Main Street in Williamsville 930in716 June 4, 2018

Monday, June 4th

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It's 930. In 716. The price of progress on main street in Williams bill. This is going to see. A wind even project and it's going to make a big difference you know to eat out when you have a wide open landing strip people tend to hit the gap. Secure murders are regarded recruit our problem. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy of five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Main street commuting will become more of a challenge this season as construction crews work on rehabilitating main street into a pedestrian friendly road. The project will mill and resurface the pavement on main street between I 290 Ian Williams hills east village line. It's about four point two million valor highly rehabilitation act act. Susan sir today with the new York state Department of Transportation explaining the project for our Tom pocket. In a Turk and if you're not only resurface a road but a lot to improve the pedestrian safety and the ability. I mean streak in him her and throughout the village of millions now. The difference practically been working hand for several years accurate the delegate Williams felt less pursuing me federal grants. Did you attempt to escape being an improvement in the village and we are working at a preventative meat and broad practice act. And we decided to combined projects. Fell in the four point you're married Allard to add any cooling to not only circuit road. From the ninety outwardly out through not high school I mean three. But we're also going to be adding community features huge contract at. And can make that the holder do Williams they'll actually more pedestrian friendly. And what are some of those and you measures. We're making front curb fat improvements including her bump out. Get the traffic counting accurate never going to be using it buried in your actions on the victory. That brought bump out there and be at the intersection that girl and most probable. European and south. We're confident and I need black curb bombed out in front of the Williams they'll know how. I'm out of the mill street in young plant black and geared inroad. Turkic and a bump out to extend their flag factory is cracking get Spencer pedestrians. And they alpha will allow pedestrians and approaching vehicles. Each other when they're vehicles that are part in a parking lane. Sometimes the editor Ian black I don't parking reigned at school and meet the pedestrians more visible moving traffic. The other injury and teachers at where adding and mean street. The extreme hybrid began. More commonly referred to it Hough signal. Several years that we added and seared in her eyes. Our eighty catty and mean streak in China but how. Used to warning control traffic and on ignite locate and and also help after Ian Pratt wrote safely. It will be activated by pushing a button. And and had turned red for mean street traffic signal out after completely cracked. I actually went even Pratt act now looking at attacking getting under way next week. And we looked to be dying game not at all this year now. It is going to be. A wind even Pratt tactic going to make the difference. Means they're definitely going to be in tech attracting. A lot mean streak during construction. On motorists are going to encounter the eerie green closures Al me speaking on the project. We are could be using variable electronic acid rain to let people know what they can expect. When they can expect. Our will be issuing travel dietary. And and using arrogantly and now hi in the next couple of months and expect. There's definitely going to be reading greens and arm lane closures during construction. That's an inconvenient for me construct anything especially in adding. But it will be first Mercury and range many improvements in the village our alliance and. Well I would expect fair for the next couple months will be a little bit difficult. Easier said than experience for those who need to ride along main street or operate businesses there. Brian Cole by is the Amherst town supervisor in talks with Susan and Brian Burke. At the end of the day can be done mean streak a lot of problem. So. Europe it's been 705. Gears so playing in six years actually. Now one of those problems for the longest time has been the traffic itself I know you guys have tried to find ways to get. Maybe just a few moon less cars on main street during the rush hour. Do you think this might actually help in that regard were people find alternate routes may be stick with them after the projects done. Actually this project doesn't change turn your volume. If he were allowed trading volume metric leak of the length of the contract. So the only thing that would really help you viewed traffic volume as the crowd. Little colder with a way and more people started in Kuwait in from clerics who. Sort of early. Welcome occurred concern. So you know and in that circumstance you talk about. This problem people talked about this group effort coming Concord. It's not that there are a pedestrian acts of proper look horrible. Movie pedestrians around say her arm but it's still going to her. He's seen huge repertoire and so it goes now. So the idea is to hand Williams Fillmore. Walk Kabul is that right. Yeah so what happens right now lol is she that heavy traffic armored truck and 3335000. Vehicles they entrance. Com called little trouble. You have 40000 vehicle there yeah I mean in union. They issue. Used. Good fight warrants are terrible. Because let's send it flying street. They really train the sidewalk to include accomplish in order to accommodate. Them in order to accommodate a wider web. Yeah when they did it you know it's pretty tough learning cultural skirt. I'm mark Perry street Barack pedestrian optical far. The room into the world intellectual. Acre Marek fire Glock. That would hurt in the inner exception really in. There for her ankle volume and quote. I can't. In hand. Vehicle can get you so. This group really pumping into that and I'll probably our current look at Covert centrum. Complement all the driver and about treated in the pestering computer driver. But also limiting legal record turnout gambling which is something we exe. Drivers like. If you're a little anxious political career actually and so certainly cold in the winter and went right. So at the end of this entire project it'll look like a more walker will main street but. You're not expecting much of that traffic to go away you're still expecting rush hour to be pretty busy there. Yeah yeah and this isn't going to necessarily. They'll say following human who couldn't shoot the driver through the problem. You know it may have a little bit of residual factor into the driver orientation and what went in the right out of our Chilean took away her implied. In reality he's got. The next step of concern always been trying to get colder here that go away. Because I'm that we do instructor prior art. You know kind of shift in cook you know and so. You know there's a lot of the wobbling on. Brain a lot of people wanna know. How long is this calendar they have to put up with this. Is it more than a year. Do you know constructions are actually just turn summer. Com and construction not actually impact been. They'll be trying to work down to one lane where. But boulder recruit limited most of the construction. On the long sidewalk area. In the are you growing area so. Up I don't in history and goes to construction Kurd they're they're a you couldn't pay you earned every night. So. You know. Or they try to your piece striker mitigate. And traffic eruptions market because. This is actually a pretty benchmark moment on. Your recent history in the village. And optimistic Williams still mayor Dan to Leino with Susan and Brian. Were actually pretty excited that starting. And also that this plan that we started ten years ago with the community plan. Andy. You're planning for the detection and encourage shoppers about succeed at seven years old. I'm so we're gonna call it crowing. That. Are growing pains and now a lot of talk has been had over the past years now of the traffic on main street especially during rush hour how do. Alleviate some of that so it can be more walk able. Do you think this project will alleviate some of that traffic or it's just more aimed at. How to make it safer for pedestrians in dealing with that traffic. Or it is to make it safer for pedestrians. As supervisor call. Spoke before about. Content from the changing of the geometry of the world when you squeeze down a road. Were you terrible rain a little bit or were you bring about out chew you closer you are out. Toward the center of the wrote. When the tree start to grow even more all. It naturally slows trek out when you have a wide open landing strip people and the hit aghast. And when the wind eroded so busy. Being turned to do forty. Miles an hour plus our main street. What did you comes out that's for being patient aspect works and works itself. And ultimately. Creates. Pedestrian and that particular ax. And the close call I actually. Come mostly from. Supervisor call Koppel mentioned people jumping into that parking lot and and shooting around corners illegal. Where the ball about Bob will eliminate that possibility. And we know the main street is tough on most days but what considerations are being taken during his construction for drivers. During his project. So there will be nobody closers during peak hours. Does it stand aside and such an engineer in charge cute to this project as basically a liaison. Between the project and property owners on main. And a liaison between the project every. While George halt which is great so they've kept it very informed with Doug very responsible scheduling. On one end to make believe it or understand there will be no way equality between six and 9 AM. And Nolan closures between three to 6 PM. I'll know detours. And the only way closures there will really. He. Consistent will be the parking lanes were there working on the areas sidewalks and curbs and there will be sporadic what enclosures. During non peak hours depend on what they acted in two construction lies within the structure and what. Eight even with that though are you hoping that people will may be considered taking a different route home. Not involving main street and then even after constructions done. Sticking perhaps with that alternate route just so there's not as much traffic on their during rush hour. That would be arched. You know shared drive was. Pretty much to die in combat. Our men is an east west route one Q why didn't see street and in the eighties they basically open like eight. And it caught our ability half. And that's been a monster. I'll be. So yeah that would be that would be very touched down now you know is that the whole. Did Chara congress of the newer readers and I'm. One of their you are resistant as the fact that you know you should not. Be spending money cannot read mistakes or you should it's sure that we spend money on mistakes that were made. Back decades ago also lets stop making these mistakes now. And not just kids do better and force responsible plan. So good luck traveling along main street. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.