Looking Into Changes for A Section of Niagara Falls Boulevard - Tonawanda Supervisor Joe Emminger


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We welcome in Joseph amateur talent of tunnel Wanda supervisor talking about Niagara Falls boulevard specifically the stretcher by at willow ridge road where. Just this past weekend the sixth fatality in the last five years. Took place out Joseph I understand it's double the town of town Wanda and the town of Amherst. Trying now do work together to speed up something that might prevent more these accidents from happening. Good morning Susan Bryant yes we've been working together what some article. Finding Portugal municipalities trying to put together. A project charter that the global community. And or I'm going forward hopefully make that rolled a little bit scraper for pedestrians are bigger loser trapped. Tell what do you think it is is it lighting is across walks sidewalks signals what what do you think. All the about. You know there's there's there's no one thing that's gonna solve the problem frankly and you know the first thing that I think the public is gonna be quite frankly is going to be increased slightly media on the ball art. That's something that members in the comic monologue there are going forward Wear them you know hopefully you know I think you'll see that you know within the next year include some increase flooding along thing but it is. It is you know better you know outside a lot more sidewalks it is. You know better crop walk into quite frankly it. It's all pedestrian yen drivers are paying more attention to what they're doing wonderful market it took heavily traveled to vote in that. It you know people that pay attention. Why do you feel or does it seem. That it's taken so long to put some of these say new things in place and to have this conversation about what needs to change. When you're when you're dealing with if you were if it were pumping gas in the pilot how Wanda is in the live would be you know fairly straightforward you don't do that you know we connect up. But when you when you do have multiple agencies and multiple municipalities yet the state government also involve. It just takes some you know coordination you know to get everything done and that is the upper. I want the members are working on now. Are gonna pick a little tiny minute and planning no we certainly don't want to do anything. You know we're actually wanna make sure that you don't plan that we can't do it on the boulevard is going to be something that's gonna work. You know Joseph we're hearing that the state DOT's what's not just put their study is not due back until. Next summer the summer of 2019. Is that reasonable. Well you know we we don't we go like they haven't done sooner I did have conversations with the New York State DOT on this yesterday and I know you know there there doing there you know backed you know be a priority. I know. The prominent commander. I'm a letter to that that your state DOT. As condemned to make it a priority you know how bad person come I don't wanna certainly don't want to make it to. You know putting him. So monies from the governor's pedestrian safety action plan. And where you know we're gonna keep up the pressure. And ul. You know the BOT and obviously agencies that. As you know make sure that something happens. Does it bother you would all that he you have a lot of people looking at what happened on the 198 the ski champ widow where there was death as a result of an accident there and immediately. The speed limit was changed guard rails were put up lanes were tightened and all throughout that time Durbin deaths happening on this stretch of roads and the state hasn't done things that are seemingly as simple as more lighting things like that. Well you know I mean certainly you know I can I can just talk about you know from what you know what the outcome wonders we we certainly made it known Carter you know to the charities that he knows something can't be done. Frankly there really hasn't been and I'm probably gonna subject myself nearby pond probably going to be ready today. There hasn't been a lot of reach out to. The kind of wonder elected officials. And the outcry and what has become a mobile alert. There are reasons why. These actions are curry and you have. You know does the he'll be useful was killed I built by Delaware park you know walking on you know I'd ask around the park. You'll hear you have a heavenly this 7 morning. You know state highway that people are kind of in the costs in the dark and I don't know all the reasons it was distracted drivers you know populist guy that's screener. Like I think the circumstances are a little bit different and you don't. Oh. Our Joseph we thank you so much for the time and who were continuing to follow this story it's GO amateur talent of tunnel Wanda supervisor looking at Niagara Falls boulevard you can read more about. A what the efforts are and what might happen in that stretch by willow ridge road again we have the town of tunnel Wanda. Town of Amherst state DOT all involved. And looking to make this roads safer from one of the reasons that we're hearing this morning of why it's taken so long.