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Sandy Beach
Monday, May 21st
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Welcome back at buffalo. News radio 93 WB yen Michael Goodwin for sandy beach who's got eight day off. It's 1008 and warning beautiful beautiful morning here in beautiful downtown Amherst. You got me until noon today sand to be back tomorrow. And we are just before we left off. I was talking about how all of the investigators on the democratic side of the senate investigation into word on me first. The Senate Intelligence Committee. Interviewed for was staff formerly with Dennis Barco. The Democrats who clearly been briefed. On and had been consuming the advanced nearly out of the on the dossier that was funded by Hillary Clinton. And continues to be funded at a much higher. Priced fifty million dollars since the election. Out of Oakland Simpson infusion GPS or Russian spies and British spice. Gathering information from the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Democrats. Don't. I'm not buying that is an absolute fact. Russians are providing the questions. For senate democratic investigators ask witnesses. What Betsy Kia. And I'm being asked by Russian collusion. The irony. Is not on me is not lost on toys. I was so frustrated by the end of it are written the riot act. I read them the idea I told them to go to hell. I did in fact I was channeling my best. My best. A Charlton Heston at the end of planet needs it's exactly what I was envisioning menacing. I call them out message you got your information from fusion GPS you know you did you talked to him this morning. And John blonde. I made sent them the hell. Just like it I felt like I was on the scene. In the peach looking up. Half naked like you know you don't want to think that like Charlton Heston I look up and I see the statue of liberty is buried. And the senate Democrats have been killing me. Telling me with questions written for them by Russians. Damn them to have. Every single one of the damned and hell. That is absolutely. Beyond the pale. And the problem we have ladies and gentlemen is the people who were doing their us. They're not being exposed we need to investigate the investigators. More importantly your neighbor who thinks it's funny that my family almost went broke because of this. Bogus investigation. Your neighbor. Who thinks that Donald trumps our bullet investigation and his campaign is legitimate they support this. They support. Russian spy is writing questions for Democrat investigators who out to impeach the president of the United States. Because make no mistake that's what this is about. That's exactly what this is about impeaching the president in his state and yet I'm still witness. So. That lasted oh against 34 hours or five hours maybe. And Derek Denis by the way Dennis Rocco did not like the final line of white part of my closing statement we're right where idea. Damn them the hell he said I I don't I don't recommend you do that it. But in my mind there were no senators in the room I was not disrespecting the senate I was disrespecting. A bunch of measles. Who works for the senate that I worked in the United States house representatives for a couple of years in the United States capitol my office was right off the house floor. I know this business. I when I was in the house it was in his eye coordinated press coverage of more than a hundred hearings. I know these hearings I know the slime balls that I was sitting across the table. And by the way the slime ball on the Republican side as well because there were no supporters of Donald Trump in that whole room. The Republican staffers were all anti trump. Amazing to me. The Republicans who control the congress who control the administration. Are being run roughshod. By whack jobs. Who were taking their questions from Russian spice. How was that right. It's not exaggeration ladies and element if your neighbor who bases markets he works for the county is telling you that I'm bull crap he's a lie you're. The raw liars. And these people are using Russian intelligence information to hang the president so. I didn't go to the media that day of our release my statement in the media and it went viral I guess. And I went to. Dennis had to go to a meeting in Florida that might be or not to fly back in the morning resided in new meeting with a smaller team. Believe that that's a busy guy it. So I went to my hotel and I just kind of hit. Eight you know privately disk and just call and tried to sleep I didn't sleep a wink. I'm a fact we wind for us. On. I do not statement. I stated my friend's house the friend of mine who's married to a woman from Hamburg New York dormant high school. Leaned named Lynn Schmidt. Her pop or was the center Bob Schmidt for the Buffalo Bills. When I worked together for Jack Kemp the best quarterback ever in the history. Buffalo Bills in my mind OK okay. But I love the man. I knew Lynn from then and whenever I come in for these hearings Lynn and her husband did man that I stay with. So. I'm with Michael her husband that night who I worked with and loved dearly for many years he also used to work for par on the uniform. Great man been out of this business for thirty. Why he sat down everybody went to bed beside me down the night before the Mahler investigation he said Michael I've got a program for. Is this what we're gonna do tonight. We're gonna eat. The the best meal my wife and me. I'm an invite women to beautiful view Oklahoma McLean Virginia there's such generous people. And bad they have a room they call Mike you're the call that led based when I was a kid these call me spew we have markets he won the tube they call its future credit uncle's view newsroom is there. They're older boys call me uncle spew you. And that's another show I. So Al Mikey Michael says spewing I got up I we got a program for some. Let's get to make a great meal she's a great cook. And they live in this beautiful home aces and that you and I are gonna drink your favorite whiskey. In the show Bill Mueller investigations started the interrogations are bitten new. I was as prepared as I could get Dennis bako was busy result melt could have prepared me for anything more. Hi amber I'm ready for this. Right so we sit down we have a great dinner when the boys go to better than boys go out with the girlfriends or whatever. NIC and I sit down and drink this whiskey I can't pronounce. Shock and shock. And shock him. And it's a Scott's but it tastes like verb and it's really beautiful. And actually got a great Apollo from premier mine from door for after a tribe it's. And we sat there and drink meet. Scotch. In eight. And he said we're gonna watch a movie on it I'm like totally stressed out totally stressed out completely stripped out. I can't even speak and so stressed basically. And he turns on his you know Netflix or whatever. And he brings up the 300. That movie's. Nieces spew you gotta watch this I've never seen before. And so I'm watching this movie a B and if you are not if you haven't seen you gotta see it especially for gonna go into a Office of Special Counsel interrogation the next day I recommend it. If you've got to be drove by the FBI for hours and hours next. I don't reckon with that I don't recommend 300 movie is about the spartans and how they were resist the persians. And an epic battle where there were outnumbered a hundred to one and and they help them offer remarkable amount of time until the road that they were killed all the way down to blast man. And we sat there watched that. And me and hike your rate for the I realize that watch will be a nightly in the days McCain. And every word he said we're just drilled right in the heart soul every word he said. And at one point the queen. Of really mean is what we need to his wife queen caught him as he's departing. Four. The battle and she says to him after telling him four days and days that she didn't want him to fight the these are your going to die. She came to him she said the meetings. She says I'm with you now I'm totally on board she says. Combat carrying your shield or. On it. And that hit me right Micah Wright Annika. Because my wife who has been so stressed for so long. Took me an and has been back and beat Stan politics stay off of TV don't join the trump campaign let us just live a normal life here in east Laura. Just work for your dad. At Ed and his insurance company. Learn to be a normal person stop being such a wild man it's dragging us through the dirt my wife's with me a 100% on everything. But I was not listening tour. For years. And years. The which she dropped me off when she dropped me off at the airport on the way to the senate and Mueller she comes out of our. Our station wagon a walk round of the back in my little girls are in the vaccine to bide your daddy and she grabs me and she tells me. Don't bend your need for anyone. And when I watched that movie. I've realized that my wife was just right. The wife of Lee in the eighties it hit me so hard right in the government she said bring back your shield or be on it. My wife's just I would like she watched the movie. And I was so inspired that that movie reminded me of my wife. I'll tell you what I did right after these messages. Here on news radio 930 WB so yes my wife was inspiring. As anybody. Could have been she reminded me each time a Tony what's the name of the wife of the. Garko gore about to this on the cute she was beautiful shouldn't look like. Anyway that's all it. She's not elect a white Fellini days of the at the buffalo international airport she really inspired me I would and then the the next day. I didn't have much of a hang over shocked and charged in a would have Fritz called. Doesn't leave much of a hangover Mike and I stayed up through the whole movie. And I went to sleep. I still couldn't buy and what I laid down and I Reston. The next day I woke up might mean huge breakfast. And I went powerful. Into the day. Michael drove me for the second day east president of the international division of a major corporation took two days off to be with me. How's that for for an. So he's driving Meehan drops me off. Boxed me out in our spiky it was like she's drop confiscated camp or something you're gonna do fine. Mean Horry drop me off he didn't drop off where the Mahler investigations headquartered he dropped me off at a hotel some put some distance away. Because the Muller investigators. Did not want me to come through the front door because of the fact that meteor hanging around in front in the state cameras or reporters. We don't want anybody coming in to go out to be recognized. And so they picked us up. In a vehicle at this hotel to take this into a private entrance to their offices when but the reporters couldn't see. And you would think they talk they're gonna pick us RP known vocalists have all arranged and that we figured that should open a nondescript van with dark windows and now they showed up with a white late model Dodge Charger. Don't you hear me. A late model car charger. There was forty me in the front seat and Dennis Rocco in the bag being driven by an FBI agent not a driver and FBI agent. And we went across town of several blocks. And our. Actually the FBI agent let me drop my bags of wealth at another hotel. Drove in the hotel to drop off my bags and into the private entrance in the basement in this nondescript building in southwest. DC. And it began. It began. I came in. Through that. Private entrants are some elevators got off the elevator. In some surplus government office space in southwest DC. In the door a few balls that. And you go in the door. And you get into the lobby. Not where there is a receptionist not where there is a table you can pick up mean it's. This lobby is just to Ceres have two wars. Three or four hours each one with a Basra. So you go through one buzzard or into a room with a group of Bonser doors it's like a combination. Of Maxwell Smart. In Alice in Wonderland. Because as I'm standing there looking at these buzzer doors trying to figure which tore the gonna take me through door number one. Door number two. Or door number three and I knew I was gonna be asked which one I wanted to go at. I didn't know what the heck to expect they took away my all my electronics. And we entered into and other skiff another secured area. And they put me. In this room about the size. Of a small. In there was a big start up old. Overused. Government conference table. And CO one side. It was me and Dennis bako. And on the other. Two FBI agents. Like Balkans. In between them and assistant US attorney. Who. Was what is torture. For the next several hours at least that's what I thought. What happened for the next several hours. You might be interest in what talk about that. Right after these messages. I got two minutes. Aren't from. On. I'll tell you. I think. What we'll do let's talk for equipment. About what's on my FaceBook page before good message toward commercial masters I want everybody to go to my FaceBook page there is a video there. I want you to watch this when we're gonna go to commercial message here I watch to see this it looks strange. Because it is strange. Before we go to break a watching it all on note that this is not my house. This is not my house in this media this is someone else's house in another state support actually. This is the house. Of the brother. Of a friend of mine who works for Roger Stone. My friend. Was in town to visit his brother who is mentally. Disabled from a traumatic brain injury crashed on a motorcycle 140 miles an hour in Florida with no helmet. You can imagine the shape he's he can walk he's ambulatory. But my friend was visiting his brother edits and his brother's home. And what you see is what was going on outside this mentally disabled man's home. Sounds strange go to my FaceBook or go to FaceBook noun friend you can need to befriended offset this public see you can see it when I get to this part of a show. You'll get chills down your spine. You read back if these messages here on your radio in my thirty WBE. He goes to people all couldn't. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. News radio 930 WB EN. It's 1037. Year. On beach company Michael Goodwin for sandy beach. I'm just telling a story. I'm gonna take some calls later in the show or appreciable not by have a lot to say. It suggests to an end until on the story of my sit down with the Mahler investigators in the interrogation on mideast second. And my interview regarding. The broke news Russia collusion. Delusions. Again go to my FaceBook. Our friend you if you need to and trying to make it public at all know how to do it and others posting. We're video I want you see before I get to that topic and meet some more lucrative in mean time. There's a video of a car for a house and watches the I know that sounds conspiratorial. But isn't it weird how a year ago fight talked about a car and somebody's house you to set I was crazy. But now what they say here I tell you about my experience you know it's three. So I'm sitting I'm walking into the Moeller and interview them. And sit with me and Dennis bako. In a foxhole. I swear to god ladies and gentlemen if you ever have to go into court interview like this in a foxhole. You take the best lawyer you can find. Flight took Dennis bako. Dennis is really good but a lot of things but this interview. Situation this sit down with FBI and a US attorney prosecutor. Interviewing that is his. That's his home field advantage. He was so comfortable and there. To me I was totally uncomfortable. And all I care tear in my head Tony all I care to hear him. In my head. It. Yeah. Yeah well it. Oh. How do you hold together and that goes through your head over again. That's. Good. And that's when I sit to the senate directly to their faces a senate staffers indeed for right about the same time Tony for hours later sitting down from the most people. Now I can think with telling them. Screw off. I don't sick of it. Is right on sleep. Long on. Burt a long on Scotch. But I had Dennis bako in my foxhole. I felt OK but I have to tell you something weird that something really weird happened as I sent. Every talks about. You know leaders smells you smell things you hear when you're stressed you're a weird environment I smelled my grandmother. No kidding. I smoke my grandmother she has been passed own god bless her. For fifteen years. And she wore this dime store. Cologne poked him every day of her life. If she would mean I was bored little boy and her trailer. In the farm where she lived in Ohio. And wake up on the trail and I'd come out and I'd smell that and I was walking on the hall to the direct to the kitchen. In the trailer. And it just it's migrant. I smelled that for the first time in fifteen years my grandmother. Was a very religious. Very pray that several times a day. Her prayers before every meal work ethic. And she'd let. Even though her husband was our our our family's strength. She was the best soul marked my mother sent him. And she was so religious and she told me over over him as a kid the one thing she told me over and over. Was too old tree. I mean the one thing I remember my grammar Galloway telling me. And her as her from her memory fades a little bit in my mind. Is the value of truth in every situation. I smolder. So the interview began. I realize what I had to do and I knew my grandmother was there. It's a tough. Thing to remember. But the interview started and they were slow to begin with. Very tight quarters no no coffee machine no refreshments they offered water expected in the are reported as well I'll. But that if the but then I wasn't there for a party for sure. The questions were very directed the senate and house questions were all like you know. What were you when Russia who did Jay's work with you know what size issue they're just fish and all over the place and senate intelligence and house intelligence. But Mueller these guys had stacks of paper remember on my left. FBI agent on my right and it PR agent in in the middle a tough. Prosecutor. About forty years old. Good look and look like he'd probably be obese arm current US attorney himself some day probably a politician theory. Theory Democrat in my mind. And a true an absolute and total believer in rushing collusion delusion. I am absolutely certain mind. Interrogator believed that the Russians had fueled the trump campaign. No doubt in my mind but he was completely. Delusional. Because there's not one drop proof. But he's walking me through questions and every question he asked me unlike the house of the senate. They have the answers. They knew exactly. What they're gonna ask. They have all scheduled out they told us not to make dinner plans this was news. Not to make him appointments. Which unabomber because I had somewhere to go. There and ABC news wanted to interview me right you have to be at a car in forming outside. And they would be very disappointed and I couldn't tell them because I had given up on electronics. And I'm like who ammo. But who cares right ours and they are doing fine patriotic duty and so. I'm sitting there going through these questions and it's got a little rhythm to it you know mr. approved so I try to column by us first what's your first name I said he said. My nickname is mister. Z that's called. Wouldn't give these first two FBI agents were completely delightful. The assistant US attorney that was acting as my interrogator. He must have been that. I watched a lot of cop movies he was the bad cop in the good cut bad cops and and at one point oh Dennison told mead that the one thing is all that tell the truth and I have my grandmother on my initial as long as I told the truth. It didn't matter what happened I was gonna walk out of there just I was a witness not a subject nor target. The subject is someone who knows something about a target. That they believe is in our. Gonna be hopeful their first prosecution. Witnesses to somebody who was there and might become a subject of any moment. But. I knew that they were gonna walk me into perjury trap that's what Dennis told me to expect that's what every US former US attorney I work with told me to expect. That they were going to try to track me. Into telling a lie even if it is a small one so they can charge me and forced me to cooperate. And turn. On Roger Stone palm in a four and the president the United States as if there is something to turn over see that's the whole problem here all manner for. Is in is jammed up over things that he did years before the campaign financial crime allegations. Because and they want him to turn over the present in the states. There's nothing to turn over because there's no collusion so Paul's all jammed up with federal or a felony accusations. Seem with. You know Rick gates he's all jammed up now because they want to turn over on Paul because they believe Paul is still hiding something about the president. They're absolutely ruining rely race creating crossings. In order to try to get to the president. Well it became very clear to me. At the new and most important target of the ball investigation as far as I can see because I'm looking at this through strong not apartheid. You know they're talking to Mike or not Donald Trump I don't know everything about this rate I wouldn't know anything about. Obstruction. Our web regarding coal we don't know anything about financial crimes they have none. So that would only ask her about Russian collusion but I might buy at the new target this whole entire thing it comes to might realization there early on in this interview. The director Roger Stone one of my he's my Big Brother. On my best. You've heard me or you hear on the radio many different times Roger is brilliant he's also provocative. And he's really gotten in their heads because he's been calling this a witch hunt for a year. Roger already notified as a Warren he's been spied on for months probably a year or more. According to New York Times defies a worn out on him. So he came became clear that it was all about Roger. I think talking about Paula talking about Michael Cohen the popular re. Gates talked me not all about the president or states or his family. That's funny to me this was via Russian collusion trump campaign and nobody neutral. Is it being our mapping has any questions. And then something happened in June. Right about. An hour and a half into the interview. I soul. I heard it. It was there. They asked the first question. And what I thought would be a series and what Dennis bako had warned me. Was a trap to try to meet meet perjured months ago. The first of a series of questions came up. We'll talk about that we get back after these messages here in news radio 930 WP. Michael computer or your news radio 930 WP yen in four sandy beach you'll be glad to hear that he's back tomorrow. Our day off today for him he got me sit men. At 1055. Almost eleven I knew when I set damage here to tell the story. That was an oblique in that time was going to be on and it is flying embark and I promise you I'm try to get this call balls at the end. But I airport tell you about my time before the Muller investigation them. On May second in the days after that. If you just tune in then you've you may not know warn him I'm not that. Household were both were anywhere else I'm just a political a Republican from what corporate work for trump. Andy's got dragged into this Russia collusion. Delusion. Investigation. And had to do before the senate and house and then again after the senate intelligence committee on May second of the smaller investigations. Why I left off wars. I was enduring you know what seemed to be good questions directed questions questions that they clearly knew the answer to before we asked them. They would pick up a sheaf of papers. With a question written on the outside paper. Underneath the question was a stack of papers. And they would look at stat that bush tours through papers underneath the cover sheet and then go back for the cover sheet while they. Prepared to ask the next question could be of little boy you know 67 seconds between each question. And they put pushed back to the cover sheet and asked the question should. I'd answer may move on put that chief of papers down a grandmother she. FBI agent on my left front army and FBI agent Amare right in front of me and assistant US attorney will call mister Z. Could even though I could tell you who these people were. I'm not supposed to interfere with the investigation I'm already pushing the edge of the envelope telling you this story. But now all that 6250. People stood up and donated fifty dollars to each or less. Two of or legal the legal fund. Callable Michael completely legal fund. Cheered by. David Bell or via Dave DiPietro robbery ago helped along by people like Tom buy hourly. And others. I don't have to worry about what these guys ask anymore because just like my grandmother told me just like there's Spock on my attorney told me. You were out of this place if you just tell the truth. I didn't have any feeling. There I was in trouble. Well they are trying to hang me. I just wanted to make sure they were called everything that I could possibly recall recall correctly and say. Seek safe completely and ladies and John if you think telling the truth under those circumstances it's easy. It's not. It's exhausting. Because every word out of your mouth. Could lead you into a bad spot if you don't choose him carefully and correctly. You may intend on spec speaking the truth. All the way through but if they asked the question in the clever manner you could be released group. Dennis Rocco from that this Mathis had told me to look out for. A perjury trap this is what they do Dennis was a US attorney here in buffalo was New York attorney general so he worked with the FBI quite a bit US attorney. In this region. He knew what these interviews are about as I said earlier if you wanna see somebody completely comfortable a fish. In warm water. Quite got to do is look at Dennis bako in an interrogation. Like this. He was absolutely and it's Alter. He didn't speak up much a lot and we just told me to keep my answers short and complete. Don't be overburden them with context is. Everybody who's listening who knows me and my wife especially in my family know the Iowa of the talk. So. I'm gonna tell you about. It's it's like walking up and seeing the trip wire to a trap. Our military right after these messages I swear. Don't move. Don't touch that dial we're right back at these master. Yes but it's 11 o'clock did you not win a thousand dollars last dollar. Guess what you got another chance the 11 AM word. Jacket and CK ET check it texted to 7881. For your chance at. One grand.