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Last night about 10:30 PM. Tom tunnel wonder police dispatch received a 911 call. A vehicle that was on fire. The location was. August when woods and Yorkshire roads and there was a truck that was in the streets that was possible ways. So we had police and paramedics. Respondent of course the yeah. Fire company responded as well. Initial reports that there were some booming noises but we didn't head and the them. Explosive devices or incendiary devices that we thought were attached to it looks like he vehicle player. A male was found inside the vehicle he was disease and eventually the blaze was put out slightly Alter our company. We'll. See you initially. When he's you linemen here. Now that you mention. Correct com. Any sign of problems. Well. We're not investigating it. As well play however. On any time we have a situation like this you know we do lard due diligence. Which is to send cause and origin investigators which investigate the fighter. As well as detectives justice. Just completely investigate idea he has. It. There were neighbors that reported it to us that they observe the vehicles. Com once it was parked in the street but it does record the result you accidents wrong. Or. And well. As I stated it's a sensitive situation and we're still working. See confirm the identification of the person male male that we located inside the vehicle so. The investigation is going on at this point. As far as additional comments is. To how it is started or perhaps some. The events that that led to this to to the part where we're just not sure yet and you know as as I stated it's an ongoing investigation and com. Yeah it will just leave it right now as it was an older male was an older white male. Unity and you know again our hearts. Some of these completely out of the family so. While we do the identification. Process and confirmation. Certainly. This just is time for the family. Yet it suit to grieve and again you know we're very sympathetic towards so. And others were. Are. It is it's a very quite narrow and it's it's the green acres neighborhood com smaller single family homes. So something like this is is alarming to two residents of that neighborhood. And and you know it it's it's shocking too to see something so unfortunate happened. On public street like that. What went. I covered explosive devices. On incendiary devices. Confirmation of the and the victim. And we did some of the world there. Are. Now. I'll speak on the air. I've I've witnessed several firefighters in my career I've been a police officer for nineteen years. The reports these. Possible bones or are popping noises again work. We're not looking in any sort of foul play but they're made out of metal and plastic and sometimes even wood components. That have you know and fuels and oils and so you could. You could hear popping. Or meanness but again not suspecting foul play. And I wasn't I didn't witness and exactly so. Couldn't say whether or not Adam. And door locks were able to work our. Or not work but again with the fire did it to test damaged. To products could cause cause things depend on the vehicle August.