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Sandy Beach
Friday, November 10th

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to beach company here on news radio 930 WPE and it is ten. 081008. Here and what we downtown Amherst New York or the cold cold winter's day. Today's deal of debate from my buff Oprah is a fifty dollar certificate took part we've prime steak house. Niagara Falls for just 25 dollars. Enjoy prime aged stakes grow to perfection seafood in vegetarian options and much much more. At parkway prime steak house get yours now at buffalo Burke who buffalo perks. Dot com buffalo Burks if that's. That's. See I wanted to write the phones here. With this right now is David Bolivia you guys all know him from his. After show. Burn baby David Bell would be. Here here here only a super veterans would have their birthday. Officially observed on veterans day. Had a birthday Dave are you don't want. I do greatly awful bird instead of what was said buffalo works which is even worse to. It does he makes those it's. The buffalo does or. But I wanna tell you I have a very much perished at thank you for your servers and you know when I first met Michael Caputo. One of the first conversation we had was the difference between memorial and better. You know there's always that awkward. Thank you your service and Memorial Day today you know better days David you go any person who put the uniform on. And now we thank them but I believe he also rule thanks to their families because how much the experience is adored by. Gambling maverick when when loved ones join the military. Yet it's it's interesting Dave I mean I've I've talked and we got some people on the line. We were and ask him every listeners. Were in over veterans what made them go into the military you know. You you actually win your your your path to military is different from mine went from juvenile delinquency to. Brought to court to the military to the United States every UN and in a little bit are you a little older than. I scored. They don't ever know it's funny when when you're in the in the military you know people I think forget that that actually what an option that they judges would give people. That you know it if you got into trouble it was pretty much do you got to go to jailer or join. Our post Vietnam that was a real thing in the modern era. Not so much I think these you know bit the standards have been have been adjusted slightly but. You were yeah I was I was out of college and you know it was just one of those things where the color lay up it was before 9/11. And I'll just looking at it as you know this a great opportunity to you're mature and become a man in and and just get you know get things in proper perspective and yeah it's what I did then of course after 9/11 or any change in things got real serious real fast and every tree men. You know foreign debt that they were called upon to do their job their country. You know our our motivation. When I decided when I wouldn't that we wasn't just that no option thing I. I did and didn't have much of an option but I also was excited to win because what motivated people that have in my era. Was. Via the embassy in Tehran. We were all extremely upset about it and even all my body's back in big tree and you know we it was and we it was on our minds even though we didn't think much about politics or watch much news. Everybody was worried about the in the hundreds of Americans who were being held wasn't how I don't know how many people were there. Do you remember a note I Kevin Germany was one of the guys who held captive by the Iranian students. And it made her re very very upset and it was among my motivation I want to go to race and that's why I won one and a of one of them Mitt Uncle Sam to drop me and rains like to kick some butt. You know. I was a senior in high school and I was in my. Library little new York and I saw Bill Cleveland in Somalia October banditry and Bill Cleveland. Was I think I'm super six war. He was city crew chief out of Blackhawk that would shut down remotely be cute they dragged to a Cleveland lifeless naked body suit street. A Mogadishu's black pickup truck and they showed a lot on CNN and I remember. Being physically. Just. I would love polls that it was happening. I was disgusted by the Stanley that he would but I was more upset that nobody else in my immediate circle in this library Politico. Well as adult chat at all and I remember thinking to myself I wanna want to the recruiting office I wanna chewing immediately after high school. And I don't doubt of course now by the weight too is also the Marine Corps birthday right. It's also the birthday of are all shook regulator who just passed away. And it's super day of Jason Dunham who received the medal of honor Iraqi troops Iowa New York. Works in your native arm but one of the reasons I joined the army was because I worked in once and never return and I walked into a Marine Corps dropped. And nick and at this station commander it down in. Outside of downtown buffalo. Where the station still if he asked me if I thought I would man enough to have a birthday this in data in cork who who. Duplicate task I've got a public accountant sick yeah of course I'd already been worried and kick me out of office said that the long answer. And I joined the army. That his treatment that they. Turned. Oh boy judge and but why put have been so different you know. I ordered out illusion. Yeah you wouldn't you know I thought it was funny Dave I was. I would I was and I guess right before I left like this past this week to go to new York and Washington. I got interviewed by. Australian television. Offer document and they're doing on the Russia investigations. And they've flown crew in from from Australia they're going to interview people around the states they've set up at the rate croft in East Aurora. I was talking to this guy. And I Andy's he said you know I think guys are used to interview. And Fallujah lives around here. And assured off he had he was talk about the rebel via. And I told me I said your offices. Forty blocks away you could walk there you know he goes to go visit Dave I tried to talk him into it that he has run on the schedule. But you view it. Porter at the time that's what Michael ware who's Australian. And if you look for time magazine so that I remember that that documentary series well. I have it for Michael ware at a known as the mean even trailed by police probably. In Kazan I know the stories you told me but his his videos on YouTube about your service. Michael ware if you look up if you need if you Google YouTube I'm sorry if you search on YouTube. Under David dolby there's one that was done by Australian television journalist Michael ware which you guys got to see. It David when you decided he wanted to run for congress. There was a primary with Chris Collins. And I sort of looking into of course I read your book house to house. A memoir of war and then and I went and looked at all the coverage of your heroism in Iraq. And look I know you pretty well I think for listeners here know you are your humble person you don't. You don't throw where your service on your sleeve but and you win and you didn't go winds to be a war hero. You win in. You know to start a career. And I wonder because I don't have the I mean it was I pulled the listeners before I've spent most my time and are looking to replace the map. Which are worth what would with the military feels like in peacetime. But your service really you mean it was really distinguish you among your peers and you came back to the United States. I hero. And I want to tell me I mean as a as a kind of unassuming guy what does that how does that impact. Well I mean first of all thirteen years ago today. You know we had the battle Fallujah where in victory. It's it's such an incredible. You know what when your vicious like the Normandy beach for our generation that Kutcher it was a Marine Corps navy air force Coast Guard every bridge some risk. Ever want to go to an old testament anything. Of military age. You take it out I mean we'll never quite a battle like debt because of the tremendous casualties that we can and delta that resulted because of door Cleary an entire city decided Tampa Bay quarterback. You know it's it's it's pretty good on people what can take. You have such an incredible. Up until Fallujah I was pretty much in control of everything that I've found myself feeling good on the battlefield. And you get this false sense of you know I trust my guys and I'm an American and I had access to incredible technology incredible men and women. And everything you're gonna go my way. Because you know we're Americans on the battlefield. And when you realize that no matter how great our technology laser bombs satellite bombs cruise missiles. A guy you know how machine gun by the door it doesn't matter if your delta force and the peace deal if your bat man. So one is getting shot there machine gun is gonna win every single time. And it's all humble and then when you. Our only recognized. Because you came out. And you know guys as Serb 26 years wearing insurance. Four degree you know for deployment and the contents don't multiple declaration multiple purple heart and they didn't. And and the only reason why you're recognized is because for some reason the bullet hit the sappy plate and didn't hit my head. It is just it's the strangest thing in the world I mean. Yeah they should feel awkward for the rest your life be like all he did was survive. And your friend didn't and yet. You know people wanna that they they wanna put someone on a pedestal and it's like they've put get a lottery system and I don't know how you're supposed to feel because it's you don't feel and sing because. I'm still deal what law and their collective guilt. And other people wanna celebrate. You know the fact that you just walk. It's interesting I never heard it described it before being at war hero. Makes you feel awkward for the rest your life. That's amazing. Interest in David David Bell via ladies and gentlemen very busy day for him to you could. Catch him here on WB and three to 7 PM every single Monday through Friday and hourly impala via. Thanks reservist David thanks for your memories and your and your thoughts on this this holiday it is one that we celebrate right in this is not one anymore. Absolutely it's it's a day at Thanksgiving celebration that we still make patriots that's C. You are America and their neighbors are more important than themselves it's beautiful day. It is. Congratulations happy veterans they gave broad release in general we right back after these messages here on news radio. I'm thirty WB and Michael who enforcing Indy beach today here on beach companies have to be back on Monday. On your news radio 930 WP and it is 1045. We're talking veterans day but when our wanna hear from birth why did you go in what does it feel like to you now to beer veteran North Hollywood. When I was in I I was always complaining and you know I think a lot of risks and part of being in the army's. If word how to and completely you know complaining becomes an art form. There's a lot of hurry up and wait but I look back on it now and I wish I had taken better advantage of the opportunities. Of the military but I'm far more proud. Of being a veteran that I ever really was being a soldier it was kind of an odd. Balance of things that I wanna talk through it Terry in Texas here or it. Tomorrow. There they won't I doubt it though it's hard act to follow that. They've got it there. You're you serve in the military now. Is that. I know they're out there from June 2000. September 2000 and I had the good military gotten basically. Nineteen that the pattern and I don't wanna do. I don't know how old liar where amber at the united state wherever the heck are the ones make sure that oh there be a bit. You know hope and her it would ever needed to eat little bit I don't know like thirteen months later would you not let that. I. Yeah it definitely you know eye opener and I remember him a real big fight with my dad and my iron because they want me make it their job. Not want to be on our mind and wherever I'm needed to be out of my bat an entry here to remember what is something like that. I'm my recruiter at the outgoing. And though he he hear that way. And not not warrant quarter rally candidate. What what would work out the beat her or want it meant to direct. Up order ramadi in September 2000 inquiry what part of a global sport that we've got a body September 2003. And kinda. Kind of crazy you know like when you're 18. You know you go from acting you're out here your body and everything. Well kind of arrogant during narrator whatever. Tell us what you think that Rangel at the debt right yeah they're doing great picnic and I met a world where it is crazy now. Reality kind of sit back. But never a mutt and a dependent on it came out October 30 will hurt anybody or not heard yet. From that point forward. Or while Obama it was just rock and roll map out and I'm. Not rob Dumont about it is in my app and a stick with it that. Bad but when my doubt on that marketing guy that I work let alone being involved. In the situation in that we learned. It never in doubt that you look like but these young guys that never comes down there. Well what might hurt then it will require that at the end of the day that they mullah. Combat veteran what agreed. When you are about it you let you know. Be not be cliche here on that a guy you know and let the impression I get. And you know they'll they'll don't there are about that did it pretty much it billion light completely or. You can't. There's no way to replicate that not not that I would want in certain at. I don't know but I'm glad I'm a lot of people get into Vietnam it I'm saying well you know I'm glad it gave me. And a lot of repeat what a lot of appreciation. Green mile and here they. Well. Terry were we have to go to break I don't even think I have a question Korea. That's most amazing recitation. Man thank you for your serve. As amazing. Yeah. Terry thank you so much that's what it's about ladies and gentlemen what I won't join in because you wanna serve. And then wow he gets thrown in the mix off. Terry do you don't like you live. Thank you very much like. We're right back after these messages ladies and gentlemen here on WB and the military. Calls. Then the. Welcome back to impeach a company. It is 1037 here chili buffalo today. But we got some sought out there. We're all used to this. Newsreel 930 WPA we're talking veterans 8030930. Starting their news or from 30930. Is our attacks on. If you just two shy. But it gives a call on top of I've got a lot of thought mark caller on right now gonna pick from right at the start what Franken wins or frank how are. Great ate my collect many lukewarm deadpan. That's my favorite book that. Yeah it's a good one did this at the I've I've always I've always found it before and in answer to. He won LA city wisdom pick your record. And thought about the early part of what that what the veteran Q about. To go where they epic go what they had to do. The opportunity I'll. Did the moderated because that he's in the private sector and them that it is that what this guy by those guys do it is debating tonight an act. I could they would speak your mind that point it's as if you don't mind I'm in BC news world news tonight it is Lou and yet I soldier. And not let them. Afghan bid and I would kinda been reached a lot and I'm wondering Michael. What he's still doing like. To read it they. Hiding fighters while. Come to America after they. I don't think you're magically retirement due earlier. All the power to get the satellite and a yeah. That nuclear and whenever I mean it's still intact with a rifle but I know were accurate with that. Couple that with you later it's 00 require. It depends who is like getting it definitely reassessed what we're doing. All over the world to bring it back a little bit like I don't do that and. Well that's that's a lot of what the president has promised some and he doesn't do that front doesn't do that. With. It just criticism flippant remark and mats he truly believes in the fiber of his every fiber of his being. The that we are definitely involved wars that we should not be involved and he's speaking out on these issues for decades. And I think he's gonna start bringing our people home you know. It's. You know I I think. We talk about sacrifice that they are just the person goes and analysts or goes through and officer training. Set the prices so much there's also the guys like me who who both the country gave me so much you mean. I walked in there very undeserving. Team. And juvenile delinquent. And they trained me they gave me your careers they gave me I mean. I would and does admit perjury and I'd just I'd I'd somehow or another found mice often though and the generals. Public relations office. Am an and off I went for thirty years. If I have not had that army experience I don't know what I would have even any private sector experience. Like I particularly about my father because he would anger at what city OTC program. And actively opened career he wanted to spend it. The building on getting a lot to each had been I didn't wait okay well you know spoke about his service at all until. Just before he died at university put together this book but what they. ROTC student stated in their service or secretly at. I was six east. Story of what he did in Korea. And without repeating it. I real loud about the world were true maturity and you'd like to write yeah look at some. He was just some cute frank. He was just some kid. And what some kids can do it's amazing. Oh. And I still wouldn't. Thousands upon about the Korean people. They don't cut it did not work there. I did it ever in ever talked about it ever. And it didn't know what I read that brought a bit look at it developed. And I'm sort and it's so I came to. ROTC you bought it owed him the senator Lebanon also. It's amazing. And now I've I appreciate that topping your your your your your dad is the guy that real I think about on it like today he releases. Hey frank thanks for Conan got a question I wanted to go right to our special caller that I mystical and today. My friend day eve. I'm not gonna give his last name is we can't do that. On my friend Steve. It's served we served together in the 25 infantry division. Dave thanks are for Coleman or. They thank you Michael for the invitation. Great so. It's about quarter to 1 in the morning here I've got to. Medical appointment I gotta go live to Seoul here it is. Get checked out in the morning but nothing to eat or drink after midnight. But I'm cool. Again thanks thanks for the invitation rather. Yeah you know Dave and I serve the other 25 infantry he was a senior and CO2 me. But we still both live in the bears together a lot of fun. In and we were both stationed in on a walk who in the 25 infantry but they've spent a lot more time in Korea that I did. We served over beer together in Korea. And I want Dave to call in today because. The Davis of the interesting thing about Davis that he never left. He never left the service whose country I mean Dave is no longer an active. Active in the united states army. With the things he's done for our country your arms are very important to date Dave Serbs in that South Korea. And in your veteran B you're still working for us is still working and you know and support the military gave him. I got I got to ask you will veto veterans day's over here in the United States. Is something that we you know we get today off your federal service you know maybe. You get Arab a good price on a mattress. But Davis as a veteran who serving. In one of the most dangerous places on earth today. I mean you're just miles away. From North Korea where you're sitting today what is being a veteran mean TU. I I couldn't believe Michael than that it means more than it probably will someone's sitting there and it won't sound USA and and the league escalated and say. Good morning buffalo. It's it's a pleasure to be on the air here. Which here this morning. All. They do a lot of things here for soldiers on these. Soldiers near the law is the independence. Of the war in light years. To the deficit load of this fine country. And of course you know as you mentioned earlier. In year in your previous. And radio passes it will the gentleman before the president trump is just just here this week it was. I mean literally a lot of Koreans are a lot of mid greeting and talking soldiers but I think that that a lot. Troops here on the ground. Having the oldest come in and and spend time. You know not just the speeches of all the other. All the other motivational robbed more than that shut down talk with soldiers the wall. You know various ranks and and Marie and it was just really a wonderful thing that. For me here I made it to say they do a great job putting on a lot of events. You know Christians keep it to the water stay and another Major League in this. The most important one here. Oh well I'll probably get mixed opinions. About better or mixed reviews rather. Memorial Day obviously we can't overlook it as well but that particular only do what veterans who sort of yeah I. It's just amazing the outpouring of those things that are going on here they went on today of course as Leslie already. And see you Saturday morning. Early early morning. Dave tell me something. Comes of your year. I I worry about you and your family. I think we all worry about the note commitment American military men and women in their dependents in now that it's definitely in harm's way. And South Korea and here you've been there. I know you are broke for the listeners he serve all over the place and with you know recently served American and and and Washington area but. Is now back in Korean I think what you've been in that country where over 25 years day. Actually there were 32 of the articles like in a part of it medically you know. Exercises. In and coming to live and work here as a as a contractor for an extension or extensive. An excuse me period of time. I think now that now that now that the North Korea is openly threatening. The door you when your family. You and your family and and I know you choose to be there your. You you you this is this is the wife you've chosen is as a person who works in national security. What goes through your mind I mean you can do if it happens it's probably gonna happen that night. And I mean do it every night you go to bed you must you must understand. That this crazy fat boy are or where as president calls rocket man. I mean how how how do your wife and how does your wife and something. You know there's the odd thing is so we we just arrived in country here while. About three weeks so there must Brendan and a. You're crazy I would not have gone back in this. That's thoughts. Especially at a club when somebody's you know or seeing in a nuclear weapons. Over. Over Japan under the direction of blog etc. that are setter but the but the thing is we we had no world. We had no misgivings we had. No hesitation about coming here we wanted to come back. I wanted to Muslim people who supported me. And of course in a much but my lovely white. From the from the Philippines. All week we. Actually. But the command was sponsoring. A courageous channel exercise as a non combatant evacuation operations. Extended. She went through that all the paperwork that I did you know I've been here like two days still jet lagged like a bear and I get the paperwork she wanted the exercise she she had an understanding of she. Have to get out of the country reports on that point in time. She can she can do that with food with the resources that are available but. You guys are preparing for the for that. You know. Hopefully not a minute to prevent. While. It at all owing single Michael Sullivan missed it. It blew a system now for probably. Twenty baht thirty plus years like I couldn't give any. Any truth historical reference to how long they've been doing. You know video of the courageous channel but I do know that. The powers that be know that. If something should happen and it can be anything from what actually that's natural rather emergency. Two. A contingency operation. Yet it's just it. The preparation they cannot simply just because. There's the guy was a bad air it was it was you know rattling the Saber. It but they've hugged let me ask you with the president's visit. How did that Reno thinks we've had a pretty hot situation. And in Korea and mean a week we know that there is there is mixed opinion. And in South Korea itself about the sable rattling in the and a and that the standoff between the United States North Korea the president's visit help. With US relationships and suffering. I can honestly say I believe so because. We work from a little area. Down so I'll call eight users. A number of army installations actually military DOD type installations. It in our sector that. This morning today are actually yesterday we came here to. In concrete which is worth the president's that a good deal on this first day here. They are lined up outside the gate welcome welcome president. These. Do your best in. World refuse to. Diminish or alleviate. Nuclear proliferation the year I thought that was just. You know. A real upward it wasn't from the folks on the base although we know. Typically what they're their opinions look what kind of leave it this this was from one of the association's. That was. All the gate outside. Who wanted to say yeah welcome come here we. Openly advocated the fact that you want to peek its. North Korean. Mean. There are premier lack of better word media it in place. Yeah I think there was a strong message I think there was a very welcome. Sigh of relief from the in the South Korean people here in the areas particularly worry visited. Earlier in the week. Davis and there was some I mean I've I've looked back immune we're not unusual worst don't touch we still seats are there a lot of army veterans. Stay in touch with their army but it's I mean I really enjoyed serving with you gave some of my greatest memories of my life. Have you starring in the and a I wanted to thank you for coming on we god bless you and your family and the other Americans. Who were living and working in harm's way in South Korea today. Happy Veterans Stadium. Thank you Michael and they'll let me just say to you thank you for your service because I'd I'd I'd know you did we we sort of bright almost like each other either it. In the wanted to division draw tropic lightning. And you know. Well thank you for your service although the veterans out there who who played a role in it and our nation's independence and all of the way of life that we. We sometimes take a greater nowadays. Unfortunately. But that does the trick of it always. We we our country our nation because those people out. You know take that step they they've in many cases pay the ultimate price. That what you get thank everyone for years but you're serving and a happy veterans day. Dave stay safe give your wife from board big hug for recover my say hello and take care of so it will be right back after these messages. Here news radio 930 WP. We've got a whole board of phone calls here. On the take every single one you please do not go away every one of them we'll flick to reassess. The wife of that mother of that is very important we showed today please hang on okay. Michael threw it for sandy beach here on beach company be right back after these matches messages on. News radio 930 WB yet.