Michael Caputo on NY Times anonymous writer


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An extraordinary week in Washington strategists and WB and contributor Michael Caputo joining us live this morning. Like those New York Times anonymous op Ed piece that they started running yesterday from what they say is a senior trump administration official. What does this boil down to is it's is it selling a coup TO. Well aren't they aren't there any definition of the word coup you look at certainly. It'd be administered through the idea that. Senior members of the trump administration with holding papers are doing things could stop the president's agenda. It strips. Currently not street and that those are the word that two people who use into law currently it's true and I would remember. Whenever the person decided to wait it probably should quit. And that stood up like what. It would urge and that would occur to their search and unfortunately we have our Howard. In the proper ministry continuance. Who does that say you more about does that seem more about says this person or more about the president and the administration. Just the fact that you know they have somebody in there. Who's actively working against them shouldn't they be able to snuff that out within their own ranks. Well got off I don't think it is an unusual. In our product usual mean. Look at what she wrote. I can argue that the top administration. Go with people. Are just like her. The problem is that the oval. Came into the white house with the prior record like Wright street from other two were not committed to your agenda. Wrigley Field I'm putting people like her in place. So that this person and others. Can or can I mean the president's agenda. Unfortunately all the (%expletive) if we're coming home to group. MM and remember Kurt Birkins argue that they are active. Programs to stop while. Loyalists from joining the administration. Into perched on loyalists. From departments in. The president's administration. So our topic is really just from what I considered to be a symptom of larger problem. Even mentions her and she a couple of times do we know it's a woman. I know the woman that you know I'm kind of cautious by courier he is trying to keep it from. From saying her name but yes I believe what I believe I know it is. On the and you don't have to look at his fervor event the department of this of this so administration that completely personal of people from the ranks. Source first indication that someone who belittle the carpet and that happens very clear the identity. In depressants during critical of the op Ed but do you think you actually read it. Of course she did and and if you read closely park you'll see it's very clever we were. It really. Are entertaining either rip they were very op Ed writer clearly it goes straight to the current altitude where it's very tightly. Very professionally written. She can't write this well. You know the reason I ask that question is because in part of that op Ed. In the middle is there he's on foreign policy in public and practices reading from the op Ed president trump shows a preference for autocratic dictator such as. Vladimir Putin. Kim Jong-un displays a little genuine appreciation for the ties that bind to allied. Like minded nations and this morning as the rate after his tweets slamming the out bad. Is it tweet from an hour ago Kim Jung Hoon of North Korea proclaims unwavering faith and president trump. Thank you chairman Kim I mean he's an improving the op Ed right there and it's wheat this morning. Art can tell you that I don't expect the president change his. Its strategy ranger tactics and world. Affair just because of this mortal person in his cabinet who don't expect at all. Our and it is part of it that it could happen that would be very disappointed in the president the person who wrote this talk is error and I'll pull them almost succeeded consult her. Our Captain America. And you know I got to tell ya arm eventually she will be around that. But that opera writer above all it was Howard. Because this happened before where like for example in the prep and president Obama's. But I'm sorry president Clinton's administration. When he did. Welfare reform. Our major of our good friend is of a major member of his cabinet. Quit and then broke very strong words about that pulse beat him his disagreement within an opposite effects what. A proper person goes. Are this person account. What the times decided to run with this with with. You know an anonymous person. Well I think with some good vote the times you have my disagreement and to pursue the newspaper that published. The Pentagon papers and they weighed it very carefully they say they got lawyers you've always thought it was important picked up a lot more Portman are without it. With the New York Times felt that this is something that beset. And the fact that I'm a senior administration official gives it to wait so I don't blame but your targets for doing it there are certainly gonna make good money at all clear. I've been important. A man technical lost yesterday. Well in the capital what Baldwin in the city arts who it certainly was news rather liberal web front while. You know at what point does this go back to the president you know all throughout the campaign in 26 team we kept hearing about how. Tumultuous. It was in the campaign where you had to campaign. People who were on the staff. Coming and going in it was kind of wild in there and now we have this op Ed this pinning a similar picture and of course all the reports that preceded it. Of inside the White House I mean at some point oh you have to point a finger at the president and say you know what kind of shipper you running here. Bryant stopped buying the stuff wholesale. Really I mean. You you're one of the people who want on this air said it was tumultuous in their campaign and now a similar pictures being pain at the the White House. And of course it would been a tumultuous to dump UB ER. Stand out I mean my could listen to what I tell you that this is a prisoner cattle were who has no idea. Are what really goes on the White House yeah we're proud of the work I'm telling you that you don't believe me you don't need to call here is that the okay. There are bad was written by virtue. If you look at literate users work like all old style which spent directly to part because of our enemy uses words like. Are also real with sent directly to general Kelly and then use words like first principles which sends you directly to go to a general matter. This person has so how. They dropped important words often used fighter Ali. To try to fruitless and also that it's Howard you know tumultuous. The whole idea of a coward like that. Writing the software. And then hiding and trying to blame others that it's tumultuous and operate well that's their agreement on back probably need for the person. On the left and the right beat me to stand up and be counted. Our goal. Michael leaks are rampant in Washington house soon. Are we gonna know with a sense. Our you know our I didn't ever we will find out in our history at Washington that person will probably leave the administration's going to take about what she. I think that Parker worked there and part of her really strange personality. But at the end of the day I want her arms are the New York Times will not review. I think that she has carver threat significantly. Cheer painter's TARP fire Herbert has received related to. And all of this will come out in the law. You expect that to happen soon given that I mean you've referenced her a number of times if you already know somebody else I'm sure those two. If it's boring it's it's one thing or Democrat a person with another charter school. And try to do something about them have this sense it's related but someone who's powerful another branch of the government. Ben we're gonna have little problem getting rid of mark the event and what we have to do is understand that this all about impeach. All of our good the 2018. Our our mid term elections this person drop this thing very carefully very well aren't in order to. Provincial elections that the Democrats cervical there the trump supporters will stay home the Democrats win control my house and the president will be impeached. That's what this is all about we got to get to commit current and deal with and afterwards. Is this a name that we're familiar with. Of course it is the name that everyone from your weaponry Whitman of New York park service seem to remember the administration back there barely means. But it is theater and a sister from our our deputy secretary for the level of all the departments or harder this is not somebody who is what they prepare all. Our prospect of functionary in the National Security Council based page senior. Administration official that the New York Times that only about fifteen people. Does the president have an inkling who it is them. I'm not quite certain of the president goes I'm doing everything I can't aren't informant. On the nature of the person that wrote this thing understands exactly associates that would eventually be brought into the White House and the other ones pampered and probably not think he'd be too. Michael we appreciated thank you that's. WBN contributor political strategist Michael Caputo.