March for Our Lives Buffalo Announcement

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Thursday, March 22nd

Thursday's announcement of Buffalo's role in March for Our Lives


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I want to thank the members of the media for joining us today with so many members of our community leaders in the community. Today we are here because young people all across our nation are saying enough is enough. And we must all stand against gun violence. In every form. That our schools. Our streets. Our public spaces. And our homes should no longer be subject. To this type of senseless gun violence. Which has become all too common. First. It was as students and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Demanding action. In the halls of congress. And the White House then. Other students across the nation had the courage to walk out. In protest. Of the federal government's failure to take this issue seriously. Now. The students. The residents. And civic leaders of buffalo. And Erie county. Are standing united to call on our representatives. To pass sensible. And responsible. Gun control legislation. Today. We are joined by the Bell Centre I don't wanna thank bluesy Kendall Mario. Reverend James Giles. Pastor mark blew the president of the N double ACP. The concern clergy coalition. The buffalo Urban League I want to thank president and CEO. Brenda make Duffy for being here. And all of the young people from the Urban League who were here with us today the National Action Network. And their president. Reverend James Lewis Jimmy carrying when it thank you for being here. Again the NAACP. And some of the other representatives. Of the buffalo branch of the NAACP. Chord here. The Western New York Peace Center and Vicki Ross. The buffalo public schools and our superintendent. Of schools doctor crime or cash and certainly. Of course our students who were here. To announce the impressive number of allies. Who will join us in standing with our students. And who will be partners. In Saturday's rally and march against gun violence. Our coalition. Is comprised of organizations. Who have had a long history. I'm standing against violence as well as groups which have now focused. On this issue as a result of the recent tragedies. Across our nation. And I especially. Want to mention and thank again. The Western New York Peace Center. And New Yorkers against gun violence. Who have been long time champions. On gun control and who have been instrumental. In working with my office on putting this event together let's give them a round of applause. No matter. How we have come to this fight all of us have one thing in common. We are gathering because our young people are leaving us and it asking us in this movement. To work with them to make sure that they are safe. Whether they are in school. Our community. A community center court in their own neighborhoods. These young people have demanded. That we take action now to protect them. I want to thank everyone. Who has worked to make this event possible. Even though it shouldn't be the path forward is going to be difficult. And will require a sustained effort on everybody's part. What we're doing here today. Is only the beginning. And I am confident that we will cross the finish line because of the sincerity. Tenacity. And intelligence. Of the young people who are leading the way. I encourage people from across buffalo. And Western New York to join us in supporting. These courageous students. These courageous young people who are our young people. Including. Our next speaker. On Saturday march 24. At 130. Right here in Niagara square here. Now at this time I want to. Recognize and welcome to the podium these student representative. On the buffalo board of education. For Rea. Ebert mean. Dairy A based student at Lou Leonardo Da Vinci high school. To remind us of why we're here today and why we will all come back here. In record numbers. On Saturday. Good afternoon everybody money's not an idea and I am a student in our intention is the I knew today with mayor brown in the Western New York piece and others because my generation can no longer see silent while guns to strike our lives. Schools our streets and our homes. Across our nation and in our communities too many of my peers become victims of gun violence. Because there are no laws preventing guns from getting into the wrong hands. Our federal representatives Telus its guns the problem and not the people. Then how. How are we don't only developed nation in the world where seventeen people can die as a result of one attacked his actions. Seventeen kids seventeen students seventy futures just like mine ripped away. I ten million others of students will no longer accept this and there is no good answer to that question. This is why on Saturday march 2 people we are going to rally and we don't Smart. Our voices will be heard in operators representatives. Must pay attention. This is the national movement and can only last if community leaders but can't help it become allies. If I am proud that the that the city of buffalo from mayor brown to our community leaders having parents to stand with me. And follow and my fellow students as we call for real change and real solutions. We need to still my squared with our voices and with thousands of people's cars schools become places of learning and not here. We need to look let me just please signs banners so that members of congress and our president can see that you no longer be ignored. We need some parts together. So that our parents and teachers can stand behind us and supported us in this fight for real change. Thank you to everyone who is here today and I know that being united will bring the Pentagon violence. Maria thank you so much for. Really bringing home the message for why we are all here on the steps of City Hall today. And why would we will be back here. On Saturday at 130. In record numbers again I want to thank all of the community leaders I want to thank all of our young people. Who have come out and and I want to thank our young people for leading the way on this important issue them. Saturday we'll be your day and we will be here to support. Our young people and listen to our young people and rallied behind you. To stop this senseless gun violence taking place in our communities. All across America. With that we are going to include our formal comments and open up to any questions that the members of the media.