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People this weekend the fortieth or better over the third largest in the world. Why isn't so important and one half. You know it's it's always important to. Reflect back from where we've come from. You know the history it is a celebration. Of the ending slavery and in this country and we're certainly very proud. That the city of buffalo it's one of the largest celebrations of June chains in the world. Some years it's actually larger celebration in the entire. Nation and there will be people from all across the buffalo community and the and that will come out for this cultural celebration. That is enjoyed by all people what's new this year. You know there's always something new to educate people about culture so there will be new educational programming. To give people deeper insight. Into African American culture and history. There's always great entertainment. Always great food. And the parade is one of the biggest and most cult colorful. In the entire. Region probably one of the biggest. Parades of that type in the nation. Solar it says as usual us through at this point is it's a big focus in the country or around the state Umpqua that the focus Digi key us. Yeah yeah that's certainly always part of the focus. Understanding. And remembering and embracing civil rights. Making sure that all of the gains that have been made from a civil rights perspective in this country. Not only are remembered and supported but that we don't go back on any of the hogs. Hard fought rights that people have been able to secure. In this nation. Over our history as a sort of cloud. That's enough to two GTs and talk about this beaches forgive me if I'm getting an obstacle for a week. It's central sank hopefully we'll so it's time to reflect them as we reflect on. Well I reflect on. Those who came before me who work hard. Archer creates opportunities for all people. To break down barriers. To bring communities together. And as I reflect upon the work of those six came before me did inspires me in the work that I do today in the work. That I will do in the future. Todd to continue to preserve opportunities for for all people to work that we're doing to make buffalo a city of opportunity a city of of hope. For all residents of our community. Elsewhere in the city they just just last night as I'm trying to leave downtown it was gridlock or at least 190 the 33. Just trying to make up the streets downtown to get one of those options. Last night was abusing I would canal side having their second concert devices had a game. Are we looking at any issues which downtown traffic just. You know we're not certainly nobody likes to be stuck in traffic I was stuck in it. Myself yesterday coming from the corporate challenge. Which was the largest our turnout of people over 141000. Participants. In the history of the corporate challenge in buffalo. Our our buffalo police department traffic division does have very good job in managing the flow of traffic. In our community there's always. A public safety plan a traffic management plan. For the many special events and general events that take place. In our city so I don't think we have any particular challenges. Growth will bring traffic. And people coming to events and the events that we have that are so large. Buffalo certainly. Punches way above. Its size in terms of the events that we have so even though we are roughly the 77. Largest city in this country some of the events that we have are in the top five. In this country in terms of attendance that's a good place to be that's a very good problem to have you an example of those. Yes sure so we just talked about when June 18 you know obviously. The largest June came festival in the country. In the top three in the world in terms of celebrations of June 18. Feel Italian festival. One of the largest in in the country Howard two day. Food festival with taste of buffalo. One of the largest of that type in the country our Saint Patrick's Day. Parade recognized as one of the best in the nation. But also one of the largest in the nation and more traffic more people are coming to events visiting this to community. Is going to create some delays some construction some congestion. And some inconvenience and people have been very patient in dealing with that. All of those issues in the city of buffalo.