McCabe A Russia Probe "Victim?" - John Cohen


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Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCain says he's a casualty in the ongoing assault on the special counsel investigation into Russia. Caper was fired Friday two days before he was scheduled to retire. Let's bring in former Homeland Security consultant John Colin this morning in Washington John. Where is this one on your radar. Good morning this is carrying usual it's unusual for several reasons. First. The action taken against. Former deputy director any McCabe. It was who was apparently very accelerated and it went outside the normal process used by the FBI and the justice. Department to take disciplinary action against an employee. So we're at a point where we still haven't seen it finalized report by the inspector general. I'm not what staff understanding their report being he had not completed as of yet. They took action against Andy McCabe. Outside of the normal due process that's afforded to other FBI and place second issue just really quickly is that. As the commentary coming from the White House weathered the white house Press Secretary from the podium I depicting any McCain has about actor or the tweaked over the weekend by the president or the tweets. By the president prior that's. Highly unusual the president United States will be making this type the commentary. On a career civil servant and that's where a lot of people ask questions whether there's some other motivation behind these actions. That the timing of this firing depending on who you ask it's either. Now more paddy or more having to do with the rusher probe oh what are you see it yes. Well. A lot of questions have been raised. There are people who are wondering because of the way this was conducted literally hours of of course he was supposed to retire depriving him potentially pop pop a large portion of the tension. That there's some on some other motivation some of questions. Whether there were some personal animosity directed toward the end indicate. And then others have to have suggested that this was part of a pattern of activity to discredit. Jim gloomy and any McCabe because. They they clearly are going to be key witnesses. And that's special counsel Muller's investigation. You know what these recent events in mind what do you think now about president trump. Possibly sitting down for an interview with Revver Mahler. Yeah I mean that's an interesting question I don't know how that's gonna play out on you seem to be getting almost conflicting. Commentary from his legal team on the one candidate base say they're cooperating with the special counsel they say that they are negotiating hit sitting down. On the other hand you see tweets such as the one. By John doubt one of the president's attorneys. Basically calling on the investigation to be shut down. And that's now warned that you know at the end of the day. You know about it leading this investigation. I would be looking at issuing a subpoena and we are already seeing case slop where. That the president has its have to comply with the with the subpoena issued so we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. Our debts Jon Cohen former counterterrorism coordinator. For the Department of Homeland Security.