Looking Into Changes for A Section of Niagara Falls Boulevard - Amherst Supervisor Brian Kulpa


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Making Niagara Falls boulevard safer for pedestrians there was another fatal accident last weekend the state DOT is studying it. An Amherst town supervisor Brian Kaufman is joining us live this morning. Brain why do you think this stretch of the boulevard near willow ridge road is so dangerous. Our own little world very wide there are a lot of love vehicular volume in here and it sure didn't have very straight. So when he pulled out with bad site wired or lady. Recipe for faster. It seems like you mentioned poor lighting it seems like the type of road that that shouldn't be an issue in only and such highly. Traveled the stretch of Niagara Falls boulevard one of the busiest roads in all of Western New York. And we've been talking about this for years and years and years why do you think something as simple as are seemingly is simple was lighting continues to be an issue. Working there actually very typical of road and involves a lot of different agencies. On interstate road. And you can doubt the local agencies is to separate the ability. And I need a national group. Com all play. You know ability power whether power from all ready to go or not. It is it's it's not. It ought not simple solution and something that was a problem. And your legal problem fighters those problem today we have access. That can can you see though how a lot of people listen sedan told there's a lot of agencies involved in still say that we're talking about a light here and a light. Or lights beckon saved lives I mean she is sure to be a big issue. Quote out. Should be done is now that I could this be done with. Local police. It took up that they wrote we sit around and say well wait for a bit earlier it well problem. As we it will leaders we beat the probable. Well well in. The record suited for the whole scenario. Unfortunate scenario. You know on tonight board meeting agenda and Amherst we. A cruel blow all the error. Are longer has been working on with an Amherst where. And for. Out future first state road and on your beauty. Seems willing to let us take the lead but. So we've got cut off. So there are so popular that they aren't you the talks will take over. Acting you also wrote but you lost to lead. He Aaron. You don't care do its absolute best do it. Series of terrible. Unfortunate incident. Well little ones that make headlines you know there. But you know if you drive they're called all of our regularly you see a lot of older. Credit vehicle to vehicle accident. All that sort of playing what about trust locks. Well Jim before he can even talk about cross slot you you and about the drive in lately and it probably be able our. Our run. Expect that to deal well crossed Lockerbie able to. Like why are terrible but yeah crosswalk city intersection. I'll pedestrian walkway under section. Sidewalks include corporate sweetie an interception. You get all the way up. Sort of creep before you even get everything you read somewhere that intersection and we should be able to process. Even though are questionable. And in this particular area by willow ridge road I mean you're dealing with a bus stop in that area and then also some of the businesses around there a couple of convenience stores few popular restaurants that. You know it's going to draw people were walking across it can't be as simple as saying no more crossing the street. Urged the stingray when you get out dense neighborhood. And then will reaction errand across the slate green acres. Lugar and neighborhoods when you and neighborhood a body and arterial road like our fault old art. That's not just a regional arterial become good neighborhood commercial district. The only if you look at particular issue and not just of the roadway itself. Out of the parking lot and of the building Balboa. You know some of the some of them occupancies. The net area usually hear him say that who looked at county has all fur. People double move and wanna live in a short Livan will average. You know we have to do better each year. Put out that there are Udall an it and you know other parts of the common Leo that's that's get the start to change say. We need to do a better job with the if you neighborhoods as much as it will rich because strange utilities. Dropped out and look at and I wrote all all of our between. And more an error at you know and war are in between more darker. You know extremely high volume to eat we residential. Right on the pole part of that area. And it you know it it doesn't look any more pure lean back in northern portion. We're lucky we don't accidentally shoot they're just that we have lots volume. It is in need to change. And focus that's something that very injury worry we are workbook are are down. It's something that over the next you know. Wealthy she's gone we get this right Menard all or he does you future needs in the future terms and when and you. You know it is it a coincidence that. You know we got really big box retail body street that's right there. And they are both global scenario the chain we do a better copper. Brian we're glad you could join us this morning thanks that's Brian cult a the Amherst town supervisor.