of your house and light that pile on fire. Everything you've done for all of your life is gone. Trade with me please. Trade. We'll be back after these messages. Here and news radio 9:30 W beaten good morning buffalo. 1020 here. In the studios of news radio 930 WB and Michael Caputo in four sandy beach. If so are really nice to have you with us thanks a lot 8030930. Start entering your cellphone. I'm asking people to call in and tell me what they think of this whole Russian situation I've spent my Friday in effect through my whole weekend. Working on this thing and or testifying before congress at 2 o'clock on Friday it was a bear in and I I'll take questions asked me whatever you want. I'll tell you what it was like because. I'm hoping to be able to describe this to someone it's really hard to do. I sat and I tried to write it down on Friday night after I got done and can be frank with you suburban distracted me. But. Maybe I can tell you here maybe you and I can can pull that out of me here Peter and Saint Catherine thanks a lot for Carlton. Fay Peter laden. McCord. Peter. Yes so you are you doing things. Yes the son since the end pieced the union on the of course Lou thank you. I think you know. It's just sort of gain. Didn't Republicans and Democrats in the character this destruction for the Q. It's mean. Destroying seems to be ordered into almost like a miserable. Morally bankrupt people and condemn. Me. And government as and you lose these types of people seem to gravitate toward government and apple problem destroying good people they can sell. I don't believe. Understanding. McKean issue in the sense that probably a medical condition but that battle and and you stinks of haven't practiced my personal opinion. Look Michael. Mr. the president needs not to come to the podium I I can put heat from my entire it was seeing is correct the communication. This on the wrong communication he would send blah. And I suppose and that he did that a key to people he need to comet hit it in regard him. I mean repeat. I mean unhappy with these accurate mapping out I won't sign anything that you need to see it at and at Portland deployed don't know if we know you know weasel. Idiot trying to destroy him destroy his arm and destroy everything then what we need to see from him. Is a similar response to them and I think when you mentioned earlier this Monday. I think nobody is coming because people are beginning to become one soon. That. We are watching somebody that you've elected this one just out from the top strong good man. Good good mine without him. The the fight back would responses seem to be patchy. Or not as strong as what may be behind scenes he had these. So pulled machines. On going and he's going to. He's going to strike back at opportune time except but at some point micro had to communicate that. To the people because the Portland. Consumed. And commodities is beginning. The second leg back and that is who put right rose 43 I think that's a good number two but he did get a hit. He has. But I can tell you that in trump tower all of us who were applauding. The election and and trying you know point you know privacy we're gonna do from month month month. None of us ever believed that Donald Trump is going to enjoy sky high ratings. Because when you were going in to take apart something you're not nearly as popular as the person who gave way all the free stuff. You just can't be edit create and of course if if we don't get a 20% cut across four years in the size of this government are going to be woefully disappointed in prestook. You know and if you're cutting 20% of the fatter government you know many people that is they. All starts lightning fires where they are they sabotage you. All of this is by design I never expected and a I. I expected to recover around forty. Get down into the thirty's will be dangerous you know but for them Derek took compare him to return address to traditional politicians pay. Is a mistake because he's not one and there's never been anyone like him so there is no baseline for dog. Number two. Holes. Are flawed. This is the same in our group that fought you know there was gonna win by I think something like. Fifteen points are right they haven't changed their model at all mean his here's you do as a pollster for us if you bear with me for a minute. When you're gonna go out. And measure public opinion you have to predict. Who is going to vote because if you're. Here asking somebody who will vote for and their art ever really gonna vote. What their answer is kind of you know. It's kind of dubious because if you're not gonna vote you tell people you like you don't really count to a trying to figure out who among this group is gonna vote who among this group is gonna vote. They waited both reasoner in a we can't do 5050. I interviewed him because we have a little by a few more Democrats than Republicans this poll here. Tony are talking about earlier. It's overweighted Democrats by plus 12% that's how that's hot areas Peter. I wouldn't I wouldn't talk about this Poland anyway shouldn't they wait. The poll results toward the Democrats and then talk about our reward is. Here's another thing we're driving your chance to talk about and this week on the ABC. They've really asked me questions about the poll but there's a question of do you think Donald Trump. Is are getting his agenda and the place if it was 55% of Americans say they he's not achieving his agenda. But they didn't have a follow up question Peter that you knew really need to ask who's responsible for. That question would surely have real no matter if you overweight Democrats to Republicans by a ridiculous percent. Doesn't. That question is there's only one answer if the Democrats. And here's the thing I think we talked about this on hard line yesterday with one of the callers and I was calling in from from the studio BBC. We don't have. It's it's difficult to describe it. You know we don't have. A media. That's really going to give don't prepare shaking and and we don't have a Donald Trump has done very well he has this this muscular energy policy which is going to move up GDP in the significantly. We he has this deregulatory program. That is going to. Increase or GDP by embrace or he's going to. Eliminate terrible organ of terrible on legislation and laws like obamacare that are job killers. I'm my liberal friends are listening out there let me tell you something and I'll repeat this obamacare. Is a job killer. I'd job killer. OK we have 44%. Of the counties in the United States when they will not have more than one. Insurance provider to choose from next time they come around looking for their obamacare 44%. Of the counties. And a lot of money that the businesses have to pour into it kills jobs there's no question what's the GDP goes up. We have not been at a healthy GDP in nine years and includes some of the last months. Of GRW's administration we have. You know we have had anemic growth anemic gross domestic product. Under the Obama mr. he never got past that we need to get above you know above three hopefully toward four we get about 4% gross domestic product. The Republicans will be written reelected to congress and it is without a problem Donald Trump will be erect or reelected to office without a problem because our country votes on economics. Forget about these freaks. Who talk about you know social justice and read Susan and all this stuff that people vote because all fake it's all about getting crowds out who put on black mask and hoods. Freaks and fools. And cowards. That's it's about motivating their base in fact as we know now. It also is about motivating that democratic campaign volunteer with guns. Make no mistake about it. The shooting and Alexandra was karma there was a result of Democrat campaign strategy. The Russia collusion delusion is what drove that madman to shoot down Republicans. Are you to do was look at his FaceBook account. And yet somehow I'm sitting and end this week studios with with what three people I respect on this panel. Who by the weight to rebuild along with me two others were the first time there was interest to be with 31 time when long term. None of them none of them understand this they don't they believe that it's rhetoric on both sides of the clintons. Bottoms. It's not. It's not the reason why that guy picked up a gun and shot Republicans. Is because he was listening to the rhetoric. Out of the left on the Russian collusion delusion. That's why 100%. Let's talk more about this when we give back if you're on the phone please hold on I'm gonna get to you I'm I'm blab about today because I've been just. Fighting at the at the bit trying to get factored pay about one went through. Be right back if these messages here and he's reunited thirty WBE. Little bash and god these. And yes. You know. You know and match. Welcome back to buffalo. Is of pizza company show here on news radio 930 WB EN at 1030 AD and beautiful Buffalo, New York my god it's good to be home. Michael good to enforce sandy beach thanks so much for. Listening today means a lot to me means a lot of the station this and we've. Got a lot to talk about got a full bore and border calls here it was 30930 starting during your cell phone. I have so much blocking to do Twitter just it's a big job on an apple hires me do this forming. Let me see George George George on his cell thanks for Conan and hold an ideal. Well Michael how are you doing. I I was really very as it was going so Q over the weekend actually over the past months and I've talked to. Before I am. And what I was really concerned about it. You've got caught up in this toxic brew politics. It is going on now and Michael I beat these things happen for a reason. Consider what happened here life and in the past six months. I think now. You have a really greater appreciation. For the life you have. Your neighbors. Your children and your wife. Don't we wiggle wiggle room we go through this life are right we get caught up in the things he thinks things swirling around this. And and we produce. We lose track of the bigger picture. And I end and when this is going on when you're when you're explained before election Russia. I knew instinctively that this was going to happen. Given given our current political situation and as as you said before. It's not the Indian. You have you know the situation. In in federal politics. Where one party. Has placed an entire political. Capital. In this Russian positions story. And an article way. They can't political way. But George can I ask you something is it that your. That you give me don't think. George what I wanted to do. Well my only advice you Michael is well. I'm I believe this person but eager to put on the arm of Christ. They can't touch you. You've done nothing wrong it's gonna squirrel and it's gonna continue to scroll. But they can't touch. Because they think there. It's really just I'm. It's really just money George. I don't quite a bit if it's more than that I'm I'm I'm enrolled agent and an extra I credibility even if I think I've I've seen these things cannot come up before look what happened towards civil discourse. Course is Michael. Even if you go back. To the assassination. Of JFK. His wife was a Russian we are well. But it gentlemen's agreement at that time not to drag this woman through this horrible pain that the country is going to. But look but look where we are now you've got to people like Jackie speer who have no qualms. The vote of the tracking it protect your waste into its. Well we've gone through we've got two other periods in our history if you wanna go back to him this series to teapot dome standalone company all policies. And Galen journalism. McCarthy hearings so wasted it's come. Full circle. And it it sounds a bit trite to say that. The bit that the status but I really believe it and I think you're not a greater appreciation out of the smaller things in your life. And really. Politics this is the big cloud. And we're all interested in it. But that's that's not really where we connect those that actually collect their way to connect to their neighbors or communities. Listen George I want I want a toll. Alone I had a lot of things happen in my life. In recent years that led me to come home. And because I was craving the opportunity to appreciate Smart. And I came. And I've been doing that. No pun intended religiously. You know aren't quite aria. I converted to catholicism in 2000 and while I was trying to get to massive march through it wasn't serious about is that want to be. So I moved right across street from my church. You know being an East Aurora where I am now there's no better place. In the war. To appreciate the smaller things in life especially on Sundays when the bell rings. And I go cross a street. I'm like 37 steps to the holy lord George. You know an end somehow or another god has decided that I need more reminders. Which. I don't know that I need to shore. Thank you living living in Canada pilots is copy. I would like Washington DC it probably 95%. And pick up if that sitting sitting in mass. That Easter and it that they. It didn't matter. We're at where there was a bit different community. When we're we're not to look at where they're from politics. Just. Do this sinking to repeatedly and you get to a certain age. And but these people. Do you look at politics what's going on I of people like McCain and Graham lesser extent Susan Collins and some of these other people. And what what they're doing is there appeasing. Two to the other side to get to get their time to sit at their faces on TV I want to go back to. To the quarter Winston Churchill and what Winston Churchill so it was a piece that just mean you're the last one beaten by the crocodile. All of these people like Graham McCain. Is calling. Okay. Do you think that these people to repeat it is the media. The left and lack of better word you'd think you're gonna ever get a vote. No. So you have to you have to stick to the agenda of the president. I just wanna get back to this situation Russia which that you're here original question. And another one of my favorite quote was from senator Lugar when he was referring to the Philippine dictator Marcos. And would be set up a Marcos was Marcos is a bastard but these are bastard. What senator Lugar was saying there was some sort of engagement with Marcos if you go back. To the people power revolution in the Philippines. When. Push came to shove the people were in the street massive millions of people oppose it Ferdinand Marcos general there. The brother in law Ferdinand Marcos wanted to turn in the army. On the protesters. The senator Lugar and those people in the US senate who had some control over Ferdinand Marcos says no you if you shoot. If you turn your army on the people. We are gonna turn our back on you. And Marcus knew that he knew the situation as untenable. He ordered his brother and I'm not shoot and the people he had no he had no recourse we have to go to the US embassy. They US helicopter had to remove from the Philippine continue to lightly that is life. And that's that's sort of my minor who proves. We need to have some sort of engagement with Putin never give. A dictator someone with a mind of Marcos a prudent to wait out. Well it's true that. And I get that I get that that the thing is as Americans as a nation. If we expect everyone to act like arts. We're gonna read dramatically disappointed. Because not everyone has an American style democracy may have a democracy. But very few ever democracy works. And and we should be proud of our democracy the fact that we can have these kinds of freedoms and still enjoy a civil society. Yeah at electing said that earlier that you went you went to Russia went their direction actually deceit. Communism died okay I'm in this world you know it is a little Reagan it was created it was a little bit push. But I I don't know I think these these things that happened happened with the greater synergy within and and the and the same thing with Vietnam. When when it's United States was pushed. Out of Vietnam the Vietnam had to go through that had to go through that situation and the other a fairly. Stable democratic country and actually had an ally. Of the west and I think you that sort of thing I think that's sort of change from Russia to come from within. And say what the same with North Korea. I can't see it importing into any kind of the resolution on Korea it's going to have to within the pork appropriate people my god there's starving that it. They've got nothing that you look at the satellite map of Europe and here's North Korea but the big black hole. The Korean people suffer so much. We have as a Wesco into patriots. And and they're more hardship on at least I'm suffering people. I don't know. It's tough you know our it's a weird spot forming George I must admit and anybody who thinks my family's enjoyment. Is hard. Stand actually it was in a similar situation but it should ministry where I got the ball all the legal things things like that and I had will be if my minister you know. And I was so. I just such a low point that this is where I want to be. I just want to clear all the capital back to quit but I enjoy doing and and enjoy it like. And I. That's what Michael I just I just wish unit that was the best. And I just praying for you and it. Don't start now George. We got to run to its to pace of those too it's thanks for the call. It. We'll be right back here and news radio 930. WP Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here 1055. On his re going to VW EB you know memorable on so long wanted to rate the phones. Wanna read a couple of Texas 3093. Or do. Since it's so financially draining Michael why not wait to be ordered to appeared just curious now what this texture is saying and Peter clearly knows is that if I'm ordered to appear. They have to pay from travel people my hotels. Paid for by attorneys. The problem is this. Then you have subpoena after your main. I'm never gonna get used penis in my lifetime. If somebody and and in the legal system wants to speak to me I will step up like command and do it. I'm. I just can't imagine being ordered them to. Participate in what I consider to be an important event. I worked in the how's this for a time and money in testimony which you can read the opening statement which you can read. At politics and wide net. I said look I respond I worked in the house for prism is I. I was in charge of television review coverage of committee hearings in the house have been 200 plus even at the House Intelligence Committee. And I respect the rule of lol well I respect regular order in the house are present as I respect the legislative and investigatory roles of the committees. Completely. I know it doesn't sound like my friend Roger Stone doesn't sound like some of the people who were criticized the whole thing but I respect if the Republican majority. Founded you know suitable to have hearings then I'm gonna participate. And if that means I have to pay for my nose I'm gonna do it because you know what's more expensive than losing everything. Losing your reputation. And subpoenas something I cannot abide. It's our hope that helps understand help you understand Dan and LeRoy high doing. Oh you mean I'm. Not going off I'll make it quick at a pro callers op. For a longer period that you had or Italy now all. Thought I thought I should be they legal action ot these ultra. Arnold upper part are. Up but there are what we are a few. Op and as far as. All the Democrat should. He. Just won't work in the throat or situation you're its European. But that it. It took the extent that not to elect a true Republican. Oh victory in the presidential election Democrats to try to well over election. And now that electoral law it is my worry is when or a Republican I'll. Victory president still should be disruptive and an attack other Democrats who had a freak out of the hole. That. Good short answer is yes. Which is why I differ in my opinion with you I'm I'm I'm not quite sure we can never come back from. What what. That there were stronger. Now well. Stupidly and got back. Michael my concern is went up trouble department audit or because you will call it election. Urgency like we or like I don't want that slick. All nobody does but he's going to be formidable because of that. All book wasn't at my concern is one trumpet but at four. On the is he using like possibly possible law journal. It actually it was like George Bush web. Well we want to be presidential. Well no per attempt pence isn't like that. You know I'd be happy with prince parents as president I think after four years of Donald Trump exercising the fat from this country. We may be what are successful president even if he is standard issue. You know. Dan thanks for column and we got to go pay some bills. We're right back after these messages but first let me give you represented Jackie's Beers telephone number. 2022253531. Jackie spear like tip of the spear. Hit or call. You three opponent thirty is our number one a crawl after this we're right back. These radio 930 WB again.