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Sandy Beach
Friday, November 10th

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Michael brutally enforce sandy beach here on the beach in company 919 in the studios of new review at 930 WB Ian this no. Has arrived. Absolutely. A bit overdue if you were in this if if you're in the idea. Business skiing business I guess. Like to see more snow than this and it looks like we might get more snow than. We expect. Tell you Sandy's out today I'm just in from today. I just I've got back into town very happy to be home to see the first though. While it was on the road Mario wife sent me a picture of my little as my three year old standing in a pile of leaves. So you know those we happen to be on my lawn. Which at this point will be covered in snow stick with my weekend is already are already pretty much carved in stone. Tony to talk to me about Lehman's. And I've got 55 more barrels to go home on our. I don't know you know we we any story as in the village we are kind of smaller long. Enough by design as opposed it. But I am eight adult trees on or around my you know property via as crazy. Well we know there are good guy and he's done a little bit in part eaters in the whether or something that we have going around by I think Sunday. NAFTA have at it and I'm I'm just throw the snow doesn't. And unless there was arms as I was gonna say I hope the snow doesn't cover open and the notes that could maybe you don't see that it is if you if that's the beard and it's guys you know gays in the village almost all the at least come down pretty much the same week you know it seems. It seems like they've been like that the trees have been late this year electrical does that look out you're doing people turn to in our FaceBook you have on this day. And I've seen in past years we'll have already been done. With my doll fall cleanup and now it's night and close the. You know and and remember that two years ago in November we get seven feet of snow. So you know this is really late start right in oh boy you guys may have reading and follow all the we quite literally right out in front of our house of the time we reliving still living by yeah Hamlin park nice little Olmsted Perkins. And he's a war was right across street from miso we were getting a lot of snow blow across the open. Football field didn't. And but we knew we went outside it was only six and a half feet and long Wien we heard it was deeper in the park. We we couldn't even let the children now. Because it. They're gonna get lost if you hear a peck an open and but yeah it does so here comes gritty gritty so the observed veterans day today. As a veteran. Is one of my favorite is not like Memorial Day when. When you know yours your kind of reverently saluting the service of those who died in combat. It's more like him that they celebrate veterans which. I'm happy to do it's funny when I was in the army was. You know I want it now misused lots. Of what you think the vote was I went from chow hall the chow hall. Tune in to you know all ever for three years. We know all these guys. The ability and others who real true probably heroes I mean already Murphy's overtime. And we can because we've been at war for so long. There are a lot of women are treats it right there are there are a lot of room to read just having gotten to known Dave so well we you know quite a bit. And he just you know he's around a lot of these votes from men and women in fact when I was hiring. At the Republican Convention David recommended I wanted to put all combat deaths only team and had a higher than 1520 people. And so I got to interview talks to. A lot of people who gave handed off to me. Two had been trying give him there. End of some of them like I'm amber Smith who was an amazing amazing one enemies in one. And she's I think she's eminently thirties mid thirties she looks like she replied she's a pistol a little pistols to five with seven. If it's six. And you you know she's a combat. A veteran. You know combat pilot. I mean she was flying into battle and on a regular basis. In the Middle East you know in north machines. All of the job she's a much of a better from as much of a war hero. As John McCain an exception hasn't been captured its withdrawal puts it she's she's a real solid. Example of beetle a modern Saudi Murphy and that she erasers she came she worked for me what an amazing person. Sure at this great book. I'll have to look it up and talk about it the next segment. Boorda Amber's just amaze me appreciate network of panic. Cool yeah as a trouble point she is amazing person of finally speaking of David ballot via happy birthday to Davis yet it's dead there if you check that out. David Bell would be his birthday is on the on veterans day. I asked him he's passed them he's and so. Very crude as it had a jewelry items organize that afflicts all so. I don't know if I asked David Frum on today and maybe on the air with some little bit. One busy guy told them that you know I wanted to talk about this topic of veterans have been. On on Memorial Day if I'm on the radio on item that's to me that's. Pretty that's our edge in time have lost friends and broad view is lost very close friends of minister would. Ice food in diva. Worked hard to get on his congressional campaign. And during the year when he was running for congress. He are not first applaud David on Memorial Day and oftentimes on veterans day. Will be flying out of town to give speeches she's asked to speak about. We sacrifice and service in and and veterans issues all of the country. But I saw him in Rolla. There's little. What do you call those things and stay tuned in real time. It does Tebow hit with some big ones at a lot of events have room it's a very nice park. And it's right there in the center of town. And I watched Dave. Give the keynote speech there on Memorial Day. And I mean there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The stories of these fellows these men and women. It's it's hard you know resident of 55 road veteran you know when it when I'm winning them. When I signed up to go into the military. Women were not in the and then what I women in the military they were. There was like we I didn't hadn't even thought the concept of serving with women but I never have got a chance to serve without them you know. And you know with still to this day when I think about women and cut when I think about combat. I'm free in my mind were threatening calls them men you know. Because you know we dislike the term you used in the military from on then you know things like that. But there are Ceres Ceres but kick in women in our military always has been in the military in Israel for example the Israeli defense forces had women. And really. NBC in the calendar Bieber have you seen the idea of talent quote hi shear and Michael but these women. Our front line for us in the in an intimate and how he retired American military will take on call about rules and end. I should China get amber on the phone while we're. Well her. Well room on today I only give her ring on the on the commercial notes one of the coolest things no we've just how many shows. Records in the advanced to I was to call when we're pushed or theories. And one of the things that we really enjoy is the rivalry between the branches. You know the army guys given it to be our navy guys. In the air force guys given it back to who has the coalition reforms who has the best child. And some of the stories you have just been and credible journalists and isn't brought to the table and. I was at bell view is really good that is where within three gig gave the keynote at a big fundraisers for. Wheelchairs for veterans in Niagara Falls. Through the if he's he's the MC right if he cooks he gets up it is I have some announcements you know first of all you know. Lou woody called the 5050 number will be announced in about forty minutes and over there that silent auction items will be. Going on for another half hour and by the way to all of you well Marines out there we will all be counting the sober. Up. And every time he got up easily amber and Emory heats the which I think the Marines have the coalition if they do and also there the baddest man views I was army infantry but I will tell you. I you know I service the Marines are so I'm telling yet. I'm just before we go on break and I'm gonna ask my friend if I can share this picture. But a friend of mine's son. Is. Is injury has entered this Navy SEALs. And seal training is intense as it is a special forces and such that the seals go through some interest in things. I never knew this but there's a picture from and now I do because I saw a picture of his son on a high altitude. Jump high altitude hail high altitude low opening jump. And those who basically they let you off in this stratosphere. And you just fall until you open your shoot the last minutes of the you're not detected. And they took a picture of preference on who was an officer in the navy you know probably used to being CEO. That's fifth frighten the pants off of me. He's like commutes that somebody was apparently right next to them they were falling and amassed an incredible speed head down. Head down. And you know what that that that Fella I mean I I pray for that kid every day every single day. His his dad is really proud of the world proud of our veterans are gonna talk to veterans today 8030930. Started their new software and 30930. Veterans gives crawl. What does that mean you. We're back after these messages he's reviewed 930. WBM. The Baghdad beach company. It's 930. Here on a cold. Snow week. Friday morning. To a snow ice are really stormy night I drove. Home last night later I went to this event last night in and buffalo. And dad drove homely like 11 o'clock. Earned on 10 o'clock and so are few flakes I had really seen these carbon travels from us or when or when all you also or snow or ready. I was probably and in money and your Washington and you workers from the but. So I commit today and we see this or just really in the snow through its common down outside all the sons Armenian Tony. And Joseph do beamer the man with no music taste. We will got up and we all took videos of the snow coming to resist the burst of snow jokes partner general Europe Tony's effort. And reduced PowerPoint in our iphones out the window we'll. Send them out on our social media I got a message back. Are from weather channel our little video it was or an arm of the video I shot anyways going to be. Going to be on on the weather channel. That's interest thing. I but you know I think Kara. It's even though it's really would not our first though. The fact that it the tweet came from buffalo right. May be over it makes it better primate the montage on on one action but. So hey I got back on forming. Which is no place. It. Seemed make peace you make awed oblique references to old movies anymore kids like Bieber don't get it teach you. You know that was caddie shack. What are her greatest. Scene to chat you know and you'll remember that scene sounds. Greece is the Dalai Lama in over the yeah grip of boomers talked about me in the Dalai Lama and and he said on my deathbed all achieve total consciousness. And I got that going for me it which is not. Yes I've when he got to explain hired Joseph to throw and they'll have to explain that just said that scene and I understand her I mean I. I've been watching Christmas movies the last two weeks in on holiday channel or whatever Hallmark Channel you know likely see my post normally go by the way we missed each other Dulles by like thirty minutes and now I know I'm on the plane I see you checked in Dallas they'll and also your comeback from Virginia welcome back to Miami. Oh that's right and played unfortunately. In Miami last week and the nice rebound game tomorrow Georgia Tech twelve point. We're you Gloria where are you going through it's the last game of the season it will not be room sales. Albion tells we'd. Yeah I got a big bills game from huge bills and kinda wish it was this cold on Sunday. Yeah I think that. Not that I don't think the 45 will affect the saints either I'm I would have loved to see ruby breeze try to perform in twenty degree weather I think it really working toward damage you really do because if you're at Tyrod is so good in the cold how good his team the cold we don't know well I think if we can stop their offense is long and are often doesn't lose the game for us. I think will be on them are produces so. Are you gonna go to that 10. Of course yeah. It be for the Hokies are on the road this week and now but they're home this weekend and then their act you VA obviously on Black Friday I will be at that game. We make you VA lane. Aria I'm actually RB over under the game I'm not going to gain. Like as usual long ago and I'm gonna park cars with. At chuck he's parking on the road which they do every home game Turkey's park and we've been doing that it's your kids. Even when I was living overseas as well and come home. And sure enough on Sunday ritual and pretend to park cars at that. The Turkish part which means stand there with a beer in your hand. And and you morons and hope about how the bills are gonna do. You guys enjoy football be breaking leaps you know that's the thing I I don't know from a member of the blues turkeys this weekend because I mean have to do these two. Can't leave government now it's irresponsible homeownership. That's his stance. And I already and I'm I liver beautiful little of them street you know with trees all over the place in and move the bill would be through the best place in the world. To live work and play east toward the village that's on your mind right now. Further this spot in the village east or did she you don't wanna be bad hops in and say you don't wanna be that house all blocked and I was that house all summer also because I had made a mistake and and I was basically my in my front lawn was a pile of rocks. You know and I was trying to I actually I thought I'd nobody want couldn't get a kid to do it could be able to pick tomorrow I couldn't get any content combined picked him up. And and I I think that a bit by bit. Four and a half tons of rocks broke off of its rocky sorely through a dot that rocky did okay. But I finally it took me all summer in it in I might as well of parked a car. Only put a car on cement blocks my for a long. It looked I mean all need it was electric couch with a note with a pushing porn and and the stuffing coming out a home no we're not we were like the the hat fields and if home no way and yet you don't want to be that oh my gosh it was just awful but you know look at I was traveling so much I couldn't do it I couldn't find anybody to do it. His was just back breaking work nobody wanted to do it. We get those rocks out and it just it was there was an all summer project you know. Well I wonder if I'll get nick to up c'mon now before like five minutes and then I'll go. I can't phone indicated. Anywhere and it's because these were these cancers that don't mean when he appearance give a lot of counts for something that. You know you can't telling kids to do work. There won't do I mean I've heard stories of his kidneys were who goes from house to house with. With the media. I'm a lawnmower in the summer and how's the house with a snowblower in the winter. And and I thought who is this magical child. If people it's like I looked slow that we eat it all the time these kids yeah we know we wanted to get that extra money we went out caught lawns is shelf we'd national globe took shovels. Door to door include I I had to I had a long. A big lawn of these two world and I cut a big long Orchard Park you know how I got between the two months Saturday. I hitchhiked don't want either brother I mean I was. I was we all did we all we all just. Jammed describe where we could to make some pocket money and puts money away for your first car you know. So I hear about this kidneys were. I can't find him anywhere amino cold wintry morning I go look informed me. Well for the kid that's walking the snowblower from how's that how's it gonna on a weekend day I look forward over on a son in the summer portion is. In oh his lawnmower from one neighbors on to another. I don't think this child actually exists. Just a legend he's like he's a legend Lexington. You know now in case. Kids are are are smoke I don't wanna say lazy because they may be doing a lot of stuff I don't know you know. I I don't want accuse. And a birdie reason lazy kids but they just don't wanna do that kind of work anymore. And and so now why we should be there on the computer or their plan of video games you know. That's been in a baby if they can they make good money doing that no. No weapon and they are lazy gets there aren't they are. I've noticed I was I'll tell you what I was I hustled. To make money is my dad wouldn't give me nothing my first real job as a Roy Rogers camper. Where in every comes in the door it's like. The first in yet to compete greeting you know that howdy partner was when when the customer came in with ice howdy partner it is like. Oh my god that was like I never live that down it Pete my friends from that that heiress still say howdy partner of the tickets to make to to mock me. But I do think it delays mean you never see like in the summer you know me you know when I was younger and I'm not that old. But even when I was younger kids are outside you know I mean it's nice day outside teacher like around town. You'll see the Ike Ike while I get out of work around noon. And it even during the summer when kids are out of school he went outside curled side. Clinton video games and on the cell phones trying to get them the right it's a grim photo things I'm not guilty of. Tell you beverages the critical number but you know it's it's you know and this the way you're raised men in Western New York real level of where we're from it and we all feel like we call a great childhood here. I don't know kind of childhood they're gonna. You know I can imagine that remembering my childhood being a little time looking at the little screen it's not you really mean when we're kids it shoes on your outside. Here outside until repairs made overnight night he plays sports all day pick up football. A hockey soccer but what ever for a eat or sleep in anymore yeah you don't any thoughts I I've I've managed to find trouble execute. You know what that was easy to do that it was Amanda find trouble. I broke a lot of windows the kid playing sports like Tony said plane you know we get a small suburban backyard. I broke via the windows to the sun room a few times. I broke if you would do again trying to sneak into steel fear. But seats that's. That would sick ways perfectly into the next segment on veterans day it was I went into the I would of the army. Because. I was a reserve a juvenile delinquent Mets relief by wind and all my other friends are going to college I had the grades for college. But instead by mark I was encouraged strongly by my parents and law enforcement to going united states army. And a all you veterans out there what made you go in and you know we've we've got a lot of listeners that didn't have a choice. And got drafted him. But I windy inferred. Because I had to you really. Because I don't just reminded me of was seen in stripes. When Perry went sergeant Paul goes talk in the and it's is all right China because of the draft you know there is no draft pick in the present that used to know what is it that used to be Eric I'd this story go on break. We had it was all of the straight out of stripes we had when I was in the army and basic training. First couple of days the drill sergeant has also found on our on our books. And introduce ourselves where we're from and stuff like that we're recoup and I remember this like that because it was it was 1979. Army. They they were still reek and leaves and find and potential soldiers under and it was they were taken anybody 98 point six you're him you know. And resist starter really professional arising after I got through and now they're looking for guys with college degrees for enlisted ranks you know it's real. Amid this. Of the professional military but now when I was in any rather droves going around certainly asking people why he came and why again it is and two or three of us were were in because we didn't have a choice in judicial rule being something signal. And if there's one guy he was kind of quiet the entire time always has Masha you know. And and they drove came to him as they can't really weird mean. Walt. Personally that any reason why you do walk ironies it. I thought in for the dental work and he smiled he had no teeth. Absolutely no team. He smiled and I'll tell you wouldn't win one ever got his T weird I he probably got it was right before the end because he went in for a lot of different operations. But at the but a bug bite graduation. He would had he got his teeth and it was they were the proudest moments of his life that. He walked around the biggest grin east graduate they should they were Aldrin incas were gimmick out of there it. Basic trainees over. This guy's dream because he got its teeth. Margaret Beckett he's missed his hero and he's being mentored WB not a typical Buffalo Bills. Win turned day before responding. As to be wants to be. In order to. To Kirstie. There of the the scoreboard for opponents will get 30930. Our text board while Rick from Lancaster rates and he went into the military. Because was unwritten rule in my freedom at all able bodied males to do just one hitch in the service. That's true for me to promote all the approved news and Camille Cooper who knows. And into the army. At least by my uncle Michael was we were all very proud of his service of the vulnerable she was grievously wounded and a new losses wake and was it was a always whipping from thereafter. But we were priorities are as a great man I was named after. Army major. When he was wounded in the battle of bulge. And my dad was also in the in the united states army and he was an app and officer. And when I was born I was born in Fort Bragg North Carolina in the hospital not in the barracks. Unless we actually did have. I've I've been told that I was actually born with boots on my poor mother. And if I had a son I'd expect him to exit serve in the military as well. I guess. I guess. It's gonna probably not the same nowadays today. 30930. Text or another one comes in me and my buds from high school. We what we wanna join the army because. Sorry me in my bus and high school. Most of restoring the arm because of Bethlehem steel plant closed down and there were no jobs. That's interest earning an and I think that. In today's economic conditions. We don't really have a lot of people. Going in the military. Dude to being forced him because the economy and not the economy's. Not so good. Earlier but really it's because the military's expecting cry. Test scores for the entrance. They're looking for college degrees are looking for. You know the best of the best now. And if Berlusconi and his are no jobs at relieve that debt that the reason doesn't really cold anymore. So our listeners forwarded have David Bell via on whether it's after 10 o'clock wanna talk about what it means to the veteran. I worked. Why he'd win him. And what it means now to first proceed from David's perspective. To be kind of a voice for veterans. At what it means to be very after being out of the servers we talked about all of this taking these stuff. And here we are coming to an NFL weekend. And that is also Veteran's Day. And I wonder if these. And a fellow players that are still out particular means the 49ers in such. A wonder if they're gonna do it on the on veterans day weekend. We know there there's even on veterans day. Certain ceremonies and festivities and such and these NFL games. So without them like they wouldn't know. But that is the its veterans that I mean because in the end there disrespect of the of the anthem is really about disrespecting. The military whether it's active duty or veterans combat veterans in particular. Chemicals are there was a lost the loans. More than with a. NFL players actually taken me on veterans day and see him. We'll be back even though he's gonna have every column in forest 8030930. Starting third on your cell phones. Are you veterans what made you go. What was your experience like and what does it feel like now to be better in today's society. Will be right back of these messages. Here are news radio 930 WDs yeah.