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Sandy Beach
Friday, November 10th

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to beach and company here on news radio 930 WB and his 1108. Here in the studios of WB and in beautiful downtown Amherst New York. We're talking veterans today and I actually have on the line here one of the busiest guys on the planet on veterans day. And it's a very big day for veterans and their for a very very big day. For the Department of Veterans Affairs. A lot has gone on at the par returns a fierce. In already in the top administration we've seen. Even under the Obama administration there was reform going along. And I wanted the veterans were listening and a week before border callers I'm gonna get to you as soon as I get off with Kurt cash our. Kurt is the Press Secretary. Of the Department of Veterans Affairs Kurt thank you so much for for joining us here on WB Ian. Well Kurt I know what that much is cart right to the chase we heard some horror stories about. The Veterans Affairs Department during the last administration and no they were trying to work their work general part of fixing it them but it can you tell us about some of the the positive things that it happened at the department. Haas in the new administration. Sure. What I've been working in the veterans paid for about five years now and that is one of the most exciting time of which. Whether we're talking about bill signed into law reforms instituted by BA. There's been more progress in the last nine months on veterans issues and we've seen at any point in recent history. I think that is really a credit to the strong leadership of president trump and secretary schalken. Well the hard work dedication of lawmakers congress and VA employee. And so what does that look like well this year the president and congress have enacted five major pieces of legislation. On a range of issues and veterans' issues including accountability. Whistle blower protections choice in health care. Educational benefit and appealed modernization. Well you know I think from our perspective at least from the public's perspective we heard a lot of vote. Problems in the end it in the health care with veterans. And we saw a lot of people staying in lines and in fact secretary shock and was part of the solution before became secretary infected. I wonder and those. The veterans veterans wives and children and and the mothers and fathers of vets who need health care today. What have we done to make sure those those long lines and terrible problems. That existed before are are mitigated in and and a dealt with. So what secretary schalken is overseeing. That BA is the largest transformation and modernization effort and it history. And as part of this effort BA is tackling head on those issues that you just mentioned. The some of these things that have linger for years including and here's what we're doing to address or increasing accountability. For employees and protecting whistle blowers. And so in June president trump signed into law BA accountability and what's more protection act. In May secretary schalken at Ellis that BA office of accountability and what's more protection. VA recently became the first agency to post information. On employee disciplinary actions on the line. You can go online you see how BA is holding people accountable one response these problems. Another thing we're doing is improving transparency. Customer service and continuity for veterans. Or posting online wait times for every one of our medical centers across the country. You can see them access to care. The eight out out. And we've updated them on a weekly basis. No other health care system in the country statement. In June secretary shall announce that BA would adopt joint electronic health record integrated across all departments than. NBA all components. And that there really are so seamless transition between BA and B yeah. Also increasing suicide prevention and mental health care effort. By standing actor that'll help here are some Obama Walt Becker. Those are folks who are out. Altered and are there services. And we're maximizing resources where we're doing that like disposing of 438. In building one month. Up more review at numbers 784. Under utilized that. I'd been permanent. Deficiencies can be but these initiatives are projected at about 23 million dollars. That's something you know. I know you you're you're due to the position you've been involved in veterans' issues for a long time bureau also. Military government a veteran of combat as well you were you were army service Kurt was. Yeah I Serb by the years in the army and about 27 months and mentally fifteen month and Barack stationed in Baghdad. And the veterans issues are personal to me. Com and veterans day I think for us to NBA is that under reflect on the sacrifices of those. The worn the uniform but it also assassinations that were serving those suits certain. And I I think really when it comes to veterans day. You know we can never reach eight gratitude we tore veterans but that doesn't mean that we should stop trying. And so that's what we're focused on is really reforming the organization and the one that truly worthy of the veterans destroyers serve. I'll tell you as a veteran and I was like thinking about where I might work if I were to go into the minute and into an administration. One of the top slots would wanna go to his right there at the view you were at ground zero Kurd and and I know that you're you're working also with the other veterans guys I know that don't David broad view knows. John Elliott John Wagner this I would start you know just real group of veteran stars are there. And if you really respect the great work you're doing thank you so much that. Really appreciate I think. Is look it's no secret that he gave an organization that suffer from serious problem. But undersecretary. Joe Cannon president truck or tackling these issues at all and that's really the best approach to to making progress. And we know DA. Scrutiny that comes with the territory but we welcome. Because we know it helps make is better. That are doing things like posting wait times on why hospital quality data is on life. Disciplinary action as well. It helps us hold ourselves accountable and helps us improve our services for America's veterans lot of lot. Ways today's your day and or agency's day and I know you celebrated. And a lot of different ways at the VA's so. I want to thank you for suspending a few minutes with a to catch us up as to what's going on the view Lotta people listen and our participants in the system. And a lot of us are very appreciative of hard work to do Kurt thank you very much and have a happy veterans in agree weekend. It. Thanks you're very good the so we're going to be right back after this message on taken every single caller. Here are news radio 930 WBE. Might open and for sandy beach here on beach company. We're talking veterans day today eagle three over the restarting through your cellphone I just a couple of things I've heard Terry from. Texas. Who called about an hour ago. I just booby he's in a signed up one would be a part of defending my country. And suddenly boom 9/11 happens I'm over in in the Middle East. And I'm looking at the map and see where there send me and he sees that it's it's the deadliest place on earth. That's from the network. And then one day somebody shot and RPG at me. And it was rock and roll for a year. Can you imagine that. Everything you were your move or wife is leading to this. And also new were and a in the valley of the shadow of death. And then boom at all just blows up and it's keeps blowing up for twelve months. I mean. I signed up for that stuff and I you know. I just can't imagine Terry from Texas in his body would know what to say to. And then and then go via on the year Pierce's. Talk brought a better many people he called betterment were killed all around him in the somehow he walked out in the and he said. And year war hero. And you get to feel awkward for the rest your life. Amazing stuff. Amazing stuff really he has. Mama Lois and I direct the callers we got a four border calls and let me see each year. Deep mid DiPietro. Thanks for call me and are you due Wednesday. Don't grade I'm like what a great day and god bless people like David Bell the and so these merchants say. They are they really shine a light on this country and it made the great country it is it's it's also not not appreciate my dead little World War II vet. In just appreciate. Everything these people have to go through. Are you or you're doing something out and aren't out in Wales this week and for veterans right yeah. Tomorrow. Look Clark will total well over great ceremony. Our veterans at every turn whether it for the July whether the veterans day. It's it's every day hill degrade a little ceremonies are there. I'm so honored to Gloucester. Well for every event into moral amusing or going through the bottom outs I bridges and roads program. Which is to name bridges and quotes in my district. After fallen veterans and anyone can participate if you know what veteran. You're scared someone you know and who could have been killed in an action. Or orders to go out to be an election but is deceased they cannot. Be put on a road or bridge and we're gonna start meaning bridges and roads are veterans. And this is. Directly to honor our veterans I don't ever want this country the way it's going now I don't ever want our country we get what made us great. And how important these people are who protect us led the tournament starting tomorrow in my district but it's going nations. Statewide. First of January as others. Have or want the template and they're gonna do it. Other all other lawmakers. Yeah that your your mom's got restore your mom was very very active. In gold star. Are in Tulsa little bit about the fact I know you you were participating. With your mother in these gold star activities. And it was kind of beyond the fact your milk veterans in your family. That those Wear what she did for that the families of the fallen was really important to you. My mom took what part let's put. The blue star memorial program that's right. It's blue star memorial program for veterans got a contract. All those little markers. How we markers. Are split did you see all over. In every town pretty much lauer on what you're working way. Well that's ultimately local garden clubs who might well look great didn't want function. Unless you've been here in the look at local he's been there and work if you look it's political couple years. You can run well on the national. And I was August reaching a coconut coaxed. Well Charlie to blue star memorial workers who we who did underworld on or off or not all of it really awful and they are. A lot warmer I don't want to Orchard Park you label I don't know what you are. One of those what could important. And particularly with parliament the critical if people couldn't come out there. For about Google. If you wanted to go there marker that we count if you could also. Let rescue school where. She would greater with the growth that's a double oracle them. We'll take. Let me tell these things are really important and if people see these passive remembrances that veterans were there. That signs on the side of the road for road being named for a bad about it or bridge. Or lower and you know your mother's devotion to our auto and veterans with markers. At certain spots along highways. If we don't have these subtle kind of pass or reminders. Of of our in our our our responsibility to honor. Of those who sacrificed for this nation if we don't have those and we see the way our country's going today. We're getting less and they're taken these during the National Anthem at that and an NFL games and watch it's gonna happen on veterans weekend as well. Thank you very much for dictating in doing. What you're doing with these markers and these naming ceremonies. And where you're gonna be can you remind us we're going to be tomorrow what time. Well Carl park little corny yea about a mile of war. 1 o'clock it was in the media more than chronically someone you don't want to shout out for her buck for coffee Korean War about. Who put myself in there a lot the got. They'll do little little turmoil partners. If we do a quick little out of the great little it always comes delicacies are not good weapon and how old cook conquered just about. And now he's. Yeah I'll call them. Octave thank you very much you have a great weekend I'll I'll I'll be seeing you later I guess. So ladies and of Dick Davis DiPietro summoned from the south towns they thanks Roy duty honor vets we appreciate it. Thank you want to work thanks man I wanna go right to the phones here no we got a few minutes ago directly. I can't see your name on the board but you were Korean War vet Paul thank you Paul and you're Korean War vet. I don't all mope or Mario grandfather he's Serb or what war managerial multiple harbored some settlement. 1940 want it in my little gave us out in Asia. I'm calling it's not competent big Bolivian set. I need them or not guilty I bet that's all that's saying quite match how many times. And that's why we have that. Missing in action play it for me my war has never and my war continues against the mainstream media. Inca sort of that missing in action flag. I'm sitting in my house 1989. October 1989. And seen a 32 news broke that it lacked in the morning at CBS. Concerning agent and that will change and hope these like that may now. Ten Mitchell Chang poll. 49 years at that 49 years now I hated missing in action. Lucas is alive this thing an action which gave them more can be floating to the south each and what can itself. After half a century. Of captivity. Now that should have been news headlines all across this nation. And unlike in April the Korean War not the Vietnam War. Not Vietnam War. They should've been Michael Bolton on his face and step that was the only thing after that thirty seconds we're at 3 o'clock in the morning not. No outs I don't at all. It was a South Korean military officer. Okay yes you and Korean military Australia's help cap the no up north and you'll go for the battle well computer that's human intelligence. I'm probably are kept the still being held up there in North Korea almost approaching just trolley is due traditionally historically been turned a blind eye to. Now that you admire all the part of this management operation had been pressed exposes. I would like to see fox news network. Get some holes some electrons fossil and they came over there and get all the chemicals. And they because he's probably not alive now they buried it. And you're exposing on the assembly of what they are obsolete Tolkien. The last rumor we gala Tenet cultural Chiang called worse on Campbell womb renting the true that he was deeply site at or B one Bob Dornan. Well what they expected briefing is do. We the American people read that you need to know whatever happened this guy and it Joseph Chang now. Just a centrist and Paul and and the ballots are and there's been about don't reach a peace from the brought. On the Korean War to come out all four million as of yet not Americans. That's amazed at my age fake. Sites like Michael. Hey Paul thanks for your thoughts thanks for your comments thanks reservist. We're talking veterans today at the WB and 8030930. Starting things off 030930. Architects work. Gives the call we're going straight to the phone callers. Right after these messages. Yeah. Who's. And last. Because we're. I'm. Ladies and gentlemen. News radio 930 W and speech and company sandy beaches Al though Michael Goodwin for sandy here 1137. In the studios of WBE NN. Beautiful downtown Amherst and go right to the phone interview and hang in on very patiently talk about veterans today are you a vet. If your father vet your son of that. And I what is this day mean to you will go directly to the people who hang in on the longest. And the EC. Juno and in buffalo how are. I'm Michael thank you so much for doing. They show us. The deep appreciation. EU in debt. David did not all of the people of this if there. Probably in the practice my story was changed when. My boys. Grew up in the sixties. There were no in this with you know during the time that Vietnam. There were no guns toy guns platinum mine has. If if my boy had been very active in the sixties I would. We'll leave appeared to drag in Canada I would have meant is that he has a military. Person. Having said that it. You can. Appreciate the total fuel light that I experienced. One and a military group. When my son and I at the end of my son junior year. Felt. You know I believe in taking him in and out. We brokered. A deal. You know the priority was that my ankle line to college in hand felt. And activation if he did feel and it felt he graduated in politics to bring up its claim that it has kept. When asked to be awarded these are royalty these talent it just means that kind. Cell. At the end of as his colleagues cheered. He hit five years old in during the period he elected to make the military. His life and he wanted to become a pilot. Though he went act on it to earn his wing is. Holbrooke pilot in the Marines. Was deep blue played seven times I bet those kind. In Iraq and what when and and his career. In the leader of his lagging. When he retired in 2009. The membrane of his black and respected him so much. Did they constructed. A Mac out of the inside of the hole for a big helicopter. Alt and control and everything. And they awarded him with him why shouldn't add to his extensive. The collection. So long story short. Dunn hit then retired from two the nine in his blind man to serve his country in another way. Working through that Defense Department and singing marine. And down and get them wet AM I say you know paramilitary nobody. Could ever ever understand agree to sacrifice a lot of their country it takes a very special person. But Atlanta Golan that they take a dairy. That's so I'll. Two in dual or. Many deployment in terms of my son that in deployment. I want to ground. I know my daughter in law on eighteen and kept all of the otherwise out of military people and I thank you for doing the show. Well John it's interesting that you went from being in a fairly anti military anti Vietnam War. To the mother of veteran I served his country for an entire career. Did it change the way you look at the military. After literally it changes the way. I look at my country is currently out. And again I totally believed. They get it takes a very special person to serve their country and Jack and loved what he did doing. He was sick leave with in danger period all of his deployments. Course a cobra plan. Black again. I am so grateful. To be attractive and Donald Trump. Who support their military she genuinely. Support in respects prior military it is so refreshing to me and it fell uplifting. Well thank you so much for your car it was a really meaningful call John thank you so much like a best wishes and when I go directly week. Let me see here Kazaa people can hang around so long tongue in cheek to walk thanks for hanging on. Yes I was in the navy back in Vietnam. Remember her make content old and I Agent Orange now but most shipmates mostly bad but it was one of the lucky ones. On the you have PerkinElmer you know what it means. Nothing Mike. Mullen thanks and pain all night off. But obviously excellent. And then. The computer models called retired marine colonel get creative powers letter to and after all commissioner. I saw. It uniformly good so we'll tell listeners. Well it hops about. He had fourteen threatens to weigh their lifeless bodies laying on the ground that flag. You know. It got a lot of what it is I'm. Yeah can your money said that the name of the officer again it's it's something worth Google. It's shortly a power is yours Oprah almost made it I'm at and it's title. I'm worrying. Every letter to and I tell you. And but I anyway. I'm a doctor and I kept PSC and whatever and I've got puke biases and employees and in the making Iran where street dangerous. Kind of gotten older I've had shorter chasing Russian trawlers in short Barton and outs but I'm. And Tory said they never had the opportunity. Like people out of my hand out while I may sound crazy. I hear that don't feel that we watch a key house. Well you know bill via soda on the on the radio earlier he said. In a government he thinks he used would betterment and other men died. And somehow you walk out of it and your war hero indeed get to feel awkward the rest of your life. You know something happened today. I had tears. That means you know this week we had short armor album. Art and kill 140. He's a black minister not so let me tell you something if what you tree you'll probably be. Us. Well Tom thank you so much for your call and thank you for your service. And I have a good weekend remember this one's about you. And I won't be right back. After these messages. Here on news radio 930. WEB. Michael who perceive the beach it's been a great great morning I'm glad to be here some texture at 30930. Here's said so sandy gets a day off in your make an army veteran work on the on veterans day. Well I actually volunteered Jews Hitler wanna detritus of encourage conversation about it would mean to be a veteran people like you people who lurks at serve like my friend Yves. Who still serving are down in the South Korea. Right now preparing for what we hope never happens. Talked to David Bell via. About what it will how awkward he fuels now if he's called a better. War hero with so many many new wells who died in car wreck. We talked to David DiPietro who did not serve but he and his family have for many many years. Our bid honoring veterans. Another text her 3932. Excellent. My 77 year old father's Vietnam vet my brother nice both served in desert storm. And my youngest brother who is still active duty has done for two hours in Iraq and Afghanistan ladies and gentlemen. That as him as a family of American heroes. Whole week. What a legacy of service that's actually from Greg he Texan I'm sorry. He tweeted that it via direct message you can follow me on Twitter at Michael mark Prudhoe or on FaceBook. Own. Packet heading in the right to the phones here. Barbara and alma. Love Obama I don't Barbara. In my college lifted me just finally. On Ankara that came true in every unit and obviously M and a veteran and I. My brother who. Electric truly truly been. Yet which killed paid before he was due to conclude that we got to inquire. A flyer. Yeah. He touched my place and I am. It and and the net string. Boy to join debris crack. We. Probably years. He and he did you just did drink Serbs that they had. Active duty it was starting to know I can and should. And I think. But that kid to have forgotten. It and my dilute climate. He. Shut it actually he is released traveling cracked. Actually knocked straight out he was diagnosed with. Kind of move and religion. Out of course out at. And the activities. Over the and if ivy. And he had. That I've always that would inhibit the physical condition. Well yeah court isn't it can't keep. The record for a fact. And that doesn't I didn't tell her treatment to their eyes. It's kind of an excellent condition. And it took me has just read it since I need to move. That puts it there are forty years ago. Of being Katie because she did get conservative connected disability. That he would they would not allow him to come home because they said. He recorded 20% and care and in and I listen that they were doing anymore and it put him in under. And he wrote if he he's picture yourself. When they did that. In people typically. It now how do you see if he didn't call. And they were if you are 56 years old and he's got but the place. With a bunch of people who are a lot older than you would have don't know dude the matter where they act would you be happy. Well you know. I'm in Iraq contribute Bhutto and get right. If you get it dedicated to the Marine Corps. He's got so many things that really that Marines credit related. And I don't know if you know our accrued chip Reid catches than you are. Cool. I didn't get it election. Tell me out it's true. And they're not being I would then like Kim. Who. Had. In fact they are truly correction. I have to play a little bit the tip of the day. Presided would create care for him both really. I don't know well we wished Aaron. Had he not been. A lack of service connected disability. I bet that's been but I think that absolute aid that this man who is it. And I'll relate true. I have never heard him say why me. Our. Poor me. You know he's he's I would in and I'm sure it and he blew it anger is perfect. It's just sit back and he has his big epic. And three quarters include adding instead. And now. Yeah Ali these organizations. That that reach out to that. I really need to do a little investigating it. Accumulation. And wept as bad. You know there they would do is probably bad mental capacity. That kind of thing. I mean he's my hero a child in several years ago. That he truly is but here. And we. He's my year to. God bless you and your family sun. Care thank you much it's. We just don't have time for more calls I have full border calls people wanna talk about the death of him that's a power. I just. Amazing which in our. We probably still have called him that when this show every years got to be. One of the most crowded and talk and I'm like gosh amazing. I'm proud to be Rivera more proud of veterans like David don't via. And others who served in combat. That the men like the marine we just heard the story of recent. And in an elderly home because his body so rampant with service related disability. You know every single one of us who serve in the military a preacher raised concerns that I do and I fueled. Oddly like it's more about the combat veterans and it is about me I just. You know with the the military gave me so much it. It got me trouble it's straighten me out I mean by the time I would and as a juvenile delinquent and when the wind at the end. Of basic training it was all. And I got to tell you if you'll if you don't know what you're doing in your life right now as a young person. If you're not quite sure what you wanna do. Take a look at the military. Take a look at the military because I I signed up in the infantry and then one day I grove the command sergeant major transferred me. Today army public relations office where work with great people. And I found a career. I mean the American military has given so much to me. And I'm so proud of being better and I know you were prior to being a veteran and proud of being your husband your son or daughter. Happy veterans day buffalo. It's about every single one of you who serve. And thanks for spending veterans day with an eighty Michael group Michael Caputo. And for sandy beach are featured company. I'm signing off now sanity back with you next week. Have a great weekend buffalo.