Michael Caputo- Mueller Probe Possibiliities

Sunday, October 29th

Analysis and insight into theMueller investigation and any pending indictment and arrest


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Is tired line and is ready at 930 WB and this is Dave. Related to special counsel Robert Mueller is investigation. Into possible connections between the term campaign. And Russian meddling. 8030930s. Number you heard during the last segment we brought in a former US assistant attorney. Anthony Bruce talking about what he sees based on the way this happens procedurally. Now let's talk about what. Could be happening based on the politics of all we bring in Michael Caputo WB an occasional talk or political strategist. Someone that obviously has connections to the story in a couple of ways former member of the trump campaign and and Michael I don't think you disputed his description. That once in your career you're about protege even of Paul man afford he's one of those that possibly could they say be arrested tomorrow. But I've wanted to get your perspective what do you think is going to happen who is in the cross hairs. Well I've known Paul Mann reports since I was oh I think 44 years old bunker by now. Almost a driver. Is lobbying firm were used park were brought golf and I've worked with him off and on throughout my entire career I was young. Edinburgh international consulting Aretha I elected Paul metaphor as a model of success are for an international consultant. As Brazilian politics and business. Is he the one they're targeting do you think. I don't know I mean we know from his own return. Who base said that. That that viewers investigators. Are told all attorneys that he was going to be right. But at the same time we also received several where. Through all of our you know was trotted out immediately. Quite a bit early on it it appears that the investigation into general when there's. It likely to be concluded by now. And if there word retard is brought on several win the timing would be quite. So we really don't know. These charges are born to be lost against. And all break because you are in order you can imagine there's somebody who's. Testified before congress on this matter and who knows more players who are in this game. I talked about 4530 reporters in the last 44 hours. And it looked now awake. Some of everything very recent information says that this is going to be. Someone who is purple. To the main target of the investigation. Separate but chargers. May be lost because someone who is more on the margin. Of of the investigation. The marginal name that softness tossed out as Carter pages that the one you're talking a very just saying in general some on the on the periphery. Well I think Carter. Have been in touch with the with a demure investigation as quote. And several other I don't know but it someone. Whether it was Carter someone else specifically. But what it'll record. The reporting now is booby court. The margins in the all in general Wear and may not be. The personal one of the person. Law students as well tomorrow morning. If it was general Flynn or Paul man afford. Wouldn't there attorneys have been notified it would de and up showing up in turning themselves in somewhere. Or is it a knock on the door that I adore being knocked in in the middle of the night. Well we. We know that are from from news reports of all bear for people humid perk up from. The new investigation we don't see any input at all from the swim team. It's so that's another reason why someone orders or pornographic matter for the record from airport in the article oil. A subject you're not part of this investigation. And and so a lot of people think the record is out with. Rated a no knock raid in the middle of the night where they did that investigators went into is now broke and who else. Went up stairs to to to his. Bedroom and a walk his wife and him all from their own bed and the pursuit of this bodily search both of them. Well that was a very aggressive move by investigators. Broke some people's favorite of these situations. Person might be able to turn themselves in. If they had cooperated with investigators in some fashion where they would be doing what they call. A perp walk now frankly after a no knock re like at the airport all. I think everything is still on the table when it comes to withdraw more of a bit. So the courtesy wasn't extended an incident one year assuming that it won't be extended an incident to. Oh I'm not an investigator nor an attorney but my understanding is. That that there would there would be more likely. To be a more cooperative. Let's face surrender process of of them are caught in. Well or process because. Bit bit they have been through the investigative process they have. I established through the grand jury that there is grounds for indictment and so they have been in. Conversations with the more the problem with the subjects. Attorneys and it might happen that they they do a more cooperative. Kind of slipped. We had just this past segment today former US assistant attorney from west New York. Anthony Bruce on he was speculating and we all have to I guess underlined the asterisk that that this is speculation at this point he was speculating. That whatever happens tomorrow is possibly. Or most likely in incidental crime maybe something like perjury may be sending them Muller discovered along the way. Based on what you know and based on the experiences you've had in the knowledge you have of these people talk about the substance here. It's not exist and I am sure I can get you aggrieved fairly easily on this one it's not as if tomorrow the indictment is going to say. Look there's a smoking gun there's collusion between Russia and president trump. Elaborate form. And I look for you I know that's a softball question but in my your perspective here. Well I I think it's. Bit and the politics of the situation and have a big mistake very well. Of the indictment the calmed down tomorrow if I'm back to leak to see him evidently she and others are true and indictments do come down. There won't necessarily have to be the Russian directly. All of those indictments and marred political view if there's not a waiver Russia and Edwards starts tomorrow. I think that you will begin to see. Criticism of your investigation. As not being focused on the roster collusion at all or. The park it was that I like I believe rhetoric no Russian collusion and now they're moving into another direction don't forget. They appear but why would that have power in this special prosecutor. Gave them why the way it doesn't happen just focus ought. Russian collusion. It's a very general charge for them. And the boundaries are very wise he could be doing whatever he wishes however. If you were doesn't bring some Russian flavor of bush and vice quarrel it'll start a drumbeat of criticism and I'll be one of the critical. What what if you just along the way found some illegality. And because as a prosecutor because he wants to preserve the integrity of the process feels that he has to go ahead with that on Russian illegality. Well I think that as prosecutor he also and more with the PO today that it is to make every shot. He and he would be sent to the politics of NC that there have been deeper. Or some kind of flavor of Russia and moral indictment or as you know has been accused of in the past you could just not dividends at all what people thing. Right here's the problem it all began the idea that there isn't it a bit resist sealed indictment law. Yeah and so a possibility a possibility. Of a Monday indictment in the rest. Bad whole scenario was a leak. Our lead in a legal week from the Mueller investigation and bop in order not known for being a leaker and not even known for being tolerant of. So you say it was designed to get you in me and George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd all talking about it worked up all weekend. Absolutely no question in my mind this is a tactical. Maneuver. By whoever will be from yours organization and I got to believe that you work. Is not happy today because of that Lee what we saw on the news cycles moving in a different direction. Are talking about Democrats being involved with questions through the fusion GPS discussions uranium one. And that's someone at the the the either the grand jury. Or certainly the bureau investigation decided it was time to change the topic back to a public. I wanna go back to remarks about other Russian dressing on top the idea that they asked to be a flavor of Russia here. Carter page has ties for the region Paul Amanda Ford has ties the region is that not enough that tastes that that he would need to justify this. Well I think that your being very general there are Carter paid do business in Russia what I did that it is in more recently chart. Our aunt and spent time in the investment banking Alina. But I have seen no no we. Bit away at the Carter aides did anything good better our president legal at. Certainly not colluding with Russia. So I don't know what the chart would be against Carter. Might be something that not Robert Byrd as well as for all. All activity was deeply Ukraine. Not Russia. Interact that a lot with some Russian or darts and work very closely with a few. But the idea that they would be able armed wine. All all airports. Businesses and his dealings in the region. And in time for him to be the first indictment I think is the assumption. All right then though let's let's build the its general flame theory. What would be possible and again we have to underline moral. Hormone making guesses here commentary educated guesses speculation. What was the possible Flynn connection that would for UB. The taste of Russia you think cast to be there. Well if they've all been reported to focus the verification. And it Edgar and I would have to say the general way of financial focus of the investigation. Would be about 10% or less. On the finances of their exam with Paul bearer for all metaphor for the extremely successful international consultant. Working our way of with these in the millions and millions of dollars. Two on wind that organizations that finance organization an organization by the way I know Paul very well he's very bought down. It could be completely I expected to be completely. With them vote collateral law. But on wind back and examine it it's a very difficult and long drawn out process. Well looking through international records and multiple pre. Are in contrast general land. We're looking at less than a million dollars are a bit of bidders are allegedly his hand between his client and him that includes Turkey. As well Russia and the actual work and money it was I believe what I'm 100000. And some of that bigger and ordered him to speak at a better. Sponsored by a Russian television network that is well alleged to be very active in the Kremlin. More easy further investigators get their hands around they were already looking into a report Mueller was appointed. This is something that every US attorney and former US into artwork or buy it worked litigation in the case involved exclusively. In my business they all believe. The for the past several months. That the investigation has been trying to leverage general Wear and tried to influence him so that he would. You know gives some information about the present at the Buick resign so. They've about what the most likely thing that has been happening for the past several weeks. And back investigation goes offers a record you would likely from calm to close at this point so you have. A smaller investigation. In to a smaller actor who that we now all of scene in new story since. Or January of last of this year. That he was alleged to have taken money from this project that. That would that timing is right there on the look for your am the current. Number I was both small dollars which it'll wake you receive money to speak at an event sponsored by RT. The cut probably connected television. That money I think is less than 50000 dollars and the charge would only be that he failed to register or or claim. It in in the federal forms. I bet not the kind of what some collusion to look forward. But it conduct waiver of Russia for them to continue to fallacy. That there was some kind of when. Are you in anyway thinking that it could be V. Tight Mineta around the small fish in order to get the big fish. You know all the attorneys I work with the economy that is standard operating procedure here. And you'll work you know what it is career you see that he's conducted his investigations the probably. Hundreds of investigations is an evolved in my head. Are we don't buy the book the bite suggestion would be either if they are looking at a political. If someone debate think and can given what they are your local or proper. And you know with the eventual hope of getting someone. Two target information on the president. Chris Christie this morning on ABC's this week suggesting you don't indict the small fish. You you you negotiate with them to get them to turn on the big finish. Unless you've negotiated all the way down to the end. That would like all law. Paper used or haven't been able to give information or circuit. And so that the FBI and makes good on that we're. I all right let's say a squeeze a couple quick calls here am not sure remind my screens and tell me your name but if you hear me in your telephone it's your ID or turn on the air good morning. Yeah I'd like this like good morning to both of real. I am I out there might add an arrangement saying it's going to be cherry crushed there. Because he's our go to guys go to with the attorney the Korea and US history. He sailboat that took up to opt allotted security clearances. Up correctly either I got them he kept on changing them after three times people only got like he lied about this connections but what shop. And I believe he's going to be indicted. For the lie in a lot of security clearances and other lying about Russia. All right Michael what do you say to that. I think the accusations are Dierker liners still newspaper commentary we haven't seen anybody in the in the yard truck. Apartment or in at least. I'm from the the Yule or investigation the state they're all so what we're talking about weather problems of other federal law or not for a week. That's not something that's going to prove collusion. North economic comeback from the president of the United States. However you know I of their information I'm hearing from reporters period of this stop someone and the weary. You know peripheral and marginal. After the investigators are being pursued right now. Again you you're saying that person is on the periphery. Not just an incidental charge not just a minor charge but a minor person as a war. Right and and then of course there's not a minor purse. All right let's squeeze one more quick call and we're almost what were almost overdue for a break. Peter Europe high go go ahead. His son attended pink attend a career like I think it's. It is Democrats and immediately be surprise and shock and election. I think nobody knows what you know that's been doing he's been very tight. And I think it's hard to do more. We be surprised. And you know might well be going off to record any extra truck and it might surprise that we want because don't come ready. Sutton has not done anything wrong I think these people are sore rabbit that. Media the right knows it dip dip and get it all processes under one up pretend. A way to fight and to create something like coated academics and we're also glad I have run the offense and I'm seeing we will come polluted. And it actually going out to people like call me and Clayton and everyone would be stunned like photo on the left and right. All right what do you say that Michael let I don't think it fits your theory earlier that it would be someone. On the periphery but a more general sense address the caller. Well I think they're that the viewer is well here we go that he talked. And and the bay bay you know bit bit investor group are Tony addresses. The brother of of Clinton's campaign chairman John this is brought here there's no question that so. I think it's entirely possible that the democratic marked the one thing I've heard today on the on this there was a couple of crimes. What I really believe the batters. The white of this of this is based investigation are bright and they're filling every corner. And we're gonna see people who who are weak that we don't expect to be caught up in the situation. But based on what you're hearing and based on the personal knowledge you have of how often his attorneys have been in touch with them. If you're not thinking man afford. No I don't think it may have report I I don't know bit and I've just read you he's like everybody else. Sure I understand world and a educated guesses and and your more educated on this 1 and I am. Well at the same time though but we we don't know every ball though and until what it Telekom together and and all are you there. I know a lot of Republicans don't hurt me or I have my own issues with dual threat age. But I don't believe that we're that you're golfers there's you know is supportive of leaking. And the kind of think of the investigation. Are doing here for will be part of for a I expected to deceit or whoever is indicted. To be treated fairly. And though we'll work goes. All right fair enough Michael thanks for your insight this morning pledging to death. Join us and he knew you were by the way haven't heard back from any of the investigators in the meantime having. Mark I've brought testified before the house that I have not. I have not heard back from the house but still my attorney Dennis barker was still working with the senate intelligence committee on brought document production and other issues. And we've never heard from the FBI all's well. From Mueller exactly proper OK I again I kind of knew that but I hear you say that get that out on the record Michael thanks for your time pledge today join us this morning. That's Michael Caputo again a protege of one point Paul metaphors a member of the trump campaign team and a WB and talker and commentator here.