Marches Aimed At Mid-Terms? - Aaron Katersky


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All weekend there were women's marches across the country for equality and empowerment correspondent Arendt could Ter ski was covering and Aaron it seems that there may have been 1 central theme for many of these and that is to vote in the upcoming mid terms. That I think is the hope of this group date there were strong numbers one year to the day after president trumps inauguration. Many women were marching under different banners. This saying women's rights immigrant rights worker rights but did the unifying theme I think you're right was that was opposition to the current administration and a push. To actually get out and vote and make the mid terms the place where their voice can actually be heard. Until we see a switch this year you know one year after the initial women's march on Washington and all across the country you know a lot of these judging by the signs send to different messages we saw certainly here in buffalo and around other cities. Have you switched from women's marches to more a Democrat march. You know you could make the case that a number of that the people are are Democrats. And Andy and given the geography. Many of the largest markets I think you could make a case that they could be written off. As as just you know a bunch a lefty liberal but I. Were hard pressed to find at the last time in this country that we've seen numbers like this. Beat him Democrats are or what have you may be black clutch matter may be the Iraq War. An Iraq War proved to be a galvanizing issue two to get a president. Elected so I think that. Is it could be attempting to dismiss the movement as just days. A blunt a lefty Democrats. And in liberal cities but I think it. This movement is hoping that they'll evolve to be much more than. But the numbers were strong went they all we can all over the country. Very strong all over the country all over the world empowered to buy that the meat to movement which I think helped drive this year's. Mark is well and we saw a number of expressions. Of the same issues confronting. Hollywood and big business in television. But the other the overarching goal I think now is to. And turn this into a voter drive and to get more women specifically to run for office. Eric thanks so much that's Erica too risky talking about the women's march is all across the country yesterday can see images of buffalo. WB EN dot com.