Mayor Byron Brown

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Monday, July 2nd
Brown on the recent homicide.

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The police work on these issues of violence around the clock. The shooting that took place overnight. Buried very tragic senseless violence. I'm asking anyone who has any information. Regarding those individuals the individual responsible. For the shooting to provide that information to the buffalo police department or ready in information from the public it's coming and the public is really outraged by these shootings. Demanding. Justice and providing good information. To our police department we have solved. A number of these shootings we solved the number of homicides. And when we get good information from the public we're able to solve these crimes. I think that's less a barrier we're seeing more and more cooperation. From the public. The public is outraged. This senseless violence. In the case of the shootings overnight. A grandmother. And on grandchild seventh month old baby. Targeted. A decade killer. Those to both the cities just horrible horrible. Act of violence in this community. And the public is saying that they won't tolerate it and information is already starting to come and and urged anyone with any information whatsoever. On the shooting that occurred overnight or any other shooting in this community to turn that information over to the buffalo leads.