Mayor Brown at Women's March

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Sunday, January 21st

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I. It's. Certainly a great pleasure to welcome you keep your ball below city hall and I. So we're here. I want to thank me organizers. Of the 82 annual women's march. We're here of leadership and tenacity. But give them a great big round of law. It's less than you are. Senator is important and how well he's an error in every city and I'm. Mayor. I am here to stand with youth who against us. Some against race. Okay. Disney's second annual women's team. Our business. For the people hello and less than a year or. Why didn't get much. President. It happened at eight all I thought immigrants. And refugees are being able to accomplish this country. Okay global City Hall. This being out against better. Acts of white supremacist. Use and know. You name because you all anymore. I doubt any. You're. Yeah okay. Disease okay women and a man marries solidarity. Is being. Against discrimination. And all of its forms sexism. Racism. Beating. So. You go to sexual orientation. Are there gender exclusive. Very tender we stand against those ladies as I'm. Okay you're really do yeah. They're working with me anyway that it gives me you have written all because we will stay in will view. Good you know well all alone and let us in New York. We won't say anything against what we're seeing in Washington. And the White House and people say our. Yeah. I. Look good doing and you brilliantly whose ship then you bring your tenacity. That you bring your solidarity. Meld these. People all across buffalo. And what's in your. Supports UN's Dan review thank you very.