Michael Caputo on Chris Collins

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Thursday, October 12th

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Give us your quick take on the first explain to everybody exactly what Chris Collins is alleged to have done that was on ethical and or illegal. Well let me first bought import the north of the office. A congressional ethics which is certainly it's a newer offers aren't certain how there was no such thing. Arm in. It is and it really supposedly independent office. If we end by the congress that Brett complaint. And then recommend them to the house ethics committee to. They're pursuing not a pursuit. And basically what they're what they're alleging an shorthand. Is that that the congress and so nonpublic information. And David the people who would financially benefit. Oh and it would have preferred the ball. How about how. Withstood a lot of complaints people they do it in an abundance of caution because of anything has appearance. Impropriety. But they want to clear that there a lot of times by the way we don't even know. Whether somebody's being investigated by the house epic in the senate ethics committee if they don't announce the so if with this new walked off the congressional efforts it has it has. A propensity either to report that they're recommending things so now suddenly epic. Our complaint. Become very public and it's only been in recent years in the dot. Mike I just want a cut in and talk about this office of congressional ethics if we remember this was the thing that the Republicans wanted to pull it. Under the power of the house ethics committee. And the reasons they stayed in now it was bad optics because this was right after the inauguration of a guy who wants to drain the swap. So the first move is to kill the obvious of congressional ethics. And of course everyone jumped all over the Republicans. But there're couple things about the office of congressional ethics that are a little for QQ. There in the first thing whatever that. The first thing is that hey you never meet you can totally be a whistle blower protected or that means things. You can have an allegation made against you never know the source of the allegations. And the second thing is. Unleash on pneumonia exactly. And and topic is combative. And and it's a very public way of pursuing epochal ethical allegations but public enough. On the congressman. But no public exposure for the for the accuser. And then the other thing is is that even if they decide that this is gonna go up to the ethics committee they hold a press conference. And basically you don't even know what you've been accused of doing right or wrong you find out like Carl Paladino and real time that he's been removed from the school war. Right exactly and I'll Mario I thought our congressman. A calling in Washington. There's the day or two ago. And I thought it was remarkably. BI RA if I took it as an indication that he's on concerns and and but one thing that we all need to understand. Is that the office of congressional epic recommends these things ethics committee in the house typically picked up what they recommend. And and I bet there how ethics committee. Has you know there is by no stretch of the imagination. Are the larger here a percentage of complaint. Found to be ballot. What what what they ought to congressional epic saying it that they're the appearance that they have laws were broken. And it's the appearance. That concern them the Mo. But the appearance. But again and gesturing to give the whole side Chris Collins is on a board of an Australian pharmaceutical company. And he had an amendment that had to do with the speeding up of the process of trial and occasions in this particular this medication. It is hopefully Gordy Q were and that's. And what happened was they're claiming that because he was a board member and because he wrote this amendment. Somehow he did this to better you know a business that he had financial ties to the problem is. The amendment was very public. You can't say that nobody else knew or had information. That Collins passed an amendment to a bill and anyone could have. Known that the one thing that no one else probably had was a large percentage of stock in a pharmaceutical company. But let's be honest we're gonna take this guy's head for losing seventeen million dollars. By at and I don't quite well in addition to bit. Congressman calling has. For as long as I can remember probably long before had a very. Laser like focus on bio tech not different bet. Well we're working these are advancements. That help people quit there Al. And and I believe that this amendment could you might construe it appear like crew would be. It's all wet this organization the weapon Republican but this. Our has him trying to profit or you can just look at him as a human being is even pursuing a long standing interest at all. And I wanna I wanna make one thing absolutely clear here. There I haven't talked to congressmen are calling since it came out but at Iowa congressman Collin I would embrace it. Because now it's sort of all of these. Liberals are a Democrat who were talking around the district. And the crew type organizations in Washington. Were targeted and commit every Kirk. Bell caucus called get the put this to bed. The ethics committee in the house will come up with commitment to consider any further investigation off or epic. Did initial cursory. Bob fail quite investigate if there what the appearance of impropriety they determined there won't be apparent Friday they probably read the newspaper right. And then they're corporate ethics committee will now dig into a bit but congressman opportunity. To be fully vindicated and you know and I both now are you don't do. That there is wetting a line between now and election date for it or for evocative when he seen. But offers a property. How ethics committee to put him in Berkeley here. Otherwise this is gonna dog him credible web run media and wept as. Let you know quote unquote watchdog group. Are basically giving all the court unity for a television ads but to ride him out of office this is going to be all congressman. Paula needs to clear his me.