Manchester Bombing Latest - Tom Rivers

Hear the latest from the UK with Correspondent Tom Rivers

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Let's go live to England this morning correspondent Tom rivers is with us part of our extensive coverage last night here on WB and tons Telus said I about the situation. We know so many to got teenagers were their kids were at the Serena for the concert and many of them are you know where were scattered are they still a lot of missing kids. I think most of the one that hit that you know lost touch with the part parent or guardian they have they've been reunited. But sadly. Police chief for the greater Manchester area here. Come out instead among the now 22. People there there are some children. Children. Children as well among the nine people. Were injured being treated at eight hospitals in this city. Horrific horrific and the Sam's. Of passion is so strong here repulsion. And anger. That that someone would do this suicide bomber would do this and attacking. In this young children attending the gutsy. What do we know as far as said the bombing when it happened it seemed like it was right in the middle of the concert catching everybody off guard there arena full. They'll actually let it happen that the bear Ribery and Kim 35. They're about what that meant it the concert had just conclude. The lights. They've gone up people got up out of their seats they just started just literally step or two heading port. Build various exit when everybody heard this loud loud saying. They didn't know. Where it was coming but it was very very real out. Yours. And people panic. And and there's probably going to be cases that a stampede injuries etc. etc. in addition. Those killed by the blast itself but the blast happened in a public area outside just outside accomplice right by the box office where. A huge flow of humanity. Was pouring out of this arena holding something like 20/20 1000 last night. Sheriff Tom what do we know about the attacker. Well the police may well know who it is they're not telling us and aim at this stage of the game. What we are looking it is the fact that. Are there accomplices. In this particular heinous that. They're they're looking and everything social media. They're looking at at their own intelligence. Over and seeing if there's anybody else's DNA on. The rocks what remains of except etc. so yeah. They are they're doing everything they can about forty and immediately. 400 police. 400 police last night working but you let them or ownership they came back and work through and I are working today Q so. Three ships and oil for many. But the wanna strike an iron his top. We've been hearing from president trump this morning what have we heard from prime minister Teresa may. Are you speaking right now. Outside up and Downing Street. She's spoke earlier to a statement. Repulsion at which you said that in the hours ago I based suspected. Terrorist attack. She's saying now that is it out with was really callous. At a terrorist that who's gonna disagree with that. When you go after we after young kids. We're entering a whole new realm. Now I think it was the mayor there who's told people that to go about their their daily lives today is that the case is it visit like a normal day there. Who I was not normal but literally I've been in the tunnel for what a couple of hours and you know it's on everybody's mind people are going to work. Tourists turned down my throat bought loads of of Japanese visitors you know who knows how many months ago they've been booked their. They're like they're they're doing their people are doing your thing. But. It doesn't feel right but are they are going about their business. Our Tom rivers joining us from Manchester at the latest on the bombing yesterday. Claimed the lives of 220. So far many more injured. Our focus this morning.