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Sandy Beach
Monday, July 17th

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Good morning buffalo. It is 907 here on news radio 930 WB and Michael Caputo and forwards in the beach. Boy im glad to be. For him. It's been a copilot tough days. But. I'm back I'm glad to be here to listen. To spend the next hole. Hours. And talk to you. Last week when I was invited to speak before the House Intelligence Committee. You tonight spoke. Oh for a couple of different days. About what I should say went to the committee and I got to tell you some of the things that were recommended to be some things suggested to me I dropped right in the is probably some of the most productive research I did leading up to. But I don't know if you saw my opening statement or my closing statement I really can't talk about the things in between. I hope he'll characterize it for his. I promised the committee that I wouldn't you know leave them do their work and I think you know give me exact recollections of what I said in Q Whitney. In erupts. But. I will tell. I wasn't. The most complacent. Of witnesses. I think that ice at the street and a couple of different things unfortunately. Are represented Jackie's. By your thinking. The ounces by year wasn't there. The woman who saw fit to bring my wife and us. And that in terror attack on my wife was the reasoning system participating here. And I demanded an apology from Jackie spear at the hearing should there I demanded apologies from Jackie speer. After hearing a lot of different media outlets I will be demanding an apology from Jackie speer. Until I get an apology from Jackie speer. And I'm gonna tell you something just a little warning and you can take this to the bank I'm going to turn the heat up on her until she dies. She's a congresswoman I can't really do much to push her along by. She can't do much to shut me up either so this is going to be an interesting period of life. Because we're courtesy Howell. How much she cares about her reputation. And or care about mine. If she doesn't apologize to my wife. I'm gonna spend time on her reputation. And meeker my hobby. And a Alitalia. She. Is under a threat of a lawsuit from Roger Stone the commission says he was on Putin's payroll. On television which is of course completely. And absolutely false Roger wouldn't even come visit me is working and living and shoot the had doesn't even know when he Russians never been to Russia has no interest in Russia Jackie speer. Is a lie here and if you listen and in Washington some of the reporters tuning in to see if stumbled and talk about collusion with Russia. Please write this Jackie speer is a lie year. And I'm not gonna stop demanding an apology for murder. Until she apologizes was here's what's really interesting about Jackie speer beyond almost absolutely nothing. She was in Jonestown and I am she went down there as a young congressional aide working for the congressman who was shot down. She doing their best impression of a target. I stood there and took accomplishment a couple of rounds and went down and was left for dead underneath the airplane. So we don't you think about that you want from. You know the wheezing and some of that because they went through a lot mere youth but here's what I've come to the side. Jackie speer knows what it's like to get shot. She understands. That. But just how horrible that is she understands not only would like to recover from being shocked but to lay. Underneath an airplane bleeding out. She understands what this violence is all about and one of her colleagues in congress was shot and left the leading in baseball diamond. So for Jackie speer to go up so irresponsibly. And so it's such a visceral partisan fashion and to attack my wife alleged that she some kind of traitor and layer out there on live television for millions ago. Whacked out empty for a scumbag aegs. To turn around and threaten me and my wife from my children for Jackie speer to do that is absolutely untoward so do white care. If she got shot in guy on and left for dead the white care that she does a great impression of a target. I don't care at all. A little bit upset about it or visited spear. Apologize to my wife. You don't have to apologize to me I'm in this politician just like she is a probably a little better at it. If she's not very bright so I don't know she understands what I have whites necessary for an apology. But again apologies for not Fermi. Both Mulder it's me but I'm in this game I'm in this gig you don't have to say anything at all and you can rip me apart Jackie I'm gonna do the same deal. But leave my wife out of this. If you don't apologize Jackie. I'm gonna turn up the heat. I'm gonna make sure your district knows what kind of person you war. We're talk a lot about your past Jacqui. A lot of politics. Until you apologize to my wife. If you don't apologize to my wife you when are going to be dancing together for a little while. You have the decency. To show up and hearing. Behind closed doors didn't even let me come out in front of the cameras like you work when you insulted my wife. They may be go behind closed doors now those people inside that room treated me with respect and we'll talk about that. The Democrats there were thorough and different cult and direct but they were gentlemen. Jackie speer Jordan no lady. You. Are an insult. To that can't capital that you worked him. Nobody. Nobody. Deserves to be treated like you treatment. And if you don't apologize to reject EU when higher gonna dance for awhile. Pure dance Jackie. We'll be right back. After these messages. Tony. Here on news radio 930. WEB. Michael could prove to him for sandy beach and he's reviewed 930 WB. It's 918 here in. A beautiful day I guess I mean he was raining a little bit earlier. Can't wait to get down the weather with my kids I think balances Thursday and I think. If you remember I was in on there's supposed to be a Friday to with and they scheduled me in the house and WB and was nice enough to offer first. It was funny leave and a this studio when Thursday and my wife called me she is both come pick me up here continues the airport. If she was stuck in the traffic it took her. Two hours to get to the airport from east war because all the flooding and does so I I just told me at the airport and Tim Wenger and draw younger Grammy put me in his car and we went to the airport we got their pretty quickly in comparison my wife but like and the flooding. Did you it was over the top of some of people's wheels. On the street. And Hillary are flooding like that are on the country to it's a very interesting point in time you know we don't suffer from lack of water here in Western New York. I was I got to Washington. In the it was a hundred degrees. A hundred degrees. And it's not like them in the desert where Michael was dry heat so it's by noon noon and walking out your door was like stepping in this. And of course I've got to go from TV station BT's stationed there to hearing through meetings and and so on swept through suit in. I was lucky enough to be staying with friends in line. So and in my friend who by the ways president of an international company multimillion dollar international company took the day off. So he could drive me around Friday is not something. We go way way back in fact he's married actually I don't know if you saw the ticket so hard to miss that Sunday story but in the Buffalo News. Tim Graham from the Buffalo News. I don't know I'd do if there's a better writer. And in journalism today I don't know. That is certainly no one better. In the your content and and I think he talks to keep in western here were great right we spent. The entire week to get I mean the early part of the week he came by a we have dinner at my house who met my wife and kids. You know he went with me to all the different meetings have even stayed in the same house I do in Washington. And and this whole immersive making this number in journalism but he practices. Is really really interest me. And that story came out on Sunday morning. I read that story on my way to I guess I I got up. And had a car picked me up at 5:20. In the morning. To go to do fox news' FOX & Friends Sunday morning. And Tim got up to god and the poor guy had they had to keep my skeptical. But every Mets story on the way to. On the weights and FOX & Friends. And I thought it was great you know I have problems with some of the things people write about me and in the past there's there's been some. Features in the Buffalo News that have been counter factual and that were part of trying helped them put together that weren't satisfying is this what letting somebody sit there and watched. And down and interview all long way and let them write what they think. It's not that high I didn't note Ingram until we did this. There are some people you can trust in journalism in this on the UK. And a that's a guy you can trust that's I'm glad he's on the most important be in buffalo sports. With the electricity can believe what he writes about sports. Kill you always get kicked a couple of times these stories I don't hold against him by kicker. Bruton bought. As somebody who's in politics economy east. And a what do women when interest in process that was for me to work with and Graham story. The so I. I know the one complaint. I get that I complete two but I subscribe. Because I don't see how you can if you re interested in the news and a T how you can even one newspaper town and not read the newspaper. It infuriates me and it rattled on Sunday mornings sometimes. But we have really really great writers of the news. I mean either group that that Jeff Myers. It's a great writer covering the music beat Uga Google Arnold covering another important beat two of the restaurant food beat. Here in Western New York Tim. In in sports analyst and feature writing. And then you have you know that they're they're not the only three great writers in the buffalo and you're having a discussion in the newsroom to me about. How you know you've got some really I've been working with the press for a long long time and it was certain newspapers are are getting small. Because of the Internet etc. and they have to struggle with how they're gonna change their business. So they're laying off some people so newspapers are getting smaller. I don't think I've seen in newspaper. With so many. Really good writers. As the Buffalo News I've I've talked in New York Times Washington Post up against the wall we're very lucky here in Western Europe every newspaper with. People who actually right. Know how to right at the Buffalo News I can you know I can rattle off five. I you'd ask me about great writers of the New York Times I can rattle off three. And they're supposed to be the voice of journals. So it may not like the Buffalo News here. It's got to read it. And not in you know when you read you may not like your opinion of me victim biased but you know that there are some people who do really really right well. India I was always. Happy to participate. It's I think it's on the news website now. They also had a photographer phones which was interesting because. You know they're taken pictures of me get ready for that testimony it was an odd position read opinions I didn't understand. I work in public relations work in politics that worked for presidents and you know big movie directors and all these things people who were in the spotlight all the time and I've always been kind of outside the spotlight are trying to tell them handle. And a I've not been under such clean looks likely lights like this it's it's it's daunting relieved. Especially when you're doing it far away from home you know your things under threat. Because I was on special fox morning news or on FOX & Friends and I was on. But Tucker Carlson and I was on. In all these other shows every time I get off that show I'm on I'm concerned. Because there are him in the spotlight. In my family is by themselves. I know that when congress its beer beside it was important. To bring my wife and this thing on my wife who has no political bones and body. Has no interest in politics in this spices the work that. Tolerates. You know for some regions are as important thing my what if into the spotlight. And now after that happened we got so many death threats and terrible threats that when I'm away from my house. I worry. I worry laws. But anyway. We we soldier Rondo. Should trio and I'm thirty startling thirty on your cell phone number go right to JoAnne and on the London Julian thanks for calling volume. I I would. Well I can't speak. I'm not there. I'd rather than. And hit and knows what it. Want a higher in the era hawk would buy an off. Day so a lot of this kind of thing rural. Practiced for a human being and I now it will actually offensive. I think people who intend to me. I'm going to be absolutely and you know if you can't I. It happened the president yet I don't think the president means this article. It's GAAP and think you're good to drag people act like you and I guess if it's ethnic and I think I think government. We look at something going and going around but that's the end they throw that I have a bag. Yet. That is that they can't worry about the Democrats and Republicans said. I think about you know. Parents are right I think we can be me that we do we get that we caught that regret that I listen I appreciate your on your. Your passion with things. The profanity is something I fight through it and says to avoid this what the good I'm pretty upset about this and release them. But and I'll tell you this. This isn't new. In May it be that tenor that we've never seen before me beatable team that we never heard. But let's just be on the Republicans were trying to do we were always in the midst of trying to stop the Democrats to this is. An attempt and very successful attempt. And trying to stop the president's agenda. Now you look back in the past that we Republicans did the same thing to Clinton. When we brought in about an investigator into the Whitewater situation and turned it into. A search of his underwear to war. And then you we did the same thing you attempt to do same thing with. With Barack Obama trying to stop its federal court appointments. You know even some people even our president bringing up the whole birther thing you know but here's the difference between that and this and I guess we'll take a break. And then if you're on the line here. We're going to be right back here. The difference is that us. Under Clinton and Obama the government winnow. Least they still got their agenda together they put out there I mean some of the things that Bill Clinton accomplished. On the liberal generally pretty impressive from their side and also he accomplished things like. You know entitlement reform welfare of things that we're good for everyone. But they were they were able to move forward with their government with their agenda and Donald Trump he's you know. These guys poured the cement the day after the election and they went and they had a meeting of the Hillary and court deciding. That they were going to go after Donald Trump so relentlessly on the Russian stuff in order to stop his agenda. And they're succeeding. But the problem we have is it's much worse. The tenor of the people are getting shot. Because of people. Like Jackie speer. We'll be right back after these messages here these review thirteen. WB. Welcome back to buffalo. It's that Tony Caputo dance party that it. Tony thanks a lot of my favorite. My favorites so I just can't help and the sin here. I had to get up early this morning go through this CNN. Interview and storms here suit. Which is we. Since you're looking like some economists who dance in the agreement which can you imagine what bids from. Anyway Michael Bruins were seeing what received. Yeah well you. Are. Bad enough your short hair and glasses or your European. Michael Caputo and for sandy beach here and these radio in 930 WB yen 939. And a beautiful Monday morning April trio 930 starting their new cellphone. Also. We've got 309 threes here which is our Tex and that's a huge board pops up here's your comment parks pop separate here. In the studio or read a couple of as we go along today. Blessings Michael Jackie speer needs to be invited and every TV show and explain her reasoning for involving your bride when she does refused to appear she can become the new liberal count toward. Who hides behind her position. Welcome Michael thanks Dan I really appreciate it. Are the problem we have is that the that that that the media doesn't care they don't care if Jackie spear gets me each and care. My wife and children suffer because commentary Jackie doesn't care they don't care. You know I'm telling them about these threats and in the past. In the shake their head and I sat in front of the committee and if you read my opening statement and politics and why dot net. You'll see that I went right after reject spear right in my opening statement and I'll tell you why do it because I would have had no or the opportunity to do so. As they would never ask me questions about I we ID till what Jackie did. And how wrong she was and by the way how pour relievers searched. She was it was as if she had a brand new set of interns. From. In oh. Of very low ranking school. Because of everything it's not everything but most of what she said was wrong it wasn't even intelligently read you know. We searched she's clearly not that bright that's a fact. You can tell by the fact that she had little wrong and she thought it was just fine to go ahead and drag somebody's wife into something that is a delusion to begin. This whole Russian collusion thing is fake it's fake it's designed to did the way Donald Trump's agenda is working very well for them. I've said this before as a cynical political operative. You got to respect the success of this horribly. Horrible lie. It's a huge. And you know they basically if Donald Trump won the election they won the first years presidency were only six months in that. This thing going away the one thing we're sitting there from the house committee for a as I'm going to be back. Three clear. Who is you know there was some questions don't go into some questions that didn't have them as writer. David Campbell leave Richmond you took. To ask you right in it was clear that they like a world next time last. There's going to be next time don't. So in north rim introduced are going through your cellphone. The legal right to peaked in interior Pete you're always welcome on the show when I'm hosting or you'd. All very good that we ER two and often like are you all weekend. And a great on soccer you'd you'd really get very good job at that. I'm on make it quick. You know what I don't get out mr. Cooke who go. You know even even a commercial break I know ability like you guys all they're quoting the Washington. The most body. The paper they're quoting dot. All we could go under or why people here see it you know and the cause. It'll push it and they have been. Now what I would do about it trumpet you don't well I. What can happen they're not gonna want the money law. You know I don't care shut down the government. He did not overlap there now. And that doesn't work. And we got I chucked that and not get a look out for anything that clock. Eyed dawn breaking any laws. Hopefully the American people to drop. In a lot you know what country I tried art review. I'd love my country but it and point slowed myself down. My family down have been 88 different Brad Goldberg are you know that are not qualities that rap in my life. And abide by that I don't have my own party behind me. And they couldn't wait for follow up a clip when that can handle its way toward union like trump junior debt and that that's all they got. Are you. And that opened gonna get on water. All other white audit with an easy it will bought up and done something now I'm Rick you'd themselves and are important. Yeah. Get. I gotta tell you yeah you're right I get that and a if I would Donald Trump on and that's exactly. Because I know which is something. All the Republicans on the committee were were clearly. Of a different line than Democrats. I don't think that their for him in congress. I don't think they want him to to succeed in I don't think. Anything. That the Republicans are doing in and out of congress shows that that they are part of the trump team not even close. And well I appreciated hearing from the president or via Twitter after money testimony. I think were on our own strong supporter I don't think. Republican leadership is there's a lot of Republicans and and a in the congress that are dead set against. You know Peter did. It's it's not lost on me. That coincidence. I'm assuming it's coincidence that Senator McCain. Good luck to him in the hospital is the reason why we're not giving a vote on health care. Because he's in the hospital. Shocker. Shocker. What do you think of enemy this and I don't like McCain I said so one on. On television today I said so on a New York City radio while while I was on my way over here. I don't like McCain. I don't like. Any of his buddies Lindsay and all the rest I think there were awful. Armed and they're not gonna help Donald Trump there undermining him every single day. But here's the thing Pete and I think we all have to and reportedly. You have to look at what Donald Trump is succeeding. Because there's nothing nothing. Wrong with the Republican party's midterm elections there's nothing wrong with Donald Trump's. Our chances of reelection that 4%. GDP can't fix real growth. And the things that are drugs doing. Like for example deregulating. Important industries taking off the shackles. That the liberals have put on the on clay in on the energy industry of the robust. Not robust and muscular. Our our energy policy guy he's he's talking about exporting natural gas you know what that is that's brilliant that is money. Real money and. And we got 44% GDP it docket audit. Given what it ought Arnold figured gonna be offered what I mean look. Now look at it out how all complete the older right on or been a. But you are on the air now I want obamacare. As Orton now. He'd the most he can't sonnet people that's why I got caught it all why. Or compete and even criminal bet that I agree there are never. Before I got it all figured that prop up. Here that all of it all up and it the American people go right up Albert he's about it. Why. All the. I know your program. You write but it ain't over yet. Then beat him the have a beat down his this I've told you this before we've all talked about here in the Rio. They are going to destroy Donald. They're going to destroy his family they're going to destroy his businesses they're going to destroy his friends because they cannot let this go on. And they cannot let anybody think that anyone else can do it. We are not allowed to challenge the status quo were not allowed to challenge the establishment does drive in this country right into the ground. They're gonna destroyed. There's no question. Walk you'd think you know what. I cannot believe. That the American people probably 60% of them want their kids off. Want it either at least a lot BP isn't that it tipping point and it they don't be up and now they are not part of why is up. Welcome buyouts aren't talking about every delegate every senator you know all of you it's getting there if they don't do now. It will never happen on all again it won't work. I'm telling you it's all about this budget watch what happens is that number I repeat everything that you've gotta you. Gotta. You don't do. The government out you know called for a year ago who get these people are golf bag lighter. And the ball and they think they're it would right thing and all of our. See the American animal. You're pretty. The right call and any time for a and we'll go right back after these messages here and news radio 930. WB Eaton Michael Cooper to enforcing the beach here and he's radeon 930 WBN. 955. Here in the studios. Of WB here in beautiful downtown Amherst. Through 30930 start time for yourself on let me ask you this question. What do you think is up with these. Russian investigations why do you think they called me there. Because I felt like I don't remember 1992 admiral's stock sale of the vice presidential company. Under lost pro growth but when he did the debate Easton said I don't even know why he. I didn't know why it was probably candidate and lived in Russia. In the ninety's. I get it but it worked for from in tore me sixteen. But did you see this spread in years between the two. I don't get it. I sat there before I walked in the hearing that morning radio and there's a congressman from the democratic side who was on the intelligence committee. And who I expected to see you later he did not show up. But he said on television that any Russian. Any Russian. That you talk to an indication that you're speaking with. I know many Russians right here in buffalo that would really be disappointed in that character position. Here's the thing. If you know anything about history if you're older. Than a million women farmers injure something. You know with the McCarthy hearings now. In fishing expedition. Asking you if you knew somebody here you were how many degrees of separation where you from some. This is the McCarthy hearings and I know that now after sitting through. One of these classified hearings I know what. They are trying. To find any degree of separation between anybody. And any Russian. With the idea that you know. Your tree. This is the McCarthy hearings ladies and gentlemen. I wonder how many of those congressmen and senators would be pleased to be remembered. In 5060 years. As participating. Even furthering even driving. The new McCarthy hearings McCarthy states that's witnesses. It's just different this time. That's a Democrat. McCarthyism. Police department is would nearly ruined our nation in the fifties it's nearly ruining our nation right now. I've said this before OC again. American politics are vastly. These engine. It's cavern with no end there's no bottom to this pit American politics. Our best. And it's easy to get lost. I've never seen so lost. We are lost. And I've never felt so lost as an American as they did sitting inside. The house permanent select committee on intelligence. I couldn't figure out why it was there. I couldn't figure out what they were trying to do. And I understood that every single one of us in the room Republican and Democrat. Independents. Even that the woman that was sleeping everywhere that once and. We're also lost. There's just nowhere to go from here. Three people are threatening the lives of my children. People work on finding each other on social media people who are getting divorced over this stuff. In it's also fake. It's fake. She lost the election. Big deal. She's not the mother Mary. Not them from. She lost. Get over it you don't like Donald Trump OK I get that beat him in three years. So lost them because of you. Because you can handle the losing. What is your problem. Why do you insist. On violence. Violence. Because you lost. Ladies and gentlemen. I want to talk about this after the commercial break it all 30930 start time that in your cellphone and I rain 59 here in news radio 930. WP he had.