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Thursday, November 2nd

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Good morning buffalo. It is 907 right now here on news radio 930 WB and 908. Now and your late. But that's OK you've got a great boss. Just tell you were listening to WB Dan. Michael Caputo in force sandy beach sandy is off on vacation. You get him back on Monday got me just for one more day just tolerate me one more day. Well actually two that were just starting off this day. From interstate stuff going on around are obviously I RER. I'm still getting pounded with requests that appear on television I I think. I must be the only person. Are available or something like tech is as my wife and I were talk him. My fifteen minutes is about sixteen minutes now my fifteen minutes of fame might be seventeen. But make no mistake make no mistake I've been in this business. You and me. Time. It'll be there when the bell goes off when the alarm goes off. I will be yesterday's potatoes. Dislike anybody else's on television and politics. If you don't keep it fresh. You're gonna be last on the list to be invited and as far as I'm concerned west. I know about anybody being indicted for anything the less I hear those kind of circumstance are better off everyone is every. Now we've been sick we've been hearing that there were more indictments were as you know call me in fort and Rick gates two guys I know for thirty years. Were indicted on stacked up charges accusing them of a variety of financial crimes. But nothing to do with Russia nothing to do with collusion and nothing at all to do with the president the United States. So that was indictments which are in a listen as we know what you watch law and order of throwing our monologue agree. I'll if you know or to watch on you know that a storm that's my phone. The that there are indictment is stacked up with all kinds of charges that. Will be there will be might be difficult to prove that they're designed these indictments to intimidate. To bully to push someone into cooperating. And giving information. About. A superior or someone else in the alleged conspiracy. And the problem we've got here. The problem that all mean report written gates here is that. There's nothing to give there is no collusion Donald Trump nobody on a senior marvelous campaign ever colluded with Russia there was no cooperation with Russia there was. You know information from Russia vote made its way into the campaign. As we have as much and as often as the Russians tried they never denied him. They had a meeting. And with Donald junior which was a mistake and needed to beat me to be investigated if you ask me I mean it and I think it has been I think they've reached the end of that group. The prisoners and there was just you know. Nothing there. Nothing came of the meeting the meeting was brief and it wasn't the kind of meeting that the left is trying to portray us. So in order to you know with the problem with Paul and Rick is that now they have to. You know since they have nothing to give about you know the boss colluding or there. Or as the campaign colluding with Russia since they have absolutely no information because it doesn't exist and they're not liars like the makeup Awad trying to catch. The president just because. Former director Mueller says they should. You know. But. Alitalia. So that since there's nothing their Paul richter going to be a knife are going to be in in court on this trying to beat every single one of those charges. And I think that that's you know that's where the investigation is going to be stock that's where Palmer couldn't restart there's just not the more. But so we saw them drop this indictment. And guilty plea and arms or indictment arrest and guilty plea. Of George pop of populace. And because that added the flavor that they were looking for that gave them the opportunity continue to talk about Russia because this kid. Who had 00. To do with the campaign beyond our being appointed to being selected two of volunteer foreign policy advisory council. That mistake the campaign made was inviting these young guys into the campaign had zero campaign experience has zero foreign policy experience he would never advised any one on one policy worked. Four Neil I guess not zero the campaign actually shed zero point five cancer campaign expert he worked for about five weeks. For Ben Carson and his right understand from the Ben Carson campaign did very. Which is the part of the reason mark in person fell away. His campaign was awful. But. He came from there over to the the trump campaign in it was a mistake from the very beginning to invite him and there's no question in my mind. Not because he was bound to try to pollute to have meetings with Russia but because he didn't bring any. Any zero absolutely zero qualification for over the title that he got and here's the thing anybody who's worked in national campaigns knows everybody knows. That there are always guys like pop vocalists. Democrat Republican. Party campaign any party. There's always a guy who comes in with an inflated repairs to me. Gets that title of some sort and then tries to leverage it into having meetings getting on television. You know which you know by giving girls whatever it takes usually a twenty something. Who has been on nothing else going for them that's exactly the top of the uplifted when we were when I was on Jack Kemp's campaign and night for the 1988 cup on nomination. Are we had several of young people come and I was only in my twenties myself at the time that we would give volunteers and local universities in DC. And typically want in one of them would be a guy like Papa doc who would it opened aren't we I've got to work for me I ran the writers are. Office at the Kemp campaign. Is the director of writers group. I had a guy that actually he would come in once a week on Tuesday's after school. And write letters for Jack Kemp 23 paragraph letters from him. And you actually he acts and made a business card. A business and the reason I found out is because I went out to army back in the Thursday I was 27 or something I was still going to bars and went to a bar. And many young lady. If you so I just met a guy from the needless to say if the net Tuesday he came in. He packed his boxes and left. This happens all the time. Now are the Democrats are there are saying yeah sherbet under the Democrats wanna pollute with Russia well that's kind of a new thing. That's a new thing because the Democrats were worshipping Russia would it was. The Soviet Union and we know for a fact that. That Ted Kennedy went to the Soviet Union asked them to help him. And his. Or attempt to run for president. So the idea that the right of the Democrats knew little longer collude with Russia's quaint and new. At the same time. It's. But this popped up with sky here there's very dime a dozen we had a guy on via. That the bill Kemp campaign in 88 he was and he was a volunteer coordinator and it just absolutely famous among everyone in Washington. Who knew Jack Kemp with Tom Huey. Tom Healy is active of a family is from here. I'll guarantee you he's related to Richard McCallum was only gotten as people crack me up for congressman. Here's responsible for the hundred plus volunteers it cycled in and out. Of the campaign all the time and he would catch these guys like prop it up with. Are doing these things in a leveraging their they're their meager ointment as volunteered to the campaign. To try to do things and he quit he'd take them off of you know writing whether it's the cavity and put them on photocopy for three weeks. And it's eat anything. Okay copy boy get in their annual the much fought to volunteer who call themselves director of who's he what's have on his business card with copy and NATO and that. And it in and and went window when they asked me about pop about the with them on pal on CNN has just said. I Colin caught people. And and it stuck gas in an eye on stand by a 100% tested by a when would you know whenever talk to anybody. Because that's what it is and that's what happens in campaigns that if you listen and Democrat Republican you know these people I know if your Democrat you don't want to talk about it. But you know these people. They run your campaign to got a bunch of have been awful a bunch of them. And innocent what happens is these people coming and they they grabbed their their their camp and that the volunteer titled what we do much candidate. But while the shop around and and dine out on the title happens in buffalo all the time can mean two or three of them and Andy you know. Pretty early on and applauding for mayor or something like there in elect on some quixotic candidacy that they hope will you know maybe get them. More couples are more more dates. And a buffalo is an interesting Michael Cox. On the nightly when you hear receive you know they do this kind of stuff there can't ignore them eventually coffee boring runs for mayor you know exactly who talked him. It's in both campaigns are in both parties on all campaigns. But we got some campaigns here locally which I wanna talk about. Today however right now let's go let's let's let's go to commercial massive grip back after these messages here and news radio 930 WB. 931 here and news radio 930 WB yen Michael Cooper who in for sandy beach. Retrieve something if you have a car with dings dents and let me tell you but we do that's for sure. Submit a photo on WB Ian dot com all of this week for art the wording contest for a chance to win 750. Dollars worth of work right eerie collision located an eerie avenue in north probably one eerie collision can handle all small and march collusion work. Call them today at 8770008. Listen I'll tell you. I don't know about you but those sort things drive me nuts drives me nuts. And you know my wife who is extremely busy all day long busier than me. And I'm like you get pretty busy some times we you will notice the the spouse who stands where with the kids worked hard this post that works. But she's run around all day along every day and one day I walked out of the car and there clears day it was a huge day and two things I know number one. It had to come from the top parking lot. And number two my wife has not seen it. If she's so busy trying to make sure those kids are belted and getting them to the places and then going to work herself. But she hasn't seen it but if you got car with things and dance like we do. Submit your photo on WBM dot com you really should do this because I've got I've got to tell yeah. There's a really good shot that bet that you might win it is 750 dollars seventy dollars on. Worth of work it eerie collision. That's worth our shot 31. Remember of failure are upload your photo and WB and dark. Listen. Are we talk about local politics will be here if it's. It's important I think. Four if you interest in politics if you have. If you're voting to begin. As you're only six inches away from getting involved in politics if you actually take the time to vote. In a primary campaign Democrat or Republican. Then you're only six inches away but let's say five. From actually helping candidate actually getting into the spirit of things and volunteering for candy. I don't know. What's your party affiliations if you listen to do W the end you might be like me and the registered Republican or redshirt conservative. But you might be a registered Democrat we have a lot of Democrats who call and hear from them what an awful but I really enjoyed talking to. But if you are if you ever voted in a primary campaign and you give a hoot about politics at all. I say everyone in the privately campaign I stay at because if you vote in the general election that makes you pretty much. An American who takes there. Voting responsibilities. Seriously but if you actually taken the time to vote in a party primary. That you will we tunnel prime voter someone who. Has just a little bit more interest in what's going on to the point where there are there interest to do what party nominees that the that is currently run in the general if you voted. In that kind of one step higher level of responsibility in the primary campaign if you voted on primary day then you know. That what what's going on next week on Tuesday is really really important. Really important I don't care Democrat Republican independent conservative working families. What you got to yacht a yacht. You need to be out in the streets with your candidate of this week and especially this weekend. If you have voted the primary campaigning you can't struggle across those last five inches to the finish line of actually helping a candidate. I don't know what to tell you if you don't actually get out there and get your answer you get your feet dirty where are some shoe leather going door to door. With fewer candidates the one you voted for and help put over the top in a primary election. Then I I guess you're just too busy or war. You're traveling for. The have a sick relative. Or you just don't care. I don't think anybody listening to this show and just doesn't care where. There I've listened Natalia. I've been in this politics business for thirty years thirty year. Every where I've lived it was at all possible. I would join the Republican committee whether it was Miami or Dallas or Washington. Talk about something completely redundant join the Republican committee in Arlington Virginia that's the most ridiculous thing in the world is ever on the committee he. Works for the president of the United States or somebody there you have this community of people who. There are in their for the right reasons who all have jobs that are far more important and walk in the streets in the neighborhood what we do. And and that this year because of all the situation going on with me in Washington was the first year. In many many years. Over the right ever since I've been home in 2010 and certainly. Before that at and many years that I didn't go out and gather petitions. That is the core responsibility of the Republican committee in the Democrat committee and the conservative and independent and all the other. Fusion of minor party is in New York that's the primary responsibility if you join your committee go door to door competition time. And give enough signatures. So be your candidates are put on the ballot. You'd be broken on the ballot despite raised their hand and saying and I wanna run for office not New York State you actually have to collect a sick too significant number of signatures. And even though I've been in politics business for thirty plus years even dog work for the presidents of the United States and worked all over the world in politics. I'm out there are collecting signatures just right alongside everybody else in my committee. I'm gonna have to have some Mea culpa this year and are responding well to do it I'm sure my. My town. Chairman has some kind of punishments or form. But if you voted in the primary campaign and you care at all about what's going on in these local elections because there's a lot to care about. A lot Karen there's a lot of subtle changes. In the Western New York that can happen if the wrong people or the right people. Are elected. I don't care if you're Democrat or Republican or any other one of these smaller parties. If you voted. In a primary election. Then you need to stretch a little just stretch a little bit pick one of your party's candidates I don't care ports you know. Steve C Sean if a Democrat care about his campaign called mop. Call his office and say look I wanna walk the streets with tickets right now that shoe leather. Is what's the difference between winning and losing I'm not a supporters DC Charlotte news and his name is there. As an example 'cause he's from there which here. But if you're in or if you're supportive of Joseph Rico. Call up Hillary goes office. The supportive moment don't do the same call them now today called today and say look. I've got five or six hours this weekend when I'm not taken the kids to soccer practice or in all I'm I haven't signed up for. For the pot luck over the church I got five or six hours ago Stephane behind you wanna help you. What can I do where can I walk the street and and knock on doors and get somebody to come out and vote for. That doesn't take much people if you had that to me if you had the motivation to go and vote in this year's primary. I know what he did but I am urging you I don't. Care what party or get involved get involved walk the neighborhoods with the Kennedy your choices we can. That's what this democracy is all about that's what. The terrorists in New York is trying to stop trying to stop us from getting involved in what matters the most that's local politics leave him. Let's talk local politics will be today we're right back after these messages here on news radio 930 WB here. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Here on news radio 930 WB and it is 9:37. In the morning. We now. Sandy beaches out today here of beach company Michael Goodwin we're standing here with Tony Caligiuri who was on the turn tables. And Joseph. Todd Beamer. Joe's it just joke will next time we'll put you on the turn tables. That we can that we we can rule out all the eight track cassettes we have here you won't have to use those are. I get to spend some great jams from five lines. Where are I don't want to. I don't want. Kill five I don't Achille or vibe because I know my music that would kill the vice you have to go so I've but there's a funny word Backstreet Boys standards we'll let you know regret 34 but with only three than anyone could remember. Poll that is not true but that is not true I could name one and a I we have three and jailed for Halloween 2018 I think things are going well now obviously like a jury will have to have an alternate so I'm probably realistically looking for six or so. And death for all the ladies out there we also like to imitate the thing you'll scenes that we will lead some ladies with signs that so now we get to the bottom of I'd get a house. I did and have more respect for him if he said he's gonna do Robert Palmer and and have vile bunch of ladies dresses up. The girls in his busy you know he put and the red lipstick on your show you know anybody who any woman who still likes The Backstreet Boys is ten or fifteen years older than you. I don't answer. Your biggest troop and so you'll hear you're not necessarily opposed to that beer. The lizard like your style I guess not well I've I've upset some listeners the station because I did call Kelly rip old. And I called Kelly rope line did I did say oh yeah weeks young may get to rebound I seem likely you're right ten or fifteen years older. Definitely that's right in your real house and yeah right in the real and premises. I buy here pay here well anyway Michael put it for sandy beach 8030930. Star 930. On your cell phone. On local races are our leaders and wanna hear from. We're talking about earlier I think with it was on the news or lose today they're talking about the clerk race you know with Steve he should arm. Vs Mickey currents both Democrats by the way. The Republicans have been and endorsed Democrat and Mickey Kearns in that race. And so we are just don't always talk about some recent as the do really matter who's clerk. Does it really matter at all. And and you know if both the guys are good guys do no question we key currency could go right here in WB Ian. Steve sees Sean as well regarded. Our as a former employee here. Doesn't really matter who the clerk news. I think it does there's a lot of things going on their white gun permits. A lot of things we know we always in or act with the count anymore clerk's office whether it's you know closing on a home purchase or. Or just getting your your new driver's license. Updated. Or replaced when you get your world stolen or whatever. There's a lot going on their I think we interact walk with the clerk's offices citizens. Of Erie county and I think it's really important. Arm in addition to that I think you know we're we're looking at the comptroller office. Which is of the incumbent us to pharma I lose the Republican nominee. His has done a pretty good job as comptroller in and last year involved in politics. Are you don't really know what's a lot about what the comptroller does. But as to Fon says he he holds. Politicians accountable. From the ledger from the balance sheet from the from the money. Because usually in politics is something is hanky start by looking at the money. And testify on some pretty good job he's running against a candidate. From the democratic party of an interest in Kennedy to say the least. There's no question in my faith that. Interest and it's good way to put it. I'm receive your right I always forget her name moments circuit her name uses. Vanessa. While Vanessa blow pollution can the next hour. Who chef ski sorry just brought that up didn't mean to ms. pronounce your name. I've domestically shifts he is a newcomer to politics she's. An accountant. And it comes from men are from New York City. Which is nice. And of interesting stuff is happening in that race very uninteresting stuff on him hi Lou who I've known for them to move back home. Is walk in the neighborhood run you know basically here and issues has been since today they announced that. Petitions would be gathered now we talked about petitions earlier today. Intimate. Previous fifteen minute segment. It's hard to do to go to work toward get petitions it's very very difficult because people just slammed the northern home there and interest dude are you get a list of who is the Republican in the murder who's a Democrat in the neighbor but it's hard work. It you're just Tareq issues do when it you got so many other things to do we were talking earlier in got to get the kids to soccer there's so much to do. That you bit that you can think of excuses not to go and collects signatures for Europe were chosen candidates. It's hard work and the people were the members of the democratic committee in the members of the Republican committee here in Erie county. Are the ones who go out and get the signatures we each one of three is responsible for bringing in. 2530 signatures from our neighborhood and we know all the Republicans or Democrats an immigrant. It's really hard work and members of the committee. Expect the candidates to be out there gathering signatures besides beside them otherwise why would they work so hard for you. Why would they work so hard for you. Now my high who. And all the candidates have art that I know. Well Democrat and Republican. Are are out there every a every day during their of their signature collection period the partitioning period helping. The volunteers gather signatures but not. Vanessa who chef ski who's running for Erie county control. I've got a got a lot of Democrat friends friends of mine who were dead heads others who are friends of mine on FaceBook and we have a mutual respect. Democrats from the Erie county democratic committee your arm our committee man. Are telling me that they have no interest in supporting domestic chef ski because when it came time to collect signatures. The hardest part of this camp their early stage of the campaign Vanessa went to Europe. On vacation or work well maybe they need. Accountants in your element but she went to Europe instead of gathering signatures. And during that timeframe completely lost for the Democratic Party. At least the rank and file the Democratic Party chief. Approved there and two other people I know the democratic prevent that she really wasn't very serious about running. And that that she felt a little bit entitled to a I don't know if that's true don't know the woman I know that she's nasty about me and my my children on her FaceBook page. But see that's what happens to people. I'll tell you what happens to people who don't show interest in getting themselves elected in the early stage of petitioning. They don't give me money nobody raises money for the nobody goes there it's a bit Vick in the mystical Chatzky will go to a party event and stand next to comptroller. I'm Stan expert. Returning executive mark Paul cars and other computer photo taken. But she's got no money nobody's donating tour of any significant amount. She gets zero money the county party is like giving her money beat mostly because she didn't show interest in collecting signatures and and really hasn't. Gotten on the same page of the party since then. And you know. They're not reasoner and money of any significant. She got no money and so. A couple of days ago the Buffalo News but an article out there weird one over five paragraphs saying the Democrats. Pour more than 100 no actually. That Democrats are the I mean Rebecca Vanessa we should ask he has chosen instead. A spending money on regular campaign advertisements like mailers and TV and radio she's got to put it. All on FaceBook you can do it all on social media. Which is funny really funny you know an article came out yesterday. In the Buffalo News democrats' pork that more than 100000 dollars into the county clerk's race I mentioned that on the air yesterday. Our first DC shall immediately drop a 100000 dollars of DC Sean he's you know he's turned to be competitive. And you know that's that's. That's a tough race or for Steven for it in for our. For Mickey Kearns. But domestically ships here on her FaceBook actually puts up I run my campaigns of I can truly be an independent voice on our county's budget. To do what I've been innovating new ways to reach voters and it's paid off. A shorter version of that is nobody will give me their money so I'm stuck campaigning on social media. That's not how you win. It's never been maybe in ten years it will be how are you win but right now it's how you loops but you lose. You lose. By Reid decided to go to Europe instead of helping the members of the committee gather signatures for your candidacy that's where you lost. We're right back after these messages. Here on news radio 930. WB here Michael Goodwin for sandy beach 953 here on news reviewed 930 WBM. 8030930. Star and I entered your cell phone 30930. Is our text line. Which up pops a break from being marginalized by cannot miss it those are view port texting all the insults at me. Column I'll see with Thanksgiving and your family. Here. But. Yeah 3093 series of attacks on we're talk about local politics today and I wanna talk a little bit how about a national politics effects that as well. Tony have a question about local politics is something it's always been on my mind. Is it. When I watch as he was going on in almost seems like. They try to mimic the big leaks national politics but they do it in a way where comes across as amateur. They do and it's it's interesting because there are it won't the news you can look at if if you're in the audience and you're receiving mail. Because a lot of people especially with local political races. The best most convenient most. Effective way of spending your money is on direct mail because you know who voted last time you know who's likely to vote this time. And Canada where they stand she sent me a look at winds up in the garbage immediately but it's very effective you can't believe he can't believe it because people who care enough to vote. We'll take a second look at that piece of paper and it has put in the recycled short but they note that that if there as ration yet but the impression is there. Now there do you vote every Election Day yes you vote on primary yes okay. If you look at the mail. Are you will be able to tell rule quickly who is pretending to be professional and national in scope and who was local. And I'll tell you you know I work on our work on low local races really but I have friends of mine who run them in a very close with. The regrouped and we saw him very supportive of Joseph the Rico. Are his dad is my kids. Godfather. But. These local races. Are are extremely important and end of a lot of people who put together really nicely done national mail national scale mailers. You can push a little bit too far effect because he completed two professional and sometimes you local races of the local voters want a just. See local. Produced off so you you you can be extremely professional but scaled back the professional look and feel of mailer. Because the people who were waiting for you you know Tutu received your messages back and their mailboxes. They look at these fancier mailers and they're like wow is this guy being supported by you know national or statewide money. So it can be a mistake if you were to. Com if you were to professional. Freezer and entries here is a tech support. One texture says is Sheila meet him running for anything soon chief communion as this supervisor. Of west Seneca the town west Seneca. Issue a meager running for anything sooner or 12% hit for people of west Seneca suggest no less she is off to do something else I don't know she would meet him. She's probably a fine person. Bob achieve amiga is proposing a forty million dollar budget that includes a 12%. Tax write tax hike on people who with the excitement. She says the increase is due to rising health care costs workers' compensation and recycling and garbage which Israeli. Where. The local money goes it goes to their health care costs of the employees that goes to a workers' compensation and and and picking a pure garbage and clean the streets. So. She says that all those items that affect the budget it's unfortunate but that's really where it is now. But she hears a good example she'll meet him is a Democrat. She was elected last year to not up for reelection this year. On and if the homeowners. If the budget to dot with the homeowners in west Seneca they're gonna see a tax rate. Their tax rate increase to dollars plus for every thousand dollars of their property value that ends up being. Hundreds of dollars. And an even more time. In oak. So wind they voted for her. Not she would not only did she. Did she were she actually was. In in a tough primary. Four of their position as well. And from against the just Christina bull bay Castronovo probate in. Or September of 2015. And BC. She was and she was leaving. And the and democratic primary for Wes and at the supervisor leading. And a and a can be. Which she was leading I guess the vote totals. Chris movable bay was 1495. Votes and she will meet him was 1040 and 53. That is really something. 42 vote at an advantage. But Australia or what went that's 42 votes ladies and gentlemen I have to find out more about that primary just went wit when I saw orbit export and it looks like. Meehan fought her way back into the general election. But because of the primary and her subsequent election of Democrat she would meet him. The of the residents homeowners avoid cemetery now gonna pay hundreds of dollars more on their taxes. It's and and that there we've heard about this it's been described him in news reports three people with senator angry but you get which you vote for. You get what you vote for I sit in east roar. And in the town of east war. We are seeing a shift in and voters from a predominantly Republican area. To a growing democratic base in roar and you see that because we seek candidates. For public office on the countywide allowable coming out of war will talk more about that is well. But what happens we've we've talked about this in the Republican committee meetings and in war. People come from Democrat areas like Cheektowaga. And others. And they move out of the suburbs because there will conclude you know better now better schools. Who will no longer driveways or whatever. Are they moved to a roar for any reason and they bring the politics of Cheektowaga. To a roar. I mean they're coming to a roar oftentimes to escape high taxes. To escape the politics of German democratic urban. Spending. And they come tour in May bring those politics with them so roars actually shifted. In west Seneca you know better than anyone. Let's talk more about local politics might give back. After these messages.