Memorial Day 2018 and Harvey Weinstein Charged With Felony Sex Crimes 5/25 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, May 25th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. So I think I've said this before I think their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well the beaming cotton is no joke don't get that all I'm sorry I didn't know what you're accusing. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you've got I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy the whole thing really you enjoy the I'd its hourly and Olivia I mean I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WD. It is a ten minutes after five usury united thirty WBE. And Matt. And now we're asking you guys. About what Memorial Day means to you and also your family. Because you know. Actually. Allan Harris. Our trafford reporter he actually had an ancestor were to direct ancestor or to die in the battle of Gettysburg. And actually buried at the soldiers cemetery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania so. You know I consider and I can talk about the battle of Gettysburg as an abstraction. You know based. That has schools letter to his brother or. They met at Gettysburg. And did the books about Lee and making them or so to me because it's a and it's a distraction. To study its Marie forensic but. You know to simulate gallon that's actually had. Blood relative or two who die due in the battle of Gettysburg. And you may very well you know I sometimes do wonder if we have people listening to the show who. Have taken the time to do your family history yourself and that you actually had an ancestor. Who died during the revolution. Or given the fact that we're right here in Western New York which was believe it or not ground 04 of the war beat team twelve are like three different ground zeroes for the word BT twelve. And we happen to be one on the Niagara frontier. A lot of action took place in 18121814. Right here in Western New York I mean that whole road from. Youngstown New York all the way down the buffalo. Was absolutely filled both sides of the border which made him bloodshed raiding parties and all kinds of military action in fact. At the Amherst museum. They actually have a cannon ball Victor abate dug out of the ground there right around me and garrison in the village of Williams real. And at the village of Williams Phil has a road called garrison road and why is it called garrison road. It's called garrison road because after the British and the Canadians routed the Americans in buffalo the Americans retreated. Two garrison road that area were garrison park is right now was to have been the site. Of the military hospital. During the war of 1812 here in Western New York we have the war re team twelve cemetery and erode drive in that should the water by the total under which you'll sometimes see the rejects a pass overhead. So you know I do wonder if we've anybody's been here long enough that dead ancestors who died in the war of 1812 hour. You know the war nobody knows anything about the Mexican American worker in the 1840s or the civil war. The what are known as the Indian wars. The Spanish American war which didn't see a lot of American death in combat that. Did see a lot of American death because of malaria and other diseases and one of the components of the Spanish American war worries are also in. The Philippines. And it's really weird because in the Spanish American war you actually had one guy. Who was a general for the united states army in the Spanish American war ET ID eight. Who thirty years earlier had been a confederate general. During the American civil war so he went from of the blue uniform to the gray uniform. Back to the blue uniform he was a professional. Us soldier a soldier's soldier and of course. In world war. World War II the Korean War Vietnam Grenada. Desert storm. We've been a couple of times so. You know we both people. Listening to assume conceivably. Have lost ancestors during the course of this country's history. And also people who have lost folks that were real flow of flesh and blood to them. In in recent conflicts of me even going back to this Second World War army we have people walking right now literally lost their bad. In the Second World War were never knew their grandfather because they hide. In the Second World War these things. You know all I think your service a reminder that the expression happy Memorial Day is. It's inappropriate I don't think it's mean spirited I don't think it's. I don't think people mean to be rude but happy Memorial Day is it's that it's about as appropriate as saying happy funeral. And even my family pets it. 8030 and I thirty is the phone number star and I thirty on the cell phone and 180616. WB yet you've liked tell us. I know you're gonna be remembering. Memorial very. Let's go to Terry a WBE and you are on. I think about it. And every Memorial Day they elect is that commander in mind that name's Donna let them. The cap and our agency wants sixteen or how they can this. Big red one. You need. Hey. May 2000 war we're in ramadi Iraq there can't Junction City. The bailout and a lot the most to me about them and why I think around so much of that. Well. Alan that in that stated he would not that there's quietly hung out together a club or anything like at. I'm thinking that take a liking to scout platoon. What you meant century in the industry in Calgary now there was. I let them sort it out rivalry type of god Matt. Anyway long story short. I got an offer a lot they like it got a mission without specifically quick reaction force mission. Well another unit was in trouble or friendly forces were in trouble and we responded immediately. Whatever they you know whatever AD. And out one night who. Accord that basically we're providing security or. Special forces and whoever knows you know that was above my pay grade now art that was just. Make sure nobody made it out of a perimeter. And I camp and to England in the truck with me that certain. Live in the rear seats and again a lot and the top blueprint. And get everything ready to go out couple things happened that night for me is why. Let Internet adamant like a commander as an officer. Weekend. He opened we we spoke about lied about yeah I guess you know things just weren't. In general kind of beer and and and a brown and got my level. It may be brought yep it is and you know. I mean who wouldn't had been here baby on the way in yeah in Lipitor to get back home delivered every deplore it. That would mean now. What we returned like late September same year. And I know that I outlined what I have been doing aren't military thing like that. I'm not yeah. My commitment that weren't paying. I'm looking at and it killed my border with what they called me and what they've made it a drag around in pickup trucks who wanted to mortars from the picked up throughout the debate. And I think you know or yeah it would go and that we had. I'm patent that they would then I'll bet you heard the mortar explosion. And I hate it. Look at the wind mixer at from what I hear from the people that let us. And you know what you and me to European Cup and yeah. Can. Occur under the old little. I'm a lot because. Think of the baby's daddy I need an idiot and a community. Of people who would it. Why are heard what I couldn't and their daughter. And I'll. They really dedicated it to be commander. And they put it looks like a lot of that you know like every single person and Oscar on Memorial Day. That's I think about you know. It's funny cagey you don't expect that one of the things that I Janet explained that civilians is it sometimes in the military. You don't expect to see people again. You know they they go off to other units or maybe they get out. But the world is big and I've gets crazy and it's very real that you go to another unit and for 45 years you never speak to a body or is that. Yes I went to the other so out of the other of the war also when you lose so someone. It's really it's difficult to get that closure because you're just currently used to that nomadic lifestyle where you go from place to place. And when someone goes and it's like they don't really go you know I mean it's harder for for those guys to kinda. Is it or are you saying it's harder to to think of it is actually. You pull that final exam because you don't really have that closure exactly you're just right back fewer jobs almost like the person become almost like a ghost as I mean I don't Burnett in the spirit that's an Internet as a metaphor you're not allowed to properly anymore and are properly deal with your feelings because you've got to go out and do your job the next outward. Terry is that like that for YouTube. Yeah I mean absolutely am in them do it obviously. One very key action and things like bad not quite that same finality by don't you play injured. Then of course I'm you know action bootleg batter somebody dies I'm typically a cap and yet Britain and and numerous our soldiers back camera the camera their name back. But for another. And sixteen what the catwalk and in the Booth at the bottom in the exciting and but when you elect Carolyn tell them that Romania about turner emotionally and RB but that Colleen. I think that I'd be a little bit of editing when they think they do. Make. I. Think the intention of the and thankfully I'm not and that was obviously. The app and you know things like patent. And what are. You think I mean. I say we're really not a military where invincible. Which people get an answer and you know you like it was that you. Need to look at it probably emotional and an outlet that. And again and I think people. Four and get it because it. I Terry if you could hold and because this is probably doesn't deserve one of the most compelling calls. That we've heard from viewed to be brutally honest review. Memorial Bates 48 team you're telephone calls that might be somebody from your family history it might be somebody that was real living flesh and blood to you but are whom are you going to be memorializing. On Memorial Day 8030930. Is the phone number starlet thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBE. And up and that Terry another way you're describing it I think a lot of us almost felt like pure we were very talked about how taps that you. Yeah. Definitely emotional. America what movie I'm locked in Atlanta now come around. And I on the immediate years. Every single time. And that's yet but I will begin at those formations encountered catching yourself at any moment of emotional let that one. I don't. Like it was an attempt liberate Tibet. It you don't have a chance in the theater says to be in touch with your emotions and your airline because they're cute and I'm and you know there. I think and I immediately let the billion yeah I mean it's a very environment obviously. You know. That a pact he really did back in LA. And employment outlook. How many. They were at the well it. Almost forty years older out like bandits and I didn't. Yeah I think how we didn't have our own when I got there and September 2000 and bring it at all and I would still can't help immensely without I don't. I don't know why. And that you know what I did it all and I'll I'll. And mission cannot be like how can we hear back in the world and cardinal beat Oprah would have been the ability and start start and you look at what. Definitely when it comes off and I'll have a drink and sit back. In a goodbye and I like wow. And her. All right Terry thank you very much and now Terry appreciate the appreciate your call. Wow. Heavy duty damage Dave Dave we talked about the four review will get into it coming up to the news but you've got some thoughts about the the americanization. Of combat zones with the fast food outlets and everything else and the the distractions that might not be helpful to the mission as a whole absolutely. Pretty awesome weather outside. Were. Also ask you guys what are your plans this weekend and they would you guys do inundated Tuesday holiday weekend it is a solemn holiday weekend. Is this truly the weekend you're gonna break up the grill or is this already been accomplished that your house. 8030930. Start and 3180616. WBE. And met David what do differences a year makes because a good material last year. Of course well you're celebrating. Respectfully. At the memorial Barry holiday weekend. Idea. Broke out a friend's girl was my old but it was a friend's real. And. Grilled up some delicious. Hot spice C. Mini note and set PO Italian sausages. I had to green peppers in the onions con but haven't. Cook and over the flame and and with plenty of butter have those large over stuff two holes that you wanna put in the Kia. You just wanna loaded up with the Italian sausage and if you're feeling especially. Rab an issue wanna put two Italian sausages in one of the roles. Just absolutely smother him with delicious peppers and onions and you know if you just looked at her present and introduced eight roll up her present a sense hangs restaurant and we're gonna have big deal but when you get a nice and soft and you saw payment butter and you ladle and generously over that over stuffed roll with that Italian sausage. Law is there anything like that unfortunately that's not going to be ethnic issue. They tend they tender for that I don't know why we and they frowned and town hall. I think I know where you're going with his David. Are you the type of guy is certain. Element that man's or woman's age there are certain things that you forgive. When a person gets to a certain age. I don't think anyone's really upset George H. W. Bush gets a little grab. You know it should happen it's disgusting. But he is nine years old. And he's gonna grab a few girls life. That's what nine Euro and do is George. Herbert Walker Bush no to. Like twelve people come on line yet. Only when he's guidance of role. Well it was entered the presidential years it was like he's trying to grab. Recently in central New York Rome New York. A place that Sean Murphy used to work. In a restaurant. Next to this Sean Murphy who works on the show whose birthday was yesterday and fill Kennedy's birthdays today true at a Denny's restaurant Romney or a guy. Named Clarence H lock junior. Was being served by a 23 year old waitress and for whatever reason. Completely unacceptable inexcusable. He grabs her buttocks. And what it looks like. I slapping motion made via a slight squeeze of achieved. What I saw was a guy who basically try to give. The us bank to be waitresses. Rear and as the server walked away from the table but it really looked at me like he made solid contact now he he wanted to probably. But he just kind of patted a cheek it wouldn't have been at any rate the woman reacts to it in the video you can see in the surveillance film. But now they're pressing charges against him this guy can get up to a year in prison. He could get up to a year in prison. For. Forcible touching a class a misdemeanor. I think three years probation. That the chances of him seeing. Up to a year in jail over this I think is slim and none I'm sensing a sensitivity training sentencing and maybe some community service. Now what this guy did now we don't know as. It hasn't been made clear in any of the articles what these guys pre existing relationship with this server was. Did you know what he's a regular at the restaurant was where is that this said the regular server. Did they have any kidding joking around relationship. Mean that's not have been made clear in any mean you all you see in the video as you see this guy this older guy. And he tries to spank the buck talks of a woman walking away from him. Now if this is their first interaction and they did not have a friendly relationship. I would suggest that this is inappropriate behavior and especially in 28 in society tends to proud Imus. His wife was in the bathroom at that time. So he's there with his wife if the sort of Burton knows she's there with his wife initiated Danny's she's in the restroom. And so then he has the opportunity where he could say you know thank you for the refreshed up a copy whatever. He chose he makes a choice. That really. There's no call for that if that was my daughter if that was someone you know in my life that I cared for I would certainly correct that. Action because that action does not we have no reason why you should put your hands and anyone. But its sharp urge him. And he could possibly face three years probation or a year in jail that's ridiculous. Eight that's a stern talking to him. Eight you know what when when you watch the video we actually put the video of this incident up at their about William bell via on our FaceBook page. Did when I watched this video I see a dirty old man I guess work obese people pushing you there's a dirty old man. But I've apparently though the the cops in the prosecutor believes that this small at this young woman's. Hind quarters. Merits a criminal complaint. Now it is Rome New York. It is Denny's. And oh did I mention it's 28 team so. I think what we've learned out of fears. If unless you're on a joking bases with somebody you probably. Don't want to. Probably. We don't wanna take a swat at their buck talks. And in this person in particular obviously you know the answer quest to a kind of relationship that they have they had a relationship where she went to the police she. Have debris guitarist out of there that should answer that one for you but there was also. Another crazy thing I don't know if you saw the I've got some news clips here from. ABC news Harvey Weinstein finally after this whole post national nightmare. This guy is make it a perp walk so they displayed about their like. Shake Rivera basically. He you're talking about the Cuban who was killed by the Bolivian. Authorities and the Bolivian authorities proudly showed the bullet riddled. Corpses of Shea Guevara who for some reason is a big hero with leftists and their T shirts even though he was a notorious. Mobile fault duke she'd day yes they. Here is caricatures Harvey Weinstein posted a million dollars cash bail was fitted with a GPS monitoring device and told to stay away from the two women whose accusations led to criminal charges. Weinsteins attorneys have the once powerful producer has entered a plea of not guilty and fully expects to be exonerated. Weinstein is charged with reaping a woman and forcing a second woman to perform oral sex. Manhattan district attorney cy Vance said he thanks the brave survivors who came forward. Survivors I mean that Harvey Weinstein was accused of murdering and but. As we as we get into this this is where this is going to be really tricky for Hollywood. The defense that Harvey Weinstein who had a smile on his face there smug. It's like bring it what he got. He's got just. A million dollars bail paid cash. Tons of money can have great attorneys this is a guy who this guy private security hires them aside. Tell you what if there is a present a person that is positioned to beat these charges. It's going to take someone that it is not Bill Cosby. Read his at that point look at me. Honestly there's a lot of legal problems with what that decision to bring in witnesses. Who never. Ever went public with their charges. In it. I think there's a problem battery in the in the appeal process there too but in this circumstance. You Harvey Weinstein his attorney made a statement saying. Especially my client did not invent the casting couch this is big going on for very long time it continues to go on now. Winner and now we hear Morgan Freeman. Is you know eight women came forward saying that he's been out disgusting Larry King comes I believe Morgan Freeman. I think Morgan Freeman's tell the truth all these people are now saying that Morgan Freeman. Is telling the truth they believe him over these victims wait a second that's the way the game is played in the lead to world the hash tags lead to world. An allegation is made and your life is over. We we believe everything that that person is saying without any shred of evidence or day in court. And for whatever reason Morgan Freeman all these other guys are getting passes. Harvey Weinstein. I mean it's totally Louie CK. Doesn't matter. Always get what what was said about Morgan for about getting back to the Harvey Weinstein a turn totally different standard of him. But you know what though. I mean how in the hell is this playing right now in Hollywood. Weinsteins attorney. His his proclamation. To immediate today was kind of an in your face bring it on proclamation. That day he didn't invent the casting couch and I guess there was the the implication David bet these women are not exactly victims that they knew exactly what they were getting into. Probably the minute they stepped off the bus in the Hollywood. That's the Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood into the extent that there is bad behavior. In that industry. That is not what this is about. So he's trying to make it from a gay rape. Case in two A almost like the pornography case what are they contemporary community standards reminder in Hollywood it's almost like when Mike Tyson was accused of rape there was. His defense was basically why would you go back to his hotel room look at this guy. I mean you know anybody you had known what you were doing. Because this guy is not a normal person he's an animal. He's a boxer he's aggressive you know at 2 in the morning when he lets you in the door exactly what he wants. You knew we walked in the door. To the prince was and now he's got work. This from the poetry dot. Now Harvey Weinstein render as they say he did advent. The dirty nasty business of Hollywood. He just out perfected Kerry can I say something that will be extremely unpopular. Yes okay. In many ways. I think the attorney is making a very valid point because frankly all of these people were now taking the sanctimonious high ground with MB two movement they knew damn well what Harvey Weinstein was all about. And as long as Harvey Weinstein was the king of Hollywood he could do anything he wanted and it was tolerated by the people in that industry who wanted parts they wanted roles they wanted to be big Hollywood stars are starlets. And that it wasn't exactly a big secret and I'm I gotta tell it they've got a little surprised. At this attitude like. This this I'm shocked shocked I tell you that is happening in Hollywood especially. Regarding Hervey White House. When Ben Affleck made one comment about anything all the sudden boom right back and him. You've got people accusing Johnny Depp. You know this one actor does every one has the story you've been around for over ten years and you've been single for half of that time. They're going to these stories. It's. Russell played for the problem we have no idea what the hell happened there. But you're gonna tell me that Russ Brandon is the only one the NFL that's that's tuition and it gives like that. I mean c'mon Brett Favre had a picture of his Super Bowl ring. For the record I did never sleep with Russ Brandon.