Medicare Deadline Day - John Bartimole


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Today is December 7 and it is Pearl Harbor day being recognized around the country. It will be covering some observances locally here that I'm mad as well but it also is the end. Of Medicare open enrollment and John Barnum mall is joining us he's a health care consultant. To talk about the state we've been leading up to this it seems for months and then weeks and it's finally here John but. How has this brawl out and going. Well it's a little bit slower than it has in the past nationwide. New York State is pretty much on target. That that they need to know these though that this is the last day to roll so I would encourage anyone who has not yet take anything any. A really dish truncated. Enrollment period usually is so much later. But the truck administration has as. Curtail the open enrollment period also curtail the amount of spending. Dedicated to promoting Leo it over a period I would encourage skeptical on the web site today. Just to do certain New York State. Opening all of it. You or. Of the same web site signed a a local. And roller who helped them to get into eight helped clear of their choice. And John who does this affect because most folks obviously have it through their employer already those plans are on a different timetable. Is this the uninsured group out there and and you said it's down this year is in that group decreasing so would that explain it. That would explain some of the the other. And the other explanation would be that people he awaited election bid and the asked. It is stretched into it we're or street circuit so maybe some people are still unaware that this. This enrollment period does and today. Of course if you come to a litigating circumstances you're if you're. Employed. Lucia we need each. And yet no insurance at mitigating circumstances. Took it allowed into the role that. But if that does that apply to you looking to enroll now you need to get going right now. If you don't have those special circumstances and you do let the deadline passed. What happens. Eager to keep the trouble. That's why it is so important to rule today. At the good news for New Yorkers is the most popular. Plea of ED. It's over yet. Probably decreased in cost from many people here at least in your day. That being kept in the case across the nation but in New York it looks like there's been a slight increase in clock caught up popular soul group plan. But you that the ticket could look at what you could afford not only previous quiet but in terms of co pays and think like that. With president trump and others in Washington saying that ultimately eventually obamacare will collapsed. Is there any sort of policy implication here. Do a lot of people need to sign up in order for the program to continue. What what kind of prediction you have a maverick card. I don't I truly believe that this could not go away. Are you keen on the rule the only two un delete people if you're president trumpet and still expect. The whole house that it which I'm sure he owns two. You can't have that many millions. Of disaffected voters and expect that support it at the polls would. All right and just to make sure that they're there are two different things to be talking about here. The New York State exchanges part of obamacare. And Medicare open enrollment at the same time are we talking about. The same thing on the same timetable what's the deadline today. The deadline today is for the opening of the period which includes about accurately and eat in New York State also. So if people have questions. I would ask them to call their their insurance company if they have insurance right now or are on. If you're on Medicaid or Medicare make that all to make sure that their proper. He and it's period any questions all go to roll over their rulers across the Western New York region of those can be found on the web site. And they could check or. That staff John thank you so much we X understand a little bit more that's John Barnum mall is a health care consultant today is the deadline. For Medicare Advantage.