Maria Making Landfall - Meteorologist Steve Vermette


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Steve for Matt is joining us he's a meteorologist and coordinator of the media urology department at buffalo state college talking about hurricane Maria. At this very powerful hurricane Steve made landfall this hour on Puerto Rico. You've got the storm surge. Intense rainfall is just to continue all day. Yeah in the two again that. I repeatedly we have with the mogul religious kind of scooted Puerto Rico but prudent to neglect hit with some Maria. It was a category five storm has been reduced to category four but just barely afford cooking a couple of 55 mile per hour wind so it's going to be yet. Big hit I was. Thinking about luck and looking at the damage from the minute I got the impression that it's at fifty odd that pass through a paper shredder. And Puerto Rico and insight now with some Maria. And coo looking at. The path of Maria kind of looks like oh where it's heading after your. It hits the island some might be on a similar path is hurricane Jose is that right. Yes we can turn that that's a good mood trust in the states. And and might miss most from you know Obama Bahamian island although that's sort of what we'll get hit. But it appears that turned to the Norfolk earlier than Obama did so that's that's very good news for Florida. And that would be along the coast what happens later on but hope to keep making that turn in and misses the eastern seaboard as well. Apple could Maria actually go up closer to Jose. And could have been two of the reform or anything like that. But you have been for so it's it's that's probably never quits. It's eventually moving out so I'm hoping that that the two do not work but it's possible for storms to merge but. They steal it you know it's it's weakened but it's ten and on as a category one hurricane. I could affect parts so from Massachusetts Cape Cod and I do some tropical wind even put so Long Island but hopefully will be moving off soon but it's it's been a slow mover. Given the amount of activity we've seen so far this hurricane season and I think it's surprising for a lot of people to hear that. This might be the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico. In a century. Can you give us an idea of how rare it is for hurricanes to hit Puerto Rico or at least hurricanes of this magnitude. We're not only these islands are movement and through Kinsler and operate largely doesn't take choked the difference of thirty. Fifty miles can mean the direct hit just a glancing blow and cook. Puerto Rico has been lucky to put but it went for the temples. Well I'd have not had a major hurricane of nineteen to 1920s so these can be quite surgical they make these hits and open with an extremely lucky. I'm lately the lesser Antilles places reckon people and and as Guadalupe and Dominica in the Virgin Islands and so on has been getting hit quite a bit but the let's just bad luck Craig mouse. Do you think about Harvey Irma Maria and Jose. At this Atlantic hurricane season is one for the record books as Annette and the seasons uneven over. It's not over I mean halfway mark was that's a two I think September 10 and cookies if you look November 30 the average is. A boat to attend tropical storms and six who can look into the three may join. And we're above that now we've had so far I think thirteen tropical storms seven hurricanes and four. You know me too which is a category three Euro borrowed and so we can expect no more on the way. And how far into hurricane season exactly our week. We're just to move over halfway and its dividend from November 30 and doesn't mean it's Turkey the restricted to that period but generally. We're not going to primetime right now and who has September and to get to cobra gonna get a little relief. But will primetime right now. Steve is Ali great to talk tear that Steve her marries a meteorologist. At SUNY buffalo state.