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Tuesday, January 23rd

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Good border buffalo. 909. Little rainy Tuesday morning. Here in Western New York. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach who's got the day off today here on news radio in my thirty WB yen. Beach and company got me on which you. Until noon. Great to be here Tony good to see you joke it's it's pretty good to see you. Pretty good at it all the way good this week. That's pretty good I pharmacy doesn't touch music that well Kyle Arnold bet you're gonna do is he was playing Backstreet. Now he's he's been very unfair. He wouldn't get two of his I put everyone to sleep music and I would get one mile bombs. In the opposite actually I played the chain smokers self deep which lit up the tax court. All the same you know Backstreet Boys poppy crap. Anyway. I actually there was once all you've played joke that was really good actually. The good that I was that it wasn't chase for another this he's that self feet. Now brought that we should turn as recently adapter for Tony. Yeah that's it for their. Dad. It's big day big day yesterday. You think yeah and washing tone DC. I'm tell India. When I worked there are working congress or worked in and politics there. Arm these visa. These shutdowns. Are. But the likes no place that people the great hue and cry and how awful that the American government should be closed down. But there's no days and meet people get furloughed for a day or two if it gets worse and worse they can. And they get their pay their back pain now these folks oftentimes if they're living paycheck to paycheck on the federal government. My oftentimes or hurts for a bit bigger tighten their belt the gonna borrow a little money but they always give their money. And I've really never met anyone who who got the you know who encountered something so awful an insurmountable. Did the our government shutdown could be credited for anything really terribly bad. I mean when I say insurmountable. I mean that have for a very particular reason. The government provides you with services in my opinion the New York State government specially at Washington also in particular. Provides too many services. There is it basically. In my opinion the big of the great warm heat of the government is especially. Warm. Here in New York State. And where and when the government the federal government shuts down. Some things will be you know will not be open but some things some people will not get to go to work and and and indeed most of them enjoy that. And I'll tell you yeah. When people say oh I couldn't do this I could do that. More often than not it's something they should be doing on the ground anyway or could be doing on their own with a little bit effort. And so I think you know for example we saw the great fanfare is they'll do chick from normal. Said that he was going to set the federal government could not keep lady liberty open. With their New York State government's gonna do that for you and so the New York State government for time for a moment for a brief been shining moment. Was responsible for running. The statue of liberty. Yes. In ladies and gentlemen let that sink in. New York State running the statute but I mean. It was really a PR move just like the shutdowns always always always always car. I can anybody who lives inside it and the Boeing won't tell you that the great human cry the screams of fear and you know the of the panic in the streets. And it's all theater every single bit of it is theater. And for years two decades sixteen shut downs. The Republican Party took it on the chin every single time that I could never figure out why. If the Republicans were in the White House. We got probably got blamed for the shutdown of the Democrats were in the White House the Republicans were blamed for the shut down. Every single time it was well that's of course the Republicans fault and anybody who's. Spend little time in government to spend more time listening or are studying the media like most of our listeners have. Very astute people were interest in politics. You know we do you understand. That. This is the Republicans losing the message war this is the Republicans. Basically beat him to be honest both parties are responsible for shutting down the government every time it shuts down. There is almost always some Republicans are some Democrats vote against their party line. And almost always the minority party in this special the senate chamber. Get together and tries this opportunity sixty plus are they need sixty votes to pass continuing resolution to keep the government. It's always both parties. Cynically showing on the government and spending their time blaming each other for. But the Democrats are so much better at the blame game and have been for. Nigh on twenty years. That the Republicans walked away wearing. The big guilt in the blame for the shut for the governments. And oftentimes we gave in because of that. Because we feared that we would be held responsible. Now mind you. Being responsible being the with a body in the media immediately bulls as responsible for the government shut down. Has never. NDP are never changed the results of the election nobody's ever. Campaigned on the theme. My opponent shut down the government this is not something anyone ever pays for at the polls ever never ever never. It's never happened. So the idea that some are another. You know this this would translate into defeat for the Republicans in the past for the Democrats right now to market happened during and hope for and as much effect it shouldn't because. Both parties responsible chicanery. There's no question in my mind I've seen it up close and personal have been in the room while while these decisions were made. In the house representatives and it's theater if theater to achieve the goals beyond. Continuing the funding of the United States government. You are often times it's like for example trying to shut down obamacare with the Republicans put on the table during a continuing resolution debate. Was completely non germane of the eight may put on their knowing that that the president would never sign it and it was all theater. And we warned that. Of course nobody got elected because of it will be a war so this time. This time around lady's tournament every single time before we have walk we have lost the messaging war and this time. We want the Republicans have won the conservatives have won the people who want to deal with doctor out separately from. The that a vote for the required. Must pass bill that funds were vote of the of the federal government. They want vastly they were Republicans but there are some Democrats. Who voted on on that side as well. But the Republicans want and you never saw pastor pivot on CNN or India and the other news that's in your life what ought the government's closed down. Would you look at the tie him. Look at the weather what do what's sad is doing to okay changing the topic to anything at all. Except for giving the president and the Republicans the victory and the police say one more thing before going to bring. Ladies and gentlemen I saw. Brit you tweeting yesterday about how the report that the reason why this happened is because trumps state out of the way. The reason but it is the reason why this happened is because. Trump let the other more intelligent more experienced people run this. Those works fears people have getting been getting blamed those Republicans and getting blamed for closing the government over and over and over again multiple times a year. For two decades what's different now days what's different. Donald. And I'll talk about New York's our own senator. Charles Schumer. And his role in this whole charade. After these messages here on news radio 930. WB and one thing. Tony. I have to tell yeah I know I'm I'm here I was really glad to get call from from Tim become them. But I was supposed to be on the 520 flight to Miami Beach this morning. Bound to go in the morning instead more yes I'm on my way to the son that he's still reading this weather. I'm sorry I do with irony. That. But at least at companies come and I'll tell India. Their comments have Darian took Tuesday heritage yes you can go to Joey who with this. To take off the next day in order ago you really want me to go with the I think I can provide coverage area and actually like that I'm on a run average harbinger I'm sure the whole problem. Oh well. The ones that are actually what's your theory so you'll be in the back sleep on the long now the whole crowd obviously you don't where you didn't play in a. I'm gonna go to the period show the prior before all show and inspection. And Saratoga Springs. I'm gonna go to the former former Tony sick show enough Fort Lauderdale because that was you know they were never scheduled for January flew down. For work is like I spend a week down there among that when my office in Miami. And a get ready to go to the show a couple of days before are sitting there in Miami and which is named the guitar player from the Dayton companies. And the young guy. Mayor John Mayer yes the only guy in the BM who you know his first doubles and he's an incredible guitar season church is part of the best guitarists playing and how this artist he can go from John John it's like people like Alec he can keep the weight or to put them to sleep that's right it right like he doesn't that get up after the basically carries parts yes he has and he's he's doing great he's singing great but. He had. Appendicitis attack. And they they had to pull it out. I think in New Orleans or so anyway he he they called off for five shows and one of them was the for a lot of Jewish on that be cool. But that's February 26 but before we went to break him before we go to break again not I wanted to explain. We watched Schumer. In these days Chuck Schumer of New York senator. And I actually tweet it out via. Input on my FaceBook which is Michael work approve a via. Our image that was put together by the Republican Party that was talking about that the list of all the terrible things the west was saying about Chuck Schumer. Like all the progressive groups saying he caves he's a loser why are we trusting him we need to get rid of him we need to primary and all this stuff. And I've got to tell you something I'm not a fan of Chuck Schumer politics I do not agree with anything he says. But and there are there a couple of heroes in the shut down. The Schumer shut down it's like called and one of those heroes and I know you're gonna hate you for saying in one of those heroes is Chuck Schumer. Because who worked for Chuck Schumer. The tiny little fringe. Of the left that was dominating the Democratic Party and insisting on. A deal tied to the key that to a continuation of the government. To legalize a group of illegal aliens. Dreamers are schemer is whatever you wanna call them. They were driving the the minority side that tiny sliver of the west the leftists of the of the Democratic Party. We're driving this entire debate and if it were up to Nancy Pelosi or. You know Dianne Feinstein or some of these other people you don't know what would happen. I mean well I worked in congress Chuck Schumer is in the house representatives and he was eight half prop guy. To work for especially he would cover and the House of Representatives newsroom for radio and TV news I was assistant director. And Chuck Schumer would come in with the staff and he would just eat them alive while he's waited this speech he would you know snap at them he would talk but he was. Really are are on top of with the politics of the situation and the one thing you know about your children. Is he is not a leftist he's not a right to see not a centrist he is a pragmatist. He will do whatever it takes politically. To bring about the the result that he needs and the result he needed out of this shut down. Changed. From the view beginning to the end and I'm sure I'm quite sure quite shore. The Chuck Schumer knew this was going to happen first. With all the left the resistance the the never trump leftist. The paint added marchers there. The dreamers who screamed down Nancy Pelosi at a public event these people who were on the far this fringe of the Democratic Party. The open borders leftist Democrats. They were the ones demanding that the Democrats in the senate stand tall and refuse to vote for anything that did not contain citizenship. For the illegal dreamers. Citizenship they were calling for. And Chuck Schumer sought from the very beginning as a gambit I'm sure they were pulling this stuff every date some save more of I've been told more than once today. Two of trying to figure out where the where their base was were the public was and on Saturday. The Democrats figured out I know because they've I have a very good friend is in the leadership. They figured out this was gonna go cellphone. If you go south on fast and they knew they absolutely do and we're looking for an exit strategy as what was going on all weekend. And so in order for that exit strategy to go forward Donald Trump kind of laid back. Just stayed out of it and let the house and the senate work their will which is what he said he would do. But at a time he'd laid the boundaries in the fence posts and the limits of what the Republicans were allowed to cable on. They were not allowed to cave on everything like they usually do silly move forward with a pair of stones in their pants. Chuck Schumer K there's no doubt what Chuck Schumer did was he gave cover. Important copper for Democrats who are a democratic senators running for reelection. And pro trump red states there are ten of them if the government had shut down. We would have targeted them with with a problem with working for illegal immigrants. Instead of Americans. They would have been cooked. Chuck Schumer stood up and took the ball forward. And for that reason the government is open you may not like Chuck Schumer. But he's a hero of the situation. All week you'll be here right now if you're left. And as far as I'm concerned I can land on his side on those days. We're right back of these messages here a news radio 930 WBE. Good morning in buffalo. Michael Palin for sandy beach here on news radio 930 WP and each and company. Welcome back 938. 30930. Is our tax or Michael Green for sandy beach are also. 8030930. Start I enter your cellphone star 930 on your cellphone. I gives a call tell us what your reaction to the shut down. And the subsequent Republican victory which your reaction in a tree and traditional Anthony's cell phone 309301. Texture. Just dropped one at me here at 30930. Mike can you explain why Jon Tester voted no I have to think he's vulnerable on this year's senate election. Well. I can't art and it's. I think you've. I guess the very short. In a description of why he did that was intellectual honesty frankly. I Jon Tester. Is not always the one who you know will vote party line you want always vote with the liberal left. In fact oftentimes you will mocks he has never supported. Our continuing resolution. Went out. Our commitments on funding. For some basic issues that he's pursuing and rural America had a lot to do with health care etc. And they know and in fact he voted against the DREAM Act in 2010 which would have helped protect dreamers. From deportation. So it's not about doctor for him. But let me tell you something Jon Tester the Democrat. Is is is in trouble there's no question. He's the only red state Democrat up for reelection this year to vote against. This. You know reopening the government. And Alitalia and he also voted against the advancing of their short term continuing resolution earlier. So he's opened up to attacks it's it's a problem for this Democrat senator from Montana. And it I think as the only written statement I say red state the only democratic senator who's up for election who is from a state that trump one. He's the only one who voted against the opening ago. So already the National Republican Senatorial Committee is targeting him they're going after him Montana right now is numbers look like 5050 if they have. Are you end up with a strong candidate in Montana the Republicans could take that seat. And tester would you agree with him ward off or not. Tester voted his conscience and I don't agree with his democratic policies I don't agree with him. On a lot of things I don't like the fact that he voted against. Opening reopening the government. But he got to give him props for standing right by his own views and refusing to budge even dog means he may face. But tough reelection of tougher reelection. He's gonna face tough on them no matter what. So that's how that's white tester voted no out of conscience. Don't agree with his position on things brought. It's kind of like the way I feel about you know mark Poland cars and some of the other folks on the Democratic Party here in Western New York. Our Brian Higgins for example I don't agree with anything that these guys think of but. No like Jon Tester there in it for the right reasons they're gonna because they're true believers in their and there are you know liberal orthodoxy and our progressive ism and dead they pursuant and they told us all when they ran for election tester. You know pulled carts and Higgins who they told us honestly what they stood for and they are now executing on their own vision. I disagree with everything. Almost everything. That they believe him certainly on key votes in the in Washington. But it is what it is right I mean we knew exactly what they're gonna do the day they were elected. Our before we go for a quick break here. I want to air act celta two real quick call receipt peaked in Ontario thanks for column and hear on news radio 930 WB yen. I hate mr. Gupta oh wasted here. You and single and duck it is for months now lawlessness. It's very hot. I am with Donald. And guy and the cheap but and that few people. Since well. It. And and it's been. It. Everything about that pollute. And read it and actually. Commuted. In use. You Rhode Island. It. I'm sure you're not part of Omniture you know it's not like what is this government thing. Like there. I. It. My dvds without government shut my first year. You know I'll watch it and it can be here like some people. Might now you're you're part. Because you know. We are about. Like we are war. Up. This morning. Oh four Friday and it. And people. Are. There. Well I'll tell you have my information is different from yours. On what happened in that mean we Schumer. Com but I'm not saying what you said didn't happen because I wasn't there it could've it's certainly could've bought. I wanna tell you that. This this memo was and I wanna talk with a little after the break and we have to go for break your people who aren't gonna get to your question before Rico. And we'll talk about that memo Cleveland got a little related. All of. I think what I understand from somebody who was in the meeting is that the president and chief of staff defined. The part of the democrats' position for them. The Democrats were over a barrel. And they learn that in the overnight holes on Friday night in the rated the immediate reaction to the government shutdown they learned that. In overnights. And the president and Schumer sat down and the president said look here's your position as icy I mean York. Bargaining position as he here's my bargaining position. Here's your resources. There and upside here's mine resources an upset here is short downside here's my downside now chopped way yet and you'll see. That you're coming up short. And so I'm not moving. I'm not move. I'm not budging. I'm gonna break. My advice. Is you get out Monday. Get out Monday. And we move forward. Because I'm not moving and there'll whole bunch of us from across the pro trump spectrum who were weighing in with him. It's telling him please stand strong break them that was the word bureau using break them. Break them. Breakdown. Of. That matter anymore it's a group of our truck. Oh he is on several different words from the time they turn on the pundits are not detract from what he could got about what ever dogs. But not from Schumer Pete. He's got to get up and you were here and there but Pete I'm telling ya I know these guys Schumer and trump can do business. They can do business. And he has stated it look at what you going Robert Schumer today and yesterday he is getting pounded. By the far left. Do you think Chuck Schumer is far left. You know what I think she's picky he definitely. I don't think he's dot dot dot dot ideology driven lefty I think that it. Let's see I agree with you he definitely is gonna work which property up he when he either party collapse. Around him he'll be easier work what so what I'd rather hit an air gap. Yeah absolutely and we're have to go to rent to break here but I'll tell UP. Chuck Schumer is our senator from New York State bats in our look I'd rather have Republicans across the board here let's be real we live and blue state the deepest of Blue States in America. And to have those United States senate. Minority leader in our state gives us a certain amount of responsibility. As citizens. Because she moves forward and does things as a leader for more than just New York State. I think that Schumer himself even though he is safe to say it gets in New York State he took the pulse. Of wit with polling and figured out that it was an untenable position and he. Cut the cord with the fought with the far left and just you know and just ejected. That's what happened and if they have four that's why I don't think Chuck Schumer though what a leftist I think is a liberal buy things for the centrist side of liberal what he is is it. It's a pragmatist and a dealmaker and a lot of people in New York don't like that about him people on the far right people on the far left I mean I think Republicans in general. Right. But if it worked for chuck she over if it if this were Harry Reid we'd still be shut down. You know. Let's go let's get a real quick break I want to talk about this. Memo that peak are who called in from Ontario while brought a rep packet of these messages. Here on news radio 930 WB. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here on. News radio 930 WB and seem to be back tomorrow you got me until noon. And we were just talking about why this shut down thing it's really quite something and Natalia. There are a lot there's a lot of great analysis going on around here we're not going on in in the news right now there are some listen not all the news speak. And in all not all journalists. Our our liars. So far many are. We've got our share liars right here in Western New York. But. There is really solid analysis going on and I I advise you first of all read an op Ed that just appeared by mark T sin. About this marked decent as a columnist for the buffalo sorry for the Washington Post. And I'll post it on my FaceBook on the next commercial break that it's in a room when you know the history. A democratic. Advocacy. For immigration just in the last ten years you'll understand. That it this shut down. Was all. Just. Theater days in Batavia high you do them. Today I got there yet liked by quite sure which. I think it is called me. Can. Get things. He did not do it looked for him ever come out this today or age wanted to call it a matter. There was just her and am in need. And I think this been going on and I want to say this too. Didn't you really. View to become an FBI. Right. I've heard this before. You know as conspiracy theories go Dave this is a tame one. Even. If the if there's not a bad one. And facts indicate first of all of those of I lived in Washington for a long time I know a lot of people in law enforcement FBI in Washington. And internationally. Coby was a hero. They and you can't read you can never forget that for basically forty years. The 35 years this guy was a paragon of integrity. And there are countless examples of that now people pick them apart. And and and I myself and our and I am really questioning his motivations and Israel. What his real integrity issues. But if you look at Torrey sixteen game and I'm sure it sounds like you really did his behavior appears erratic. You know suddenly he went from this paragon of integrity. And lawn for in the rule of law. Two of looked at appeared to be like a flip pretty chipped it I mean he was you don't you do different press conference for God's sakes. A press conference on a topic that the FBI normally doesn't weigh in publicly on whether or not they're going to. Prosecute someone a widget that's just the tip of the iceberg things got weird. And it was order in about like they told them Loretta once told him to do their press conference and that only that. It would truck fire don't he has to. Because well he's a whit. At the same time Dave we have. Were were learning from news coverage today. That. There appears to be at least from some of the documents released by the just barber in the FBI here appears to be some level. Of cooperation. Between co me. And Loretta lynch. In the run up to all of us. Loretta lynch said she knew nothing about this through what was recusing or did recuse herself said she would Arab go with whatever the FBI would do. There and it appeared to have to the public like she was all hands off. But. Documents show that she wasn't may not have them anyway we'll see more defects your call we appreciate it have a great day. Our dad Michael Caputo sitting in for sandy beach here on newsreader tonight the VW EB yen. It is 4958. There 8030930. Start I Anthony's off on 30930. Is our tax board we just had a taxer. Chimed in no doctor deal no amnesty no lottery no chain migration citizens first row leads the memo. These gentlemen of the talk of this memo. Is. Giving three predictable. Of those of us on the Republican side the critics of the Russian investigation. We are seeing this is some kind of perhaps a turning point and the left predictably. It's taken the other side of that opinion and saying it's laughable Lee. False but that this is much ado about nothing. End of the memo itself will end up being a nothing burger. Now I side with the Republicans on this I wanna talk to you about this national. Tragedy were calling the Russian investigation. And the hit C member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence majorities. Four page memo. On the Russian investigation will be right back after these messages. Here on news radio 930 WB yet.