Lt. Tom Haynes, Town of Tonawanda Police, on E-Cig Selling Rules

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Monday, February 12th
Lt. Haynes explains rules and how teens get their hands on e-cigarettes.

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Last week I understand conducted an underage beeping seal sting operation. And first off please tell us saw what happened. I'd like an armed burglary eight officers from our department. Went to one correction to all four of these BP stores located in the town tunnel Wanda. Basically task be you know Britons who defeated their work on network of public health law. Which should basically regards casino. Are tobacco or nicotine products tobacco products on two people liberty can be too. Officers arrive on scene and cut at all for arms storage and into were found to be out. In violation of selling nicotine are related products. Two persons under the huge speaker and were subsequently subsequent. Now when it comes to the were the rules as far as selling the beeping products. Oh what generally are the rules that these two words have to follow. Okay. Well I wouldn't rule. Basically such. Tobacco and nicotine products cannot be sort of persons. Under the years can be yours or correction I wouldn't eat. Food stores and blunders in this case are. The required. Of the person then we have balance driver blatant or out it. Non driver blatant. I should fire Department of Motor Vehicles. Our work with support our normal career correct ignored couldn't piece of my account actually compared. Aren't Eric eat your older. Now I've noticed that. A bait being is very popular with teens if they're not supposed to be giving it through. These outlets. How do they come across the liquid nicotine in the. Well right it is their your victories were too but the bottom line it is still advocates Crocker and you know I I went online insert or its seems that these two more positive I'm not sure on our side. Pronouncing that correctly jury you view well pot as just an example. And basically what it the cartridge that could be quickly. It can be it can be purchased. In a big shout it to be purchased their. You know just another straw electric gas station in and he'd he'd go online these things are going equally. Have you seem like a price tag on loans. I would I guess and I don't do it might well let's. From what I'm seeing out there about fifteen dollars for Pepco it looks like a pack of war would be about virtual network from thirteen. Hours. Again for political war. And it's about to note that you know. Our partners treat them. If you were you mention that. These. Do it in your mind is it still dangerous for teenager to deepen using its aggressive posting nutritional nicotine cigarettes. Well I mean the court bench and are obviously. Or some. I think the schools are doing wonderful job to collect her children. Regarding Iraq I mean what a conduit and it would certainly mark corn up there and attractive. Particularly in. Who. You know they could have been different flavors didn't teach. Corey. There. Having those connected sort of you know mapped it like it's. It's something that's been to a bottom line. It is it's not it's it's something that's gonna hurt and potentially can use Coker.