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Sandy Beach
Monday, May 21st
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Welcome back Buffalo News radio 930 WBE. And Michael who would force in the speech here on. Beach and company it's 1107. Less than an hour left. I tell a long story I've got to get to the point here. I got somebody at Texas and Mike you're really pissed them off the listeners what was the track all the check ups. Honestly I'm not trying to. Do this fancy pants stuff with the commercials keeping you on the air don't touch that dial stuff I just. I need to get to a point on we give the point right now. So I have to be very careful about what I say about the time I spent in front of the smaller investigation on May second. They told us to remain there we took not to make a dinner plans. So about our behalf and I realized just like we're aboard Denis Barco said that they were probably going to try to walk into a perjury trap. I heard the first of question of a series of of a question that would undoubtedly lead to work off the record to try to trip me. And they asked that question about an hour and a half to arson. I can't tell you exactly what that question was because I won't get in trouble if I do. But I try to get clearance from Venice to let me bring it up in the public and I think I might be able to. But let me tell you the box around that question and you'll understand the root just my story. They asked me one question I knew that was going to lead directly down this avenue that I expected them to trap me to try to trip me in perjury. Now. Bass tech question I answered art art truthfully and honestly. But I can tell they didn't want me that they were expecting me a line question. They asked me another 12. One I could tell was taking me down that avenue. Our third one they asked me. And also an even closer to what I consider to be what what's that are. But. Danger zone right and a fourth one which I knew was the precursor to the jackpot question. I can tell I looked at Dennis Dennis knew too easy and I've talked about this very question. And prepared for it. Now when I was interviewed by the house. Intelligence committee I asked for might transcript back out to be released publicly in the would not do with they said they wouldn't give it to anyone. And I demanded in and they wouldn't let a business secrets and tops remember confidential hearing. I hadn't any given them any information that was secret but they kept him. But. Arm from the top I I had testified before the house intelligence committee to the time that I testified before the Muller investigation. I ever called some things that I did were called in the house thing. And and I've I had gone to Dennis my first were called something and it wasn't me real material it didn't really matter it didn't have any bearing and it actually prove there was the Russian clues but it was it something. That a that I knew that I would be asked about the future hearings so Dennis I would our boat and crew and put down the answer. But this was very clear to beat the Muller had got his hands on the team had gotten their hands on. The house testimony. And I have priority you know we had already realized that this is something that I needed to tune up for. For investigate. And they asked me that question fully expecting me to omit. Which is just like a lie in this situation. Or not we call the answer. And they had proof for what the answer needed to be considered proof and an answers to every question they asked. So they got to the fifth question and they were they asked that question very precisely. Very precisely. It was like they had gone the laundry. And they were scratch off numbers and the first question. What's a winner and the second question was a win the third question was aware of a fourth when they scratched up it's a winner they get to the jackpot question. They asked me if I tell them the absolute truth disclose completely. And you could see. That very of the prosecutors face fall like a cake. Like a cake. He was so terribly disappointed. That I did not perjure myself. It was. So perilous. I add it took me some days to cool off after Paris. I realized. In hindsight. That they are prepared to charge me on the spot. Because I didn't realize until after the hearing. But they are all on Roger Stone right now in my perspective what I told you earlier is limited because they don't have visibility across the campaign. And the administration. But in my mind Roger Stone is now their primary. Because that question that they were asking me. What if by it in a would have given them the opportunity charged with perjury. And turn me against Roger Stone like they've turned Rick gates against. Paul Meehan of like they're trying to turn Paul made a four against. The president all trying to lead to evidence of Russian collusion which does not exist. So they're stuck with a bunch of people who pled guilty to process crimes. Who like puppet topless lied to investigators. Are planned accused of lying doesn't look like he did. Arm you know others. All process crimes. Wherever I ask you what what what the weather is like if you say it's rim on a daylight to. You know what you lie about. Doesn't matter how small but why it is the same felony is a big one. So they were hoping firm beat a lie to them so they can turn me against. Brought stow. Now if I group first of all I would lie for anybody. I would like for myself would like for him not from of these investigators. It's very serious business. Dennis have really truly prepared me for this and drilled into me. The back like three days before he said Michael wants to come over and talk to me. This is the conversation. Where you tell me all the most embarrassing embarrassing things about yourself. That you don't want anybody to. We had a very frank conversation. You know. And and art you know you've Dennis was confident after that conversation that I was speaking to him with complete 100% candor. Advice number one. If you're attorney tells you to tell him everything tell him everything. Casino with you know you know a good attorney a great attorney like Dennis bako. No if they have confidence and you. They stand up for you in these situations. They're very intimidating situations I can imagine if somebody came in with a boy that was not a bit a US attorney the day US attorney would wilted like a while. Because after I answered the question correctly and truthfully. It really pissed off the prosecutor. He started losing his temper to me. And got into an argument. About what gay something happens instead of whether it happened. And Dan it's not being able tell you what that is Dennis sought us going back and forth he held up his hand. He's a gentleman and he speak my client. And that two FBI agents and the prosecutors stepped out of the room of course there and listening to us no doubt even though it's illegal but there listening to everything. He said Michael had you been completely candid. I said yes he is argued telling the truth a 100% and I said yes and he said Michael I believe you. He called them and an and the guys started asking the question again about the date and deficit gentlemen. I am completely confident might my client is infinitely answering truthfully and I think we should move well on. And you should see their faith they moved on. That's why you hire a former US attorney who is set in these things hundreds of times before they went in private practice. I divorce attorney aren't good general practice attorney wouldn't have the stones to stand up and do that under fire it up fox hole. And we were supposed to be there for dinner ladies and gentlemen and this thing just wound down. I was here three hours. Two minutes. Three hours of two minutes. Thank god I hired agreed to thank god my grammar of the we sit right next. Thank god. My wife told me not to bend my knee need for any one. Thank god I knew that the people I mean that because I had this legal fund up. And when I went end to the Muller investigation. I had about 75% of what I needed for the balance on my legal bill when I was probably going to end up paying at the end of this visit. I walked in there feeling confident. That you know what we're gonna and that stock with some this bill but people a buffalo. Really have our back you know. At that time was like a thousand people who almost all of them from Western New York had given. To a fund. Thousand people I mean all of you let's. So I've walked in their voice heard up perfectly. Absolutely covered by my grandmother's urgency of truth. And knowing that I I had a. Hole but a lot of people standing right behind. They wound down in three hours ladies and gentlemen. I came out Kerry in my shield. Not all on it. Next I want you to look at this video on my FaceBook page my Clark Prudhoe. You're gonna I'm gonna get right to we get back is I got some then. Oreo. Afterward. We're right back at these messages here and WP him. A Michael Cooper who in forcing indeed beach. We were talking about my appearance before the Mahler investigators on May second. So. It is what 11243 here and 393 WB and I wanna take some call the last half hour but I want to tell you a couple of things. Arm. So this thing wound down after they failed to track me. And that to spring a trap on meaning catch me. I felt good. As I can tell they were losing steam there are longer and longer pauses between their questions. They rifled through more and more paper. And the prosecutor. Who was. Not a nice person I'm pocket referendum on FaceBook. Mr. Z. Wasn't his mad anymore it means he appeared to be mad that this was not going the direction we want a bit ago. We got friendly your friendly toward the end and it was clear about three Al first heard about two hours and fifteen minutes that it was coming to the end. And 3 o'clock came along Dennis had them dismissing it. Are we got oh by the way I get a tight in this at one point they wanted to get checked my text messages on my phone. Which I volunteered to do. And show them text messages between me and someone else. And you could not get any. Signal in these you know these rooms designed for no electronics so they took it of this foreign born. Kind of ugly draft break. It was really sad. And there is a woman sitting there eating a launch and she looked like you know. A zombie. She was staring off into the distance eating her frugal and just like Staten bureaucratic lunchtime. And anyway I went in there to stand next window which is the only place that gets cellphone coverage in this window in the break which by the way smelled like hot pockets. Indeed the entire break room was filled with a steamy smell. Of cheese. And horrific we burned. The pastries. Almighty god bush. So are we what we got done and we finished up and they said of cable will take you India India. In the private car again back to the hotel dropping off and you can be are underway I said no I think I wanna walk out and talk to reporters. And mister mister Z turned to me and he said mr. Caputo. Do not go to the reporters staked out there are stairs. But I sit so now I've lost my First Amendment right. Any said mr. Caputo you can talk to anyone you want to effect we've listened to you on television every word you say. But nobody who has ever been interviewed by this team. Forty plus people has ever spoken and that. Stake out outside. And it was aegis got right back to that mean place again he asked me. And I'm like why did Tennessee in the media he says I don't care you speak to the media. But I don't do it at the stake. It struck me at that high aim at the moment but he's trying to get me to stop talking. But it deep Dennis told me after I asked them to leave the room again and and set he said Michael listen they don't care media just don't talk to him and further building they don't want crazies figured out where the car. What will act packages have the ABC car may be somewhere else inaugural OK so sure. So I guess I apologize to mr. Z is and I misunderstood you you actually apologize to me is well and said it didn't mean to get nasty but you know we're concerned I get back concern. Because honestly ladies and gentlemen. This. Whole investigation is completely off the rails. And it's making people crazy. I think if someone is inclined to do bad things. These guys. You know their imperil themselves these investigators. They have to be careful because they're there about a nutty people out there so I agree right. I would today ABC things went on and I'm irate you know days went by and I realized. That they're entirely focused on Roger Stone entirely. Focused on Roger Stone and my perspective. And that is really turning into something. Compelling. Remarkable. Shameful. Disgusting. Because they know now ladies and gentlemen that they have no proof or brushing collusion they know now. That there investigation is going to fail. They know now that the politicians set them up with eight a loser. Of an investigation. These FBI agents I think they know what more than anyone they were actually pretty nice and pretty accurate in the office it's these career minded bureaucratic. Our prosecutors are hoping to get a gig on CNN activists. Or to be paid a US attorney in Baltimore or something right or to run for office. In their home state of ball RR Massachusetts. Right. They're really upset that they got a stinker of an investigation if you know this guy weissman the wanted to leave investigators aren't. The Mueller investigation he actually was involved in the Enron investigation and and destroyed the company called Arthur Andersen. And there were 25000. People lost their jobs because of him over reaching. And his case against Arthur Andersen was overturned he's also held our information away from. Investigations. That would have it vindicated the people who prosecuting it it. And he makes these mistakes. When he feels like he's holed the pig in the poke. That's why were in danger right now that's why riders in danger he's the last man the look and that ladies and gentlemen when they realize they got to pick it up poke. Now Weis does get a overcharge. He's gonna get aggressive on my best friend. So I got some four ladies and gentlemen checked my FaceBook. A tick that video we're talk about that we come back after these messages. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Beach company. News radio 930 WB and 1137. Beautiful day mom wonderful downtown Amherst New York Michael Palin for sandy beach who's got a day off. I'll tell you what this it's it's hard this is a bit I have been asked this story and I've been promising people I would tell them it is taking meet two and a half hours to tell. This was undoubtedly the most difficult week in my life when I was in from the more group. But. I a lot of important lessons but for myself personally which I'll keep to myself but I need their fifth with this list and my wife more equipment and I certainly didn't keep with them my grandma. But. But a great cast showed again his jacket. The case and a great look him jacket. Or something I learn about the investigation. In my perspective they have nothing. I would not have a complete perspective I know that all you left this out there listening whose heads are exploding let me tell you something. You got nothing. You got nothing just like you got nothing against the other people you've gone after politically with your will with your legal power listen if you think Steve pigeon. And and and and at and a Christie was Zurich who've been. Who have been attacked by Spiderman. The attorney general who beat women. If you don't think that was political you're smoking something. We have a Democratic Party that makes a habit. Up that's advising the legal system they do it locally. They do it nationally. I'll tell you after several days of hindsight and really breathing easy and feeling better. I saw Argo foreign me. And private donations go over 3000 dollars I knew. Did I it was not going to be in any legal trouble as long as an imminent fear at the investigation. I knew. That I could talk and song gonna talk ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna speak up. Does speak up on television radio and print I am not afraid because I know you got my back. Take a look at my FaceBook if you haven't yet there is a video. Player. I want to tell you what that is it's gonna issue off. If you look at the white truck. And look on the front of it. That is what they call eight king fish can see catcher. The white truck if you look at the back that is a surveillance cap on the back of that truck. That truck had circled the house were this video was taken four days. This is the home of the mentally handicapped brother of a friend of mine who works for Roger Stone. That MC catcher is if it's a cellphone tower mounted on the front of that truck. It's a cell phone tower that it big you know we herself on work they cellphone goes to the closest tower for the best reception to a drive by your house they can listen. They can identify you they can track Q. Bat that capture. It's standard issue for the FBR. He didn't run out their look at the license plate conceived as an FBI on. But that same way. Same type of rate hasn't seen out in front of people are stone associates houses in. In Missouri and other places. This out in front of a mentally handicapped man's house this man would get up get into his car to take his. Dog to the dog park and be followed by this by this vehicle. When he went to the dark parked the vehicle woods park there and wait for to get on itself. And just wait for him and then when he left put his dog following on did it three times following the mentally handicapped. Now my that this gentleman's bet me handicapped person brother. Is an associate of Roger Stone a ghost writer who had nothing to do with the election or any of the the trump stuff and it's very known that he's not. So they have the Moeller people are not looking for for Russia coercion from Roger Stone they're looking to jam him up on Jay walked gain. You know our traffic ticket for some sort. In some kind of financial crime that they can create from whole cloth because ladies and gentlemen they are creating crimes. These are not just people their creative people. They are creating crimes. Roger Stone. They're not gonna find any Russian collusion there was non he's a big mouth it grabs a lot he's he's an ATP blocks a lot. He's trying to make himself relevant to the point sixteen election but he did in our member Roger Stone started the president commits the president run for president. In 1987. He's known presidential that long. He is responsible for taking their and that he lost his job an argument in August of twenty X fifteen so he couldn't even participate. On the frontlines of the election that he created. So he was trying its hardest working on the side projects that were anti Clinton. And I never spoke to you know and the Russian government Everest that never was. I had ended Hillary's emails in her hands etc. But so but they're after him and they're because they're looking at this guy who had nothing to do with that he was writing for Rodgers or are clients which were domestic. Sugar clients. They're looking at him. The outlook of the Russian there they have. Interviewed assertions Brothers don't who have not worked for him for through in four years. Who hate drop one of Roger's former aides. Is one of the biggest drop haters I ever met hates him. They called hit me when they went and interviewed him. So they're not after trump campaign information they're after information. To jam up Roberts rock stars locker be able to flip anything to that went on Donald Trump. If Paul metaphor can't do it Rick it can't do it ought to the people they've tried to jam up can't draw Roger Stone can't do. So they're trying to punish Roger Stone that this is about ladies and gentlemen it's about punishing the president. It's about winning the president ruining his family ruining his businesses ruining his friends. Because in fifteen years when another billionaire. We accept he realizes his country has gone to hell. He's gonna say to his wife honey. I'm the only one to fix this is I got a thick skin. I may not be politically correct and all my views are going to be so popular. But I can fix this. You'll his wife's gonna say to him. You're crazy. And you see what they did to Donald Trump. In his family and his businesses and his friends you're nuts. That's what this is about ladies German editorial what else it's about. Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton and all the Armenians were spying on the trump campaign and if you think the spying started with the news targets are it's started. I know different. I can't tell you why the if you think this spy inside the trump campaign is the only news about the government trying to get in there. I got some good for yeah. Watch the news ladies and gentlemen because it's coming out in its coming out soon. Because I'd put it out. There was more than just one guy trying to spy. They were coming at us from every direction. And not just from the FBI. Rocco Obama. And Hillary Clinton were spying on the Republican candidate for president of the United States. And this of Russian investigation. Is about trying to stop us from. From looking at them. From investigating them for reporting there. Back sides in jail. That's what this is about that's why I had to sit there and almost get pulled into a perjury trip that's why there circling. A mentally disabled man's house. That's what this is about ladies and gentlemen. God bless it I'd tell you it's true. If buys I came to you. Three years ago when I said see that white truck outside my friend's house it's the FBI listen into his fund UNICEF I'm crazy. But you know now today right. I'm not it's true if I told you three years ago the derby spying other Republican candidate for president and that they would try to cut gin up at a price. A special counsel investigation and put people in jail for nothing so they can protect themselves from being found guilty of their own crimes. You disarm crazy. It's happened in these gentlemen and the president yesterday put his foot on their throat. He said that's in order to investigate who was Providence of this campaign and who was spying on us. And you know what you left is twits. You were so hateful and bathe in the blood of my family every day who delight in the fact. That you almost broke it's broke but she kicked. He's I get people would got my back. You can't touch. All you sick twisted wept as quits. Were comment. For the people who did this. We'll come in now. Right now watch the news ladies and gentlemen I got more for yeah. There's a lot more common. My experience at the at the mullah campaign it will be my last. I can tell you they're gonna call me back in because they told me they're listening to everything I say I know they're listening to this. There waiting for me to cross a line they can bring Meehan. Ray Mahan ladies and gentlemen bring me back you wanna take me back and I'll go when all tell the truth again all reachable again. And then I'll come out and I'll hang your Schroeder was from the highest tree. I've had with this you can't. You can't undo what election because your leftist twit. You can't. Put people in jail because your cleaned lost fair and square. You can't. Drive my family into the pour house just because your candidate. Forgot tick go to Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. You lost. And you know what. The pigeons. Are common home. Two groups. Look at that video ladies and gentlemen. There. Surveilling. Mentally handicapped. People. We'll be right back. After these messages. But. Yeah you know. I. I have not been able to take any phone calls I'm very sorry about that. I have. I've been needed to tell the story and I haven't given the whole version of it to any one. Not even my wife I came back from Washington that week after so much I mean afterward I just went on TV and tried. Tried to help I mean I just said I said they got the answers all the questions. I didn't feel like I could say perjury trap that day or the day after the day after that. But I was trying to send a signal to the president and everyone that they're out for perjury. To attract few little lie to trying to make Q why through Conning. And clever questioning. So that you have to. I give them further information conjure up against it they're gonna they're gonna try to get you want Jay walking. I was trying to tell people who were still out there that. Bit there after Roger Stone that they they want and they're gonna conjure up some kind of fake crime. Roger is not a wealthy man he's done well in his life he's lived very large. He doesn't have the money to have a multi. Oh million dollars worth of legal fees but that's Maurice go when. You know I just I this is not. I hate when people say this is not our nation this is not a country we've become. Listen. This is been good point hawk. For two years not one I love with the media is its one year anniversary it's not they know it. They wanna put the one year anniversary Bob on it so they can say it's really not that old. Honest to god ladies and gentlemen this been going on for two years that we now. They've been investigated the trump campaign for Russian collusion for two years and let me tell you something. When the news comes out the next several days you're going to hear. That the government was all the Obama administration. Was already trying to get into this campaign but for act. Product line now. You're gonna find out. This ladies and gentlemen. Is a witch hunt. I haven't been culpable saying that because I have friends in the FBI who liked very much. But the FBI hates this as well. The idol people in the FBI didn't think Nicole please give it to be prosecuted. And I believe they like the idea. The FBI ladies and gentlemen. Is better than this Department of Justice they are politicians the assistant US attorney across from me and that interrogation he's got to run for office or try to become a our CNN talking head but these FBI guys the rank and file special late in the FBI. They're just the facts ma'am. They're Joseph Friday they wanted they wanna pursue crimes they don't want to identify your political enemy and then try to find crimes which is where we are today. That's where we yar. They know they hate Donald Trump I told you they need to destroy him and everyone around him to make sure no other Donald Trump comes out ever again. We'll return to quarterly journal. And the leftists in our town the just add water instant protest group. The people you see out there who were like for example hate so much. Chris Collins and David DPH or because they're huge supporters of the president these sticky face tattooed. Weird jokes. They hate the fact that this is coming apart here's the problem and they were spying on the Republican candidate for president. We know that our right. To find out they've done much more than that. But OK look how they've weaponized Department of Justice under the entire length of the Obama administration remember Eric Holder. Refresh at various. These people have turned. The power of the federal government like the I arrests against their political opponents for years eight years. Ladies and gentlemen this is the culmination of and the tide is turning. It is over for them ladies and gentlemen it's gonna take some time they're gonna mock us they're gonna mock the president like to talk about the size of its fans. It's over. I am going to so much and joy watching this collapse around him. I am going to get some more pop. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your time today. Hero and news radio 930. WV him. And it is noon hearing WB the end and that means it's time for this hour's cash code so that we all could use on Monday hug. HUG. Text hug to 72881. For your chance at 1000 dollars.