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Thursday, May 3rd

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Her it's 930. In 716. I want this finger and a whole week that you do Michael Caputo I and I believe they're trying to destroy the president destroy his family and destroys businesses. And destroy his friends I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents. Offering affordable living in a country setting. Former trump campaign aide and WB EN contributor Michael Caputo. Met behind closed doors with special counselor Robert Muller's team Wednesday as part of their ongoing investigation into alleged. Russian meddling during that 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between the country and Trump's campaign. I believe that the a staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee in fact the staffers especially on the democratic side of all the investigations. On Capitol Hill are cooperating and being coordinated and they're doing their best to draw this out as long. Michael Caputo now in his own words before a microphone for nearly twenty minutes after emerging from the Muller team interview. Listen. I and I believe they're trying to destroy the president destroy his family and just stories businesses. And destroy his friends and that's what it's all about they wanted to stalled Donald Trump's agenda from day one and now we know. With the Russian dossier particular fusion GPS is still being researched. Being financed by Democrats. And to me. In over the the reports that these people from fusion GPS are coordinating with these investigators. Is really bad news. And well I here's the thing you know it was actually pretty decent exchanged the senate yesterday but it all the way through it couldn't remember and I couldn't forget. That I was there because of them and my family is now. Going to be upwards of 125000. Dollars in legal bills because of them and at the end I I told my wanna know what they're doing I wanna know. Who their coordinating with I wanna know who's paying for all of this because god damn them the hell it's it's completely. Destroyed my family and we were sticking together me and my kids and my wife. But it's absolutely distraught. It is I mean not forget about the 125000. Dollars which occurred but I of the death threats just keep pouring and last month my wife. Got a piece of a sniper rifle in the mail anonymously. What it's doing to my kids I would wanna go into but it's crashing. This. I've never seen anything like this in my life I've worked on this bill I worked in those committee hearings. I've never seen something. So profoundly screwed though I've reported to Rick gates through Rick gates' third of all men for a known both of them for many years we never spoke of in fact. There's nobody in trump tower at that time has closer connections. To Moscow the Kremlin than me. I worked there for seven years I worked for the chrome for some of those years nobody ever asks me about Russia. Nobody ever spoke to me about what you know how Russia might help. And of course I left in June. Before the convention. The reports that there were meetings that were really surprising to me. But I still think we have no proof of collusion and this these investigations after and very difficult. The most difficult part of it was. Waiting for. As soon as we found out last month that they want us and we picked the date you'll organize the whether Bob talk about it with anyone. At least the ball in the media I but I really didn't know what to expect I've never been involved in something like this before have a really good attorney Dennis buckle from what this map it's. And these guys know white collar government. Prosecutions really really well I was very well prepared. But still it was very very difficult the the the lawyers there. Are very directed they know everything here they know more about what I did in 26 team than I do. It's a little bit frightening to know that the government can have that much information on you but at the same time it also gives me confidence that they're getting the bottom of this thing. Because at the bottom of things of this thing is absolutely nothing. In general they're talking about you know who super in DC leaks and WikiLeaks they're talking about the timing of some things that happened that the campaign at the convention. I think they're completely focused on collusion with Russia. Of course they wouldn't ask me about obstruction and some of the things with a look into financial crimes is. I had no exposure to that as someone who left during the summer when they're asking questions about other people's engagement with Rickie Weeks and and you know these things I know nothing about that's what Roger basketball hall they asked about Rick. You know they asked are people that I hadn't heard. And questions about from the senator's house. I believe that this investigation is moving forward. With alacrity. I think that at this point now where I guess two years into this right because the first we had the Columbia investigation that kind of transferred him to. But the Mahler investigation two years and they still don't have any proof of a Russian collusion but that's the task to find it. And I believe they investigators and at the special counsel's office are following leads all the way to the end. I'm hoping this and soon but it sounds to me like they have more deed do all I think that this the Office of Special Counsel has something. They didn't give me they're very circumspect in their question. Very directed with their evidence. That I believe that they. They think they're wrong it's something what that is I don't know but but they're not messing around. I'm concerned for Roger on concern for repeat some concerns for Paul can afford and concern from Michael Cohen. I'm concerned for the president of the United States but here's what's really interest me. They did that they never onshore and Michael is different line but they didn't ask me any questions that I recall about the president of the United States. To me that was remarkable. Arm but still I mean let's. I thought they treated with respect I thought they had an incredible amount of information. I was actually kind of impressed by it but I don't think I'm going to be befriending them on FaceBook anytime soon. As the trials that may come out of this car you know roll out next you know later this year. Who knows what's gonna happen but listen I'm upset about what's happening house and the senate I'm upset about the politics behind all of this but. In a while I've been critical of this investigation I understand that it's my duty it's my responsibility. As a person enjoys the freedoms of this nation. To participate if they think I have to be so if they want me to come back I will come back Rogers my best friends you know I was his driver. In ninety yes in 1986. Shortly just for a few for about a week and then we worked together on Jack Kemp for president. Where I learned a lot more about politics from Roger Jack and others. A that I ever knew before and since that Roger I've become closer and closer went from the time that I was in Russia those seven years. Our art we had absolutely zero relations drug Roger never came in never call arena wrote. But active besides those seven years I was living overseas Roger and I mean really no doubt that I I can I am absolutely concede I've lived an interest in life. But to construe me is some kind of a poor guy who only would if you did that he'd just tell me that you don't have Google. I did was Google my name and Russia and if you get past all that crap about this investigation you'll find that have been very critical of latter group who. But listen when it comes down through your work for the president United States. On his campaign is allegations of collusion with Russians and Michael Copeland who used to work for Kremlin. I'm probably the only guy in America the work for the Kremlin and the White House who worked. With the White House in the past. I think it was inevitable point I thought that are going to be called for the ball investigation for months. In fact there was kind of homes up about why hadn't been there yet. I would certainly hope that would never happen but and it's painful man I mean they're not easy those guys. But I might what they're doing. Is my attorney says pure investment know my daughter's Russian. Speak my daughter my business partner is Russian right now lives in America we spoke pretty often. A lot because I live there seven years in the peak of my life. In my thirties. Many of my friends a Russian. I'm right now we just announced this week that I'm producing a nationally touring ballet called sleeping beauty dreams it premieres and in Miami in December in the New York City these are definitely Russian actions Russian activities. I'm so tired of the Russian investigation. That I decided to collude with Russian salaries. I don't think it's paranoia. I think this is directed the political attack on the president of the United States one that was devised by Hillary Clinton Campaign. Finance from Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee and now financed by very. Britain wealthy democratic donors who were still trying to find proof that that bogus dossier is true. These people are briefing the democratic operatives on the senate and House Intelligence Committee they say that they are briefing. The FBI in this Office of Special Counsel. This is an organized assault on the presidency of the United States I don't think the people inside the Office of Special Counsel. Are necessarily participating that they don't seem very political to me. I think that they're not having any fun over there. Mostly guys and better there were from out of town that might go home. But you know. At the end of the day if they if they put together an Office of Special Counsel it it's it's gonna take some phone and I didn't recognize any of the men in the room. From television and I don't think I should devolved from the world they they didn't seem like news folks in discussed. In the media they were straight pros. Is very nondescript. Ugly government furniture. Conference about the size of a back to three hours plots. They were. They weren't pulling any punches that's at some point in time it got kind of frightening. Frankly because you know this I I didn't sleep last night but this is not something about helped. So I'm sitting there trying to be as truthful as possible. Antalya being truthful it's difficult. It is not because it's hard to tell the truth but being conscious of every word that comes out of your mouth and making sure of that absolutely accurate. I thought this is about trying to find collusion between but the president Russia. Well the president's campaign in Russia I guess that. Maybe they'd just have decided that the president. Who wasn't involved and that the campaign operatives might have been. I don't want to speculate too much about it but I thought it was remarkable that there was no real discussion they listen I'll tell you they know law. They have everything and if they if all they brought the room was within about mean there's a lot of stuff in that room. These guys have been doing a lot of things. But I think there's still following leans on things that they're not really quite close enough to yet they have probably more people. To talk to it didn't sound to me like they've made any conclusions. But there are very clear. Direction. And there are questions that's all about collusion. Well I think there is that suspicious about WikiLeaks and Julius on design. You know win win. When the Democrats were active and and the WikiLeaks DNC emails come on I tweeted that the guys that were all had fun of Republicans with these leaks but let's not forget this is Wladimir who. And something needs to be done about this that. I've known it was the Russians all along. Some people think that it wasn't act mean you want me you know there needs to be some investigation and that. I have no doubt that he was behind. Oh want this provocation. During the election I lived there seven years that's what they do. And in some ways probably a little more civilized fashion that's what we do. It's caused by Kraft in oh in 1994. I was sent to Russia by the Clinton administration. To meddle in their elections. We all do it the problem we have here is that you know the elections in America are cent percent there it's. It's something that we should allow foreign foreign governments to mess with and if they were messing with us and it went 46 team that was because we let him do it for a long long time. Something needs to be done about access and influence over our election by foreign governments. But I do not believe that the pro campaign had anything to do with it and I also believe that the present United States is gonna make sure this doesn't happen. I would Roger Stone and I we're talking about WikiLeaks and Lucifer historically weak we disagreed. And and he he kind of upset about that and when I put out that tweets in this is Russia. Brian Fallon and the spokesman for the Clinton Campaign said former top advisor says it was Russia and he's the only one from the campaign that says that. I'm also only one from the campaign that went to Russia for seven years. This is what brought that the Kremlin does. And there were not ready for it next time around they're gonna continue. The president I think it was good political. Off fodder offering him two talk about this I think that emails I mean that was Russia I think but it also exposing some trees. Terrible things about the Democratic Party. I think it was really tempting to applaud that but right now we need to be focused on next election and the election aftermath. And I think the president is I think the president doesn't like talking about this because. It it tends to make people think that he was not elected legitimately. I don't think the Russians had any impact on our elections make big mess with us. But anybody that thinks you know six figures it on FaceBook is gonna change that. The direction. American presidential campaign doesn't know anything about digital market. You know I don't. I don't know we're gonna end up on my wife and I were up late and I turned fitness now. I've had my wife on pause for for a year because of this more than a year. And it's time for all of us to press play again. But you know. I think the worst thing the president could do would be to fire ball ball. I think the best thing we can all do is let them get to the end of this investigation I think we need to be critical of it. I think we need to keep them within boundaries I think they're people of that. Office's special counsel or attempted to be really aggressive maybe pushed the fence posts a little bit. We all got to keep an eye on it but let's get an overweight because listen as far as I'm concerned. We have not seen any evidence of Russian collusion I don't believe we ever will and the sooner we get that out there the federal real. Oh. Now I think about it. Nobody with the last name trump came up at all. That's amazing to me Jarrett came up for a minute but that's because I brought him up enough in and the sidebars had nothing to do with the one question. But nobody with the last name for McCain month interest and I didn't even think about that I it was. Remarkable to me the president was brought up that. In his sons were brought his daughter wasn't brought up his son in law wasn't brought up. I don't know where it's gone. On on the jumped in my mind right now I mean they did talk about Portland out if there was more about the you know office politics than. Anything else that doesn't sound like me. To me like Portland now skis and Jack are here. You know of the names that they were discussing over the names that are in the news and I really have to be cautious about interfered with this investigation because. I want this thing and I'm concerned. Not just about largest while Paul Ford Henry gates and Michael Cohen and all these people like considerably friends. I think their audience scrutinized pretty closely. On some of it you might expect. But I'm really worried I'll I think that. This is at this point and appears to me at the store parking lot Russian collusion. But the stuff they're doing Michael Cohen doesn't seem to be about Russia much at all what they're doing with Paul Mann has nothing to do with Russian Rick gates same thing. You know I think anybody who's been scrutinized by this investigation. Needs to worry. I did tell the investigators that I would be circumspect. In in my interviews I think that. Anybody who talks in detail about what happened in that. Ugly government conference from. At risk interfering with the investigation but also lengthening the investigation. You know my you know my. Legal team has a defense agreement. Joint defense agreement with Roger Stone and they'll be talking I won't be talking to Roger about. But you know and I think it's best bet the best thing for all of as soon as we move this thing let this thing move forward and he's whatever happens do not fire bomb while I'm concerned market. I think they're people with top of the part the Department of Justice have not been on this tumor I think here people from the Obama Department of Justice. Who were working against the interest of the trump campaign intentionally. For example I was unmasked. And why did that happen. You know I think they've been following. That believes around. Of the trauma team. For quite some time I'm concerned about the Department of Justice right now I believe some of those people are still there rob rose's team. I don't know but I'll tell you it it bothers me that there's so many people so very critical of the president. Still in place along for a reason. I was informed at the beginning of this in the witness. I was not informed anywhere during the interview that that changed. They did not talk to me about going to the grand jury although I would if they asked me that did not talk to me about coming back again. Although I would they asked me for some follow up documentation. Which will provide. I think I went Canada witness I exit the witness and just like I told the senate just like a twelve house. I am absolutely immaterial to this investigation. And it's too damn expensive. For my Fam. Michael Flynn did not come up at all another interest George popping up with that not tomorrow but all. And of course nobody really order in the coffee so we really need round. Top pop and opulence I was solid on my. I don't know I wouldn't know pop and topless advice on Wall Street and more is Russian ones that tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo well.