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Tuesday, January 23rd

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Welcome back buffalo. Michaels put to him for sandy beach and beach in company 1007. On Tuesday morning here on. The news radio 930 WBE. And. Great day little rainy out there start to clear up a little bit here in beautiful downtown in Amherst. A do you wanna try of the pizza voted best in buffalo ladies and gentlemen. Today's deal the day from my buffalo purchase of twenty dollar certificate to a halt to La hacienda Brighton. In Todd wander for a only ten bucks loss and a bright users of the best dinners sobs tacos. And incredible. Homemade pizza a forty dollar gift certificate. Of sir Tony dollar certificate. Pretend box. Not a bad deal ladies and gentlemen do to my buffalo purse dot com. 48 pizza deal. At Brighton La hacienda Brighton in Taiwan. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here we're talking shut down we're talking and Chuck Schumer. And let me see here I would go to the phones it's 8030930. Star and I entered in your cellphone. Also 30930. Is area is our text board its largest life it's. Quite literally twelve inch height characters. Displayed on the screen. As large as the wall here rate for I can't miss it I don't care what you are with him for example. One texture says why can't Republicans put wall funding in the defense budget he really is an immigration item are improvements. Well I'll tell you I don't know the answer to that. I don't know the answer that. I I I got Italian. I believe the border security is technically part. Of the of the of our homeland security and therefore not part of defense budget and one of the things that they take very seriously in Washington is making sure that funding comes from the right bucket. So on gas and that is tied up and Homeland Security which necessarily. Drive the debate on immigration. 8030930. Start ninth inning yourself from a 30930. Is our text board Franken Niagara Falls thanks for calling him. You know I think should make our own masters keeps open the left this. Anger out on the street over the week in and manage that if we crazy from oak. Yeah you know I was willing to give the fattest city itself but he picked the white work progresses. Firstly what you call it a pipeline. You know. Why do at least opposed. To what they want to be poisoned. The race and make sure. To grossed out in my in order either. What it is but at the site sacred. You know you're outraged and others in the Obama and I like the little Jerusalem. You know. You know Mike I find it disturbing sane people. Wished he'd like to Iraq War is in the corporate crime weigh in while Clinton and Obama. And deficit hawks. And distract the American people on the fact one point five trillion to our that would be attacked reform bill. Really do you know I've because I've been on the radio here from off for your frank. And I'm never do call in and complain about that that trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. That Obama added toward deficit he doubled it. But you'd never called and complain about that but there's a one trillion dollar alleged deficit. Down the bush supplemental spending. You know bush didn't pay for it to foresee the impact of the tax cuts. Through it she didn't pay for better Medicare part. What I want supplemental spending you're 32%. Of Obama like it was paying down. We're Cheney. I do I am not a guy who's gonna sit here and defend the frugality of the bush family. Are addicted Frankel on the second. I'm not gonna sit here and defend the bush family for their fiscal policies. That when I'm up that I didn't frank now I'll bet I didn't for hate you I bet I did you know like as I stand on my own. Beliefs. Republicans currently one then why are Republicans have done in the last forty years birdie America. Up Tiger Woods in the last twenty hours. We reopen the government you didn't. Wow. Get back. We also. That I just love the economy they were all living in now to frank. 7% of the American people support the dreamers you know you so resumption of sure that's not true matchup in the next few action. Well. Because I agree with everything Democrats. I hate Clinton Democrat. I'm Bernie Sanders. Yeah. I can agree with you things which. Point that anger sure it all that and others who. Mig you've got a point you got a point I mean. And it typically typically comes from someone who's in advancing. Bernie Sanders or rim Paul. Of the vote them there's a pox on both houses frank. I think both sides I mean the whole government shut down his fake. It's theater and and actors come from both parties. You know. I don't disagree with you and all the politics of America is a farce what I say farce I mean it's a joke I mean it is theater. Designed to be comedic it is sparse. And I I just don't believe. That. That bit there's going to be any different any time soon that'll break banks up column and I appreciate. A once second. I just have to things of that about Franken yeah you can tell is still on here you getting up it's tough for him. Barca. This guy is literally called the station. The last three days with the exact same comments. He called and heartland on Sunday he called me yesterday he called you today good. I is that I is that it's a funny note to point but nobody but Joseph. All the only way you get something done but you don't do we get a message across as repetition I guess so it is I guess in the Hokies won yesterday as he bouncing in and the frank you have one more thing frank. You know progressives they had the courage the only reason Trout waters just. Reps since I had urged the you know top corporate Democrats but Republicans you're rewarded a Republican congress poll you look at it ranges. OK so you've got exactly what you voted for and you know it's gonna catch up you in the next fuel actions. I get that frank I love the Wii it's catchup to us now I do 3.5. Percent growth. Record breaking. Unemployment. Room numbers the lowest unemployment for African Americans. In and in recent history. I love the way that it comes out for us. It did what actually but Floridians that. Oh I think Obama is responsible for some of that but it's funny how we couldn't do any of that when he was president and he can do so much more. As a former president. It's amazing how that what he's accomplishing since he's left office frank there thank you very much are really appreciate it what are right back after these messages here under his radio 930. WB. And Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here and news radio 930 WB and it is 1020. On this. Tuesday morning. Now the sun is fallout here and lovely beautiful downtown Amherst. Michaels threw it for city beach 8030930. Is our. Our studio line gives a call. What do you think of the shut down did you think it was a bunch of theater for nothing who won this thing was that trumped. Was the Democrats. Don't forget now trump is committed. To. A debate with a vote of some sort. In congress. On the dreamers and a trail. It's a guarantee that's the problem we have that the leftists have they don't believe Donald Trump for anything. But. Chuck Schumer got a guaranteed that's gonna happen. Let's go straight to the phones here Steve and south buffalo by the way our phones are 803 elementary start I entered in your cellphone. 30930. Is our text line. Interest in Texas came and maybe Colby was blackmailed or he and his family were threatened and that is why he turned. From a respectable FBI person to one of them. Did the previous text or mentioned though birthright citizenship lastly I questioned the poll numbers but how many people. Want the dreamers to stay that's an interesting point there I saw on the CBS poll. That seventy plus percent of trump voters. Want to dreamers to have citizenship I just thought. That sounds fine. So date what do you think this memo. I'm not letting Michael over the memo because last year. I can hear about bombshell McGee on children out for. Well over. However yesterday on the hill are well as GOP lawmakers raised concerns over quote secret society. The FBI agents. Now I called about the war. About seventh floor BI well. No problem. So apparently rowdy. You go about this secret society now the new it called a society while you know what everyone calls. Dave it's weird every day that goes by I think you first call me about this two weeks ago or week and a half ago. Every data goes by another tidbit that news cruiser conspiracy theory possible. Right there's a good article yesterday on the pundit. It's I lose. These fights so abused numb all unveiled what exactly in the memo or Intel insiders think it's a really good EL as well. Broad view of what might be in a. There's also been a leak of some. Fake documents. Concern about a week there has been raised some distribution of fake documents that allegedly come from this memo we all have to be extremely careful about what we. First of all the faith we haven't like you said Dave everything's a deal breaker right and then it's not. We have to we have to understand it but let me just back up for those who would or just too lenient. There is a memo written by the majority Republican majority house permanent select committee on intelligence was written across last couple of weeks. And summarizes allegedly summarizes. Surveillance abuse by the above by different aspects of the Obama administration targeting. The trump campaign and by the way Dave targeting me and my family personally. Now. That memo was the blue. The house permanent select committee on intelligence where I testified by the way in a classified hearing. In it and a security. Building. Market secure room in the capitol. Our baby broke this four page memo summarizing this they voted the Republican majority voted to release it as a classified document in a secure environment. To other Republican congressman a certain other congressmen senators and invited them all to come see and look at this memo. India. In the NC. A top secret room. The Democrats all vote against that. It was released anyway and for a time Democrats wouldn't even go in and read it I think some have added now. But the Democrat minority leader in the hip in the house permits like Korean intelligence. Adam Schiff is complaining that this memo is you know is deceptive. Imagine that. From one of most deceptive congressman Everett would have to sit on the house permanent select committee and its coach. But so that memo is being viewed by Republicans you you're seeing a lot of commentary out there. From Republicans saying that this is a jaw dropper that this four page memo reveals that people should be fired him probably go to jail. All of their you know that intimate sit DOD Department of Justice employees. FBI and others from the book Obama administration. Were overstepping legal boundaries. To surveil. The trump and his associates which includes me in my fan. My family and I. I'll tell you what. To when I learned that I was unmask amongst. Just over a thousand other people. I really didn't know what that meant it I have no idea. I don't know how they got my name or what you know. What they were doing with my information that means they all sort of all the emails that I sent during that time in and the way these things ago. A you don't know where that ends up well I don't know how it's affected my family but I know one thing. This four page memo even though I don't know what's in it it's gonna tell me more than what I know right now. My what my wife and I are we don't know if we should be afraid. Or if we should be concerned I know with the very least as both American citizens were very concerned that the they. The real they broke my civil rights I broke my wife's rights rights to privacy. Right so we're conferred upon me by the framers of the constitution. Not by the the politicians in the permanent political class in Washington. So I wanna see the memo I don't know what's in I told our Chris Cuomo this on. CNN a couple of days ago. On Friday morning and CNN what he would speak about them a fox can't stop talking about. So I'll tell you Dave from the problem we have is that there's so much. Promised in this memo. That you and I cynical people who have been promised a lot and it's never been delivered. You know I'd knock him I'm not I'm not I'm not gonna rent vote the party room it chef's restaurant quite yet. You know. Lower point however bum. It was another article on CBS from February. 17 2007. A State Department carried out laid out under Rex. And again refers the seventh or the State Department. I understand that Dave and if callers who haven't heard Dave calling in about this Dave can improve his tinged hit he has been watching carefully the news coverage and keep seeing. Reference on blogs and also wise to the seventh quote unquote the seventh floor of the FBI. A lot stay away from blog I don't wanna get it to conspiracies I'm only using mainstream sources CVS. CNBC LE crying. And now these tax which are they're just facts. So I I don't know that I betrayed try to get to the bottom of where he gave it it is concerning to me the idea that there would be some kind of you know Illumina ID at the at the FBR at the Department of Justice that scares the living daylights out especially since. The full force the federal government is so far up my backside right now but I can barely sit down. But let your I keep hearing every every couple weeks until bombshell bombshell on nothing ever happened so I you know I'm I have my hopes up that. That something will come of this but I'm not gonna anybody. It is interesting day before we go to commercial break from amber for a what you're gonna have enjoyed when you call in please do own. Arm. The president tweeted. In early Tony seventeen. About his team. Being tapped. And nobody laughed at him saying all he thinks that somebody wired trump tower tapped to such an arcane word in a go to our. You know made a big huge joke of him. In this memo which may come out as early as Friday may be declassified with the president as early as Friday. May turn out to have to prove that the president was indeed correct. So Dave thank proper Coleman you call any time when I'm one that's for sure. Our gentlemen. Thank you very much we'll be right back after these messages. Here. On news radio 930. WV. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Michael brutally enforce any Ichiro news radio 930 W the yen it is 1037. With 1037. On a sunny now sunny Tuesday here in Buffalo, New York. Sandy's out total Mario have him back in 9 o'clock. Sharp tomorrow you'll be glad to hear the just got a day off today. 30930. Is our tech export. Text me to that number threes are 930 readout on the air force is not pro fade and you speak kindly of me. 8030930. Starting today you software protocol and give us your thoughts are on the shut down all the text Mort OK we can clear something up. When the shutdown occurred who got paid even though there was shut down. I think these senators and legislators got paid still during the show up or can you confirm this. In fact. They all got paid is no question in fact Alitalia. Are most everybody get paid. If there was still money in the budget for let's say national park services. For about essential services if he still had money in your budget. You were opened and you stayed open until you ran out of money and they ended the shut down or re open the government oracle which is a misnomer of course. Because none of the government shut down real. Are so vague they'll reopen the government quote unquote in times so that most of these people. Most of these government organizations never really missed a beat now let me tell you something I know from my friends in Washington. That it was chaos. Chaos in Washington. I mean I think Ken Burns were probably some day do him a miniseries about it the way you'll call. Awful things like my friend called me up. He said that he and his body had scheduled. To Art Howe of launch in the senate dining room which is by the way that only place you can get good bean soup in Washington. The senate dining room. And they got there and found out they could not eat there. No they could not go to their lunch Reza they could not go out to eat in the senate dining room. They need those white tablecloths ladies and gentlemen. These lobbyists and house and senate employees. They suffered. For twenty minutes on Monday they suffered. This will go down in history as one of the most important decisions in the world. This is a joke. Our number let me see here I'm gonna go right to the phones they don't trio 930 start answering your cellphone. Go straight to Georgia and we feel George thanks for calling what's on your mind. Eight. And I heard the future. There are aware that these young Democrat Mexico are you know Jerry you should be more of the beat generation. Wanting years they're the first ones while I only bring itself Alter our caller's that I'll let our act or borrow. I prepared all the yeah. Dramatic arc without thinking you're at all but what they don't go so well. They're throwing a mile so I got very open line build it they don't think I'd like that it's long wondered if it. It sure you're both are. And yell about what. The public in where there were all on or ol' ball player. Yet they are so well mean war figured there but. There. In our country more. We know George if you Sar. Any of the footage of arm what happened after the women's march this year and last year. The footage after NER. A leftist event you'll find piles and piles of garbage. Files and files. And yet they wanna sort of bought bubbles here but boy here we go we go here. Larry. Well look at me here's a good test. Okay. Now do you bring this up you you mentioned that you believe Democrats are hypocrites I walk I'm gonna check. On local Democrats. Here a gut check his yesterday. One text here at threes are 930 are reminded me that yesterday. Donald Trump signed an executive order putting a 30% tariff on all Chinese. Solar panels. Now that some say might start a trade war. This is the trade war the people have been worried all the free trade advocates the ones who. Through the Arab and North American Free Trade Agreement other agreements have been done a lot to shut down factories in Western New York. The manufacturing jobs are going overseas. You don't. Now we're gonna have a 30% tariff on on Chinese made solar panels which if you know anything about the solar industry. Might happen good spent a lot of time looking into the Chinese make the vast majority of solar panels made the United States so now. Here are Western New York with this in a government program. They're calling solar city on the waterfront. That's really Panasonic council or city give up the ghost there the Panasonic is apparently going to be. Producing solar panels. At this site are are aren't on buffalo waterfront so. Donald Trump one of its first terrorists that he's ever many ever put into. The American trade system on solar panels. It's going to it possibly could really be a big boost for Western New York. That is the work of warm person of one white house of one administration that is Donald. And what the Democrats of Western New York actually ever give him credit for creating. What could be a real window of opportunity for the Panasonic plant on the water for. Oh yes. Yeah look what are the people are here throughout the cuff speaker cover them back into our country. There are what Ari so all by itself because I hear this thing you'll see. There are three people on me like if they're out there like here. L and their ill about this stuff. Well the audio books on them right torch. That affects opera called and listen ladies and him are are just. Put opinions. Donald Trump. Dropped to 30% tariff. On Chinese solar panels from the book but who sell the most solar panels in America. Put opinion because right now. The left across America is saying that's Donald Trump's way of killing renewable energy. Of helping the oil and coal industries the fossil fuel industries continued their stranglehold on the American economy. And they're keeping the gun to the head of the of the global climate. That's what they're saying. But Donald. 30% tier auto product coming out of China the world have eight direct. And unremarkable. Impact. On and manufacturers. Of solar panels in the United States where is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the United States. Supposed to beat. In the years ahead. Right here in Buffalo, New York you may not like government. Our support for business you mean out like you know corporate welfare. But what Donald. But I want to ask the Democrats of Western New York the democratic leadership of Western New York do you agree with your leftist Carly. Europe rocky colleagues in Washington. Who were calling the president's activity the president is 30% tariff on Chinese solar panels. A pox. On renewable energy us. An assault. On the environment is that what that is Democrats of Western New York. All I hear are crickets so far. Give answering U three O 930 starter entering your cellphone Donald. The savior. Of solar city buffalo we right back after. These messages Michael Caputo in for sandy beach Long Beach in company news radio 930 WB Ian and his 1052. You've got me for another hour in Sarah hole and power and which can do met half an hour and eight minutes. We're talking about the shut down who won who lost in all I've got to tell all repeated again. One of my heroes for the shut down. Is Chuck Schumer and I know that some listeners here on the on the radio will not like that but. In oh what do you think about Schumer I gotta tell you if this were Harry Reid or Diane feisty or somebody else more willing to be held captive by. The fringe elements of their party. Are we might still be closed right now I think that it's very possible. That if let's say. You know Nancy Pelosi. Worst speaker of the house that we would still beat we would still be close right now. And you know say what you will about Chuck Schumer I don't agree with him on much of anything. But he saw the writing on the wall so our first of all that he would be hurting the chances of reelection pretend that democratic senators. Who have to run for reelection this year in states that were won by Donald Trump ten of them. That's a lot. And you know a lot of those students boost those people are quite vulnerable to be defeated like. This gentleman senator tester government on Tammy he's in a 5050. Seat he can win or lose any time he runs for reelection. That's kind of a given for him and he stood up and did what he promised he would do and that was vote against that. It's an I think. You know Schumer could've stood there and held the ground for the fringe of the party which undoubtedly no question. That the people who said who who supported. Are making you know keeping doctor resolution as a part of the government. Funding bill or shut it down. Those people were out lawyers. In tropic end channel are Schumer knew it. He knew they were gonna lose more and more every day and he pulled the plug in the government is running today with almost zero impact. So. You may not like each and senator Schumer because he's too much too liberal for you or you may not like senator Schumer because he caved. On this closing down the government last week and this resort we resolve the fate of some are illegal dreamers. But from my perspective. Easier what do you think it'll Treo line thirty. Starter entering your cellphone 30930. On the tax board when we go to Texas politics coming here. That see rape before we go to the tax on him to go to frank in williams' role. Frank thanks for Carl and how you doing. Mike are you. I'd have a hard time understanding the budget. Apparently is going to be at our age and over again. The Morse. When they beat it was it can trump the money wow. And replies. That all from one year every year to look back. For more money. By. Using. And understand. You know who anyway and it seems that their decision. Well. It's also if we we basically in the lurch from one continuing resolution to another just careening all over the place. I think that many people who were involved in the house and senate who remember what it was like to work at regular order and Frankie nor regular order is right it's. Were you actually create a budget through the committee process in the sub committee process. And subcommittees who specialize in this say for example the small business administration. On the house side would come up with a budget numbers passed them up through. That their committee our chairman Alan over to. The house leadership for bill that would be written on a general basis or through that general order. Of the house or present is on the senate side to. Instead we have these bills that are written in one office of one. Congressman for example one of the problems that frank. Is it one to win the instead of a committee being responsible for drafting. Legislation when one member takes point on that legislation. In amongst the house leadership you know wins a bright that bill. Lobbyists. And less were in regular order and less we're following the committee process. In the house and in the senate. And what legislation starts from the bottom and goes all the way to the top to be voted on and an agreed upon between the house and the senate. And let's go back to that process that our. Our founders envisioned. The lobbyists will always be writing legislation. I mean. Yeah I can't help but feel I see these guys and they're like wolf we're like ice back there at the taxpayers and when to calendar. They're Petit and head giving it an eye care. It was there are like they're god they do this particular dinner. And that's the truth and by the way forward go off to break here frank the lobbyists know this. I mean listen I have a lot of friends were lobbyists were all of us who work in the house in the end and in the senate in the eighties. And early ninety's you know the goal is to get out of their kids can only to certain amount of money there and go make a half a million dollars a year is a lobbyist some. Right lot of my friends went on to do that I didn't I'm I did other things. The lobbyists count on that system a system where one congressman is given the responsibility to write a massive bill that could be a thousand pages shouldn't be but it could be. And so they turned directly to the lobbyist operations who have staff in place. Who used to work in the house of prisoners of the senate who know how to draft bills and they will do wit. On behalf of the legislators. They actually keep these people. In their office fully employed yearlong as let's say a government affairs assistant or government affairs. Manager but these people right ideal bills all day long. And when the congressman. The chairman of the committee of congress or are assigned the responsibility. To write that bill calls them up it's already written. And believe me it's written for the lobbyist advantage. And that's how the swamp. Force feeds us this crap legislation and and now. We go from continuing resolution to continue revolution from government shut down to government shut down why. Because they can't operate. The United States congress. The way they're supposed to. I wanna budget I wanna budget process I want regular order. And you should too ladies and gentlemen it'll 30930. Start putting yourself on 309 threes are on the text fine. We're gonna come back and take calls. Right after these messages here a newsreader and in thirty WEB air.