Marijuana Legalization 930in716 June 21, 2018

Thursday, June 21st

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It's 930. In 716. The New York State legislative session ends and no action on legalizing marijuana. Well I think the pressure the end of Q and can and implement their program Massachusetts who have implemented their program features so all around us. A deluge of marijuana will be legal you're leader wants to lock up children separated from their parents are leader wants to legalize marijuana. I'm Tim linger around 930 and 716. Powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. As the New York State Legislature began cramming in the final days of their session. It became apparent that legalizing marijuana wasn't going to make the cut. Even with a ringing endorsement just this week from the new York state Health Department saying they back legalization. Even if the legislature were to pass a law. Next year probably dictate somewhere around there anywhere from eight to twelve months to implement. Jolt Jian Breaux former Erie county executive of gubernatorial candidate. And marijuana lobbyist with Susan Rosen Brian has aroused Keon WB yen. So New York it would be behind the perfect and I didn't suffer. What would be so tough and implementing. Now all because we can kind of go off of what other states have done right Colorado California and now Massachusetts. They have some sort of infrastructure in place wouldn't it be easier to company. Do you think so but here in New York State and become much more complicated because the isn't talking. Politics and existing work state and there's been very non productive legislative session. Utter chaos in the legislature. And the executive opposite selection here. And folks have not been able to get out of their way. Yeah I'm just thinking children mistake apparently decided any controversial issues and a session. The just ended who's to say that they'll agree to this next year right. Well I think the pressure the end of curing cancer and implement their program Massachusetts who has implemented their program Jersey. So all around us. I don't use of marijuana will be legal. Again unfortunately New York State in the salt. On the revenue opportunity and the ability to control. This product in the right now it's unregulated marketplace it's a black market economy. In there are many people who so marijuana. Kids who are consciously let chuck proved. So it really right to control. Its product you have to taxed and regulated. Prohibition. And then you failed policy. Now yesterday we talked with state senator Tim Kennedy he said he believes that when lawmakers return to Albany this will be kind of a hot topic wanna get some discussion. Amongst the lawmakers you've spent a lot of time out not op Albany talking about this issue throughout the state to. Know what's your sense on where exactly lawmakers are thinking about this is there really. An appetite to get this done even with all those things you mentioned. Global reserve will be number one mean the opportunity to control products and chewed the opportunity each generate. We did a report that showed their anywhere from 1224. Billion dollars. Can be inducted into New York State's economy. Particular revenue Croce trump. Utilities that marijuana infecting them roads and bridges and capture all the cute picture there around. The CD NC unconditional our roads. And know the condition of our bridges so you know there's an opportunity here again unfortunately. The politics in New York State so well for these candidates used to happen without huge political considerations. We all believe they spend more time trying to figure out how to raise money. Who both sides of the issue on every issue and do nothing and then they'd do it again next year. Unfortunately. Albany politics system is working. Joseph how much of a moneymaker. Is Matt recreational marijuana for the state. Posters and remember the report we issued. Indicated conservatively that annually. State will see. Somewhere around five to 600. Million dollars a year in new revenue by investing those are revenues into it I think program that we get. Potentially 24 billion dollars worth of economic activity. And over 121000 jobs over a several year period. So this is real money. And against not just tomorrow. It's the social justice issues the fact that won't minorities at didn't. Affected more adversity than the majority community in their wraps. There's a lot of different issues and again. I'm taking taking the black market economy can meet its opening their elected officials on both sides I don't should be concerned about. That is a big number that you put out there with how much money the state could make off of this say it might come to as a surprise to people who still look at marijuana is kind of this thing that. Now it's like a phase four era high school aged kids or something like that. At this may be way more people out there using this then I think people who don't use really believe. I think there are many more people using marijuana then netted. A special some of the polling data and put those revenue numbers are are conservative numbers it could reach up to a billion dollars easier. After a couple of years of activity here and our state. And again it's hard to overlook that opportunity again. We shouldn't just focus on the revenue guys it's it's it there's a whole lot of other issues again social justice. Articulate. That hands with younger people control in the marketplace. It's a bit more appropriate. Public policy the prohibition. Meanwhile. Just north of the border put it just stopped just. Just compare the leader of your country to a leader of our country. Peter gros our resident Canada correspondent at 680 news in Toronto where. Legalization. Has happened and will kick kin. This fall you'll leader wants to lock up children separated from their parents. Our leader wants to legalize marijuana there's just there's slight difference there I can't quite put my finger on it. It's it's like different since you mentioned there about say you know you mentioned the marijuana regime. Has kind of the popularity. Of marijuana and the popularity of this issue. Forced politicians to really take a look at it and make it. A priority when you know in the past it looking 510 years ago no one would have thought this would even kind of be on the radar. I think that you're looking at two things that are ultimately we've got a very young prime minister he's reflecting what. Of people in the thirties and forties. Some robots in the seventies and about being specific but you know enjoyed marijuana in the seventies when it was illegal and for the most part. Probably the police looked the other way I mean you know why you can't lock down the street need to develop a calm sol. The population is more or less in favor of this but secondly the amount of money. That the government can make pray legalizing. By controlling it and selling it could just marijuana is so we you can grow under virtually any condition. And you can draw out of marijuana for about sixty cents oh I'm just just as a cash grab it's it's very appealing. So this is a moneymaker for Canada. I think it's huge moneymaker I mean back we've got no one stock here that I just saw it on the stock market. But it might places that you don't get into an capsule drive into the past and spent a couple thousand on marijuana start. So that it's going to be big business booming the seventeenth of October is when know you know the prime minister said this is when it's going to begin. 01 that date hits so what are you expecting to see there will there be. Up plenty of dispensaries in locations to buy all across the country will vary just be getting started then what are you expecting to see. Well that there's this that it really confusing issue here because people have been opened up independent marijuana stores should it advance. Sort of hoping that that what it's legalized look at this album but it looks as if they're gonna sell them through the liquor board stores we got a thing called wick purported on aerial we go by you by your alcohol and it and it looks as. Is this for the time being. Those places are are going to control the sale of Merrill wants. So are those those that what LB CEO stores and the beer store things like that. So so that the government run not right now that the new guy Doug supporters been. Elected via premier of Ontario has said that I'd like to privatize it going down going down on the cover. The government particular terror are shown a great capacity to screw things up. When they run things so. I didn't get to it. You know and in years to come we may have independent. Wholesaler selling your go to stores but for the time being now you you've got to go in probably proof that your eighteen before you. I'm by yourself. OK now we also heard that each province we'll get to make their own rules with this too. Is that your understanding. You got that now looks but that would be the case specially if you follow dubbed forwards can you aren't you know the new agreement on terror. He's just for the time being electoral board of Ontario consult plot. But it might be privatized them a lot and so I think I think we have provinces want to say. But now Peter we're not gonna see people just smoking on the streets of Toronto right. Well why not think they do any you can get it has that's our league. On Friday night from the nightclub in the evaluation locked down baron at the air's very very sick with the smell of marijuana. And I don't think you're gonna see them just you know. In the business place and in the banks in places such. It probably won't be much different because the people who smoke marijuana legally and are going to be to people who are smoking it legally the people who didn't want to buy marijuana. In the first place probably get a meal for that likely to purchase since December. Hey in other words it's kind of widespread as it is even without legalization you know much like it is down and bolo you're border around here. I don't think so are the governments are gonna make money out of maybe this street thinks the government socket that money out of it a problem. There was a possible expert so when you buy marijuana you're also going to be an environmental or you can buy. Eight you know more dangerous drugs cocaine. And heroin a lot of drug dealers like to be elect a one stop shopping place Sox CE either here that government can make money you get up. Craig kind of firewall between marijuana and stiffer drugs and down. You're you're gonna just have a lot happier people. Who. Yeah hey are you guys cooling down over then the terra sir is that still a big buzz. Topic there as well. I think that's gonna want her wallet and I know the truth thought aside from the fact that he's probably getting some good press legalizing marijuana. She stood up to trump. Two so. The Vista error saying. It's got its gonna carry on like I think that there were kind of agree devoted to it and. What aka the standard because you know the history of candidates as we just don't put up with this crap. Hey you know really quickly before lunch ago we have been talking throughout the morning to somebody who works with the customs and Border Patrol on the US side over here and we've been you know mentioning. There's a future in the very near future possibly where you have obviously Canada. Legalizing marijuana beginning this October in New York State talking about doing it you know so maybe I next year even as soon as that. But still federally here it will be illegal so you'll have. Canada it's legal in New York State it's sleek. Legal but crossing from Canada to the US. If you have any marijuana on you you could risked being find two or even arrested. Oh what does it will appeal like or at least it what's your understanding of crossing the border into Canada. Well. Crossing into Canada if you're carrying marijuana doctor saint yeah. I don't I don't think OK air wick. I well I. I would imagine no but it's it's tricky situation going the other way because the borders controlled by the federal government here this state. Could move to legalize marijuana and you can do whatever you want in the city of buffalo or seeing Niagara Falls. We just couldn't cross the border into the US with it or you risk being arrested. It's always hospital Whiteside he would carry contraband. On you personally going across the borders so. I'm the bird and I don't know what it is very strange if Sarah. Canadian. Border guards security agent you find someone from the states bringing marijuana in when it's legal to have marijuana. So maybe they won't even look sort I don't know. On to the next session we'll see what happens. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.