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Michael Caputo is joining us on the WBM live on Michael yourself to meet with congress. Again on Tuesday a get a slow live preview of what you're expecting tomorrow and you know what kind of questions you think you're gasped. Well I think it's going to be the same pair went through July imported them team all over. I don't think there are going to be anything different. Except probably on the other parties aren't they capital and it's really another there's your position at another waste of time. And what really should happen that never fortunately they should have just taken money testimony from outside. And radical on the senate side of it wouldn't waste my time money and forced to become the Washington. When attorneys. Just that they've been doing all it. Now for people who are unfamiliar with this case you know you met in front house for this time that you're basically being asked the same things in front of the senate that being said what were some of the questions about how assessed in the first time yet. Well let me. About how long are known the president and whether we have talked much about Russia B what right did it outside a bitter and ninety per. That prosecutors. And you know a lot of requests are actively work from a decade or two ago. Aren't really words I'd I believe that China do. Figure out what my role in it at the end of for a half hour on the outside. They figured out that I have no roll call him back to back out relative. Final report written Barton Republican. My name isn't even mentioned wants. I'm not even in the index. So bits is currently does the same thing you're different days different party very deep apple. And it and investigated about not. Michael how much has these. Meetings in Washington because of the lawyer fees that are involved and how much does it hurt you financially. Welcome looks like currently is going to be about at least under 45000. Dollars. And may be bored or think you know I'm not smartly put the other. Our two pseudo legal on dot com where people go in and helped noted we are good. Overdue budget we are prepared remarks that your commitment around the there it worked walks. Oil I live at we hear are nowhere in New York quality of life or. You know not a market report anybody here or. A 125000. Dollar can be. So it could stop on not but you know we're opened today on its route great. We were present case in that spot. Have you seen a big outpour of support for you you know from people who are. Fans of years whether it's on the radio through our search aside your work in local politics had to have there been a lot of people that are participated. In your fund. I think we've had about fifty or sixty people donate we reached and parts of our poll on line on dollars. I'm I'm hopeful it will be able to paper summer we hope there'll. With its fundraising and and and frankly you know we also opened the truck count well well Rico. There's a local charities got farther market. He had some print remarkable number TARP to outgrow others are also donated money bright checked in. You know any you know it's it's really typical independent record that the topic for a really truly believe it or not department. And there are many families in the position. Who were involved in the direct engagement that unfortunately don't want. I remember when you're about to testify in front house you asked for to be. Kind of a public forum not forum isn't the right word by US for to be. A kind of a public hearing of sort how come it wasn't a public one and is dissent that won going to be also privately conducted. Yet the latter are hearing will also be was stabbed in the private. I'm closed or probably in the security area. In the United States and it went back out one while I mean I was hopeful there in those days and months ago. That they would permit an open hearing in India in front of the public in front of Albert ever. That it turned out in all at a burst hearing with a whip on me they'd never had a and other public here and then. RB not want them to jump Maher minded they were written it released very transparent so. Not much hope that you haven't been disputed some later date. In front of the public. Which is a state that played don't part of a panel politicians. But you know it and I'm not being subpoenaed I have volunteered to go the good of their role can be important in its market it's my duty and an American art are pretty. I don't question. Out here it added that point you know and between mark later. And now I'm not too optimistic that it and beneath our and so I Michael anything else you pointed out that. And are desperate to check out our legal on. Currie or.