Maryland Shooting: Legal Perspective - Paul Cambria


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And buffalo attorney Paul came Brea joining us live we're talking about. This horrific shooting yesterday in Annapolis and and the word to it seems to becoming out Paula is that this was a targeted attack the shooter wanted revenge. For a coverage that they gave him. A case that he was dealing with returning an an ex girlfriend. There's to me a lot of evidence in the case of they go back and watch these social media posts isn't there. Well there's no doubt about it. You know this was a pretty open and shut situation. And that's the kind of thing that's going to. You know fuel the debate on gun control. It's unusual in a mass shooting that the suspect is alive and a lot of them take their own lives here but we have a suspect. Who was not cooperative at first but they did get information out about him last night. And he does appear in court this morning do you know about that hearing what will happen there. Well there's there's you know just an initial appearance. They'll ratchet them on paper a few well. And then it'll be shipment that typically injury. The question is whether or not they have. Capital punishment there and I actually didn't picture. If they still do they say that because a lot of states like New York for example at. Capital punishment statute on the books. But the on the court. Still not been forcing them shall Maryland might be accomplished they don't know that I'm sure we'll find out soon. Right now I know is facing first degree murder charges is first degree. Does that tell you. Well that again you know like in New York we have first degree murder and it's. Life without parole. It used to the capital punishment shall have to actually what heroin as and that's the courtship. You know prohibited capital punishment tremendously well. But it looks like a pretty open and shut case I guess it. He losses defamation case in the paper cup circuit is always an option that the government. He had access to a gotten once again for people lost their lives. And you call let's talk about the vacancy on the Supreme Court you have argued before the Supreme Court a number of occasions. A what do you think of this vacancy is Justice Kennedy is retiring. Well there are a lot of people across the country who are. You know devastated over this because Kennedy was a so called swing vote. So even though he was a conservative gosh this. From time to time he football would either one camp or the other meaning the conservative side or the liberal side. And of course he had critical pull. In the same section Americans Asians in the abortion cases. In that freedom of religion cases I mean he's been a very. Typical. Individual if trump show the position now to replace them. With a staunch conservative. Now we have a court and be conservative. And the question is whether or not they're ordered read this roll over weight and a number of these other cases. To try to finally have them refer. Married Paul we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. I don't my pleasure for aren't you to stay cool that's awful attorney Paul camp Brea.