Maryvale Superintendent Joseph D'Angelo on school consolidation chatter

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Monday, April 16th

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Just a DeAngelo is joining us on the WB EM live on just wanna get an idea as to what you think about the county executives plan to. Or at least requests for all the schools. In Cheektowaga Tim merge into one this has been something that's been out there for a few months. What do you think about it. Well you know school superintendent and school board or not I can't eating money at all and we're out looking for ways to. Church services and state money. The forty lobbyists. Regularly meet with the school board it to a school school or being discussed. We we can work together. This has come up for several years or whatever I years it. Come up opted out in nineteen not. There that you eat study and it it came out opposite the news that physically out she allowed schools are acting out school without agent now and 2013. Landed districts where and it still reeling from the financial crisis that hit. Or a lot and I went to Britannica but 42 lobbyists. Toward. Report the resolution. Two out F eight get cheaper here. To what we can you know further study consolidation and other districts were turned down pretty rant apparently because it would save you now nation when you know money. I gotta keep it. Take a look at the county executives Burkle Alan and I I I would certainly would've liked to can't epic a conversation with them prior to. You know in mop and deciding we're not there because. It the number that he put out there were were true and accurate. We equal not that not pursue. Because it ain't gonna eat in a million dollars. Up. We we would be foolish but there are there are other issues that yet fitter when you. Look at consolidating schools not just. Simple eliminate her positions in you see that the money out there's there's a lot of will be our. So what are some of these moving parts that you're talking about 'cause I mean on the surface when he says lol you know this could save. You know one point two million dollars or whatever the figure that he threw out was it it sounds pretty appealing but there's some what you're saying it's a lot more complicated now. Lot of people eat when you went out eight school districts you've got to eat like eke like out. You can't expect you'd numbers. On an agreement paint job. In in in one place. 88 more op Ed Diener and other place. So for example Peters. Touting that it but yeah. In his report that in ten year's consolidation of the bite to eat a lot at that school district could be. Little short at twenty knowing. Hours 27 knowing something. But what you got you leak like the country. Confidant. A teacher at seven Peters that if he making it ain't all in in this in the consolidated district. And copy. Get along with health insurance cost to our round nine million dollars. So intent here that would cost. I eighty million dollars more than what the community and now much more than what year what year are what keep that secret thing. I'm Kinect is one you just want Arctic look at teachers you hit the eap administrators at other support. It unit eat like country. With their aunts are good. It. Not a good place to. Well done and you look at there to protect streak. And you can't come up with the X you know it up come up with a rate up without a solid plan out. But generally some community with Peter X rates. Go up somewhat the McKee and now an eight dark yet and validation that the money. I'm on exactly hitting it cut Akron that it could be actually used to not hire new teachers and create more programs but. It may be used for the costs associated with equalizing contracts and tax rate which would be significant for this it's this community. And I guess if if you if you mentioned that the contracts with them become ninety million dollars over ten years I believe and that it's analysts. I I I don't want it addiction. Okay did I mean just how at hypothetically if it were that type of them now. You know if we have the schools consolidate as their proposal blows to given that there's other factors like you mentioned in mind. Would that also have kind of trickle down effect as to. Certain programs that the school offers whether it's after school programs are programs for students with special needs is their trickle down effect to. I believe so. I'd leap on that you know it it. Super addict and school boards are not the ones that are either yes or no on consolidation. Communities and communities. You know. It like they're in it it it is hot button issue yup yup. It is changing you name it it's difficult. Not well. That the 2009. You beat study injected district of our guys. You know. Cheer services. In a creek eating by shared services rendered an allegation because. Generally are not insert you know out in our class are cranking at Pittsburgh for consolidation leading money but. Even Aggies still handle issues you polite contracts and X ray. Crock pot. I'm you know I'm into computer. It'll a mr. like I got some discussion on not her people and it on and districts where elect if you Wear compared with Easter roar in terms of expenditures Kirstie. It at it and got it you can't you can't see it district it because it ain't I eat or aren't accurate in sight. You can't say that one is more popular back in another just because of her I mean because you know it will be student need. A look at the issue of poverty and you know now. And special education the outlook though being up factor into are people spending and producer. Wanna get an idea as Susie you mentioned that aid goes down to with the community who is ultimately the people who decide this. You know whenever these consolidation votes come forward it's only a few hundred people that ultimately. Actually vote on this is it disappointing that there's a lot of talk about school consolidation but there's not really a lot of turnover this. Well I'm looking at like you know I am. School budgets school school pitcher but it our pal in public. It up up up up up like it first and and it hit the point where you are not. With all of it felt school district the budget to develop my personal laughter about it or not Ers are now in public we we develop our budget. Action by action in public ED. Not you know not like three purse you know three or four people in the room then you know like to speak up. We hit we get information out there. The property next scale. Is calculated that negated it is the comptroller. Our budget our I don't like it all the hacker resident in the district had been yelled out you proposed budget it. I am we report. Being an acute need a department in regard to our property taxes architecture or art. And he although information that every school picture right. We eat you know administrative salaries in her district budget. Eagle public hearing before the budget voted on in that the budgeted voted correctly I by the citizens of the community. And you know those developing public. It voted Republican. You know we edit it 84 under people to you know enter an early budget well if I remember correctly no equal and that. Now some people. Of people I think the people predict or reading or or apple. I I eat a lightly when he edict. I can't I eat at. We get information out of the public. It we can't. In order and make an informed choice should be usable. Joseph in the last question that I've got Korea is you know that county executive brings out this idea that. Some of the schools are not being transparent with their budgets now he wants school districts had at least two years worth of budgets. Readily available online what can you say about the transparency with Mary fails school budget in terms of the public being able to access it. Well I I think he'd eat after doing some digging around not. Not a lot there he eat he called out our are bitten off it saying I ate it he couldn't have a copy the budget and our practices and you know we we are now. We print out binder that would their district budgeted and we get to copy for building. And copy for national office for people coming and it. Are we don't have a response to print out. Unlimited dot you know numbers of those that it got their act itself I think one of our secretary called the county executive office. It couldn't get a copy one at all I anchors. Not that it couldn't have could you watch. So you know we hear the Arctic air and how we develop in our present our budget. I'm Ella I don't mind anybody can look at it. Could you just facts are not tax if put it through the printer and just having it converted into a PDF I know there's a lot of you know schools that do that with theirs. Yet being an act date yet for for a copy of pop you know the Iger. Actually bet that it would beat Russia India our secretary at all Arctic you know county are because I'd hear take a look at. I really wanted to enter your right. It's so is that something that you Geisel do then you know take your budget whatever he had in the finder. Converting to a pediatric dentist or an on year schools like say is that something you'll do. I'm an Eagle Lake a weird at our website he could beat it beat whoever we you have about it last statement basically it looked in the I. But county executive's office was able to get access. The I don't get out of our website. Because this has been out of let it is that website and vote and that was. Adopted by the board. What are what I think and what might get a call and what our secretary thought that he wanted to be defined here. The physical binder. That secret that would like yell at right now edible. I'll. Begin to meet we get on your public review and people county Beckett couldn't add the project I under an end you know. Out of pocket I think it would that there that there are some etiquette connector one of our secretary in it in what it was yeah cutting back epic four if you look at. We got detected it yet within tiger. Perfectly didn't it spin rate and a wet at all. And Joseph Louis or anything else they think the people should know about it's this school consolidation idea that we haven't addressed yet. Capture Al had a 108 and now it. You know it is not aware. We look at 48 out numbers of people and will support it in enough. Conversation with Chinese Beckett well you know the talk about you know we we teach your services together with with the county equity other.