Louis Haremski-Member of the Scajaquada Coalition


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The state DOT unveiled their final design for the 198 last night which will soon be known as ski Jackman a boulevard. Lewis around ski is with the western ski Jack and a coalition. Who was at the meeting last night Louis what to do here last night that you liked or predict like. I could there wasn't much that I don't like who is. Is very disappointing me. It. It's the saint deadline that they've been showing a little extra years that. Little out. From the public meeting. And air which has no immigration. And that we oppressed. It is force our urban animal studies to be done in conjunction. They're going that this isn't just a matter who track. But that is the DOT's. Sole goal in the Strauss. And what's most depressing about let slight easing their console code that we addressed those are. Commissioner for the Department of Transportation made. Burnt to the Buffalo News. He's that we can't you know what happened seven years ago. Albert is the man who was mayors Syracuse led the fight to move the I 81 of the center here. Now these DOT commissioner it seems that they're really as much concerned local citizens could push their own projects. It isn't very. Doesn't there have to be some consideration given to a timeframe here there's been numerous public meetings at some point constructionist to get under way into the work actually asked to be gone. It makes no sense to push it forward at the upper right. We have you know we would love to quickly but sacrifice. Quality. Equipment. But who generational decision that's being late does this pocket change for another fifty years. You know it's not you know the project that you know two years from route something we could've done this better spent another 110 million dollars. And the goodness knows nothing else we'll change in the scored tour. Well idol. What's the biggest mistake you think that they're making here. Well the biggest mistake is that they are using the term level of Serb. To which means accounting errors. It is purely traffic or. You know if you look back the extra weight never should have been built back at least. If you are to be proposed now. It would never approve it could try council would never make it true ETX standard there are some ways that the project as long. What they did designer and they say they're trying to create correct them. Odd that I applaud the roadway legally take in the middle 2.2. On they have chosen to not consider. These aren't from street to the 190 been chosen not to order the big east from our site to their country. Problem is is that what we call the spaghetti the interchanges that the peak. Could never past design considerations out horrible you know we've we've we've got trucks all over there were that they're real. On from that aren't important it's it's horrible but it. They won't touch it because they can't do anything better. So our proposal has been just remove disconnect between what nine now that's a very aggressive proposed. But it would also free up an incredible model for development. Oh yes the coalition feels that it about oh I think 92 acres along on this treatment beyond that would be open to development. River keeper. You know Lou would love to see you know the ability to clean up the creek in the movement toward the river. But what we've seen as a drainage ditch right now really was inevitable harbor. You know all along time ago and they wanted to get back to. The guilty just refuse to consider and that there are an athletic trumpeted the proposal would not think about what they would do the western. So would you then just ended a grand street. The history of the history that would be reconstructed your grade and you know there's I mean we we commissioned an urban planning study to be. You know people who think about not just traffic. But what you can do would land. An Arab corollary here is. You know twenty years ago who thought that you actually traffic jam on the buffalo river right after it. And pedal boat and things like that well. It. Expert Jack otter creek is basically riverfront property. Everything it touches. It is that it could be me. You know the north awful well. Yeah got quite a waterway and but you appear to stand in the way of the pile lines were elevated section 198. Actually fit in the creek. Don't think the only EPA it would never. What word do you go from here in the DOT says this is if this is their final plan. Well did you know her options open. And the traditional one that the apps the president Google. They're expensive and around you know there decadent DOT recognizes that there. But it's going to be that there are so many parts of the that they have not taken into account. And I don't hear that you view a list of you know meeting that the cold over twelve years. They're definitely do it because you know in that the Federal Highway Administration requires that the record referred to an environmental impact statement. But the problem is gonna coming needing to hole if you don't listen to the work. Lewis for allegedly joining us this morning thanks for out. Cash sharing your insight and and what you're hoping for blitzer rent skis and member of the western ski Jackman a coalition check out the renderings. From what the state DOT says is their final version of the project for the 198 at WB Ian dot com.