Mercy Flight Holding Open House - Doug Baker


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We are joined now on the line by Doug baker of mercy flight and dug a big event. Happening in this weekend though he Phyllis Sen. Well it's it's it's I think we've done every year it's a big event further families and kids and it's even a bigger event than usual because we. We joined with the the airport fire department which is crash fire rescue. And may there facility at their equipment. Available to the public. Are just just there's virtually play its equipment there's been the silliest. So it's an exciting time for kids it's probably just took it's exciting for parents and we hope they'll enjoy it Regis interpret their. It's a charge forty seconds very problem the fact. Seoul. Will be there and it will be available for the public there will be it's something they really get a kick I can't tell you how many people to welcome me afterwards and then years later and sort of order kick they got out of it. In a kid got. It because you can get right up close and and get what you're helicopters right. We can do there we put the whole show and it's something special for the kids. Susan we've recoverable force thought. It's it's it's it's gone it's it's just don't think it's it's a way of getting back to the public. For what they go for us. Have fun events and even if you bend before being able to see some of those airport fire equipment say it's a little bit different from some of the normal fire equipment to and that looks pretty cool as well. It was pretty cool it's it's. Something that these the average person doesn't get the city and the vote but I tell you truthfully the average person but he did or access. So it is that it is a form thing it's a very informative that are an expert a lot of fun. You know NSA to what's so impressive because you can meet the crew members right up close and talk to them about some of the dramatic rescues that they've made. I mean these are really special people. Here they go there I mean I can't speak further the fire department people because I care about well will it would stories but. I certainly have what are people on the good stories in the various stories and it's it's. It's just it's something you decision it is something you can't measure he can't even you can't deepens the describe what will what they go through. You can't describe what they go through way and a lot I think a lot of people on some of those families can't describe where they would be without mercy flight as a service. Well that's nice to say what. It's. It's just see you know it is very very well very emotional you know it's it's not something you take for granted and that's something these. These people that you know the pilot's apparent medics and nurses. To dispatchers as separate center. They don't take it for granted and it says it has without a telling effect at all mobile. And clergy at myself and but that's what it is that's what we don't that's what it is today thirty some years later. While I mean we're really lucky that to have mercy flight here neat. Helicopters GA have dug. We have five right now we have. We will drop down the floor we've got three brand new for forty. Bell helicopters. And order which will be delivered. They were actually ordered about a year ago and it will be delivered proudly implement an extra eight weeks. So that'll change carefully done before. But if they won't have an effect because. We won't hit the minute business we've had governor Chris that we've gone through over the years. Well and yet some of the maintenance you won't have to keep up with the as much with the new were helicopters who won Elster said that provide you having new equipment like that. All of its state of the art it's like everything else you don't like if you bought an 84 Buick. And he's going to win that dependability of if you can if you could take its safe and sound that the dependable. But you have to keep spending money day after day if they didn't do it. And then what happens is. These manufacturers then turned their rights over the aftermarket manufacturers. And logic gets into that arena that is so it's. It's so the site. Ari it's one to sign on Sunday the open house Doug what's the best way for people to get to mercy flight. Just follow her good paragraph I mean it's the same results and our front. Is there any personal rookie popular so it's it's it's very easy to get to. Ari Doug thanks so much since Doug baker with mercy flight.