Major Earthquake Off Alaskan Coast - Jim Ryan


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A major earthquake this morning off the coast of Alaska south of Kodiak Alaska. And it has prompted tsunami warnings for the entire West Coast let's bring in correspondent Jim Ryan. Jim when did this happen and how big was the quake. Well it out and about an hour and a half ago initially it was Hague at about eight point one needs it was eight point zero. And finally now they've settled in at seven point about it in their regardless that's that's a very powerful. Earthquake it was centered about twelve miles deep. Off the coast of Kodiak Alaska. And again it did that prompt whose. Tsunami warnings and watches. And this and it's you would have the eight tornado warning or watch it the warning is the much more serious. They got there and that's what's been posted for the Alaska coast and for the West Coast of Canada. Now Washington State Oregon and California are under a tsunami watch as his Hawaii. They're all keeping an eye out for the the potential for high highways that might come from. At the earthquake that struck here read this morning yes and it is. Can you explain exactly how that tsunami warning. Works are they able to tell people it's time when they can expect these waves so what exactly are they anticipating there. Yes and especially in Alaska where people are are accustomed to this sort of thing you know you've got to the major faults O line that did that stretch beneath the ocean there are. And the coast off because collapsed in India in the gulf. And so yes there are people there at there're there're siren systems is seen as you have with tornadoes and in this part of the country. And yet there are also alert systems like weather radios that snaps on when when there's that sort of advisory that goes out and of course people are social media. At their phones week muffin tell them that there's something going on you as you would get an amber roller. Now the the quake at seven point nine he heard about any damage I'm sure this is currently a largely on populated area of Alaska right. Well yeah I mean it it struck beneath the the surface of the ocean out there in the Gulf of Alaska and the the ripple then it's going to create this week that moves in all directions getting weak reports as it moves out from the center. Kodiak Alaska is that the nearest populated that are about a 170 miles away. There watching out for the arrival of this wave. And hoping that it's not too mysterious we haven't heard yet any sort of damage reports that. We should be able to get that here very shortly Kodiak and then of course that the rest of coastal Alaska and the West Coast can't. And how fast can a tsunami travel. Quite fast I mean hundreds of miles per hour in some cases we're talking about. Yeah you know global energy forces that are working here. As so it's not something that is hurdles along vacant according to woods and Nolan tsunami waves can travel as fast as 500 miles per hour deep water. In shallow water. It approached the coach tickets they get slower but the weight height increases. RE GM no lots watch out for their as we move on through the day obviously it's Jim Ryan talking about. The earthquake that took place just off the coast of Alaska this morning around that eights. Magnitude earthquake can now tsunami warnings in effect for basically the entire West Coast and Hawaii.