Making Marijuana Legal In NYS - Crystal Peoples-Stokes


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Are gassed right now crystal peoples stokes the assemblywoman. Representing areas in Western New York in the state assembly seeking public input on legalizing. Marijuana in New York State is gonna be four separate hearings. Held this fall. Kristol thanks for coming on I'm hoping you can tell us a little bit about. What to expect at these hearings. But thank you for inviting me is my pleasure to be here this morning and all the way from Albany. I. Anticipate there will do for maybe size. Public hearings around the state they will be. Indicators of the cold committing this health committee the alcohol but it is committee as well as my own committee and am pretty sure Adobe's them. Pretty high level stand for the Ways and Means Committee. Will be engaged in discussions. On the legislation as we move forward. The idea here is so you know links and as citizens and the constituencies. Have an opportunity to weigh and I'm there is legislation already in place that I appeared for the last four years. Clearly don't will be some amendments that we already decided they need to happen there could be more. Based on conversations. You know around the state we also look into here. Expect some other states on what has really worked for them. And there implementation and what. You know would they do differently what would suggest we do differently so we're we're looking to figure out how to. Pick and you know capitalize on an issue that is before it's real it's happening all around us that we it is when a bulletin about latest most beneficial to New Yorkers. Is it likely that one of those hearings will be in buffalo. Oh absolutely. The first let's go to New York City this cycle is scheduled for. Love island that there are one it's critical buffalo before discuss it for Binghamton. And I really do anticipate that at some point will be going up into the north country is well. Are right so is this to say that because these are happening in the fall the legislature returns in January that. Maybe the intent here is to hit the ground running with the bill and give approval fast on legalizing recreational marijuana. That would be my strategy. I think. Because you know Canada has already done a domestic it is legal and believing that. A New Jersey will be legal imminently. One of you know not be left out. The process and they'll wanna be reacting. Wanna be proactive about it and so I think we have to you know move would let the market including the Arab states and to. The current mold of engaging in and those industries that you know. Previously focused thought about it the criminal justice issues now people think about it not only as a medical and scientific issue but certainly as an economic. Realistically. How soon could it happen in New York. Well I think is that the package that the legislation could happen within our next session. But I think the implementation probably would take of a tad bit longer looks like Canada you know they've passed their legislation and it was supposed to start in July and then they had to post implementation until October and the implementation is going to be you know critical I think that happened later but we have to get. To pass in legislation first. Good thing that they have with the legislation is you know people who have already been convicted of low levels they want and have records that prevent them from living a full life. Arnold didn't have to go away. You can't pat you know now they realize the product but to formally incarcerate people for literally destroyed their lives. They can't go to Cali ticket very difficult to get gaps. In many cases that any living public housing and so we know we've we've got to fix that is that this process as well. One it's US switch focus really quickly before we much ago there was a debate last night between Governor Cuomo. And Cynthia Nixon now was wondering if it so little disheartening for you do hear it all bitten during this entire debate. The buffalo I'm almost the entire upstate region. Wasn't even really mentioned even once it seemed like the furthest upstate they went was the Tappan Zee Bridge. Is that troubling may be for you to hearing in the only debate between these two candidates that Western Europe doesn't really get thrown a bone. Well I'm going to be Polk Louisiana which is I don't think that this troubling Mitt. Adult to an extent that the governor did mention it. I know he is very welcoming what do they need it could you spend enormous economic times in our community and not only that. Is that he's killed cougar that promises to commit Rico does that helped to build an academy. On the other hand his opponent has no idea. About what the needs of upstate New York that was to people who need upstate New York so I'm not surprised she couldn't regulate anything on it. And the fact that the government business I think that is in ask a question about I don't know when asked a question about that but they're the record it's clear. Well we're Governor Cuomo has been on upstate and Western New York if you come into our community you would see. Personally appreciate the time this morning thank you that's crystal peoples stokes. New York State assemblywoman from buffalo.