Local Police Begin Crack Down on Illegal Handicapped Parking 6/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, June 13th

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News radio 930 WBS. It's. So I think I've said this before I think their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well the beaming content is no joke it oh I'm sorry I didn't know what you're accusing. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird period. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up in David Bellamy the whole thing really you enjoy that. It's our way and we'll be I mean I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WB. All right hourly bellowed. Under Israel at thirty WB EN analyst going out their Internet but it's FaceBook is just ridiculously slow it's what you type a letter and potential for twenty seconds how can swear at people like can't see it right it. It is about envelop the under is ready at 930 WBE. And welcome to the shell. And any color me happy that day Erie county sheriff's and I presume the other departments. It in Erie county which of course are autonomous law enforcement agencies they do work together very closely but you know each of them has you know share for a chief in charge of a structure of command chain of command. But they're gonna do crackdown on handicap. Parking violations. One of the issues to do is I'd like to know what else you'd like to see the cops cracked down. Mean what else should the cops be cracking down on. And historically folks at a time I've done a show about your pet peeves what ground changing gears. People abusing handicap parking issue is a big one and typically it is the people. Who get out of a car and they don't have the tag hanging from the window. And what I've tried to do is offer a little bit of a perspective on that. And encourage you like a few years ago I would have attempted to keep people well worth think about he people. Who. Were parked in handicapped spot without the proper thing hang him from the rear view mirror but here is what happens. You were told when you get the permit you're not supposed to drive with a. And from your beer unfortunately a lot of people either don't know about or they don't follow that particular law. Which does open them up by the way to a vehicle and traffic stop data is probable cause justification one of them out. So. Long story should I you know I can tell you that number at times it had the conversation with my kids about that I've finally just gave up alleys and you know I've done. You've been told. You've been told you've been told once. All right so anyway long story short folks. We're trying to go with this is. Oh a lot of people. Leave the tag on the rear view mirror which is wrong. So most sometimes what happens is you get to the store and you're thinking about what you're gonna buy in the store. And because you have legally driven with out the tag hanging from rear view mirror you forget to put it out before you leave the car. Soul. Not everybody use either it's parked in handicapped spot without the tag hanging from the wind dough in the rear view window. Not everybody is a more on A hole sometimes people just forget the put that I got. And chances are they were. Only they just forgot to do it because they were driving legally. And frankly I am stunned at the number of people IC who have that egg up. Every time there behind the wheel you're not supposed to happen in the mirror when the cars emotion not supposed to have anything from that mirror when the cars in motion. But I applaud the Erie county sheriff for cracking down. On abuse of parking. Handicap parking permits and for those who don't know the permit goes with the individual to whom it is issued. For example. I now have a temporary handicapped tag. For you know ever really knows what I went through last winter and bigger is restrictions that were put on me. But when we travel with my mom. Now we use my tag but my tags gonna expire and I'm not gonna get it renewed and thus I have another heart attack. But my mom is obviously elderly and she has came soul. If I travel with my mother because the tag travels with the person to whom it is issued it is entirely cool. For me to waive the handicapped tag at the officer doing traffic control. Beat directed as it was that the your show to the disabilities parking area. And that they were nice enough that the air show as much as possible to bring the golf our hearts to the area worthy disabled parking was to shuttle people back and forth the wouldn't just me. Between the parking lot for the disabled. And the entrance to the air show. That's one of the reasons by the way and I really wanted to thank. Knocked him. And bill and damn for their kindness and courtesy just amoeba to so many people at the airshow. But the longer the short of it is the permit goes with the person who is disabled. If a teenager is borrowing Graham his car. And goes to the ball. And leaves that car with a handicapped tag in the mirror that is totally uncool. That's the kind of thing that they're gonna crack down. If you don't have the person in the car with you. To whom that handicapped tag was issued you should have a confiscated. It should be returned municipality. And you should have to explain your grandmother why she's got to go down the town hall and get another one because you abused. There's not enough handicap spots when you need him that's one of the things I've learned in life you know there are times it wegmans and wegmans has as of handicap spots there are times at a weekend. I would go in winter I could not find a handicap spot. I literally could and I had the pinnacle Oldman a try again later because things weren't so good over the wintertime for your humble host to be very very honest with. Long story short what else would you like to see cops cracked down on. And your experiences with this whole handicapped parking situation like everybody's got a story. Mean I've got stories but I. I can offer a different dimension to it but I never thought that I would be able to offer I know a little actually know a little bit about this issue. That's highly unusual for me not to be talking out of my arch. Let's go to Greg 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBE and the Greg you are bombed by hourly and Olivia and if you're not hearing David is because David is. Has an engagement. And I am doing it solo and David and I have an arrangement with each other. And with the work here that there's times he needs to bail out early there's times I need to bail out early and we'll just goes solo and it's. It's pretty cool so while obviously David and I still get along. And there's no trouble at all in paradise elect people start to who try to start rumors it's kind of fun anyway Greg Europe WBBM. That made neighbors that time it really does but I'm sure is working to me on the radio and thank you for your service Sunday at it and had a great picture we are better Tom really nice error not a regular caller but I wanted to you guys have known the screener to bring this up by I brought. This topic up just recently. And asked them but the people from Ontario now. How I don't know how long has been you know in progress but you have not an entry in years. There's a sticker giggles on the very bottom. The passenger window. And it's for a handicapped person I'm my mom I'm your age just two years younger than 52. And business critical on the bottom that you can hardly see. It's it's a bumper sticker that didn't eat in Nickels on the bottom of the window and I had an experience when they come and visit me. And we go out of their car. Could I got a track as we look at car at bat colonies can no tomorrow we went up there I need to get better. And stupid dating okay date that they're pro market for a while and and this stupid game hey you can't act there you can't say you don't have yeah padding it was like lady coming. Can hear connect. And we started to look at that Al Ontario that would now according to your screen or not nobody's brought that up. But you've got everything twice before you shoot your mouth about new Yorker. Oh you know what if you could said the picture that I'm sure we can probably find it online that's good information to have because. You Canadians come over whose gonna help a lot of money at a local brick and mortar places and restaurants still have to enlighten you as to what a gratuity is all about that we'll get to that in the future. But now that that's a great point because you guys have a different system fourteen noting handicapped parking things Phil is going to listen to copy of the pictures we can try to put it up on the FaceBook page. Yes I would be great amount I'm I'm I'm can anybody I've lived in the states between your local contractors. I haven't heard of like everybody involved low level of badly in Canada and in the pen between these so that is the right to bag and Canadians. Any how. Well I didn't like paper you know twenty years now I continue and their ballot in all over the less but it could well. That's out there that's good information. And you know the other. We see a lot of Ontario place to have it until we see the combat flights to they also have like smaller stickers about which we should be aware. I don't whether it's private life. Nor did he do it in Ontario though now I don't know as well he's letting you get a Toy Story and one in your mirror or you just kept. There's no choice and you get a sticker in the bottom of the passenger window. You know I wonder if part Canadian. Listeners who we are finally radio free candidate yet. Might not be a bad idea for the Canadian municipalities to issue the tags for the review mirrors for you Canadians a couple of over here a lot so you don't end up getting wrongly key or wrongly yelled that. When you have every legal legitimate right to park in the handicap spot you just don't have the tax. Absolutely I'm just thinking that you could definitely be key by somebody that doesn't real eyes I actually agree now in every county. Altered duty I I have forgotten to put it up to three times. Every time I walked out to the car I felt like the biggest deal in the world and I would always like. Hold it up like it's yes see I really do have one I just forgot to put it on the Mir I don't drive with a on the mirror. Yeah when they come they have the same hearing all the cars if there's a connection. And you know what. People do you know people ocean melts off the people do make it. Assumptions and again just because nobody is not a wheelchair does not meet in that they don't deserve a handicap parking sticker publish and given out like candy don't get me wrong. But there are various diseases that people have bat real we do limit their mobility. And they you know of the commitment the ability to be in the cold. And just because somebody doesn't have a walker or wheelchair does not mean that they are fully able bodied or even close to it. What Tom moms spend just five hours they honor back at home she can only cancel much. My mom did to ovitz up and had a parent. I've magical then banks. Are guided by. Good luck to your mom and that is good information if you see it came in a parked in handicapped spot and you don't see the bag hanging from the rear view mirror skills they don't have to acts that they got stickers several Canadians cars or give me grief. It because we love our Canadian neighbors. All right so the option was to crack down on handicapped parking violators. A good thing bad thing what have you learned about handicapped parking. And what should the cops be cracking down. I mean they're gonna do that and looked at something that's it's impossible. Not to get behind. Is there are a finite number of handicapped spots and nobody likes to feel like other people are abusing the system. The red ones are temporary the blue ones are permanent. And you know again I can't stress this enough just because it doesn't we'll Jeter doesn't mean that they're able body okay. I'm just say and just got to be careful. And how you judge is who have no idea if that able bodied woman is Kerry around five pounds of shrapnel from Iraq well. Let's go to good job in buffalo WB Ian. A good topic column appears because we're gonna wonderful all are doing great they are construction project they're so where they. A lot of parity right spot and some of the continent that they anti cap area. Just Likud's evolve every chance. What there could see ball. Says you're working at a big ball. All the ball off all malt and a LL sorry clearly the hearing aids the Debian went on during the show keep going. The old and who is sort of our lives and see people come and go exactly your spam the man Oman and yet we are filling up where. It all kind of basic art and one carat I was at a ball gap in my life that are all up big and it yet QB harks. Two women get out all due to feed job and they stroll into the mall with a kind of happen Erstad. How might. Because a minute before I am look at this guy with a team. I was having a hard time walking. And he park and thirty spots further away because all the handicapped spot a lot so I kind of couldn't take it I just. I can't look at it and I'm like are you really you really need that. Is what I asked them and Asia China based Balladur and you can't really judge. Well based how they're walking. Like these women are perfectly fine to be able to walk an extra twenty feet or the poor guy. Well McCain with a part time and he make a big contract so they blew look at it like crazy. And they actually talked to the manager of Ramallah some guy out there to. Arc and spot we want employers they want not the. Okay that that's a little over the top your intentions what your intentions were good. But. You don't know the legacy you don't know if maybe they've had chemo that day and maybe the pep you saw in the step was their one minute burst of energy for today we have no idea what other people we meet are going through on a daily basis. And you know as far as the car they got out of there I guess what you know there are some nice cars that are driven by disabled people. But it looked I think your heart was in the right place and did I the way that they offer any explanation as to. Why they were in the handicap spot. No all they navigated them what doesn't mark your own happy business and I kind of stuff. Let's see that's on them because you know what that is on them because how hard would it have been for them to say hey. Work led Japan attention we just had a heart surgery. We just had knee replacement surgery. Problem but it out now hold all current area of a bad for the guys to on the crutches and what is it due date and are you hot spot or. And you see old alarming number of people to park and role in the air you kind of start to wonder. And the guys who were these hope there won't make it. Yeah normally well. You know what. I am glad that I'm glad the sheriffs are gonna use their legal authority to make sure that the person who for whom the permit is issued is actually part of that particular parking transaction. Because. If they're not deserve to have a confiscated. And that grammar can explain that it took the doctor why she needs more paperwork. It but look I think your heart's in the right place John thank you very much. And it. Yup but let us either don't look the the people who got out of the nice car with the pepper and there's that they could have been held a lot more cool about it how hard would it have been this today. Thank you for noticing my husband just heart surgery. Thank you for noticing my wife has lupus I mean that's not exactly a hard thing to do is that a flying off the handle which by the way it makes you look guilty. If it does it not 627 news radio 930 WB Ian hourly and bella via. And it is a solidly and television news radio 930 W. BT and let. Another one of those stupid gun buyback programs. This one in Niagara Falls. I'd like to see the fall photographs. Of every single gun that was brought in seriously. Guys you know I mean. According to the TV reports and meet people are bringing in shoppers meant to bring it eight is in uzis and everything else for fifty bucks a hard time believing that and others are data by the way that shows that these things do anything to reduce crime right. This just a master but Torre feel good nonsense thing that they do. To create the illusion that somehow. Things are gonna get better do absolutely nothing. Our let's get back to the calls upon the WBBM. Question is. First of all be happy that the cops are gonna crack down on the handicapped parking violators and abusers. And where next should they focus their attention. There's only so many cops to go around. Only Sony cup apps available for ship so what what you thought of the vehicle looked out for where you live. La mode do vehicles. There are some vehicles out there some of the motorcycles. Some of them four wheelers. There aren't noise restrictions everybody bitches about the loud music. You know. Will you when you've got vehicles going down your street at 2 in the morning that remind you of the F 22 raptor at the air show. Those people of Ghana people over I'm just saying. Let's go to jolt in Taiwan to a WBE NN jolt. What you should do is about up and and express blew a quarter mile from the different tactics provoked it. And express line embargo to use these are five dollar. And comment well. If you know what I mean. I think that the third week what we need your here's here's the law we need. Every time they do I gun buyback station that the show us each and every gun that was bought back. Yup I just understand. The but the fact that the early. A matchup that has been mentioned yet and I hate just picked it up where. You're called before the break John. And he had a couple of observations. The big and you you you were you explained it very well you don't know the situation. Let me just tell in my situation. And something no one spot if you look at me I'm 68. I am on Social Security disability I worked part time. I'm on disability because those physical and mental. Issues. If you look at me. I I do have a handicapped sticker if you look at me. Especially if my body is working at that moment and you can't you you say what is that guy doing but. Here's here's my point. That gentleman that John saw what the canes. Parking further away. My body works best when I keep moving. And I don't park in the handicap spot. A lot I rarely park and indicate spots because I enjoy it. In my body enjoy this. To walk that extra shifting sheet to a hundred seat that's exercise for me. So that basically my point being that ever became wanted to its Mac side. Well at the way it was explained by a caller it'll almost seemed though as though beat people with a nice car that would dressed to the nines with the pep in their step that they've taken away as. I didn't say in so many words but I got the impression that paid pretty much taken the last available handicap spot. Well every time in my life go out. I like to attack in every spot and you know we would like we go to Weytman dolls hot and I don't feel my wife I feel bad backing him because I'm a really good backer and you don't see a lot of people. That are in their eve not Adam battle but eighties or nineties backing in. One another point we at Fort Carson we will keep this sticker one car. I also have a 2007. Mustang. That. I put about a hundred miles a year out now I Holmes who went up and I think. And pull into wegmans and packet into handicap spot. Everyone look that made so that's another reason I think I don't park and indicate spot especially some in the months that. Because I don't want people I don't want people give me grief I don't I don't need that. Everything I'm sorry they shouldn't because the ads of the kind of vehicle you you'd drive has nothing to do we have any physical or mental disability. You may have I happen to have a very nice car myself and I'm sorry I don't care what people think if basically be going into handicap spot and putting the sticker on my vehicle. I mean I really counted truly that's that's just not something about which I. I really care whether somebody's driving a 1972. Ago or 27 team Ferrari is immaterial. That that teacher that's my first marriage the united out of first slightly lifted Virginia out that'd be seeing. And she was done. Bad rest. With a pregnancy. She was able to get indicate a temporary handicapped sticker well we had a 782 convertible countless four of 42 rebel. And we open a giant supermarket down there and we can't spit her out we had the I am not sure must have been saying today and earlier premier. And it became that supermarket. Security was there and we heard him say. They're here canceled. Cancel the tow truck and we had this step. I think it was just going off with a car my wife was really my head that way it is very feisty. And she got all that stuff that the but anyhow you write your. Mac or panic our era. I mean Asia if you were to go to Beverly Hills I'm sure you'd see quite a few Ferrari's in miles or oddities with Eddie get stickers and you know again you can't judge somebody's disability based and the vehicle they're driving me for all you know grade bought the Ferrari because they got a seven billion dollar lawsuit verdict. Which by the way made them handicap for life. Well exactly exactly but my major point was is that you know I ate like he exercise. I think if I'm driving a nice power are the one to get kicking game. You know I know you're you don't want to portion of it being here but I'd opt. All it's already gotten things. Are you kidding me you cannot have any new vehicle I don't care if it's a Porsche or forward people don't want anybody else to have a nice vehicles so they helped key the bill bump India that they won't see it. It's it's one of those human nature of things. That's facts because of Al hey Al hey you know out take very optic great pains not to not come close to another car. Because I have too much respect for cars in general and yes it is it's terrible when you get your first. Well you know what I. And off on weird well I guess I can answer that I I am weird that I don't know how many people out there. When you get a new car okay especially given the new car in a while. I'm almost relieved when it gets the first scratch her dating because I know it's just a question of time. If it's almost like you feel as though you say that the god of karma. I I usually I usually haven't thank you for noticing. That I'd like to hear that that your. It in appreciated. Well whatever misses there says that eight makers say it in to my phone and record it. To select input and continuous loop for when she might think I'm right and that like in his place four and does wonders for relationship it is 646 in news radio 930 W. BE. And there's a great deal of confusion apparently over whether mrs. nerd and I are in fact married. I'm going to keep that confusing. All yes I'm gonna keep that intentionally. Confusing. Said this before. If we were going to actually be married. Her parents are gonna have to sign off fine. Sorry. For as wild and wacky. As I may be. And for as much of a free spirit as I mean do you believe it or about. There is a big part of that is surprisingly. Old school. And it's not just about not wanting to have women in the bathroom and I'm trying to take a week. Let's go to. That bill is eaten that WBP. And the. Bill you are on the cops are gonna start cracking down on the handicapped parking violators. And have you thought on this. Yeah I think that's a good idea because some people that need debt should really evidence and options shall. Really shouldn't have other people abusing it. Absolutely positively. Our. I'm happy to hear them say this but you know the one thing that concerns me is usually the cops also do the annual news conference right about now saying how much they're gonna crack down on loud music coming from cars and I don't think anybody's ever been written for. Like getting through something of the they'd taxable ninety passable. Like. I asked us. I was just Hamburg. And OK either I just not a really observe and driver or the size mustn't be very big. I'm kind of disappointed myself to to tell me this is now I feel like I didn't pay attention of those driving. Wondering if that bump I get really wasn't speed bump. But dom got. You know I. You and I know what you're buying it carried you can hear like music from the the booming bass inside like I asked whatever and in the south like the speakers kinda correcting system play at. And it's never good music. Exactly have kind of late the the person in church that they allowed this might not get the best voice. Well they're making a joyful noise for the lord joyful to whom I'm not sure. Someone told me wants some. If god is giving you a good voice then you know sing in church to appraise and what that if it doesn't give you good voice saying equally loudly to get there again. Get argue that. Well a couple other things I think that should be cracked down on by the police would be on the people with this super tinted dark. Windows which you can't even see inside that the driver when you're standing outside in the daylight yes. Because that is if safety hazard for them don't know what the person has inside that there pointing at you or whatever. Yeah actually now this is that that's those things it varies by states as some states you can get away with virtually black anecdotes. New York State is not one of those states and they will pull you over. And by the way I should point out bill it if you don't know that's there there are some people who are medic with the like photo sensitive photo phobic and they literally do need for valid medical purposes they actually do need the windows to be very very talented and taxes for their skin to get a minimum of of light seriously. I know that if you happen to come across in touch the giant hog we need to get on the and I understand it's become sort of open it. And I don't know how permanent it is but I mean obviously. That's one of the bad things of that and can even cause blindness that deceptive in your practice well. All I know is that you're very Catholic and if you do run into the bishop. You need to tell him for me he's welcome to take his weed back from my house because the bishops weed is everywhere. It is taken over tell his evidence he may have his weed back I don't know why they call it bishops weed but I he's responsible. I have to look it up considered you mention it and I'm not sure what it looks all. Okay bishops weed. Is okay imagine sage group implant form. And that's bishops read at a close second by the way is wild morning glory otherwise known as the Boston strangler. And there's a certain thing about wild morning glory and here it is if you have a nice play or series of plants in your garden. The chance that wild morning glory will sprout up wrapped its ugly tested a tentacles around it and strangle it into oblivion are excellent. The wild morning glory is Joseph a lot of times we'll have like a white flour to a I mean a lot of people think it's pretty but it's also a invasive. And B it will choke the life out of other plant the bishops we need some people use it for ground cover the deer in my neighborhood love this stuff. And I think that's but let's put it this way all the deer in the neighborhood of carried. And they have not even made a dent in the bishops week I'm very dear frankly they've not been pull in the way. Yeah is that like an idea of some kind of the poison ivy. There's nothing poisonous about it it is just it's highly invasive. And basically. If morning glory strength goals this stuff that you wanna keep that you actually like. The bishops we'd will literally overwhelming. If you need to Wear it like another black walnut trees so that. All all all no black walnut trees that is the official tree of Satan himself. Because twice a year that things sends off about a zillion twigs not to mention at the end of the season it sends the black wall bounced under the ground so as you walk around the tree you're likely to step on a black walnut and go you know ass over heels. You lawnmower is probably trying to that's like multi through a field of golf balls with those. Actually because they big being the big guy who does the ads for majors lawn. I don't actually cut my lawn I trim. Okay parliament and the other thing about the police cracking down on I didn't say it already was the late. Red light runner. All all kids now they're talking my language. I actually saw that this morning infected people don't know when back awhile back on the way to calm. The city in the mornings a police officers that they have. The certain intersection and I thought this morning I mean the light was changing to red in his slowdown and the guy next to me for a dynamic and the left Landis went through it and the cup pulled out behind him and after a little bit we saw the red lights come on and it was there. Well look I understand everybody is in her. Okay but we have had stories in the past fifteen years from here in Western New York about people who have died did because other people have run red lights so here's the question I have to ask yourself as a driver. Is where I am going right now. Worth the chance of taking another human beings life 99.9. 99% of the time the answer is going to be absolutely freaking know. I would like to see a lot of these red light intersections that cannot bet heavily used just converted into roundabout and time because that would be a lot more efficient. Well once again view art art are preaching my language out of how everybody listening feels about round abouts that were were traffic circles 803 on my thirties or by the way always via telephone number but that is a to B anyway it is a much better way of moving traffic and we could save our guests and bet the cost of building around about. Probably pays for itself in terms of electricity and light maintenance I'm sure the state has stats on this bit. I'm gonna guess you probably get a five year paid Beckham. And everybody has to slow down to go around it and chances are if you had something you're not gonna hit it with such you know intensity that you wouldn't. By the degree collision. I yeah I'm a row armour real big fan of round about the only issue with round abouts is. If you know where you are going and you know your way around that area there are a lot easier than if you don't and there are some round abouts. Is in Cape Cod for example. Where you better the roundabout and there's like six different options. If there's about a billion different signs and I have had to do the Clark Griswold. A couple of times taking the kids to Cape Cod way back when. Do like this thing where you get your GPS saw setup and it demand hasn't updated yet and then someone puts around about an end. He got to figure out what what's he do it takes. You know I find myself using the ways app more end of the Google map more than I do the the the onboard nav system because I don't like the voice of the on board now lady she angers me. In ways socially aware of the police territory I think. Yes they do base station where cops are where accidents are but of course never violating the speed limit bill I don't worry about such things. Are right bill thank you. There is bill. Even while. Byrd thought this was the kind of fast movement showed here today and we didn't actually get up probably raise at least programmers. We thought we're gonna get our thanks to Sean Murphy thanks to Phil Kennedy thanks of course to what David Bellamy and we will both be back tomorrow between three and seven and news regulate thirty WB yen. And don't forget we are commemorating something very very noteworthy. Not just in buffalo broadcasting but in national broadcasting sandy beach fifty years in radio the celebration Friday night the news right here do not miss it it's appointment radio on WBE.