Mayor Brown on Lasalle Shooting

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Friday, May 18th
Brown on shooting of 4 year old girl on Lasalle.

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Here obviously tragedy unfolding. In the university district then itself with its own. Child struck by gunfire of four years old injuries are serious Childs missed at the hospital. Now police have been working on this around. Completely on top intolerable. For individuals to be indiscriminately shooting at each other income neighborhoods will be shooting at each other in any. Setting. Our bullies. Are. The working of this as hard as they possibly. Can play. I can say is that these child was not the intended. Target of course of this shooting. Yeah and we are. In a situation. Where this year vs last year. Shootings are down in the city of buffalo. Homicides are down in the city of buffalo doesn't matter. And four year old child this about gunfire. And any one shooting this one too many. Anyone homicides. This one too many. And our police are following up on this with every resource that we can confidently and much grander scale there working what. Point two reductions to working with the case. I think some things that are working here. Are these efforts that are going into the building community police relationships and where police officers and so indeed relations with the community about what we're getting. Good information from the community and things odds would be I preventative. You don't prevent things from happening before they ever. I think people scene that there. Training opportunities. That are coming online more and more like the we're discussing here at north. That employment opportunities are rolling in the city of buffalo across the city. What's more and more jobs coming online people feel more optimistic about the future and that's helping and we need to make sure. That in every neighborhood. And of the city of buffalo people know that they have options. They know there's a bright future. And all they have to do is do the right thing and they can take advantage. How's the employment options are training options. The business growth options that are coming on line industry.