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Tuesday, January 23rd

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Welcome welcome welcome buffalo. Each company here in Israel and thirty WP Ian and his 1107. Here in beautiful downtown Amherst. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach or have him back tomorrow at noon that's all week. 24 hours and 52 minutes away so if you need your sandy fix hang on tight. He'll be back hard immediately tomorrow morning 9 o'clock here in beach company. Joseph beamer. Tony the man Tony character actually Tony. Didn't get to see you when I was here during the break you were on break too good to see you thanks whopper help me out today. And it's a pleasure Michael and it's good to I love working with fellow deadheads it's always it's great that's great. Port to be Georgia held a book you born joined the wrath and I got that we should take showed that their daring late show which I. Just force. Like in I would visit our clockwork orange when you like yet he says eyelids open and you but it does keep his ears open but how how how. 309. Threes there's attacks tornado 30930. Starr ninth are new cellphone. What take some calls here but before we do on the tax code more 309. Threes are very interest and tax appeared today. First of all I want to. Good morning Michael. By redefining words creating catch phrases and making sure they control the narrative. The EC here colon aired. Reese the they're doing this right now with the illegal immigrant issue today in the complicit press or completing daka and the dreamers the dreamers are not the people. To receive damaged them received not the same as doc. There are 800000 illegals registered in the doctoral program in an estimated one point six million so called dreamers. The Democrats want all of these people to receive amnesty plus their parents we Republicans must take back the language. On this issue and that. Jay from Amherst. Is what I mean by a losing the message losing the message may be losing the argument. Because our messaging is as bad actually for this shut down. For the Schumer shut down on the Republicans were right message it even though let me tell you we talked about the complicit media change. There's no doubt that the media resonates. Our democratic talking points more comfortably than them when than they resonate well a Republican. Talking points the talk about the Democrats. And favorable terms and talk about the Republicans in negative terms that's why he saw many networks on the cable networks. Pivot right off of the government showdown directly in to another topic entirely because Donald Trump one that and that's important. For the American people to know that the president isn't the hapless to do that the Democrats in the complicit media say that he has. Are another text are dreamers is a terrible sympathetic term did the children of illegals having dreams of their parents smuggled them in to fulfill what for them. Terrible sympathetic I I think that's an oxymoron. Never knew about that the lobbyists writing bill outrageous we did not vote for them how is this legal. And other witnesses deny congress their pay we won't have shut downs anymore. Our Alitalia. Lobbyists write laws. That's a fact. It's totally legal I don't think it should be illegal but we need our elected officials who take it. And under advisement thank you very much for your memo in the form of a draft law. Draft legislation we will consider this along with everyone else who has in port. The problem we have United States congress is the chummy relationship. Between lobbyists powerful big city big company. Big industry lobbyists. Over let's say for example the people who are banking. A community organization or nonprofit. Group that represents the other side of the point. Com great example one I know of because they're worked very closely with victims of hurricanes who want law firms my company represents. Is the largest and most specialized. Law firm defending. And people with our flood insurance were unable to give them properly repaid by FEMA. And I've been doing that for some years now and they just re off the price FEMA. What they law. The draft of which was little was written. By the insurance industry. There's no question in my mind it doesn't it's have fingerprints on it it doesn't say by giving them a byline or anything but it's very clearly written. By the insurance industry in there and and delivered to a committee whose chairman was notoriously open to laws written by the year insurance industry. And it goes through every. Aspect. Of a mean you'll see. Know. Even government organizations rated their own authorization bills. So it's the story of how sausage is made is no better than the story of how laws are made. They're both disgusting. There's no question in my mind that if Americans lose anyone within listening audience of WB were able to see how laws were made in Albany. Or Washington you would be disgusted. Just. Call Dave DiPietro even if you're not one of his his constituents. Assemblyman from East Aurora and your status and priest were called up and telling you wanna visit Albany. He'll set you right down next tomorrow before you can watch how nerdy it is. How crazy it is going to be Terry again the lobbyist write the laws in Albany to. Any congressman who tells you different any assembly manner the state senator who tells you different. Is just trying to keep up appearances. Talked. Talked to Chris Collins congressman from the south counts he'll tell you just how crazy it is in Washington. It is the swap. Absolutely swamped in the deepest darkest murky as parts of the swamp are these areas like for example. Keep your great example. It's the revolving door between government. And private industry. Of the flawed a National Flood Insurance Program reauthorization was written by lobbyists. The national flood insurance program executives US government executives. Are there are some who will leave and a fight Pete and go work for an insurance company. Coordinating an FIP work and then to come back. While there at the insurance company they're given all kinds of sizable bonuses for their quote unquote wonderful work. And then they go back in the government with their bank accounts patent. And begin to to rule. Government programs in favor of the people who gave them half million dollar million dollar bonus before I came back it's a great example. Our car congressman. Our Marino. Are from from Pennsylvania Republican one of the one of our president Trump's favorite. Chairman of an important committee that was dealing with that OP or an actor epidemic. And and we saw on sixty minutes in Washington Post. That they have DEA the Drug Enforcement Administration was inches away from arresting and prosecuting executives. From very large open your aid distribution companies McKesson and others they're going to criminally prosecute them. For putting too many open woods on the streets far more than were necessary knowing that they were going to be consumed by drug addicts just for profit. The DEA was inches away. Inches away from prosecuting. That company at Aetna more than one company and A executives. Win congressman Marino and others passed the law which which shows. Barack Obama signed that made it illegal for the for the DEA to prosecute. These companies. Amazing. How just inches away from. From from prosecuting executives in corporations. And bam they had to shut down there are their their investigation and the OP always continue to flow like wine. Millions. Of pills sent in to rule areas where they did he have a million. Anything. Sickening stuff we you wanna know what congress Marino's chief of staff who sure budget this bill. You know where he's work and now he's the head lobbyist. Former Kasten. The company was from protected from prosecution. By the legislation he shepherded through congress. That's right and his salary I can tell you is three to four times more than he made. And congress and he was make an almost 2000 congress. So. This is the swap ladies and gentlemen there's nothing illegal about ORO. A lobbyist. Writing legislation. A draft legislation for congressman. That reads on his industry in fact that's his job as a lobbyist but the congressman. Must stand out and say that this is a great input thank you very much. But will want to consider everybody's input and regular order and have testimony before my subcommittee in my committee. In order to make these bills viable. But instead they're written by they when they get these draft bills from lobbyists but just accept them and move them forward. That's Washington ladies and that is Democrat and Republican Washington they are our congress ladies and gentlemen is bought. They are rented. Their balked. Will be right back after these messages here on news radio 930. WD air it is 1122 here and news review and entered WB and Michael could Prudhoe. In foresee in the beach sand you'll have him back tomorrow you've got me for another thirty years or 37 minutes. But do you wanna try that pepperoni pizza voted best in buffalo. Today's deal the Dave from by buffalo perks is the Taiwanese dollar certificate to La hacienda Brighton. It's gotta wonder for only ten box glossy and a bright and sort of the best dinners subs talk there was. And incredible homey pizza. Go to my buffalo perks dot com. I've been to go to place loss and to bring your been there. I've I have friends and it's a PP tools. Check in or we do okay on pizza out east or which by the way in case you haven't heard. East Rory is the nicest place. In the world to live work and play. Joseph. Yeah I mean whatever I east or talk up odd now up buffalo has some of the best pizza. Just in the state I think in the entire country in the world like now the New York City as the pizza dough to Iran on the I don't I think personally I think there's he has really get pizza I think Detroit has really good piece of Detroit style pizza is really good at abbey. But buffaloes and nice middle of New York style in a Chicago style it's a very it's very unique type of pizza we adhere buffalo and I think we should be taken for granted. We should not be taking abortion be eating more dollar idiot normally and we wish we wish that we should be taking it for yet I missed you did not make it portrait it. That's okay. Any short we we don't you know we get our pizzas from. Tomorrow's pizza and the reason we go there pizzas grade I mean it's better when it's nice of them live in a Miami Beach you can't find pizza that you can even eat. And if the worst pizza at least Rory is better than anything you get might be beach we are very spoiled. Yeah you have a young Hawaiian pizza without you have a Hawaiian pizza RI did when other than Hawaii and that is not pizza that is part of the business route on pizza and well. Why after the show because I completely disagree if you use it correctly fruit and keep the pineapple on pizza taste great but why do you think it'll cherry on top of that some AM personal Altman's. All Italian audience of our entire audience I know. Shredded all that's oh yeah now I'm braided and Braden next time I'll prove it. Gross that is as gross Jewish pat Roney and onions that's what you mean but I tell you the one thing we're getting a lot of in buffalo and there are a lot of people who blog about this. But these would fired pizza ovens in pompano pizza in this city as the a couple of Grand Island really good stuff man. Quite an inch right to a fair trade with the -- province yep and it in Indies were we have this place called the bay Cree which was opened up by some high school friends of mine. And that you know Jada per I was in his family. Incur and probably. Better pizza than most in New York City if you ever have coal fired pizza that's abyss when. And writes I think it's it was my technically we would fire right there isn't coal fire none ever well and that's brilliant. And and people like we are bloggers out there that are making it at home all time my wife try to make we normally have that much luck with the crossed I'll try to in my grow. Yeah a dog buddy of mine. Jimmy clap claims that he's making the best homemade pizzas and he's he's actually. Think it to start another pizza place and these were he's got the special raised recipe I think got a sore and he knows or something. And he clay and I've had in his piece target. Yes they're the pot here as this is this is here from John Schmidt will want to continue to compete to look at what we thought we are we are blessed here. Listen I keeps in this. Over and over again I just I knew something I learned. For small were blessed with great people involved there's no question we're more neighborly than most towns have lived all over the world take my word for it. Buffalo march it might mark and Mardy an area East Aurora. Our to a man to a very very sweet people all the way down schools are great around here you know some people might argue that the city schools terrible. You know around the surrounding years for the good school lot of great thing of the one thing I learned. Are being involved in this Russian investigation. Is that we have incredible attorneys here in buffalo I mean world class legal coming out of line dropping names shall selfless tone on it and be an animal. Why I got. Army and cannot tell yet I get calls from people who are looking for her advice on attorneys. And and it happens a lock as I'm in the litigation communication my company goes litigation communications. And I find myself recommending buffalo attorneys all the time like Paul Cameron there's nobody better. For First Amendment issue on either side of it used to work for my files and yeah yeah great great attorney Mike Mike guy. Dennis Rocco. Who's at a key helping me guide me throw this. Crap in Washington is the best in the business and I and and and I couldn't do any better if I heard somebody straight off a Capitol Hill. Have you can't find that kind of legal talent in Cleveland or or a non state capital city typically you don't find. I went to get back the last topic we had here and so much that try Eddie banana peppers to Hawaiian pizza. Today is it cheap date for Joseph beamer so I am going to get a white pizza input banana peppers on behalf of the I will get back to you tomorrow. Our our Tucker you know. What tests as I love peppers on pizza to have a good anything my wife and juicy burger in Hamburg. Ordered. An Italian a stuff pepper burger. With it is the abuse their burgers they can rip down I mean if you're not wearing a long sleeved shirt. It's got all the way to under Elba. I mean it's just sold it was how. It's people do this because I make a burger at home it doesn't end up some adjustments for some reason these guys in the in the home town of hamburgers and juicy burger. They make this to my wife orders his upper right. And what they do is take this stuff pepper and just put it on top of the burger well. And that that as well it is priciest item is murdered Niagara Falls that they stopped the burger with that so the pampered causes side that's wild man. But I think they've been impressed with how juicy the burgers I think it juicy burger the important thing I think a lot of these great burger places is the burger itself. Is like a holy Grail you don't touch it you know do and it put anything and everything is about put stuff on you know. In ovals that was order a bright back with the I got some phone calls take your 8030930. Started doing yourself from 30930. Hours or text board. Our one Texas says. So what are your thoughts on the memo this time it's actually congressman to talking about it. FBI's been died been denied access so far social media is trying to hide it. Interesting stuff right back after these messages hearings he's video and interview WBU. The median. And right now. But I can't. Do now away. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. News radio 930 WBBM beach in company 1136 here and lovely downtown Amber's Michael Google in forcing and he beach. Sandy's back tomorrow well deserved day off. 8030 my interviews are so I was a phone a star entertainers cellphone 3093. Easier than it takes for one texture. Wrote in to to put a finer point on what I said Mike that the National Flood Insurance Program just had a short term extension. Until 216. Nothing has changed with this kicking of the camp. That's exactly right the bill that is that has the legs are there has legs on. To our reauthorize the fight piece was written by the insurance industry and will most likely be the one that is passed frankly. Our Kirsten Gillibrand. Here I go with saying something good about a New York State democratic senator again. Kirsten Gillibrand who sought who's got a bill with Senator Kennedy out of Louisiana Republican of Louisiana. Has a bill. That's much better in the industry dole and senator senator Gillibrand bill. There's actually more protection for the policyholder for the flood victims. The enterprise key legislation that sponsored by the chairman of the committee. That will be voted on to for the 216 extensions the February 16 and extensions up. The written by the lobbyists. Let's go right to Delores in Hamburg Doris thanks for calling him. Thank you very much so I have a couple questions. Regarding the backup people. And the illegal illegal immigrants is what they are can you explain to me please what. Schumer. Chuck Schumer. Senator how respectfully say senator Schumer talking about. What is the global agreement and the illegal people who are supporting women who is paying for them because they're protesting but networking. And they're truly action itself to me like occupied buffalo. And added that and that and the women's movement because Kenny should college kids to women that were organizing the women's movement. Somebody is paying these people to undermine our country and our citizenry. And he give me a helping hand. Seven million people that are illegal I'd appearance a legal right of the active kids. Came here all by the itself. The doctor kids. Dreamers as they call them which is so far away from deplorable it's just don't know who came up with that nickname you know. Apparently those who support Donald Trump and our citizens of this nation are deplorable. But those who came here is legal. And are trying to stay here are dreamers. Well I don't think they're degenerates now on Delores I I gotta tell you. I have in my travels met two were few three. Young people. Who were illegal brought here illegally as children now. The dreamers as they call them are not children they're in their twenties and early thirties. Of their parents were actually governed by eight different build my understanding is DEP. And these and go so well for them but the global agreement on doctor what what Schumer is talking about. And I could be wrong if there's a caller text throughout the correct me. Please do but the global agreement refers to. What's. What the house the senate in the administration have generally. Agreed should be done. The global agreement did not include shutting down the government order to achieve it. Are brought there is a sense of agreement between all sides that that that that doctor should be done now. Alitalia Dolores. I get what you say with the illegal is illegal rule flaws rule of law I get that I understand that but. And I'll tell you what the president I've talked to the president about this issue. These young people who were brought here by their parents didn't have a choice in the matter they're pour their parents broke the law they didn't now. By staying here this sensibly do break the law. But don't don't let it before we do. These people aren't you know there are fewer of them in the military. There is a small. Percentage of them that are college graduates. There are many who were unemployed but many who were employed. Are of this group the dock a group. Doesn't bare out to be the heroes of America or the cut that all of them every single one of the kind of person we want to in the United States it's not true. The idea that they're all there in northern go there opening businesses they're going to college or join in the military so far that's true. Just like some Americans more but not all. And so we we have to look at these young people younger people want your thirty something people the dreamers as people who were eight. Brought here against the law by no fault of their own beat they wanna stay here 'cause they've known no other home and see. They need to stand in line and get there issued dealt with through legal means standing up and screaming about it. Threatening to shut down the government and by the way dumping on Chuck Schumer when he realized that he didn't have the political. Wait to get this done it just smacks of me of being spoiled little twits. I have a resolution for you and my resolution is very simple. Whatever country they're from. You take this whole bunch of dreamers. Yes and then get to their home country we missionary. That the Muslims because I don't want any more Muslims we just another it here. But there are are Christian and different organizations that are Muslims. You send those kids yet don't give out Salvadorian. Leaders to build or Kiev so. Course what are the country they've come from Mexico take other body weight. Give it to this budget dreamers and all of them restore their own countries. And work with people that are willing to work outside the country so that these countries don't have to run to America. Day I hear you Delores and I'll tell you if I'd like I said I met a couple of quote unquote dreamers. And one of the dreamers I met was doing exactly that and Honduras. Which it was going back and had opened a nonprofit was trying to. Aid the preschool children of underdogs are Ansar El Salvador of El Salvador. And there are people within this group just like there are people within every group who have. The the idea is of helping others there's no doubt but listen for my perspective. These. This subset of illegal immigration these people who were brought here did not calm here they were brought here. I think the president views them as. Through as bearing no phone no fault. Decisions of our fathers or visited upon the children. Shame on the pier. Well good good for that I understand that they should not broken the law but these young people twenties or thirties I believe the president is devoted to doing something. And I don't agree I don't think they should have a citizenship either I believe that they should I have our group of a green card to be allowed to work here. And to stay here they've been nowhere else but here but they shouldn't be put to the front line for citizenship. My wife waited years for others. It will have to do how long did doubt trump. Wait for any but I thought this otherwise if the weight off false. Arm I'd I know we all I mean I've I've never met anybody no matter how influential they were or their husbands were their wives were. The ever got to the front lines. Never I mean we had a lot of people pay thousands and thousands of dollars to do this we went the hard way bridges film my wife about the forms on her own stuff but. You know I don't think that the dreamers should be loaded onto a Boston sent home. I don't believe the Donald Trump's base. The majority of the base believes that either I also don't believe the CBS news poll that says that seventy plus percent. Of Donald Trump's voters think that they should be granted citizenship I don't believe that either. But I I I do think the president is going to upset some people in his base. When he comes up with the with the with a solution that he signs. I called senator Schumer regarding this theater. And I told him I said and we have an 8% interest rates. For our children going to college now I know that was a heart and I told him that. Harvard graduate all of brilliant right free lunch. Tenacious college free lunch that's local all of these colleges all these churches are taking these people in and then there is asking for. Money just support any of these people be they refugees. Be they illegal. And they don't care they will take whatever EM I know women who have come here. Three different cell phones for three different children you three different car. Something is in this. No doubt no doubt and we waited needs performance from our and I think that there is. Bayer's. Bears thought on both sides to reform these systems but it wasn't gonna happen right close and on the government you know but Doris thanks arm trying to get to another call here okay. Thank you have a great day in Hamburg Delores we're going to be right back after these messages here in new Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Aaron Michael approved it in for sandy beach. Here at 1153. On news radio 930 WBE. I want a drop of the show here with a challenge. To the Democrats here in Western New York. Ought to read this from time magazine. To mark Poland cars. To everyone in the leadership of the democratic party. Of Erie county and the Western New York area. In the biggest blow he's dealt to the renewable energy industry yet president Donald Trump decided on Monday. To slap tariffs on imported solar panels. The US will impose duties as much as 30% on solar equipment made abroad. A move that threatens to handicap at 28 billion dollar industry that relies on parts made abroad for 80% of its supply. Just the mere threat of terror since she console developers in recent months with some according panels and other stalling projects in anticipation of higher costs. The Solar Energy Industries Association a projected tens of thousands of job losses and a Specter. That employed 260000. The terrorists are just the way it is action trump is taken that undermine the economics of renewable energy. The administration is Marty's I deplore the US out of the international peers climate agreement and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That's time magazine. Talking about a pair of the probe that trump played that the president placed on solar panels and solar products. There are beating imported from overseas as if it was the president trying to make it impossible. For this. This. Industry. To thrive the renewable energy industry. Might challenge. To mark Paul and cars. My challenge. To every democratic officeholder in Western New York. Do you stand. With president trump. On his 30% tariff on solar panels. Or juice stand. With the Democrats. Who were accusing him of undermining renewable. Energy by place in this tariff on pro principally Chinese made goods. Where do you stand Poland cars. Where do you stand because as we know. From economic history. Terrorists a sizable two or 30% is big in this in any industry a 30% tariff on foreign made. Goods. Will in theory. Increase. Victim via the impetus to create them and build them here. That's just. History it's a fact you can't create like this. Some of these media are mavens are warning now can create the beginnings of a trade war there's no question. That the Chinese can retaliate Kim we overcome a camera get past it it's hard to say. But the fact of the matter is. The president just gave eight gift to Western New York he just gave a gift. To everyone. Within the listening area. Your uncle your cousin your cousin's husband or wife is going to get a job in the solar industry. Why because first of all you may not like it. But but Governor Cuomo put together a program to move a major solar manufacturing here it has been a boondoggle. There have been millions of dollars wasted there are people that are gonna go to jail over it including one his right hand man who's going on trial. This week. For bribery. Not this week the Charles and about the solar city but it it it it is going to be riverbend is going to be on the docket in in the near future with the same. Joseph for cocoa. In the defense box. But as a matter of fact a 30% tariff on solar products from overseas should and boast likely will. Give a boost. To the largest. Of which were supposed to be the largest solar panel manufacturing. Plant in the United States. It's right on the waterfront on the river band right there mark Poland cars do you stand with the Democrats accusing the president of dealing a blow to the renewable energy industry are do you stand on the side of basic economics. To walk the president for doing something for Erie county. That's what I wanna know county executive mark Poland cars. Do you stand behind the president's 30% tariff on foreign sol products. Or do you stand with Democrats. And and climatologists. And bit of the renewable energy industry. To scream about how this is going to put a damper. On of on on the mini since. Industry the soreness in the renewable energy industry where you stand. County executive mark pulled carts we thirties didn't. Ladies and gentlemen. If you can't stand up no matter where you're from and you live in western new York and you may or may not believe in riverbend you may or may not believe in solar panels you may or may not believe. In. And Donald Trump you may or may not believe. In our in the two after I don't care where you come from but if you don't see this 30% tariff. On solar panels made outside the United States. As net advantage for Western New York you are a lot yours so partisan you really don't care of jobs are created Western New York. That's my opinion if you don't come out and say listen you know. My liberal friends my progressive buddies that the people behind the renewable energy industry like I number screening of little bit right now about what the president just did. But in fact I wanna wait and see. I wanna find out whether the president's move can help Western New York if the president wants to put up 30% tariff on renewable industries with the entire. Entire. Motivation being building up the American renewable energy manufacturing industry that's the entire reason. If you can't get behind the president that you were so viscerally partisan. That you were not even good for Western New York you cannot get behind the president doing something that is right on the money. Positive for west new York and you gonna sit there and read out all these talking points from the left talk about always. Want to destroy the renewable industry the outrage of the day. And I don't want to think their mark pulled cars where are you on this issue. Where do you stand. On the president 30% tariff on solar panels I'd love the dome to check your FaceBook. Mark. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. Have a great day Mike we were signing off here and radio in my thirty WB.